Good Day Friends. My name is Binu and I am 26 yr old guy and i am
living in Cochin, Kerala. The story I am going to tell is the true
story that made me from the security guard to a personal secretary.
This happened not long ago, only four years back.

I had never been good at studies. I finished my BSc in Maths some how
at the age of 21. Due to my bad marks and so little qualifications i
could not get a job. I am the third son in the family and both my
elder brothers are good qualified. They have got good jobs also. I
started distributing newspaper in the morning. Then one of my friends
told that a business man wanted a Security guard for his house. I
agreed to do so. All I had to do was to report to his house is the
evening at 5.00 pm then water the plants in his big garden. Then at
8.00 bring his 8 yr old son from tuition nearby. Then take guard in
the night and in the morning bring milk packets and leave by 6.00am.
There was also small room just enuf for a small bed where I could
rest at night. I was going to get 2500/- pm with supper at night. I
gladly agreed. In the morning I would

This business man, his name is Ajay, is about 42 yr old and has a
wife, name Seema, who is twelve years younger than him. She is not
that good looking but she has amazing boobs. They have only one son
who is 8yr. Ajay was always very busy. He used to go at 9am and come
back only at night sometimes at 8pm and sometime at 11pm. But in
weekends he used to come early and most of the days there will be
party in their office. Many families used to come for the party which
lasted late in the night. They used to go only at 1am or so. Staying
alone in my room I had nothing to do. I could not also sleep because
Ajay sir would fire me if he saw me sleeping. So I used to read a lot
of porn magazines throughout the night. That was my past time.

One night Ajay sir had not come. It was about 12.00 pm. He never used
to be so late. If he used to be late he used to tell me. I was as
usual reading my books and with my 8" dick outside my pant I was
stroking it slowly. Then suddenly I heard someone coughing. I was
taken by surprise and startled. When I look up I saw Seema standing
on the door of my room looking very angrily. I got scared. I zipped
my pant and started pleading not to tell Ajay sir. I got on my knees
and started pleading and almost cried. She said OK and asked me if
Ajay Sir had told that he would be late. I replied no. Then she went.
Almost half hour later he came drunk and told he had a party and he
forgot to tell. I dint tell anything about Seema. Next day I was very
scared in the morning. But nothing happened. Nothing happened for
another two months or so.

Almost two months later, one night Seema came to give supper at 8
30pm. Usually the son used to come. Today he was sick and had slept
early. I dint even look at her directly. Then Seema asked if Ajay had
told anything about being late. I said no. She said that Ajay had
called and said that he would be late because he had some extra work
in the factory. I nodded. Then she turned back. She was wearing a
house coat. I looked up and saw her amazing ass. I was adoring it and
also kept my hand on my bulge when she suddenly turned. I caught me
and I got embarrassed. She asked me what happened. I said nothing.
Then she asked me if she could come and talk to me for some time as
she was feeling bored. She came in and sat on the bed. I stood at the
door. She started asking about my family. She asked if any of my
brothers were married. I said that both my elder brothers were
married. Then she asked me when I was getting married. I said not
anywhere near. Then she laughed. Then she asked if I had any
girlfriends. All these time I was secretly looking at her amazing
boobs. When I told her that I dint have any then she dint believe.
Soon we were laughing and amusing each other. Then suddenly from
underneath the bed she found my porn book. She took it and looked at
me. I got scared and snatched it from her hands. I said sorry. She
looked at me and asked " Is that the book you were reading that day".
I asked " Which day?" I acted innocent.
Seema "don't act innocent. That day when ajay came late."
I said "No. That book finished. This is another one. But please don't
tell this to Ajay sir. He will be angry. Please."
Seema "I will not tell if you give this book to read."
I gave the book. She went in her house and I was scared. Then my mind
started thinking devilish ideas. I started thing of fucking her which
had never come in my mind. Later the next day in the morning I dint
get a chance to see her. But in the night I went in her house to ask
if her son is ok. Then I asked how was the book. She said it was ok.
Asked me for more books. I thought of holding her and straightway
kissing her. But was too scared. So for next one week she would take
one book daily from me. After a week when I thought of fucking her, I
went to her house and gave her the book. When she took it from my
hand I held her hand. She looked at me and slapped me right on the
face. I got quite scared. I started pleading on my knees. Seema
looked concerned. After pleading for twenty minutes I started crying
and she dint speak anything. Then Seema told "What were you trying to
I lied "I am really sorry. I just wanted to feel your hand".
Seema "Don't tell lies." I replied "I wanted to kiss you." She
suddenly came close and kissed me on the cheeks. I was surprised. I
looked at her amazed. She said "Now is it OK?" Then I got courage and
then held her tight and gave a deep French kiss. Seema said "That was
amazing". That was green signal that I had been waiting for a long
I held her tightly, put my lips on her and lifted her and took her
into the room. I put her down on the bed and took off my shirt and
her saree. I jumped on top of her and started kissing. My hands
started to do the work. I put one hand on her boobs and started
pressing. Seema also put her hands to work. Started taking off my
pants. I took off her blouse. Slowly put my hand on her thighs and
started pulling her under skirt up. Slowly reaching her pussy. I
realized she was not wearing any panties. I asked why she was not
wearing any. "I don't wear panties when I am at home." She replied. I
took off her underskirt off her body. Now she was all in a bra and
nothing else. I was in my underwear. Then slowly I went down on to
her toes. I started sucking them hard. She was getting exited. Slowly
I moved from her toes up, kissing and sucking each and every part of
her legs. She started moaning. I slowly reached her pussy. I started
sucking it hard. Put my tongue deep into her pussy. She was quite
wet. All this time I was working my hands on her boobs on top of her
bra. After making her pussy completely wet I started moving upwards.
I started biting her stomach. Licking and kissing it. Then I started
sucking her boobs on top of her bra. I got the bra completely wet.
Then in a stroke I took off her bra and started licking her nipples.
Then were rock hard. She started shouting that she is cumming. I put
my finger in her pussy and then started fucking her hard. She started
moaning. She held my hair with both hands and was tearing the hear
off my
head. "Please...PllllllllllllllllEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss
sssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Come on don't stop Come on.
Immediately her pussy started erupting fluids. She had got climax. My
prick now wanted to tear the underwear and come out. I took my
underwear off.
Even after she had come I dint stop on her boobs. Then she pulled my
head off her boobs and gave me a deep kiss. "That was amazing. Just
like I read in the books." Seema told.
"That is nothing. The story had just begun" I said.
She said she wanted to pee. I said that she cannot go now. And
started finger fucking her. She got in the mood again. Now she was
stroking my prick with her hand. I was sucking her nipples very very
hard. The she started begging that she need a good fuck. Finally I
also got enuf and could not hold my desire longer. I put by dick in
her pussy and started fucking her. I fucked her for almost ten
minutes after that and then when both of us got climax both of us
layed down on the bed flat. When I looked at the clock it was 7.50.
it was time to bring her son from tution. I got dressed and went.
After that almost everyday we started fucking. It continued for
almost a month when some thing else happened