> I started the water in the tub, and adjusted the
> temperature. In a few minutes, I heard the knock on
> the door. I opened it and Sarita came in, carrying a
> bunch of bottles, and a plastic bag which contained
> her clothes. As soon as she got inside, she dropped
> the stuff on the bed, and turned to me.
> "Pradeep, I meant everything I said to you on the
> beach. I want you to know that I am doing this with
> full understanding of what could happen if we got
> carried away with our desires. You are the best
> brother a girl could have, and you are also the best
> friend I have. So I don't want you to hold back
> anything. I am ready to give you everything, and I
> want you to feel the same way about me. Will you do
> that for your sister?"
> I took her in my arms. "Sarita, I know I am tempted
> to
> take you, but I can't get over the fact that you are
> my sister. We both know that it would be morally
> wrong
> for us to have sex. That is why I hesitated before."
> "I know, brother. But if I am going to lose my
> cherry,
> I can't think of a nicer, kinder, sweeter and more
> loving man who deserves to take it. You are the
> first
> "man" I have loved and kissed as an adult, and I
> can't
> tell you how much I love you, Pradeep. I want you to
> be the man to take me for the first time. If not
> today, some other day. But it will not be anyone
> else.
> That is my promise to you. Now lets' enjoy the bath.
> I
> brought the bubble bath with me. Is the water
> ready?"
> We went into the bathroom. Sarita took out the
> bubble
> bath, and poured a handful in the tub, and started
> mixing it. Soon the tub was full of fragrant suds.
> She
> stood up, and pulled off her tee shirt. She had left
> her bra in her room. I watched her beautiful, firm
> breasts with excitement, as she unzipped her skirt,
> and then hooked her thumbs under the elastic waist
> band of her panty. Looking at me with a sweet smile,
> she asked, "Are you ready to see your sister naked?"
> I just nodded. With a flourish, she slipped the
> panty
> down over her legs, and kicked it off. Then she
> straightened up, and looked at me. "How do I look,
> brother?"
> "Divinely beautiful," I said truthfully. She looked
> so
> stunning that I could not decide which part of her
> looked more desirable. My eyes darted from her
> proud,
> firm breasts with the pink nipples that hardened
> under
> my gaze, to her slender waist and the smooth taper
> of
> her long legs, and down to the bewitchingly inviting
> patch of dark hair between them, promising the
> delights of womanly charm hiding beneath. I felt my
> cock rising at the display of the feminine beauty.
> Sarita was watching my reaction. She stepped closer,
> and said, "Your turn now, brother. Let me look at
> your
> sexy body. I'd like to strip you."
> She grabbed my tee shirt and pulled it off. Next
> came
> my beach shorts. Sarita stepped back, and looked at
> me. She touched my muscular chest and arms, and
> pressed her fingers into them "You are so firm and
> strong, Pradeep." She ran her hands over my stomach,
> moving them down over my jockey shorts and felt the
> bulge. "You are hard, brother. I want to see you,
> but
> first I want to feel your strong muscles."
> She knelt before me, and ran her fingers over my
> calves and thighs. She wrapped her arms around my
> legs
> and pressed her face into my crotch, kissing the
> bulge
> and nuzzling it with her nose. Then she grabbed the
> edge of the shorts and slowly lowered them. My
> throbbing cock sprang out like a caged lion, and
> almost hit her in the face. She looked up at me, and
> gave a beautiful smile.
> "It is so hard and strong, Pradeep." She wrapped her
> delicate fingers around the shaft and caressed the
> length of it. I was in heaven. Her fingers felt so
> wonderful on my aching cock. I stood before her, my
> eyes closed, enjoying her caress. She looked at me
> and
> found me enjoying it. Encouraged, she pumped the
> shaft
> slowly, kissing the head, and fondling the balls.
> They
> were heavy with a build up of juice that was aching
> to
> shoot out. I jerked my hips against her fist,
> indicating my arousal. Sarita pressed my cock
> against
> her cheek, and rubbed the hardness with her hand.
> Then
> she got up, and put her arms around my neck.
> I opened my eyes, and embraced her. Our naked bodies
> pressed into each other, we just stood there,
> enjoying
> the warmth and love we shared for each other. Sarita
> whispered in my ears, "I know you are aching to
> unload
> your juice. I could feel the weight in the balls. I
> want to relieve you, but first let's get in the
> water
> and clean each other off."
> We stepped into the tub, and slipped under the
> water.
> It was a bit crowded, with two adults trying to
> bathe
> each other, but we managed. The physical closeness
> kept me in a constant state of hardness. I could
> feel
> Sarita's passion rising as her nipples got harder
> every time they brushed against my arm or chest. We
> soaped each other thoroughly, and cleaned our
> bodies.
> I lathered her mound as she stood before me, and
> rubbed my fingers against her soft hair and pussy
> lips. Sarita spread her legs, and moaned as my
> fingers
> explored the folds. I slipped two fingers past her
> opening and tickled her inner lips. Sarita squatted
> slightly, giving me access to her cheeks. I soaped
> and
> cleaned her other opening. Then I stood up and
> scrubbed her tummy and breasts.
> Sarita opened her eyes, and smiled at me. "Your
> hands
> feel so wonderful, Pradeep. You have a very nice,
> firm
> touch. I can feel your love, brother."
> I smiled back at her, and kissed her on the lips. "I
> am enjoying this beyond my wildest imagination."
> "Wait until I start working on you, brother. Please
> scrub my back, and then I'll scrub you clean. I want
> you to just let go and enjoy it. If I excite you
> enough to make you feel like shooting your load,
> don't
> hold back. I want to see it. It's been years since
> you
> showed me. Now you are much bigger and stronger. I
> want to see your cock explode. Okay?"
> "My pleasure, sister. Now turn around and let me
> scrub
> your back."
> As soon as I was done, Sarita took the soap and
> began
> scrubbing my chest and arms. She worked fast, taking
> care of the whole body, but leaving the most
> important
> part for last. Then she rinsed me off before turning
> her attention to my throbbing cock, which stood
> stiffly at attention, jutting straight out from the
> dark bush. My heavy balls dangled underneath,
> awaiting
> the delicious massage from her fingers.
> Sarita sat down in the tub, and reached for my cock.
> With eyes full of love and joy, she encircled the
> shaft with her fingers, and gently rubbed the length
> of it. Taking the soap, she rubbed it all over the
> cock, balls and pubic hair, creating a large amount
> of
> lather that covered the entire crotch in the foamy
> liquid. Then her fingers probed and scrubbed the
> pubic
> bone and hair, and gently massaged my balls. It was
> sheer torture, with the arousal built up to the
> brink
> of explosion, and she had not even touched my cock.
> This girl knew what she was doing.
> "Oh, sister," I blurted out, "you are killing me
> with
> your sweet torture. Where did you learn to excite a
> man like this?"
> "Am I really causing you pain, Pradeep? This is my
> first time. Are you ready to shoot?"
> "If you keep this up for another minute, I will have
> no choice. It's been building up for days,
> sweetheart,
> and all this talk of intimacy and watching your
> friend
> hasn't helped a bit."
> "Okay. If you need to relieve yourself, tell me what
> I
> should do."
> "Just keep doing what you are doing, but work on my
> cock now, please. I need to feel your fingers on it,
> and your firm fist around the head."
> Sarita rinsed off the lather and began caressing and
> pumping my shaft. I groaned loudly, and said, "Yes,
> yes. That's it. Don't stop now. Pump me harder,
> sister."
> Sarita looked at me and noticed that I was very
> close.
> She grabbed my cock with both hands, and started
> pumping it faster, tightening her grip. She opened
> her
> mouth and encircled the tip with her lips, pressing
> the soft flesh with her gums. With a loud grunt, I
> jerked forward, pushing my cock into her mouth.
> Sarita
> opened her mouth even more and took in several
> inches
> of my wildly throbbing shaft. I grabbed her head,
> and
> shouted, "I can't hold it any longer, sister. Here I
> come."
> Sarita braced herself, just as I shot my load in her
> mouth. She gulped quickly, and then pulled the cock
> out of her mouth. It erupted again and again,
> splashing the sticky white semen all over her lovely
> face and chest. She pumped me harder, and squeezed
> out
> the last of the liquid. Then she stood up, and flung
> her arms around me.
> "Oh, brother. It was so beautiful and erotic. You
> taste so sweet, Pradeep. Does it always taste like
> that?"
> "I wouldn't know. I haven't tasted it."
> "Then taste it." She kissed me, and pushed her
> tongue
> into my mouth. I could taste my cum on her lips and
> tongue. It did have a slightly sweet taste. It
> wasn't
> too bad at all.
> "How do you feel now, brother?"
> "Wonderful. You are incredible, Sarita. I never
> imagined it would feel so wonderful being sucked.
> Did
> you enjoy it?"
> "You can't imagine how exciting it was for me,
> brother. Your cock is simply the most erotic object
> I
> know. I saw daddy's cock that night, but yours is
> much
> more beautiful."
> We kissed deeply, exploring each other's bodies with
> our hands. I squeezed the flesh of her buttocks as
> she
> ground her pussy into my crotch, her fingers digging
> into my butt and pulling me harder into her. Then
> she
> turned around and started the shower. We rinsed each
> other off, and stepped out. We dried each other, and
> then stood looking at each other's naked bodies.
> Sarita looked me over, with a mixture of admiration
> and desire in her eyes. I looked at her stunning
> figure, taking in her firm and proud breasts, her
> slim
> waist and the inviting bush of dark hair, and her
> long, tapered legs. My sister was truly the most
> beautiful girl I knew.
> Sarita saw my cock rising, and smiled. She took it
> in
> her hands, and led me out of the bathroom. She
> jumped
> on the bed, and lay down, stretching her lissome
> body.
> "Come on, brother. Lie down next to me. I want you
> to
> give me the same pleasure I gave you in the tub. Eat
> my pussy."
> I climbed in after her, and took her in my arms.
> "Sarita, you are the most beautiful girl I know."
> "Stop talking and put your mouth where my pussy is.
> I
> am dying to feel your tongue on my clit, brother.
> Make
> me come, darling. I haven't had a good orgasm in
> months."
> I immediately moved down between her legs. Sarita
> parted them, giving me access to the beautiful
> womanhood that was guarded by the gently throbbing
> clitoris. She was already moist, her pussy lips
> glistening with desire. I kissed her bush, and
> immediately she grabbed my head, and pressed it down
> into her crotch. I licked the folds of her labia,
> and
> heard her moan. She spread her legs wide, giving me
> a
> full view of her nakedness. I feasted my eyes upon
> the
> feminine beauty of my sister, her glistening pussy
> lips fluttering with excitement. Sarita moaned and
> begged me to eat her.
> I touched her lips with my fingers and gently parted
> them. I could see the glistening pink passage of her
> vagina, and could see small drops of her feminine
> secretions oozing out, as I reached out with my
> tongue. She tasted incredibly wonderful. I could get
> used to this taste, I thought, as I pushed my tongue
> in further. Sarita lifted her hips and pressed her
> cunt in my face. I grabbed her buttocks and pushed
> my
> tongue as far as I could. My lips pressed into her
> clitoris, and I could feel the hard nub of her
> sensitive flesh against it. I took her clit in my
> lips
> and massaged it.
> Sarita screamed as a powerful orgasm shook her body.
> "Oh my God, Pradeep. I can't stop cumming, brother.
> Don't stop. Keep chewing on my clit. Oh God, I'm
> going
> to die in bliss." She repeatedly thrust her pelvis
> against my marauding lips as her body shook with
> waves
> of orgasms. Then she collapsed, her breath coming in
> rapid gasps. She pushed my head away from her
> sensitized groin, and opened her arms to welcome me.
> She held me tightly to her, and continued to breathe
> rapidly. Her face was flushed, and her body still
> trembled.
> After several minutes, she smiled and looked in my
> eyes. "Pradeep, that was the most intense orgasm
> I've
> ever had. It was so beautiful, I didn't want it to
> stop. But if you would have continued to kiss and
> suck
> my clit, I would have died. Oh, brother, what a trip
> that was. I love you so much."
> We held each other in a tight embrace. I felt
> satiated
> in her arms. My sweet sister was kissing me
> repeatedly
> as her body slowly returned to its normal state,
> loving me with her eyes, hands and lips. I felt so
> much love for her that I pulled her into me, and
> kissed her hard on the lips.
> "Sarita, my lovely sister. I now know how much I
> love
> you, darling. You are the most incredibly sexy,
> loving
> and sweet woman I know. It's really too bad that you
> are my sister, and so we cannot consummate our love
> for each other properly. But I want you to know that
> I
> love you like I will never be able to love another
> woman, and that I will always be there for you."
> "I already know that, sweet brother. This was my
> first
> experience with a man, and I have enjoyed it beyond
> imagination. There is only one thing left for us to
> share with each other. I want to go the whole
> distance
> with you, Pradeep. I want you to take me, take my
> virginity, and I want to take yours. I know you have
> never been with a girl before, and so I want to be
> your first girl. I want to be the first one you make
> love to. Will you do it for both of us?"
> "Oh Sarita. Why did we have to be siblings? You have
> no idea how much your beauty arouses me. As long as
> we
> continue to feel this way about each other, I can't
> think of a more loving and caring way for me to show
> you how much I love you. But if there is any chance
> that it could cause you pain, hurt or guilt, I don't
> want to do it. I love you too much to put you
> through
> that."
> Sarita started crying. "Oh Pradeep. You can't
> imagine
> how much your love and feelings mean to me. Some
> day,
> I hope I meet someone as loving and sweet as you,
> but
> for now, I am glad I have you, brother. Losing my
> virginity to you will be my most intimate gift of
> love
> to you, and nothing will change that. I will never
> feel guilty about making love to you, brother. So
> don't hesitate. Take me, your loving sister, and
> fill
> me with your love. I want you inside me. Don't make
> me
> wait any longer."
> I kissed her teary eyes. Her love, and her trust in
> me
> touched me deeply. We held each other and caressed
> our
> naked bodies. I could feel her arousal building as
> she
> prepared herself for the most decisive moment of her
> womanhood. I was aroused, but there was no lust.
> Instead, the only feeling that overwhelmed both of
> us
> was the genuine, pure love we felt for each other.
> I looked into her eyes. Sarita was also looking
> intently in my face, her body pressed against mine.
> She reached for my throbbing organ, which was
> pressing
> against her thigh. "Pradeep, now is the time.
> Penetrate me with your beautiful cock. Let me feel
> its
> strength deep inside my womb."
> She threw her leg over me, and pushed the tip of my
> cock against her opening. "Come, Pradeep. Give me
> your
> love. I can't wait."
> I turned her over on her back and rolled on top of
> her. She embraced me, and gave me the most
> bewitching
> smile. Our moment of reckoning had arrived. From
> this
> point, there was no turning back.
> I eased myself between her legs, as she opened them.
> I
> kissed her deeply, exploring the sweetness of her
> mouth as our tongues dueled with each other. My
> hands
> groped for her taut nipples and gently pulsating
> skin
> of her firm breasts. She moaned and took my cock in
> her hands. Spreading her legs wider, she rubbed the
> tip against her clitoris, smearing her love juices
> all
> over it. I reached down between our bodies, and
> found
> her hand.
> "Let's do it together, Sarita. Stop me if it hurts."
> Sarita nodded. Her breath was coming faster now. She
> smiled, and I thought I caught a glimpse of
> momentary
> panic as my cock pushed past her outer lips. I
> paused,
> and said, "There is still time to turn back, sister,
> if you have any misgivings about it. We are not too
> far from the point of no return."
> Sarita looked at me and searched my eyes. I could
> feel
> her intense love for me, as my heart also poured out
> my love for her. She pulled me down and buried her
> face in my neck, sobbing.
> "I want you, Pradeep. If I don't do it now, my heart
> will burst. I can't hold my love for you in my heart
> anymore. There is no turning back, my loving
> brother.
> Enter me, but gently."
> I pulled back slightly, and pressed forward. I was
> keenly aware that she was still a virgin, and that I
> had to gently break her hymen before I could enter
> her
> fully. I felt my cock entering her tight and warm
> passage, and an incredibly sweet feeling of love
> came
> over me. I was about to enter my sister's virgin
> passage, and I wanted it to be the most loving and
> enduring memory for both of us. I pressed forward
> until the tip encountered her hymen. Sarita gasped
> as
> the pressure on the last barrier mounted. She held
> me
> tightly, bracing for the imminent pain.
> "Sarita, this is it, darling. It's going to hurt for
> a
> moment."
> "I am ready, brother. Make me a woman. Push it in."
> I pushed harder. Sarita cried out in pain as the
> hymen
> broke, and my cock slipped in all the way into her.
> Sarita gave a big sigh of relief, and began crying.
> Her whole body shook as she sobbed, holding me
> tightly, and kissing my neck and face repeatedly.
> "Just hold me, Pradeep. Let me savor this moment for
> some time. Don't move. I want to grip your cock deep
> inside me, and feel its hardness."
> We lay there for several minutes, engulfed in the
> intensity of our union, every part of our bodies
> feeling the excitement and love we shared. After a
> long time, Sarita stirred as she felt the softening
> of
> my cock. She looked at me, and smiled.
> "Brother, I can feel you deep inside me. This is the
> moment I have wanted to experience for as long as I
> can remember. Oh, Pradeep. How can I tell you how
> much
> this means to me, how much I love you? Can you feel
> my
> love, darling?"
> "Yes, Sarita. I could feel your tight grip around my
> cock all the way to the base. You are so tight. I
> won't ever forget this moment. I love you very much,
> sister."
> "Then make love to me, and fill me with your juice.
> Let me feel the pounding of your cock in me. I feel
> so
> liberated now that I want to talk dirty with you.
> Come
> on, brother, fuck your sister."
> I felt my cock harden as our excitement mounted. I
> raised myself over her, and looked at our union. I
> could see a small smear of blood on my shaft as I it
> pulled out for the plunge. Sarita braced herself as
> I
> came down with force, and rammed my cock into her.
> She
> moaned loudly and clasped here legs around my waist
> as
> I began pumping my cock in her tight, slippery
> passage.
> I continued to plunge into her for several minutes.
> She was building up to another orgasm, as she began
> rolling her head from side to side, and clutching
> her
> breasts. "Yes, Pradeep. Keep pounding. I am getting
> close, darling. Don't stop now."
> She began thrusting her hips against my downward
> plunge. I felt the grip around my cock tighten as
> she
> mounted a counter assault. I felt the balls tighten
> and knew that I was about to unload into my sister
> at
> any moment.
> "Sarita, I am coming, too. Hold on, sweetheart. I am
> about to fill you up with my juice."
> "Wait for me, Pradeep. I want to come at the same
> time. Please help me, brother. Don't come before
> me."
> We held each other tightly as I rode her. I fell on
> top of her and began thrusting with minimal movement
> of my hips, as my cock remained buried deep into her
> cunt. I could feel the contractions of her cunt lips
> around the base of my cock as thrust into her with
> increasing tempo. Sarita opened her mouth and kissed
> me, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth. That
> triggered our explosions, and we both came together,
> moaning and grunting loudly as my cock erupted with
> a
> powerful force, splashing her womb with my seed.
> Sarita shuddered, and exclaimed, "O my god, oh my
> god.
> I can feel your cock shooting your juice in me. I
> can
> feel the spurts, darling. You really did fill me up,
> brother, just like I asked. You did not hold back
> anything. Oh, I love you so much, Pradeep. You gave
> me
> all you had."
> "So did you, darling. You gave me your precious
> virginity, sister. That is a whole lot more than
> what
> I did. I will always have more semen in my balls,
> but
> your virginity is a one time gift. That is far more
> precious than anything."
> "It is worth every moment, Pradeep. My love for you
> has no limit, and this is the only way I could show
> it
> to you. Are you happy that I gave it to you?"
> "Oh Sarita, you have no idea what this means to me.
> I
> will cherish this precious gift all my life. Making
> love to a woman will never be the same for me, no
> matter how many girls I take to bed. You will be the
> only one in my heart with a special place."
> "What about the girl you will marry some day? Won't
> she have a place in your heart?"
> "Of course she will. But no one can take your
> place."
> "The same for me, brother. You will always be my
> special lover. And I want you to know that I will
> give
> you my love again any time you wish, even after we
> are
> both married. What we have is beyond lust, at least
> for me. It is too special to be buried forever after
> this experience. Will you give me of your love when
> I
> ask you?"
> "Yes, my sweet Sarita." I looked at my watch. It had
> been almost three hours since we had left Karuna and
> Bashir on the beach. I told Sarita that it was time
> to
> get dressed and hit the beach again.
> Sarita put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.
> "Carry me in the bathroom, and let's take another
> shower together. Then we'll go and see what those
> love
> birds are doing."
> I picked her up in my arms, and carried her into the
> bathroom. "Whatever they may be doing, they will
> never
> know the bliss of love we share, sister."
> Sarita kissed me and said, "Yes, brother. I agree.
> We
> have something special. Karuna will never know what
> I
> have. Poor girl. She doesn't have a brother. I don't
> think she knows what she is missing."
> I put Sarita down in the tub, and started the
> shower.
> We cleaned each other off, playing with each other
> as
> we enjoyed our intimacy. By the time we got dressed
> and ready to leave, we had groped each other all
> over,
> getting excited and nearly falling in bed to make
> love. But our intensity cooled off instantly when
> the
> phone rang.
> It was Karuna. "Oh, Hi Pradeep. Glad I found you.
> Where is Sarita?"
> "She's right here."
> Sarita took the phone and they chatted for a few
> minutes. She nodded, and looked at me. "Bashir is
> leaving tomorrow, and wants to take us all out for
> dinner. Seven o'clock okay?"
> I nodded and winked at her. "Gives us enough time to
> fool around one more time, " I whispered.
> Sarita cupped the mouthpiece, and said, "Shush.
> Karuna
> might hear you."
> I laughed and stepped behind her. I reached around
> and
> cupped her breasts, caressing them gently. Sarita
> backed into me and pressed her hips into my growing
> tumescence, as she continued to chat with her
> friend.
> Finally, she put the phone down, and turned around
> in
> my arms.
> "Oh Pradeep. Don't drive me crazy like this. I want
> our love to be something special, something
> precious.
> Promise me that you won't cheapen it by groping and
> grabbing at me. I am still your sister, sweetheart."
> "You are right. I am sorry. You are special, and I
> will respect that. Are you hungry, or do you want to
> wait until dinner? I am famished."
> "So am I. You wrenched my guts out when you broke my
> hymen, brother. I need to replenish my energy. Let's
> go and have something to eat. God, just the thought
> that I gave you my virginity makes me tingle all
> over.
> Oh , I love you so." She flung her arms around me,
> and
> kissed me on the lips. We held each other tightly,
> and
> then grabbed our keys. Sarita ran back to her room,
> telling me to meet her in the restaurant below. I
> watched her lovely form disappear down the hallway,
> feeling the arousal in my pants at the memory of our
> intimacy earlier. I realized how much I loved my
> sister, and how special she would always be to me.