My sweet brother

Hi.. all. This is Zinat from Bangladesh. I am a very big fan of the story
section and I read it regularly.
Today I am sharing my story with you. Let me first describe myslef. I am 21. I
have black hair to my shoulders
with long, loose curls, which I sometimes wear up or tied back. I am 5'6" tall.
I have a normal look.
But I measure 32D-23-34. I am slim and my breasts are very firm and nicely
shaped and appear very large
on my slim frame. I have nicely shaped, long, thin legs, a nice flat tummy and a

tight round bum. And above
all I have big eyes and my skin is milk white. My first experience was with my
husband. Ya, I was a virgin before
my marriage. I used to be a typical Bangladeshi innocent girl, who always wanted

to be good and honest.
I thought that I will remain honest through all my life and all my secret
desires will be be true by my husband
andthat will be enough for me.
But I was disappointed. I found my husband not interested in my greatest
fantasy, ORAL sex. He only just fucks me,
sqeezes my boobs and french kisses. Thats all what I get from him for sex. But
for his nice size of dick and late ejaculation,
I often get orgasm. But still, I was not mentally satisfied. So, I am telling u
not the first experience.
But the firstsatisfaction of mine.
My biggest fantasy was my pussy being licked and others. As my husband doesn't
do that, I had gone crazy for
sex with a real man. I didnt know what to do. I got involved with some girl
friends of mine.
But you know only pussy licking cant satisfy a horny woman. Also needs at least
one fine cock with that.
So I became desperate. I live in the same neighbourhood my parents live.
Actually they chose my husband as
they saw him from childhood. They thought this "good boy" will make their
daughter happy. I am happy from
other sides. But the most important happiness was not for me. My parents-in-law
live in another city with
their one daughter. I live with my husband and my little sister-in-law, Nandita
who is 16. After about 8 months
of my marriage, one day I was out of home. When I came back, I found the main
door open. I became
suspicious I slowly opened the door and went inside. I didnt found anyone at
house. I was angry with nandita to
go out without locking the door. Then suddenly I heard a sound from her room. I
went there and what I saw was
surprising. My own little BROTHER was on beautiful Nandita. Both were totally
He is 2 years younger than me. He was then 18, was reading in the first year of
his College. He is 5ft 9inch with
broad shoulders and manly voice and he was doing the thing I fantasize every
moment. He was licking her pussy!!!
Moreover his dick was MARVELLOUS!!! I was stunned to see his tool. In that age,
it was very long and
at the same time very thick. It was about 6 inch in length and more than 4 inch
thick (that I measured later).
I was totally out of control and began fingering at that very moment. But
somehow managed to be calm and see
what they do. After a long time of love making (I later found that they are in
deep love and both will are
going to marry), my brother was ready to leave. I hurrily left house and came
back when he left. I planned to give
my brother the greatest gift, thats MYSELF. At first I was hesitating and
feeling guilty for thinking in such
way about my own brother. But I was desperate. 4/5 days later my husband went to

visit his parents,
what he does 2/3 times every month. I called my brother to come and stay with us

as there was none to guard us.
I arranged his bed with me. He was saying no (I knew why) and was interested in
sleeping in the guest room.
But when I got angry, he had nothing to do. At night, I changed my clothes from
a very little distance from him
and he saw some private parts of me and surely saw me in sleeveless blouse and
petticoat (without a bra).
I wore a chiffon Sari with sleeveless blouse. I came to bed and was talking with

him and began hugging
him closely.
I found him very hard and getting nervous. We talked about many things and then
our discussion went to my life
and I told him freely about my sex life. This time surely he was thinking the
same thing I was. Because he began
hugging me and we both were soon french kissing eachother. His touch on my body
was making me more
and more hot. Don't know how long we were in that position. Soon he began to
roll open my sari and
massaged my boobs from over my blouse. He did that for a few minute and was
kissing me in the same time.
I was getting hot and hot. Then he opened my my blouse and kept looking at it
for a long time while
admiring it with his nice words. He told that I have the coolest and sexiest
tits. He than began sucking them.
My nipples became hard as rock and then he pulled down my petticoat. I was wild.

He started licking me from my face
. He ran his tongue through the face, to the ear to the eye. I was feeling my
brother's passion. He then licked my armpits
and I couldnt stay till in excitement. He also put his nose on them and smelled.

He went down my neck to
my belly and began teasing my navel with his tongue. He went a bit further down.

He held my both white
thighs in his hands and put his mouth in the area between my legs. I felt like a

fish out of water. I was nearly
screaming. My clit was wet and was leaking with the juice of joy. I held my
breasts in my hands and started
pressing in a haphazard way. He inserted his tongue in my clit and his tongue
was tasting the my juice.
I held his hair in my hand with lust. He started sucking me wildly and I was
moaning continuously.
My fantasy was becoming true and I was experiencing the sweetest thing on earth.

I was moaning in pleasure and
think it was very close to screaming. I was near my orgasm. I pressed my clit
firmly and my legs bent with a
sprout of fluids from my clit. I was shiverring and holding my sweet little
brother tight. I was out of the world
and my pussy was on fire. My new lover drank all my juices. After sometime, I
cooled down and after
relaxing I kissed him deeply and took off his dress. His GIANT Tool was bulging
to enter me to send me to heaven.
I hold it. Oh boy! It was HOT!! I began jerking it. He began to moan. But soon
he asked me to stop and
told that he don't want to come outside. Then he got on top of me. He felt my
sweet hole with his fingers and
then slowly guided his big cock inside me. I became very excited. My head went
back with pleasure and I began to moan. He started slowly. I was feeling the
greatest pleasure on earth. He began to speed up. I held him in my arms tight
and was throbbing under him. He was moving up to down and I was holding his hip,

massaging and pressing it.
I knew he was enjoying it. I was feeling my breast jumping up and down with
every hit. It was out of the world. He began thrusting his cock in and out
harder and harder. It was hurting but I didn't stop responding to his hits.
My legs were wide open and I was hugging him very tight. We both were breathing
My body began shiverring more and more and I was aching for air. My pussy began
loosing and tightening.
Then I got my greatest orgasm. I grabbed him and was pressing him hard against
myself. My whole body
was shaking and I couldn't think of anything.I burst. My juices began flowing.
After a few seconds he too exploded.
I felt his cum shooting into me. And I had the greatest sex of my life. He
licked my pussy beyond my desire and
satisfaction and for my greatest surprise, he even licks my asshole now. He
drives his tongue from my head to toe.
I enjoy every second with him. I also try to give him the greatest time of his
life. But still my sister-in-law doesn't
know this and to make my life colorfull, he sometimes brings his chosen friends
to make me happy. One thing he
really cares that my breast doesn't loose its nice shape. I want to do the same
with him.
But still now he is satisfied only with me and Nandita.