My Sister Sarita
> I think I was in the junior year of my high school,
> and my younger sister, Sarita, was in the seventh
> grade. She was just beginning to blossom into a
> woman.
> Her hormones must have been active already, for I
> had
> caught her several times straddling the bannister of
> the staircase which led up to our bedrooms, and
> rocking back and forth on it, with a glazed look in
> her eyes. At first I did not understand what she was
> doing, but once when I watched her stiffen suddenly
> and moan in a stifled whimper, clutching her legs
> together against the bannister, I realized she had
> just brought herself off, rubbing her panty-covered
> pussy against the hard, polished wood of the
> bannister. Then she quickly caught herself, looked
> around desperately to make sure no one was watching,
> and quickly ran up to her room. She had not seen me
> standing by the garage door. As soon as she
> disappeared out of sight, I had run up to the stairs
> and smelled the spot on the bannister where she had
> rubbed her pussy. Sure enough, it was glistening
> with
> her wetness and had the distinctive erotic smell of
> a
> female in heat.
> Sarita and I were generally friendly with each
> other,
> although not exactly close. She often tended to be
> selfish, and I thought she was manipulative. But I
> did
> not pay much attention to her behavior most of the
> time. One afternoon when our parents were out, I was
> lying in bed reading a book. Sarita came in and
> flopped down on the bed next to me. She began
> pestering me, and so put the book under the pillow,
> and tried to push her off the bed. She climbed on to
> the bed, and pushed me down, and sat on top of me,
> with her knees pressing into my armpits. She held me
> down and said, "Let me see what you are reading."
> I shook my head, and said, "Why should I?"
> "Because."
> "Don't bug me, Sarita, and get off my chest," I
> grabbed her by the waist and pushed her down. She
> raised her knees and tried to pull forward. I could
> see her crotch, which was covered in light blue
> panties. I could see stray hair poking around the
> edge
> of it, and began to get hard. I was wearing my
> shorts
> with nothing else. As I pushed her away again, her
> butt slid down over my shorts and pressed against my
> hardness. She looked at me with big eyes, and said,
> "You are stiff, Pradeep. Shame on you. I am your
> sister."
> I looked at her and said, "Then get off me, and
> leave
> me alone. How do you expect me to react when you are
> sitting like this on top of me, exposing your crotch
> to me?"
> Sarita smiled and said, "Does that excite you,
> brother?"
> "Stop it, Sarita. You are not a little girl any
> more.
> Pretty soon you will have big boobs and hairy bush,
> and you will be driving all the boys crazy."
> "I already have big breasts," she said haughtily,
> and
> swung her legs off to get off. She stood by the bed,
> and looked at my crotch. "You have a big boner
> there,
> Pradeep. May I see it?"
> "No, you can't. For Christ's sake, Sarita, I am your
> brother. Now leave me alone." I tried to get up.
> She immediately pushed me down and said, "No, I
> won't.
> I want to see your boner. Show me how big you are."
> We started jostling and wrestling with each other.
> Several times she tried to grab my crotch, brushing
> my
> hard-on in the process. I also had my hands on her
> breasts as I tried to push her off. Pretty soon, my
> cock became so hard that the tip poked out of the
> edge
> of the shorts. She stuck her hand inside and tried
> to
> grab it, but I pushed her off. She tried again, and
> this time, I grabbed her breasts, and squeezed hard.
> She stopped suddenly, breathing heavily, her face
> flushed with excitement.
> She tried to push my hand away, and said in a hoarse
> voice, "Let me touch you, Pradeep. Please. I want to
> see your cock. I will show you my pussy if you let
> me
> touch you."
> I let go of her breasts, and sat up. I pulled her by
> the waist against me, and said, "Why, Sarita? Why
> are
> you so horny today? Don't you realize this is
> wrong?"
> "I don't care. You can say anything you want, but
> your
> body doesn't seem to mind. You have a boner in your
> shorts. I want to see it. Please."
> "Give me one good reason why I should let you see
> it."
> Sarita mulled over that for a few moments, and then
> said, "Because some of the girls in my class are
> always talking about you, and say that you are a
> hunk.
> They ask me if I have seen you naked."
> "So tell them you haven't. Who says I'm a hunk?"
> "Karuna, and Manda. They drool about you and say all
> kinds of nasty things about what they would like to
> do
> to you."
> "What kind of nasty things?"
> "Well, like yesterday, after our gym class, when we
> were in the shower, Manda said she'd love to have
> you
> walk in there and soap her all over. Karuna was
> playing with her boobs and asked me if you are good
> at
> massaging them. So I said, how should I know. He's
> my
> brother, not my lover. Do you think I have nice
> boobs,
> Pradeep?"
> "I don't know. I haven't seen them, but from the
> bulge
> in your blouse, I suppose they are nice."
> "Would you like to see them? I don't mind if you
> look.
> I think you are a hunk, too. And even though you are
> my brother, I don't mind you looking at me, but you
> have to let me look at you also."
> "So you can go and tell your friends how big a boner
> I've got?"
> Sarita put her arms around my neck and kissed me
> lightly on the lips. "No, my brother. That will be
> just our secret. I wouldn't tell them a thing. Let
> them burn in desire. Karuna said she'd love to have
> you put your boner between her legs."
> "Really? You girls are really nasty. Has she done it
> with any boy yet?"
> "I don't know. But I haven't, Pradeep. I am still a
> virgin, and I intend to save myself for someone
> special. Someone like you."
> "What? I am your brother, Sarita," I said, my heart
> suddenly tender for my beautiful sister. All this
> raunchy talk had made me take a second look at her,
> and I realized that she was quite a beautiful girl.
> She had filled up nicely in the last year, and now
> her
> closeness was making me horny.
> I touched her face, and said, "Sarita, I just
> realized
> how beautiful you are. Let me take a good look at
> you.
> Turn around for me."
> Sarita smiled happily, and stepped back. Grabbing
> the
> edge of her short skirt in her hands, she twirled,
> flipping her skirt above her waist line, and giving
> me
> a good look at her shapely legs and thighs. Then
> thrusting her chest forward, and tilting her head to
> one side, "How do I look?"
> "Good enough to eat," I replied honestly. I had
> again
> caught a glimpse of her dark bush hidden by the
> light-colored panty, causing an erection. Sarita
> looked at my crotch, and said, "See, you are
> reacting
> to me. Let me see it, Pradeep."
> "Okay, but only if we both strip together and look
> at
> each other. I want to see your body, too."
> We stripped and looked at each other. My sister was
> staring at the hard-on of her seventeen year old
> brother, and I was staring at her pubescent crotch,
> covered with soft hair sprouting over the swollen
> mound. For a few minutes we just looked at each
> other.
> Then we started laughing.
> Sarita took a step closer to me, and said, "You have
> such a big cock, brother. It's beautiful. May I
> touch
> it?"
> I nodded and pulled her closer. She reached for my
> boner, and I touched her breasts. They were still
> small, but quite firm and round. Her nipples became
> hard, and she moaned softly as I rubbed them. Her
> fingers around my throbbing cock were driving me
> crazy. I grabbed her hand and pushed it away.
> "Stop, sister. If you keep it up, you'll make me cum
> all over you."
> "What does that mean, Pradeep?", she reluctantly
> pulled her hand away, and sat down next to me,
> putting
> her arms around my neck. Her young breasts pushed
> against my side, which felt very nice.
> I told her about how I masturbate, and told her
> about
> the sticky stuff that comes out when I hit the peak.
> Then I told her that I had seen her do it also.
> First
> she pretended not to know what I was talking about,
> but I described in detail how I had seen her rub her
> crotch on the railing the year before. She got all
> red
> in the face, and said, "Oh Pradeep. Please don't
> tell
> mom. It felt so good that I couldn't help myself."
> I took her face in my hands, and kissed her on the
> nose. "Don't worry, sister. I won't tell. Do you do
> it
> often?"
> "No. I am scared to get caught. But I rub it with my
> fingers at night and that feels good. Is it a bad
> thing to do, Pradeep?"
> "No, I do it all the time. It actually makes me
> relax
> and I can sleep well at night."
> "Me, too. Oh, Pradeep. I felt so guilty all the
> time.
> Now I can enjoy doing it. Would you like to see me
> do
> it?"
> I nodded. She lay down on the bed and spread her
> legs.
> "You do it to me, Pradeep. I'll tell you what to do.
> I'd love for you to do it to me."
> I reached out and touched her lips, my fingers
> brushing the soft hair covering the opening. I
> parted
> them with my fingers, and looked at her pussy. I
> could
> see the moist opening, and the slight swelling at
> the
> apex. This was my first close look at a young pussy,
> and it made my cock so hard that it started
> throbbing.
> Sarita saw it, and reached out to take it in her
> hand,
> as I continued to probe her moistness. I rubbed the
> spot at the apex of her triangle gently, and she
> just
> moaned with pleasure. I rubbed her lips and the tiny
> knob of her clit until she started thrashing about,
> tightening her grip around my cock. Then she moaned
> loudly and jerked her hips against my fingers,
> drenching them with a continuous flow of sticky
> liquid
> that came oozing out of her pulsating pussy lips. It
> smelled very exotic. She had grabbed on to my cock,
> and was squeezing it in her fist. I started jerking
> my
> hips, pumping my cock between her fingers. Soon I
> reached climax, and grabbing her hand with mine, I
> thrust forward, splashing my sticky white cum all
> over
> her hand and chest. Sarita squealed in delight, and
> watched in fascination as my cock jerked and erupted
> in several more spurts before beginning to soften.
> She
> held on to it as it shriveled in her hand, and then
> looked at her sticky fingers.
> "This stuff makes babies, right?"
> "Yeah, but only if it shoots inside the pussy.
> Otherwise, it just makes me feel good. Did you enjoy
> seeing my cock shoot?"
> She nodded happily. "Thanks, Pradeep. I loved it.
> Now
> I have experienced and seen something that Karuna
> and
> Manda haven't."
> "You are not going to tell them, are you? We'll both
> be in big trouble if the word got out, Sarita. You
> better not say anything to anyone, understand?"
> She nodded, and bringing her sticky fingers to her
> nose, smelled the stuff. She looked at me and said,
> "This smells so exotic, brother. How does it taste?"
> "You try it and tell me," I said.
> She licked her fingers, and made a face. "It has a
> strong taste, but it's not bad. I could get used to
> it. Will you let me taste it next time you do it?"
> "Okay, but you have to let me taste you, too."
> "It's a deal. I can't wait. Oh, Pradeep. You are the
> best brother in the whole world. I love you so
> much."
> We held each other tightly, enjoying the closeness
> of
> our naked bodies. We heard footsteps outside the
> room,
> and quickly got dressed. Sarita left my room, and
> promised to come back at night after everyone had
> gone
> to bed. That never happened, because I think she got
> cold feet, and also because of the fact that our mom
> was a very light sleeper. She would have heard us
> for
> sure, and so we decided to cool it, until we had a
> safer opportunity.
> ************
> Some years passed. Sarita entered college when I was
> in my senior year. After I went away to college, we
> saw much less of each other, except during summer
> vacations. During those years, somehow we never
> again
> got so intimate, I think, because we both kind of
> moved on with our own lives, getting interested in
> other people and stuff like that. But deep down, we
> were both aware that we had come very close to each
> other, and that had led to our being the best of
> buddies. We confided in each other about everything,
> and had very much come to enjoy each other's
> company.
> I finished my classes and finals of the senior year
> in
> May, and came home to enjoy a well-deserved rest.
> Sarita had written to me about a trip she had wanted
> to take with one of her girl friends to a sea
> resort.
> Our mom had initially nixed the idea, because she
> did
> not feel it was safe for the two young girls to go
> off
> on their own to some sea resort. Sarita had told me
> how much she had wanted to go, and asked me if I
> would
> agree to chaperon them. Apparently, mom had put that
> as her condition for letting my sister go. So I
> agreed.
> A couple days later, the three of us took off.
> Sarita's friend turned out to be none other than her
> horny schoolmate Karuna, who had an itch for me when
> they were in school. I had never met this girl
> before,
> and when I saw her for the first time, my jaw
> dropped.
> She was diminutive, but packed a dynamite figure in
> her 5-foot tall, compact body. She was really
> hot-looking, with breasts that invited to be
> touched,
> and a narrow waist that flared into the most
> voluptuous pair of legs. She was one sexy siren.
> Karuna saw my reaction, and gave me a sweet smile,
> and
> wink.
> "Hi Pradeep. I have wanted to meet you for such a
> long
> time. I suppose Sarita already told you how hot I
> used
> to be hot for you when we were in school."
> I looked at Sarita and smiled. This girl did not
> waste
> any time. I nodded, and said, "Yes, I know all about
> your talks in the shower. Do I pass inspection?"
> Karuna licked her lips, and said, "Absolutely. I
> hope
> I haven't disappointed you."
> "No, but then I did not know what to expect. I did
> not
> have the handicap you had. My sister did not tell me
> much about how you look. So it is a pleasant
> surprise
> for me," I played along.
> "Well, I am glad. And, I hope you will give me a
> chance to show you how much I appreciate your coming
> along on this trip."
> "You are welcome. Tell me more about it. What is so
> special about it that you had to enlist my support?
> Where are we going?"
> "It's a beach resort up on the Goa coast."
> "Goa? Why there?"
> "Well, you might as well know the truth. I am going
> to
> meet my boy friend there. We want to get married
> soon,
> but my parents are totally opposed to him, because
> he
> is from a different religion."
> "Different religion? Is he a Bania, or something?"
> "Worse. He's a Muslim."
> "I can see why your parents would not approve. Where
> did you find this guy?"
> "He was in our class at school. I think you know
> him.
> At least, I am sure you have seen him."
> "The only Muslim kid I knew from your school was
> Bashir."
> "That's the one. We kind of fell in love, and....
> "How do you "kind of" fall in love? It's either all
> the way in, or all the way out," I interrupted her.
> "Never mind that. I hope you won't mind going along.
> I
> couldn't get my parents to agree to this trip
> without
> Sarita coming along. They know nothing about Bashir.
> Then your mom insisted on a chaperon, because she
> wasn't sure where we were going. Bashir is going to
> join us once we get there. We want to spend some
> time
> together. I know you and Sarita will like the coast
> line. It is very peaceful there, and very
> beautiful."
> "Did you know about this?" I asked Sarita.
> She nodded. "I didn't want to tell you before,
> because
> we were afraid you might decline to escort us. Are
> you
> mad at me?"
> "No, but I want to talk to you about this
> separately."
> Turning to Karuna, I asked, "What are you and your
> boy
> friend planning to do in Goa?"
> "Nothing. Just spend some time together. We haven't
> seen each other in three years, and ..." Her voice
> trailed off. She blushed, and looked at me with a
> pleading look in her eyes.
> I shrugged my shoulders, and said, "It's none of my
> business what you and your boyfriend do with each
> other, but it was wrong for you to deceive your
> parents like this, and then drag my sister and me
> into
> your deception. If mom finds out what you two are up
> to, Sarita will be grounded for a long time, and
> you,
> Karuna, will probably get a thrashing of your life,
> if
> I know your parents."
> Karuna turned red, and looked scared.
> "I am terribly sorry, Pradeep, for dragging you into
> this. I beg you not to say anything to my parents,
> or
> to your mom. This trip is very important to me. I
> love
> Bashir very much. I need to see him. This was the
> only
> way I could manage it. Please, I will do anything
> you
> ask, but don't tell anyone about Bashir." She came
> over to me, and threw her arms around my neck. I
> felt
> her tight hug, as she pressed her voluptuous body
> into
> me. I could feel her firm breasts digging into my
> chest, and my nostrils picked up her exotic perfume.
> She was very sexy and she knew exactly what effect
> she
> would have on any red-blooded male.
> I reacted to her closeness, and she detected it
> immediately. She kissed me hard on the lips, and
> pushed away. "Thanks, Pradeep, for understanding how
> important this trip is for me. I promise you, I will
> make it up to you. Just go along for my sake.
> Please?"
> Sarita was watching her friend's seduction game. My
> sister was no dummy. She knew what Karuna was doing.
> She saw the bulge in my pants, and smiled at me. As
> soon as Karuna had left, she came over, and pressed
> her hand on my crotch.
> "So you let yourself be seduced by her, didn't you?"
> "Now wait a minute, sister. You two played a trick
> on
> me, and then your friend threw herself at me to
> cinch
> the deal. What do you expect me to do when she
> pressed
> her boobs and crotch at me? I am only human. I can't
> believe that friend of yours. She claims to be in
> love
> with this Muslim dude to the extent that she is
> willing to risk being thrown out by her parents, to
> say nothing of putting her best friend and her
> brother
> in a jam. Then she practically invites me to take
> her
> just to keep my mouth shut. What kind of love is
> that?"
> Sarita laughed, and said, "You are so naive. Do you
> think she would let you make a pass at her? She is a
> born flirt. But she is in love with this guy,
> believe
> me. I have endured nights after nights of her crying
> over him in the dorm. She is desperate to meet him,
> that's for sure. She wants to have sex with him. I
> just hope she doesn't get knocked up."
> "Oh, is that so? And what are we supposed to do
> while
> she is making out with her Muslim stud at that
> beach?
> Watch them and take some pictures for their photo
> album?"
> "Don't be so nasty, Pradeep. The poor girl is in
> love.
> She is trusting us to keep her secret. So be nice to
> her, and to Bashir when you meet him. He is a very
> nice guy, and I know he loves her very much. He has
> the same problem with his parents, probably even
> worse. The Muslims are very staunch about their
> religion. He already told Karuna that she would have
> to convert to Islam if she wants to marry him."
> "Oh really? And she agreed?"
> "Yes. Now at least you will believe that she loves
> him. So let's help them, okay? She is my best
> friend."
> I pulled Sarita in my arms, and said, "All right.
> But
> remember, I am doing it for you, not her. She
> doesn't
> mean anything to me. But you are my best friend, and
> so I do it for you."
> "I knew you would agree," Sarita smiled, and kissed
> me
> on the lips. "I love you, brother."
> "Yeah, yeah. I am a sucker for your charm, and you
> know it. Now let me take a good look at my beautiful
> sister. Let me see if you have grown in all the
> right
> places since our little episode some years ago. I
> hope
> you still remember."
> Sarita blushed, and said, "Not one night has gone
> without my remembering it, brother. I still can't
> get
> over it. You were so gorgeous then. I hope you have
> also grown in the right places yourself."
> "Well, pretty soon we will have a chance to find out
> on the beach of Goa, won't we? Do you suppose they
> have nude beaches over there?"
> "Of course not. What kind of question is that? This
> is
> India, not some exotic beach in France," Sarita
> replied, hugging me. "Hold me Pradeep. It feels
> good."
> We held each other, enjoying our closeness. Sarita
> had
> filled out beautifully, and looked positively
> ravishing. I could feel her youthful body, every
> alluring curve that moulded itself to me as she
> clung
> to me. "It feels so wonderful to be in your arms,
> brother. You are a very good hugger."
> "So are you, Sarita," I broke our embrace, and
> looked
> at her. "Tell me, what have you planned to do on
> this
> trip?"
> "Oh, just wander around the beaches, swim, tan in
> the
> sun, the usual stuff. What about you?"
> "The same, I suppose. I would have added ogling at
> beautiful girls, but I can't imagine anyone else
> worth
> looking at when you are around."
> "Not even Karuna?"
> "Not even a close comparison, Sarita. She can't even
> hold a burnt candle to your beauty."
> Sarita blushed, and clung to me. "You are such a
> flirt. But I am your sister. You can't look at me
> the
> way you look at other girls."
> "I know that. But that doesn't change the fact that
> you are the most beautiful girl I know."
> "Don't you have a girl friend, Pradeep? You should
> not
> be hitting on me like this. Promise me that you
> won't
> do anything silly when we are in Goa."
> "Like what?"
> "Oh, I don't know. I mean...well, you know what I
> mean. Some innocent fun and teasing is okay, but we
> both had better watch out. This is as much a warning
> for myself as for you, brother. You are a very
> attractive young man, someone any girl would love to
> pull in her arms. You saw how Karuna hugged you."
> "Don't worry, sister. I won't do anything if you
> don't
> start anything. But you will have to let me ogle
> you.
> You are too beautiful not to. You can do the same to
> me."
> Sarita laughed, and punched me in the ribs. "You are
> too raunchy for your own good, dear brother. You had
> better control your libido. I still remember that
> day,
> and it gives me goose pimples. You looked so sexy.
> Oh,
> I wish you were not my brother, Pradeep."
> She kissed me hard on the lips, and pushed away. I
> threw a kiss at her, and went up to my room. I was
> getting excited about the trip, and beginning to
> look
> forward to spending the next ten days in the company
> of these two lovely girls. I wondered if anything
> might happen between me and my sister. She was worth
> her weight in gold, and I made a mental note to be
> on
> guard when I was around her. I wasn't going to let
> any
> hot shot young kid make a crude pass at her while I
> was around my sister.
> The trip to Goa was turned out to be quite an
> adventure. Karuna and her boy friend met, and
> smooched
> all the time they were within grabbing distance of
> each other, leaving me and Sarita alone to explore
> the
> beach and the surroundings. Bashir did not say much
> to
> me and Sarita. He didn't know me that well anyway.
> When we first met, he was very gallant and, I
> thought
> a bit of a flirt, towards Sarita, hugging her
> constantly, and trying to make an impression on her.
> Karuna kept him on a leash, and as soon as we were
> at
> the beach, whisked him away from us. I was relieved,
> and from the looks of it, so was Sarita.
> It was a lovely place, with palm trees and sand
> dunes,
> cold water and cool breeze most of the time. A
> couple
> of times, we caught Karuna and Bashir in what looked
> like a heavy petting session. We were a good 500
> yards
> away from them, sitting under a shade tree, and
> watching the surf and the loiterers at the beach. I
> was bored stiff, with nothing to do. I looked at
> Sarita and said, "Looks like they are getting into
> it
> seriously. I have a feeling Bashir will make his
> landing tonight."
> "Don't talk like that, Pradeep. And so what if he
> did?
> They love each other."
> "I know. Is your friend smart enough to take the
> necessary precautions?"
> "I certainly hope so. I will ask her tonight."
> "That might be too late. Look at them. He's already
> got his hand way inside her skirt."
> "I can't see a thing from here. How do you know?"
> "I have better eyesight, and better instinct than
> you
> do, sister. Do you think he's going to return from
> this trip without scoring?"
> Sarita stood up and squinted in their direction. She
> shook her head. "I don't know what they are doing. I
> can't see a thing."
> "Do you want to go closer? There is another bunch of
> trees closer to them. Let's wander off in that
> direction. They are so wrapped up in themselves,
> they
> won't notice."