Today I am here with my real story. 1st of all I want to describe u
about me and my sex partner. Her name is Hina she is my real younger
sister at the time of that incident she was just of 17 and I was of
19. She had a figure of 32-26-36, round big ass and milkkish white
body. We are 5 family members my father, my mother, me, my sister and
at the end my younger brother Aftab. We have 2 years difference in
all of our ages. At the time of that incident I was all free from my
studies waiting for my results and my both bro and sis was studying,
my father is working in a company and my mother is a normal house
wife. I live in Karachi and it is very hard here to do sex but if u
luck is with u will u get that chance easily. We have 4 rooms flat in
the Karachi 1 is of my parents, 1 is for me and for my brother 3 one
is for my sister and the last one is using as a drawing room. So come
to the story……………………

One day when I got up in the morning I saw the watch it was 9 AM
about the watch. I feel that no one is at the home caz I think that
father had gone to his work, both bro and sis and gone to their
studies and my mother may be gone to the market or may be some where
else. I don't want to get off from my bed but I have to get off caz I
had gave the time for meeting to my friend so I got off from the bed,
took the towel and went for the bath room to take the bath but I
found that the water tab is not working well and water is not coming
out with that tap. So I had gone to my sister's room bathroom as I
opened the door I got shocked to see her nude and taking bath with
out locked the door. Her back was in front of me I can see her round
milky white ass with some soap on it. I felt erection in my jeans
suddenly she turned back and I could see her white boobs and nice
shaved pussy. I got confused that what to do now so I ran back to my
room and sat of the bed and thought what to do now. After 5 minutes
she came back to my room with a towel that she had wrapped around her
body. She came near to be and asked "when u waked up?" I said "just
before 5 min when I had came to ur room". Then she again asked me
that "why u had came to my room?" I said to her "my bathroom's water
tab is not working well and I have to take the bath and I think that
u r not in the home so I had come to u r bathroom to take bath" so
she said "ohhhhhhhh".

Then I said her that "please hina don't tell that to any one else"
she said that "no bhiya don't worry I will not tell that u any one
else buttttttttt I have one condition" I
said "condition……………………………………… but what u r condition" she said me
that "listen bhiya, that is not fair that u had seen me nude and I
will leave u with out taking the advantage. I will not tell that to
any one that u had came to my bathroom if u will see me u r nude
body." I got shocked to here that words for my younger sister's mouth
I said that "Hina u r my sister and I am u r brother how caz I show u
my nude body. I had seen u r nude body in mistake." She said that "if
u thinks that I am u r younger sister then y u r cock is in its full
erection?" I got confused that what will be the answer of that
question so I said to her that "I don't know about that and I can't
do that think that u want from me" so she finally said that "ok no
problem I will say mom and dad that u had came to my bathroom and u
had tried to fuck me" that was the shocking sentences for me I can't
believe to my ears that my sister is saying that words to me so I
said that "ok I am ready to do that but promise me that u will not
tell that u anyone" she said "ok I promise" and gave a naughty smile.
I open my jeans and put it off and then my underwear now I was
standing nude in front of my younger sister and my cock in its full
erection (8 inches). She said that "bhiya u have a nice tool" replied
to her "u also have nice figure and that was the lucky man who will
touch it" she said "if u want to be that lucky man that u can touch
then" and with that she took off her towel and throw it on the floor
I said her that "no it is not the rite time mom will be back in any
time" she told me that "she will come in the evening on 7 and aftab
will come on 5 and it is 9:30 at that time and we have much time to
do many things so come and don't waste time" and she lied on the bed.

I also went to bed and got over her I gave her a kiss on her face and
then I sucked her ears lob she was getting hot from that procedure
and the speed of her breath was increased I kissed on her lips for
about 5 minutes. After that I went to suck her boobs I placed my one
hand on the one boob and my mouth on the other and started to suck
them like a little child she was making sound in
pleasure "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh suck it hard bhiya
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feels good ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eat my nipples
bhiya" I bit on her nipples then I went to her second boob and sucked
it for about 20 minutes. Then I told hina to take my cock in her
mouth she told me that I will take it but don't throw u r cum in my
mouth I told her OK then she took my cock in her mouth and gave me
the blow job hummmmmmmmmmmmmm it was really very nice and had really
enjoyed it very much and feel my self in the heaven. I can't describe
my condition to u ppl. After about 5 minutes I had about to cum so I
told hina to take out my cock caz I am about to cum she took my cock
out from her mouth and I throw all my juice on her face and little
bit in her mouth and she drink it a little bit she told me that its
taste good I want to drink more and took my cock again in her mouth
and give me a fine blow job again this time I took 10 mins to release
my cum and that time I throw all my juice in her mouth and she drank
all that with out wasting a single drop.

After then I got down to her pussy and start linking it she was
moaning in pleasure "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bhiya I was
enjoying too much ohhhhhhhhhhhh my darling bhiya I love u so much.
Eat my pussy bhiya I don't want that eat it suck it fast bhiya
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bhiya I will die with pleasure ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ummmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fast fast fast". I had sucked her
pussy for 15 to 20 min and tasted her love juice.

I started kissing and kissed it hard on her lips and with that I was
also pressing her one boob with my one hand and with my second hand I
was giving her finger fuck. She told me that bhiya I can't wait any
more I want u r cock in my pussy. Fuck me bhiya fuck me hard I want
to lose my virginity.

I got down again to her pussy she opened her legs and gave me place I
point out my cock to her pussy and tried to get in, in her pussy but
her pussy was too tight I had applied some force she shouted and
cried with pain "ohhhhh aaaaaaaa bhiya its paining
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I don't want to be fucked plz bhiya put out u r
cock from my pussy other wise I will die with pain" I said her "cool
down hina it will pain u in start put u will enjoy that after some
time" she told me "I don't want any enjoinment" but I didn't care of
her and start given some powerful strokes and hina was shouting in
pain after some stroke my cock went fully inside her pussy and some
blood was coming out of her pussy I had broke her virginity.

Now I was giving some strokes slowly now she was moaning in
pleasure "ohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh bhiya fuck me hard ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
fuck me hard bhiya. Fast fast fast" I had increased my speed with her
shouting for about 15 min I put off my cock in her pussy and throw my
all cum in her mouth and boobs. After that I fucked her for an other
time this time I entered my cock in her pussy and sleep with her for
about 1 hour. We than took bath and during bathing I had fucked her
again. We really enjoyed that day very much. I still love my sister
very much and she is also my sex partner till now.