The Principal's Wife

Rony has always been the bad boy at school. He was always in trouble.
There wasn't a week that went by that he wasn't at the Principal's
office. They graduated him from high school just to get rid of him.
Sitting at graduation, the Principal and his wife approached the
podium to give their little speeches. Rony thought, "Damn. She's hot.
She'd make a good next target".
She was 42, had straight black hair that went down between her
shoulders, and looked good carrying her 36B cups. She had always
taken care of herself, going to the gym every morning, keeping
herself in shape, and keeping her body sexy for her husband. Her
husband really loved her, and he told her so every morning, and
showed her every night.
Throughout the remainder of graduation, Rony dreamed up how he
carryout her rape.
Rony had no second thoughts about committing rape, no different than
getting up every morning, and so he set about and quickly learned her
routine. Every morning right after her husband left for work at 7:30,
she went to the gym to work out. Every Tuesday, after working out,
she did her grocery shopping. She would back her car up to the door,
and leave the door open between trips between the house and the car.
Rony though, "This cunt is making it easy for me". Between trips for
the car and the home, Rony was able to make his way quickly to the
door, stuck in and hid, waiting for the opportunity. After the last
trip from the car, she closed the door and locked it behind her. He
crept forward slowly, not wanting to warn her of his approach. Rony
heard Aditi putting away her groceries. At that moment, the phone
rang. From the way she was talking, Rony knew she was talking to her
husband. "Rakesh, I want you to know I love you so very, very much.
You've made me the happiest woman alive. I'm preparing a special
treat for you for tonight. I'm going to the bedroom to change now. I
love you, darling." When Rony hear she was going to the bedroom, he
snack past unseen, and looked every door until he found the bedroom.
He entered it, and hid behind the open door, waiting for her to walk
in. She walked into the bedroom, and her life would change forever
from that moment on.
Rony put his hand over her mouth and threw her against the wall. She
fell in a heap on the floor, dazed from the head slamming. Quick as
lightning, he jumped on top of her, pushing the knife against her
nose and clamping his other hand over her mouth. At once, she knew
what would be happening to her. Rony hissed, "This is your lucky day.
You get to have my cock."
Grabbing her by her hair, he pulled her to a stand and dragged her to
the bed, throwing her on it. He jumped on her and straddled himself
over her. Still holding the knife, he put it up to her throat. "Now
the fun begins." He moved the knife to her blouse and cut it the
whole way down to the bottom, and pushed it open, revealing a white
laced frilly bra. He sliced the straps just above the cups, then put
the knife between her cups, he pulled upward, cutting the fabric
between the cups. He pulled back the cloth, exposing her breasts. Her
brown nipples were fully erect. He knew it was from her being scared,
but he said to her, " You're loving it, aren't you bitch?" She just
shook her head no, never saying a word.
Rony reached underneath her, and pulled at the remains of her blouse
and bra, throwing them on the floor. Rony then moved down to her
waist, grabbing her slacks at the waistband, and pulled then off her
shapely legs. He was slightly surprised to see her wearing a full
brief panty, thinking to himself, "They still make those?" He took
his knife, cut her panties at the side, and pulled them away. She was
naked now, and crying almost hysterically. He whispered in her
ear "So far, you've been a good little girl".
Keeping her on her stomach, Rony gathered the remains of her clothes,
tied her hands to the bed, and gagged her mouth. She didn't know what
to expect next, but Rony knew she wouldn't be able to keep quiet. She
could hear him taking off his jeans, but was confused when she heard
his belt buckle. He landed the belt across her ass, making a WHACK,
and immediately raised a welt. She screamed through her gag. He
continued to whack her, hitting her across the ass. Aditi screamed
into her gag with each hit. Screaming had replaced the crying. Her
ass became red.
Rony untied one arm, turned her over on the bed onto her back, and
retied her arm. Her breasts and pussy were now open for his assault.
Rony took off the rest of his clothes showing his 8-inch cock, fully
erect, which Aditi was now seeing for the first time. Aditi started
crying again. Mockingly Rony consoled her, "Don't cry, he's going to
be your friend." Rony picked up his belt again, and showed it to
Aditi, and said "I don't want your boobs to feel left out." He swung
and WHACKED both her breasts several times. With each whack, she
screamed into her gag. He also used the belt on her stomach and
tummy, with some whacks getting close to her cunt.
He threw the belt on the floor, and announced to Aditi, "We're done
with that." He removed Aditi's gag, but had to clamp his hand over
her mouth when she started to scream. Rony had to warn her, "If you
do that again, it's curtains for hubby". He took his hand
away. "You're going to suck my cock now, whore" She cried, "I'm not
a whore, "But when your husband finds out what is going on here,
will he still love you, slut?" "Yes, because he promised me for
better or worse." Rony stuck his cock in Aditi's mouth, and told her
to suck. She was slow to start sucking, so Rony pushed his cock to
the back of her throat, gagging her. That pushed him over the edge,
and he was putting spurt after spurt down her throat. She started
choking as he took his cock out of her mouth. There were a few drops
of cum dribbling out of his cock, and he let them dribble onto her
breasts. He grabbed onto her protruding nipples, pulling and twisting
them, making them swell from the torture he was inflicting on the two
His cock was still hard as a rock. He told her to open her legs, and
she shakily complied. Rony could see her pussy was wet. Rony told
Aditi that she was about to receive her prize - his cock. He put his
cockhead at the opening of her pussy, and with one thrust, he rammed
his cock all the way in. Aditi loudly moaned and arched her back.
Rony pulled almost all the way out, and rammed back in all the way.
Rony was now pounding her cunt furiously and knew he would be coming
soon. Aditi could sense it too. "Please, don't climax in me. I'm
ovulating, and I want my husband to make me pregnant." Rony laughed
at her plea, as he spurted load after load into her pussy. He pulled
out making a plop sound, and slowly got dressed. From the phone in
the bedroom, he then called the school's principal office, telling
Mr. Rakesh Sarkar that his sexy wife had just been brutally raped. He
hung up the phone and quickly left the house, with Aditi still tied
to the bed.
Rony waited a short distance away. Within a few minutes, Mr. Sarkar
was flying down the road, followed by the police and ambulance.
Aditi was in the hospital for a week recovering from her assault.
Shortly before she was released, a pregnancy test was done, and the
test came back positive. From her shock, she was never able to give a
description of her attacker, and Rony is still on the loose, ready
for his next victim.
Rakesh did not leave Aditi. He was still very much in love with her,
and did whatever he could to console her. Three days later, she put
on her sexiest negligee, walked up to her husband and told him "FUCK
Five months have passed since Rony raped Aditi Sarkar, the
principal's wife. Rony had raped and brutally beat her. All her
physical wounds have completely healed. Although she has no mental
problems, she is a changed woman. Her husband, Rakesh Sarkar, and his
wife decided to keep the baby that Rony had impregnated her with.
There was no question about keeping the baby, because they both
believe in the sanctity of life. They will raise the baby as their
own. Every day since her rape, she had wondered if Rony her rapist
would ever return.
Some things never change. Aditi still goes to the gym every morning
after her husband goes to work, and she still does her grocery
shopping every Tuesday morning, leaving the door open to carry in the
groceries. Rony watched her routine parked in a car a short distance
from her house. Today was Monday, and he will visit her again
tomorrow morning after she returns from her grocery shopping.
As Aditi pulled into her driveway, Rony got out of his car and walked
the short distance to the house. Rony was able to sneak up to the
house between her trips between the car and the house. He snuck into
the house, and as she got the last load of groceries, Rony was able
to hear her close the door and lock it. Now he just needed to wait
for the best opportunity. As she put away her groceries, Rony was
able to sneak his way past to the bedroom, he remembered the way. The
door was open, so he walked in, got completely naked, and hid behind
the door.
She finished putting away her groceries, and was going to the bedroom
to undress to take a shower. As soon as she walked into the bedroom,
he slammed the door shut, and put his hand over her mouth to muffle
any scream she would make, and pushed her against the wall. He said
to her, "I'm back, and you're going to get my prize. It's already
hard for you." She was very afraid, and in a shaky voice, she
said, "Please don't hit me again, and please don't hurt me. I'm
carrying a baby, your baby. Please don't hurt our baby. If you don't
leave any marks or hurt me, my husband doesn't need to know you were
here again. It would be our little secret." Rony said, "That is very
interesting. But that depends on you. Are you going to be a good
girl, and do everything I tell you?" She quickly shook her head yes.
In the bedroom, there was a comfortable reading chair, and Rony moved
it against the door. Rony told her, "That will help you keep your
promise." He positioned her at the foot of the bed, and then sat down
in the chair, stroking himself slowly. He told her, "Now, get
undressed, put on a sexy strip show. I want you to make my cock even
harder." Aditi slowly unbuttoned her blouse, opening it a little way
after each button. After the last button was undone, she turned
around, pulled it slowly off her shoulders, and then threw it across
the room. Still turned around, she unhooked her bra, pulled it off
her shoulders, put her hands over the bra cups, turned around facing
Rony, then just flung it aside, exposing her breasts.
Partly from being scared, and partly from being exposed, her brown
nipples were standing at attention. She then unbuttoned and unzipped
her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She just kicked it aside.
Rony could see she was wearing a full panty. Her pregnant belly was
just slightly swollen, because it was just starting to show. But it
was just at the time her clothes were getting too tight, and would
start wearing her maternity clothes. She put her thumbs in the
elastic waistband, and pulled them down to her ankles, then took them
off completely. She tossed them to Rony. He held them up to his face,
sniffed them, and then threw them down to the floor. She stood still,
and Rony was admiring her still sexy body, with a slightly swollen
belly. He was so mesmerized by the sight.
Rony stood up from the chair, and walked over to her. He put his
hands on her breasts, and was playing with her hardened nipples. She
started breathing heavier. She whispered to him, "Please eat my
pussy." She was begging for this? Rony laid her back on the bed, with
her ass on the edge, feet on the floor, and knelt down facing her
pussy. He lifted her legs and spread them. Her clit was easy to find,
even with a full bush of hair between her legs. He first licked it,
then sucked on it, rubbing his tongue on it while it was being
sucked. Aditi moaned loudly. She was very hot from being sucked. Rony
released the clit, and inserted his tongue into her cunt. He put it
in as far as he could, moving it around inside her. This was more
than she could stand, and her orgasm shook the whole bed. Rony
removed his tongue from her pussy, and licked up her pussy juice.
Rony said, "Now it's my turn." He pulled her to a standing position,
turned her around, and told her to grab hold of the edge of the bed.
Her beautiful, perfect ass was sticking him in the face. Her pussy
was still throbbing. He put just the cockhead into her pussy, teasing
her. Then with one firm push, he put his entire length into her. She
screamed from the impalement. She yelled out, "FUCK ME HARD".
He pulled almost all the way out, and then shoved it back in as hard
and as fast as he could. He kept up the impalement. He could feel her
next orgasm building, and as soon as she climaxed, he climaxed in
her, shooting load upon load into her hot cunt, up onto her cervix.
Rony withdrew from her, and she collapsed on the bed, exhausted, and
Rony fell to a sitting position on the floor. After a couple minutes,
he stood up and pulled her to standing, and instructed her "Make us
some lunch, while I take a shower." She took a robe from the closet
and went to the kitchen, and Rony went into the bathroom, pissed like
a racehorse, and took a shower. Rony didn't get dressed after the
After they ate lunch, Rony said to her across the table "Now it's
time for dessert. Do you like to suck cock?" Aditi replied that she
does it occasionally, but doesn't like to do it. Rony replied to
her "Well, you're going to suck my cock, and when I cum, you're going
to swallow." Rony got up from the table, took Aditi by the hand, and
led her to the bedroom. Rony sat on the edge of the bed with Aditi
standing in front of him. He reached out and undid the knot on the
robe, pulled it from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. He
admired her pregnant body and rubbed one hand over the baby. He felt
a little kick. Aditi smiled. He told her to get on her knees. She
obeyed his command. On her knees, she could see his half hard cock.
Without being told, she took his cock in her mouth and started
sucking. His cock immediately became rock hard and reached its full
length. She started sucking with enthusiasm, and with one hand,
grabbed at his sac, and gently squeezed. She took his cock out of her
mouth, grabbed it with the other hand and started stroking his cock,
and bent down so she could lick and suck his sac. She was ready to
put his cock back into her mouth, but she first told him "Your sac
skin felt so velvety in my mouth."
She then put his cock back into her mouth, and started sucking again.
Her mouth felt so good surrounding his cock. She sucked as hard as
she could. Soon Rony could not hold back any more, and shoving his
cock to the back of her mouth, he shot load after load of his cum
down her throat. He removed his cock from her mouth, and seeing some
drops at the end of his cock, she licked it all up. She said to
him "It tastes so good". Rony said to her, "You were a good girl, and
I didn't have to hurt you." Aditi just got up, pushed him onto the
bed, laid next to him, and just gave him the best hug she was able.
He was ready to leave her for the day. She asked him what his first
name is, she needed to call him something. He decided to tell her the
truth and told her his name is Rony. She told him that if he wanted
to come back, he could make it any day, and he wouldn't have to sneak
into the house. She told him also that they had the baby's sex
checked, and that they would be having a girl. Rony told her he would
come back after the baby is born. He walked away, and Aditi started
to cry because she would have to wait such a long time before she
could see him again. Aditi never told her husband that his wife's
rapist had returned.
Ever since she was first raped, Aditi was a changed woman. It was the
most apparent to her husband. She had that distant look in her eyes.
She was dreaming of her rapist, and was wondering when he would
return, as he promised.
Eight months had passed since her second rape. Aditi's husband had
been promoted to school director and Aditi delivered a healthy baby
girl. Because of her age, she was advised not to breast-feed. She was
OK with that. Because of the extra work involved, Aditi hired a home
assistant, who helped her out every morning. The home assistant's
name is Sohini. She is a 19-year old slender build, and her figure is
Rony started watching her house again, and noticed Sohini. Feeling
his cock stirring, he knew he would be having her soon. But he
decided to be patient, and would wait for the right time. Aditi went
to the gym every morning right after her husband left for work, and
she still did her grocery shopping every Tuesday morning. Sohini
watched the daughter while Aditi was out of the house. Sohini would
put Aditi's daughter down for a nap every day at noon, and would then
leave for the day.
It was a Monday. Rony waited for Sohini to leave. He was promised
that he would never need to sneak into the house again, so he walked
to the front of the house, and rang the doorbell. When she opened the
door and saw Rony, he heart leapt for joy to see him again. She
pulled him inside and closed the door. She hugged him with everything
she had. Aditi said "You look like a man in desperate need of a blow
job." She took him by the hand, and led Rony the Aditi's husband's
favorite lounge chair, and she undressed him. With one hand she
stroked his cock, making it rigid. With her other hand she cupped his
sac and gently squeezed it. Rony then started undressing her. He
pulled her shirt off over her head, reached behind her, unhooked her
bra, and slid it down off her.
He unfastened the button on her jeans and slid them down to her
ankles. She stepped out of her jeans, pulled down her panties, and
stepped out of those. She took a step backward for Rony to admire her
still sexy body. Then she approached Rony, seated him in the lounge
chair, and then dropped to her knees. She put his cock in her mouth,
and Aditi started sucking greedily. She felt total lust for his cock.
In the 8 months that passed, Aditi had become an expert cocksucker.
Rony could feel Aditi working his cock, and soon he exploded his cum
into her mouth, greedily slurping and swallowing every shot. Rony
held one last shot back, pulled his cock out of her mouth, and shot
the load onto her face. She reached up with her hand and started
rubbing the shot all over her beautiful face. Rony said to her "That
just makes you even more sexy." Aditi stood up from her kneeling
position and sat in the lounge chair with Rony, snuggling against
him. Rony noticed how soft yet firm her body was next to his.
At that moment, the baby started to cry. Aditi said "Come and meet
your daughter." They walked hand in hand to the nursery. Rony took
one look and commented "She's beautiful, like her mom." "Her name is
Amanda, meet your real daddy. I'll change her diaper. Rony, would you
like to feed her bottle?" Rony answered, "I'd love to." They both
played with their 4 month old daughter, for a while, then it was time
to take another nap.
Rony asked, "Who is that woman that was here earlier?" Aditi
answered, "That's my home and baby assistant." Aditi continued, "Her
name is Sohini, and she's 19 years old. There's an interesting little
story about her. We were talking about babies, and I asked her if she
had any. She told me 'Gosh, no. In fact, I'm still a virgin.' I
immediately thought about you. Would you like to have her? I think
that I can arrange it." Rony asked, "Would she be willing, or would I
need to rape her?" Aditi answered, "I'm not sure. Come by tomorrow
morning, and I'll introduce you two. I can go to the gym then
straight to my grocery shopping. That will give you both plenty of
time to get to know each other really well. I'll introduce you as a
friend of the family. Can you be here about 7:30?" Rony
answered, "I'll be here."
Aditi then said "But, for now, come with me into the bedroom. There's
something I want to give you." Aditi took Rony by the hand, and led
him to the bedroom. They were still completely naked from their
previous session. Rony sat on the edge of the bed. Aditi leaned
forward so that Rony was able to suck on her nipples, which were
fully erect like erasers. She was able to grab hold on his cock and
started stroking on him. She moaned when he bit lightly at her
nipples. Rony got up, and placed Aditi bending over, her hands at the
edge of the bed. Aditi told him "I'm ovulating today. You can make me
pregnant again." Rony said, "I'd like to do that again."
With her bending over, he was able to push his cock all the way in
with one thrust. Aditi moaned loudly, and said "I LOVE YOUR COCK!" He
withdrew then shoved it all the way in as hard as he could. Aditi
screamed loudly at her impalement. Rony was pounding into her as hard
as he could. She was moaning with each thrust. Rony could feel
Aditi's mounting climax. As soon as she went over the edge, Rony
could not hold back any longer, and dumped load after load into
Aditi's hot, moist pussy. After they had both climaxed, they climbed
onto the bed to rest. Aditi put her arms around Rony, and told him "I
felt your cum splashing my cervix. I think you made me pregnant
again." After resting a few minutes, Rony got up and got dressed, and
went over to Aditi still laying on the bed naked, and said to
her "See you tomorrow" and he reached down to Aditi and squeezed her
nipples gently.
Rony arrived just before 7:30. He waited until Mr. Sarkar drove off
to work, and Rony walked up to the house, and rang the bell. Aditi
answered the door and told Rony "Sohini will be here in a few
minutes. Come on in and have a cup of coffee with me." A few minutes
later, Sohini arrived and Aditi introduced Sohini to Rony. This was
the first close-up Rony had of Sohini, and he thought she looked so
much better and sexier close-up. Aditi finished her coffee, and
said, "I'm leaving now. Be back in a few hours."
Just as soon as Aditi left, Rony started in on Sohini. Sohini did her
first chores in the bedroom. Rony followed her in, walked up behind
her, and grabbed a hold of Sohini's tits. Sohini immediately spun
around, and slapped Rony in the face. "Don't touch me," she yelled.
This infuriated Rony, and he slapped her back just hard enough to
make her fall on the bed. Rony reached in his back pocket and pulled
out his knife. He put it against her throat, and told her "I'm going
to do what I want. Understand?" Sohini shook her head and
said "Please don't hurt me. I'm a virgin." She was very scared and
her voice quivered. Rony said "You're not going to be a virgin in a
few minutes." Rony let out an evil laugh.
Not wasting any time, Rony ripped open the front of Sohini's blouse,
then cut the bra fabric between her two cups. Rony stood up, told her
to stand and finish undressing, as he got undressed. His erect cock
was ready to invade her body. Sohini was only able to remove her
ruined blouse and bra. She crossed her arms over her boobs. Rony then
went over to Sohini, and ripped away her slacks and panties. Sohini
was crying and pleaded, "No. Please don't do this to me." Rony
ignored her plea, and tossed her down on the bed. She landed flat on
her back. Rony spread open her legs, and began to eat her pussy. It
tasted delicious. He sucked on her clit, and rubbed his tongue
against it. Sohini began to moan. It felt so good.
Then Rony moved his tongue down and stuck his tongue into her cunt as
far as he could. Sohini moaned even louder. Rony got to his knees,
and asked her "You like this, don't you, cunt?" She shakily
answered, "Yes!" This surprised Rony. Rony started stroking his cock,
and told Sohini "You're going to get fucked now." Rony's cock was
fully erect, and felt like a steel rod in his hands. He placed his
cockhead on her lips, and put it in Sohini's cunt up to her hymen.
Then with one mighty shove, he pushed his entire length into her,
ripping apart her virginity and opening wide her pussy walls. Sohini
let out a very shrill yell, her entire pussy immediately hurt. Rony
was unrelenting in his pushing. It was like he was out of control. He
was banging in her pussy with all his strength with each shove.
Sohini was now enjoying her first fuck. She was moaning with
pleasure. Rony saw that Sohini was ready to climax. Sohini climaxed,
and her juice was leaking out around Rony's cock. With that, Rony
climaxed too, and put into Sohini more sperm than he knew he had.
There was load upon load of cum, with more spurts than he thought
possible. Rony withdrew and lay down on the bed to rest, and Sohini
climbed up on top of him and said "Thank you for my introduction into
sex." This little cunt actually liked being raped.
A little while later, Aditi came home and put her groceries away.
Rony and Sohini were still lying on the bed naked. They had both
fallen asleep, the sex being so charged. Aditi walked into the
bedroom, and woke up Rony and Sohini. Sohini had a big smile on her
face. Rony said to both girls "We're going to have a threesome."
Aditi immediately got undressed. Rony still could not get over how
sexy Aditi was. This little bitch still had an incredibly sexy body.
Rony asked Aditi "Are you a whore now?" and Aditi replied, "I am a
whore only for you Rony. But I still love my husband." Aditi joined
them on the bed. Sohini crawled over to Aditi, got between her legs
and started lapping at her pussy.
Rony stood over Aditi and put his cock into her mouth, and she
started sucking at him. Aditi also reached up and grabbed hold of
Rony's sac, and squeezed it gently. After a few minutes, they
switched positions. Aditi lay on her back, and Sohini kneeled down so
that Aditi could eat Sohini's pussy, and Rony started fucking Aditi.
Aditi was still an incredible fuck. Rony began pounding her hard. The
sight of these two women having sex with him was overwhelming. Rony
climaxed into Aditi, and at that moment, Sohini was climaxing into
Aditi's mouth. Aditi was excited at the taste of Sohini, and began
lapping up Sohini's sweet pussy juices. After she caught her breath,
Aditi said to Sohini "We're going to have to do that more often."
Sohini nodded in agreement.