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From:  santosh khana <shahiindi@y...> 
Date:  Sun Apr 6, 2003  4:47 am 
Subject:  story


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sajan bane nandoi

It may have actually happened.
It was a real sexy day. Clouds were hovering and suddenly it
started raining heavily. it was pouring so much as if sky has opened
up. Radio was crooning, mausam hai ashikana. I was thinking about
last night. I was sitting in my hubby rajiva's lap and he were
caressing fondling my boob and I was feeling, touching his huge
cock .I squeezed his cock and teased him about her young cousin sis
Maya who is in std XI and has just become sweet 16.He said,' arre she
is bacchi and I responded ' are tumhari behana ko to 14 main hi chud
jana chiya tha par chaloo now she is in intermediate and ripe for
intercourse'. He crushed my joban heavily pushing his cock in the
crack of my ass saying,' mera dekha hai ass size lund'. I further
squeezed his cock unsuccessfully trying to grab it in my fist (it's
really BIG) and said,' yes it's like a donkey but ye bataiye ki sasu
ji gadhe ke pass gayi thin ya.'. And it was enough. He pushed me on
the sofa itself and took me from rear. Holding my tight ass he shoved
his huge cock in my tight pussy in one shove. Oh I screamed but he
abused me lovingly pinching my nipples very hard, "salliiiiii meri
man aur baehan ke baare main " and he fucked me real hard. In the
morning when he was going to office and I was giving him kiss he
hugged me and I could feel his cock stirring again. I pushed it with
my cunt and caressed it with my hands saying "lagata hai u r
remembering your sis and my nannd Maya but don't bother uska udghatan
tumse hi karaungi" and by the time he could do something I left and
ran away.
I was lost in the reverie and now song was, teri do takiya ki
naukari mera lakhon ka sawan jaye , rain was still on with its fury
and weather has become cold. I heard a knock. Who can be there at
this time I could not think and this weather. I reluctantly stood up
and opened the door. Ohhhhhhhh, you I could not believe . Yes it's
me,.. my tall beautiful teen nannd Maya was standing on the door in
her school uniform a white skirt and blouse. She was totally
drenched. Her innocent face was cold and rain has made her blouse
soooo wet that her young tennis ball size hard teen boobs could be
seen. There were marks of mud also on her slender legs and even on
her skirt. Come on, I invited her you were doing mud wrestling with
somebody I joked. `nahin bhabhi, a vehicle splashed me with mud. I
came to school and it was closed. And while I was coming back this
rain came .no vehicles are available so i thought I will come here.'
she said. `thhek kiya,gazing at her boobs I smiled and suddenly a
plan flashed in my mind.
I said,' nannd rani you are shivering . She said han bhabhi it's too
cold .OK if your brother would have been here he has a long rod which
can be used as heater and good for heating body. she could not
understand and said 'sach bhabhi mujhe to kabhi nahi dikhya bhaiya
ne".' Oh it's bad he shows me every night' I said . She could guess
then and blushed "dhat bhabhi aap to majak karti hain". I pinched her
cheeks and said ok you change i will give you hot milk. I gave her a
towel and ask her to remove her skirt and blouse. I took a warm glass
of milk and laced it with brandy. On later thought I added a good
dose of brandy and brought it. She had put on towel but towel was
quiet small. I said,' aare you have not removed your blouse thand lag
jayegi and no body is in house except me. And made her remove her
dress. Before she could think anything I put her dress in washing
machine. She was still wearing her bra and panty. I rebuked her "are
Maya you will catch cold You have not removed your bra are sine pe
thandak lag jayegi' 'and i put my hand inside towel and snapped open
her bra. I gave her milk to drink. After first sip she said bhabhi it
feels different. I assure her that I had some herbs which are good
against cold. she smiled and took another gulp. I persuaded her to
remove panty too saying I will just give her another dress, some dry
cloth and she will catch cold if she does not remove her wet cloth
and she agreed. Now immediately I put bra and panty too in washing
machine and now she was only in a towel pleading to me that I should
give her some dry cloth very fast.
I looked at her mud stained feet and stains even up to her knees.
The rain spoiled even her long black hair. I said Maya why don't you
take bath your hair are all wet and your leg and thighs are full of
mud stain. You know one does not know about rainwater you may catch
some infection and then you can change dress. She was slightly
hesitant but I pushed her in bathroom. Don't worry even I have not
taken bath and let me shampoo your hair they have become so
entangled. I made her sit on a small stool and asked her to put her
dainty small feet in a tub, which was filed with warm water. It made
her relax. I put some bath salts too. I was sure it will reduce her
stress and made her loose her control too. She was still griping her
towel hard ensuring that her boobs were not visible. I too disrobed
and put on a large towel. I started shower in full force and it
drenched her completely. To avoid water in her eyes she had closed
her eyes partly. Now i took shampoo and satrted aplying it in her
long dark hair. After putting shampoo I also started rubbing her
scalp, which soothed her raw nerves, and she had closed her eyes.
Some of the shampoo I let come on he face and warned her,' Maya don't
open your eyes it may be dangerous,' and she firmly closed o.k. This
shampoo is very good but takes some time so let me rub and soap your
back too and I slightly loosened the towel. By the time she could
react her back was bare and most of her boobs too were visible. Just
to assure her I did not pay any attention to it and my hands started
soaping her neck and shoulder, although my eyes were feasting on the
swell of her young teen boob. I warned her hey keep your eyes closed
and now my hands were rubbing her back. I then went to her arm pit
and found hair there. Ohh it must be cleaned and I called her to
raise her hands up and hold the pipe so I can clean the armpits
too. Maya followed my instruction forgetting that she is still
holding the towel and it made towel go down and now full young boobs
were raising there head, calling lovers to come and mount. I put hair
removing cream in the armpit and told her it may take 10 minute so
just don't put your hands down or your skin gets damaged. Poor Maya
accepted and it give me an opportunity to soap her flat tummy too. I
put the hard cake of soap on her slender flat tummy and went up I
started soaping base of her young boob but avoided touching her
boobs. Slowly I started feeling the swell of her young boobs from
back but I was only using soap cake and avoided using my fingers. She
shriked nahin bahbhi pleaseeeee.' Arre kya yahan sabun nahin lagati
you r so dirty,' and now my hands were generating foam. I slowly put
my hand on her young boobs and very slowly started applying foam. I
was very softly holding her young breasts. She was resisting nahin
bahbhi chodiye main apne se sabun laga loongi. But i did not relent.
When my fingers reached her teen nipples I found them growing hard
and I realized that she too is enjoying it. I increased pressure on
her boobs and slowly started caressing. I told her.' are maya main
jab roj tunhare bhaiya ke saath nahati hon to vo bhi muje aise hi
sabun lagate hain,'. And I increased the pressure and started
caressing fondling squeezing her young joban in the name of applying
Slowly my one hand wandered to her beautiful slender milky thighs
and in spite of her resistance I succeeded in parting them . I rubbed
soap on her inner thighs and slowly and surely it reached her portals
of joy .It was covered with golden hair. I played with them and it
increased her moaning. She resisted badly but i chided her "kya karti
tum ye apna baal saph nahin karti it's too bad let me clean it ". And
before she could understand anything I liberally applied hair-
removing cream there too cleaning every shred of hair. She was saying
bhabhi now please open shower let me complete the bath. I complied
with her request but instead of opening the top showe i selected the
hand shower and made it a sharp nozzle. I focused it on her breasts
and after cleaning soap from the base of boobs it suddenly went to
her erect tits. Water jet was playing with her erect tits and as her
face was still covered with soap she was not able to see and move . i
took out a piece of cotton ball and slowly cleaned her arm pits and
then come her ok pink fresh virgin cunt which emerged when i cleaned
hair remover cream.

Now I opened the top shower too and cleaned her shampoo, face and in
no time she opened her eyes. But I did not leave her. Now hand shower
was facing her young lower lips and slowly it moved upwards to her
pinky. Now, she had stopped resisting and was moaning. i held her one
breast with one hand and slowly softly started pressing it while
fingers of my other hand were drawing a line next to her labia and
slowly they picked both the labia and started rubbing it against each
other. Now her moans become distinct and resistance totally faded. I
slowly parted both labia and tried to insert one finger into her
portals of joy, unsuccessfully. I teased her "kyon maya lagta hai
abhi in this gate of paradise no body has found entrance. "::kab tak
chailon ko tadpati rahogi de do na yoni ka daan kis bichare ko." aap
kis ko deti hain , she tried to join the banter. aare roj tumhare
bhaiya ka 8 inch lamba moosal ghontati hun. kabhi tumhare bhiya ne
tumhe darshan nahin karvaya. dhat she blushed but again asked "itna
bada how it goes". "aare naand rani tum is choot rani ki mahima nahin
janti kitna bada bacha isme se nikal jata hai to mardon ki kya bisat.
are jald hi tumhe bhi main 8 inch vala hthiya ghonta doongi varna
kahogi ki bhabhi akale maja leti hain aur nandon ka khyal bhi nahin."
now my tip has made a place between her labia and with some pressure
i inserted it. Now i was rubbing inner walls of her pink young
virgin vagina. With my other hand now I focused on her clit. I
pressed my thumb against it and started rubbing hard. in no time it
was hard.i realized that this is the best chance. I took her clit
between my thumb and forefinger and started rubbing it hard. While my
fingers were rubbing inside of her now wet cunt.ohh bhabhi ohh please
chod dijiye kisa lag raha hai ohh . But if increased my tempo are koi
mard dalega to kahogi dal do poora phad do mer rasili kunwari
choot.." and I squueezed hard on her clit .and it trigered her
climax . She came with a shudder. She was just shivering. Her young
hips were moving up and down on my finger , he cunt lips were
squeezing and she lost all control.
it took her a few minutes to become normal. I teased her agar meri
ungali se aisa ho gaya to socho ki agar kissi mard ka lund hota to
tumhari kya halat hoti. She again blushed and said dhat, but she too
was enjoying this open talk. I said ok let me also finish a quick
bath and I stood below the shower. i tried to put the soap behind my
back but she puuled it from me and said laiye bhabhi main laga deti
hun. She started applying soap on the back but very soon she too was
focusing on my breasts. i encouraged her kjyon badla le rahi ho ya
apne bhai ki jagah poori kar rahi ho. she laughed and squeezed my
breasts saying jo samajah lijiye . i said phir niche ki jagah kyon
chod rahi ho.nahin bhabhi vahan to abhi achi tarah lagana hai and she
tried to push soap cake in my choot. We finished bath together, dried
each other and I powdered her freshly cleaned cunt and applied cream.
I even jokingly put some Vaseline around my fingers and inserted it
inside .it was still wet with her Cumming.
I made her wear a baby doll type dress and myself just wrapped a
sarong and put a small top. I told her,' hey is sexy mausam main
chalo pakodiaya khate hain. Rain has started again. We both went to
kitchen. She was looking at sky opening up outside, only a female
donkey was enjoying the rain., `'see bhabhi even animals are enjoying
it, she said. `arre asie mausam main asali maja to tab ho jab koi
mard abhi aa jaye to phir bahar ki tarah ghar main bhi barish hoti, I
teased her. While she was looking outside, I added some bhang in the
masala of pakoda without her knowing it. Suddenly a male donkey came
and his cock was stirring looking at the gadhi. kyon gadhe ka dekh ke
lalcha rahi ho. nahin bhabhi dekho kitna bada hai..she
blurted.meanwhile gadha started riding on gadhi. are dekhna abhi
kasie yeh lil jayegi gapgagap. vaise tum bhi lil jaougi rani jab
kissi mard se pala padega. dhat, she blushed but now her eyes were
glued. by this time gadhi has taken the entire one foot Lund and
their chudai was in full swing. I could see her boobs hardening and
nipples becoming erect. By this time I hade taken out some pakoras
(of course laced with heavy dose of bhang).'le lo nannd rani pakode
kaho aur show bhi dekho. aaj tumhari achi padhai ho rahi hai'. And
she absentmindedly took pakoda and put it in her sexy velvety mouth.
bhabhi it's different, she said. maire haath ka hai thoda to pharak
hoga. She was so absorbed that she must have taken atleast 4-5 pakoda
while watching chudai of donkey. I further teased her aare bahhot
jald hi tumhari choot main bhi aise hi Lund jayega. acha chalo bed
room main chalte hain aur TV dekhte hain. By the time outside scene
too was finished and we went to bedroom with our plate of pakodas.
I puta xxx rated cassette. Initially it was a kissing hugging
scene and male was squeezing fondling boob over the top. She said
bahbhi ye kaisei picture hai..Abhi dekhti jao, and in no time male
sat on cot and female actress went down between his leg and opened
the zip of his pant. And his huge thick hard Lund came out.
bhabhi..are dar kyon rahi ho jadli hi tum bhi aisa bada mota apni bur
main logi., main to roj leti hun tumhare bhaiya ka. Then the lady in
the movie held the massive cock in her slender fingers opened it's
head and kissed it with her red sensuous sexy lips. She skidded her
lips on the side of thick shaft and very slowly gulped the cock head.
Her pink cheeks swelled. My sis in law was engrossed. slowly almost
the whole cock slid between lips . She told, bhabhi see how whe has
taken almost whole of it in... i explained to her, " are nannd rani
have u never taken 5 star chocolate this is a 10 star main bhi jab
tumhare bhaiya ka munh main lekr choosati hun kya maja aata hai, and
when he comes yumm I swallow each and every drop. Ok I will arrange
so that you can also suck on it This time she did not blush as scene
had changed and she was engrossed. Now that lady in the film was
lying on the bed legs spread and her pink choot fully exposed. slowly
the man with giant cock came between her legs and slowly spread her
wet choot. a close shot revealed pink lips fluttering with joy and he
slowly inserted his huge Lund. I unbuttoned her top and started
caressing her young boobs. They were hard and her nipples were erect.
She made very perfunctory protests. and slowly I was caressing her
young choonchis. Slowly scene on the TV become one of intense
fucking .pulling her nipple I said dekho kitnai mast hokar chooda
rahi hai viase main tum ko bhi chudavungi. she had lost some of her
coyness and retorted "bhabhi are aap se bache tab to" I told
her 'acha main tumse ek paheli poochti hun agar toomne sahi jawab
diya to main tumhare liye ek asie hi mote mast lund ka intezam
karrongi aur agr tumne galat bataya to main jisase kahhongi usse
chudana pdega.'she just nodded her head as she was enjoying the close
up of huge lund rubbing the tight pink lips of choot and going with
massive force. Dala tha Sab Ko Man bhaya, Tang Uthakar Khel
Banaya,Kamar Pakad Kar Diya Dhakel Tab Poora Hove Yeh Khel, I quizzed
her ."dala tang utha kar , kamar pakad kar dhakel diya dhat bhabhi
aap badi vaisi hain she complained .hey you have to tell varana harr
mano. I had opened her entire baby doll and now my one hand was
roaming between her inner thighs. my finger was trying to enter her
love hole. bolo na varan ek sath 3 ungli andar kar doongi I teased
her. vahi jo..samne TV main ho raha hi tang utha kar ..kamar pakad
kar dhakelana. . She told. I chided her,' You are single track mind
what I meant was jhoola, jhoola dalna sab ko achha lagta hai, tang
uthakr chadhna padta hai aur jhoolane ke liye kamar pakar kar..ok now
u have lost to main jisase khuongi chodana padega, nannd rani
Scene has changed on TV to a lesbian scene. one woman was kissing
sucking nipple of another. arre bhabhi ye kya ladkiyan aapas main..
she wondered. I said aurkya abhi main tumhare sath kar ke batati hun.
She also ate few more bhang ka pkoda while watching TV. She was
reclining and now my hands were more authoritatively caressing her
boobs. Life imitated the art. Following a cue from movie I kissed her
straight on the lips. And slowly I just went over and my lips gripped
her young succulent juicy pink lips. in some time she too was sucking
mine. my lips wandered down to her nipple and I started rolling my
tongue around her erect nipple and suddenly I grabbed her tits and
started sucking it hard. my hands which moved away from her young
boobs had started exploring her tight mast choot. I slowly spread her
cunt lips and started caressing it. My thumb was pressing against her
clit and she too has lost all control. She was now enjoying every
bit. she was raising her hips, pushing her bur at my face . I now
removed my hand and grabbed her boobs while kissing it and my choot
has replace my finger. I was rubbing it slowly against my nannd's
young choot. ohh bahbhi please plae....after doing like this for some
time I pulled her down to the edge of bed , went down on the floor
and started sucking her young choot. My thick tongue flicked her
labia for some time and when she was almost wild spread her cunt lips
and forced it inside. My both hands were grabbing her young chota
chota chootar.when i realized she is close to climax, I slowed down
and for two three times raising her to feverish pitch i took her pink
clit between my lips and sucked hard, very hard. I had held her hands
and even when she was cumming i kept on sucking on her clit and it
led to a series of orgasms and she almost passed out.
I took this opportunity to get up and ring my hubby. I informed
him that a cousin sister of mine is here and I had made her in
hot mood and if he want to enjoy a young teen choot in this rasile
mauasm main to within 10 minutes he should be home and explained him
other conditions. He never required a second invitation. I went back
to bed where my nannd was now feeling better. I teased her "socho
bhabhi ke sath itna maja aaya agar bhaiya hote to kitana aata."
bhaiya apko hi mubarak hon aur bahne apne bhiyon ke saath mare bhiya
ki sasural main hi karvati hongi, she retorted. I went close to her
lez scene was still on. i took her hand and took it to my 36 d hard
up boobs and told her are naand rani tumhari to pyas bujh gayi par
bhabhi ke kuen main kitani aag lgi hai. .and I made her caress my
boobs. she responded by squeezing it hard . I pulled her over me and
made her kiss my tits. Slowly she tried to imitate my actions and it
led to a 69 but after sometime when again her choot become wet I
asked her to go below the bed and I went to the edge. I raised my
legs and she went on all fours betweenmy legs. She was novice but her
lack of practice itself was giving a new joy. She was licking
me ,sucking me and I had gripped her neck in a vice like grip.
i could see sudden opening of door . Room was almost dark . I
increased my moaning and it suppressed any sounds. My huuby was
there. He could see the shadow of her young chootar and in no time he
stripped. I could see his rock hard 8 inch long huge Lund. He put
some Vaseline and very slowly came and grabbed slender waist of my
nannd. I was moaning very loudly and increased pressure of my grip.
before she could do anything supara (cock head) of my hubby had made
place in Maya's choot. I almost sat and pressed her face against my
choot so she could not scream. My hubby smiled at me and I winked. He
grabbed my nannd's young tennis ball size hard choonchi and started
squeezing it with full force. Holding her choonchi my sajan brought
his lund slightly out and in one move shoved it in my nannd's kunwari
choot and her virginity become history. she could not cry as I was
holding her. I too started caressing her breasts and slowly when pain
subsided my hubby started a slow fucking. I scolded him, `are ek barr
main chhot ko bhonsada na banaya to bechari ko pahli chudai ka kya
mja ayega.' as he was fucking he silently he had no reason to guess
whose lund has inaugurated her .she too started moaning pushing her
young chootar back and enjoying. My sajan was bringing his massive
lund almost out and in one shove push it. Some times very slowly he
will bring it out and then by holding it in his hand he ill slowly
rotate it teasing her. While doing it, his one hand will also play
with her clit. She was close to orgasm and then suddenly he started
doing chudai in full speed. In 10-15 minutes after that first my
nannd climaxed and it trigged my sayain's Lund too to climax.
When he brought it out, looking at my nannd he was aghast. I
whispered arre aj kal ke jamane main to log sagi i nahi chodate ye to
tumhari door ki cousin naand toowas feeling ashamed. i made my
sajan eat 5-6 bhang ke pakode and told to my nannd are chudane main
to nahin sahrma rahi thi aab kis batt ki sharm.tumane to maja le liya
aab mera kya hoga.
Saying it i grabbed his sleeping giant and started sucking it.
Slowly it become hard. I invited her kyon 10 star choclate khana
hai.she gingely came and took it and both of us started doing it
togather. Within no time it was hard again. I made my huuby lie down
and went on top.i did a good fucking and made my hubby to caress my
nannd's jobam and finger her. We all came to gather.
And since then my sajan is my nandoi.
earlier i put some stories as chadni but since becoming
paid my email is cuterani_69@yahoo so if u like it just mail me