My Astonishing NeighborMy Astonishing NeighborHi to all the readers of desipapa.
This is Ankur from Delhi. I have just started reading the stories of desipapa.
And these stories gave me courage that changed my life. I am 21 years old guy,
average built and very shy by nature. This thing happened just a month ago.
There is a woman in our neighbourhood and she is the one of the most beautiful
and amazing woman I have seen in my entire life. She is Rajni,29 and has the
figure of 36,28,36. But this figure cannot describe her beauty. Her boobs are
quite large and firm and always inviting to suck them. Her big round ass, when
she walks is just extraordinary. Anyone who sees her is attracted towards her
in the first sight. She is milky white in colour and pink lips, just
astonishing. I had always fantiscized about her for the past 3 years.Whenever
our eyes met with each others, we used to give a smile,but we never chatted with
each other too much.But thanks to the stories of desipapa
which gave me courage to seduce her and making my life very happy. This is how
I seduced her. I had always seen her standing in the balcony till late night
waiting her husband. And some times I also heard quarrel between them. So I came
to know their relationship was not at its best. This gave me a chance to seduce
her. Her husband is the partner of my cousin and through my cousin, I have known
enough of them. I had known they got love married and now they are having some
problems as her husband used to come late at night and he was not able to give
enough time to her. So I decided to take chance. One day when noone was at my
home, I went at terrace and dropped my handkerchief to their terrace as their
terrace is just about 5 feet below of ours. Then I went down and rang her bell.
As she is alone the whole day and she has only a daughter 6 years old and she
was gone to take tuition, she came and opened the door, I asked her that my
handkerchief has fallen down on their terrace and
if I can have it, she gave me a smile and invited me to take it. After taking
it, as I was going, she asked me to sit for some time as courtesy, at first I
refused but when she said again I sit there which was my plan. She offered me
tea and I readily agreed for it. While preparing tea,she bent down and I could
see the world's most beautiful sight, her deep cleavage was clearly visible to
me and I instantly got an erection. we started chatting with each other and she
asked me about my career and my future plans etc. and I asked about her family
etc. While chatting with each other, we became some frank with each other and I
told her that I know a little watching palms. She was really amazed hearing this
and asked if I can watch her palm. As I know some palmistry and also I knew
about her through my cousin so I asked her if they got love married and she
said yes and I then told her some more things to her which were true. She was
really impressed with me. Later I also asked her
watching her palm if she was not happy now, which she first refused and then
told me that although they got love married but now her husband was not giving
enough time to her. I told her that she is really very-very beautiful and her
husband is making mistake by not giving sufficient time to her. Then we just
left this matter and I then asked about her hobbies and she told me music and
laughing. I gave her a smile and said its nice you laugh. She asked me if I
knew some jokes. I said yes and started some jokes on which she was laughing and
I was watching every curve of her body during this period. Then after some veg.
jokes, she asked me about more, I told her that I know more but they are some
nonveg. on which she said it does not matter. Now I had my chance, I started
nonveg. jokes and kept on raising their level; One joke which made her the most
laughing and gave me a chance to fuck her, I would like to share with you,"One
day a husband said to his wife, darling lets try
something different, I will fuck you in your ear,his wife was feared and said
that she will become deaf,then her husband said has she ever gone dumb till
now". She was really very much laughing with this joke and put her hand on my
thighs. By this time we had become very much frank with each other. I also put
my hand on her hand and asked her if she does this act. She became a little sad
and said that her husband does not satisfy her and he only fulfils his desire by
only fucking. I was very hard by this time and I kept my hand on her large boobs
and she did not oppose. I told her that she is extremely beautiful and I am
really in love with you. She gave a cute smile and said that I am too very nice.
My hands were on both of her boobs and I started to press them gently. It was a
great feeling. She started moaning with pleasure and kept her hands on my hands
and brought them more closer towards her boobs and asked me to press them hard.I
was also out of my control. I put my lips on
her lips and started sucking them. My tongue was exploring her mouth and she
too responded me very well. My hands were still on her large boobs squeezing
them. This went for about 15 min. and during this period I made her lips dry by
licking all her juices from her mouth and the feeling we got was great. It was
my first time and I did not know this could give so much pleasure. I then put
the pallu of her saree down and started unhooking her blouse. During this
period, she also unzipped my trouser and took my cock in her hand from my
underwear. It was at its full length of 7.5" now. She started playing with it
and I was moaning. It was tremendous feeling. I just cannot describe. I had to
take away my hands from her boobs. She kissed my cock and started licking it.
Then she took it in her mouth and began to suck it very hard. I had lost my
control. This was the feeling I was having for the first time in my life and my
goodness, I was out of the world. She started to suck it very hard
and giving me a good blowjob. This went for another 10 mins. and I could not
hold anymore and I told her that I am coming, hearing this she increased her
speed and I came all over her mouth and she drank all of my cum. This was the
greatest expereince of my life. She then started removing my shirt and I
removing her blouse completely. I pressed her boobs again very hard and she
moaned loudly. We again kissed deeply. But unfortunately her doorbell rang and
we hurridely dressed ourselves. It was very difficult for both of us to come
back from this position but what else we could do. Her daughter had arrived
from the tuition. Then she told me that her husband is going to Rohtak tomorrow
and will stay there for one night and if we could make it. I instantly had an
idea in my mind. I told her to sleep on the terrace of her home and I will come
in the night For which she agreed and gave me a cute smile and while coming to
my home I again pressed her breasts. Then I waited for the next
night. As I have told you that their terrace is just 5 feet below of ours and
they have a room on half of their terrace, so its just a little part which
connects our parapits. Its not difficult to go to their terrace and come back.
As it was not possible for me to go from the front door to their home at night
so I decided to sleep on the terrace at that night and told my parents so as it
was summer season. I locked the door from my side and lay down and waiting for
the right time to come. Every second was looking equal to one year. Around
12:30, when everything was quiet, I went to their terrace and inside her room
and without controlling myself I jumped right over her. I was out of my control
now and started kissing her deeply. This was the moment for which I was waiting
for the past three years. She was also very desperate to make love. We kissed
each other and hugged each other tightly. I quickly removed her nighty and she
was not wearing any bra or panty. The scene I saw was
the most amazing and astonishing sight for me. Her mily white colour was
shining in the night. And her two big melons were extraordinary and smooth. I
quickly removed my baniyan and nicker and she removed my underwear. I in no time
started kissing and fondling her big and great melons. They were so firm and
nice, I became mad seeing them. I was sucking one breast at a time while
squeezing the other with my hand. My other hand went to her ass itself. And I
pressed her buttocks and she moaned with pleasure. Her boobs were so tasty and
delicious, she put her hand over my head and pull it towards her boobs and told
me to suck them hard. She said," kha jao inhein,poora munha mein le lo aur
choose inhein". Her nipples were dark in colour and were very big and erect and
inviting to suck them. They were so lovely. After being satisfied of sucking her
large boobs, I headed towards her pussy. It was pink in colour. I started
massaging it and she was moaning UHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHHHHH
AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH i love it please give your finger inside, I gave my two
fingers inside and her pussy was wet with her cum, I kept on finger fucking her
and she throughout of this was moaning in pleasure and me too was in heaven.
Then I asked her to get into 69 position and get my cock inside her mouth. She
took my whole dick inside her mouth which was by now fully erect and started
sucking it hard. I was busy in licking her pussy. It had a great smell and its
sweet fragrance was driving me crazy. Its taste was also very good. I was
enjoying very much. Then she suddenly cummed inside my mouth and her cum, my
goodness I had never tasted like that anything in my life before. When I was too
about to cum, I told her to stop, I wanted to cum first in her pussy and fuck
her. I took my cock in my hand and put its tip at the opening of her pussy hole
and thrusted, but in vain as it was my first time. I again kept it on her
opening, she was saying to fuck her quickly as it was not
stoppable for both of us. This time I slowly inserted inside her vagina and it
went a bit. Then I slowly and steadily applied pressure on my cock. Her pussy
was very tight but slowly my dick went inside her. She was
started thrusting in and out of her pussy. It was the wonderful feeling. I was
out of the world. She was moaning like anything. She kept on shouting," I love
you, fuck me hard and make me your bitch," Then she cummed and I could feel her
cum on my cock and we both of us were in paradise. I told her that if there is
any paradise on earth, then it is here in your hole and I too love you. With
that I increased my speed of thrusting and it was never before feeling. I fucked
her as if there is no tomorrow. When I was just about to cum, I told her, she
said cum inside me and I filled her pussy with my hot semen. It was the most
memorable moment of my life,I had seen a no. of xxx movies and read a few
erotic stories but doing it practically was really tremendous. We were still
breathing heavily and my cock was still inside her pussy. I again kissed her
lips and said I love her. She too told me that I had given her everything she
needed and I can do whatever I want with her. I squeezed her boobs and kissed
them also. Then after resting for some time I fucked her in her virgin ass, and
it also gave us the pleasure of our life. That night I fucked her three times,
once in her ass and twice in her sweet pussy, she also gave me a wonderful
blowjob. It was really the night of my life. I cannot describe the whole feeling
to you as the words are not sufficient for that pleasure which we felt in each
other. After that I have fucked her four more times as I don't get enough
chances and time for this. But she and I really wait for that time and enjoy
very much whenever we get chance we do everything ;)