She was screaming by the tickle of tummy. I went down licking and
reached her toes. I stated going back kissing her legs, thighs. I
raised her legs and kissed her thighs and started my journey (in side
the thighs) towards the treasure of cunt. No word can explain her
sexual appearance in her panties in the darkness. I then camped few
of my kisses and licks in and around her panties. She realized that I
would never leave this area, with out stripping her panties and
making her fully nude. She never wants to do so immediately. She
raised and turned me down and started kissing me from top to bottom.
I was amazed to see that she was not shy when she tried to remove my
short, Now I am nude before my sister. When she saw my lund first
time she blushed with a feminine shame may be due to the thought that
she have to gulp this entire lund inside her small and tiny pussy.
She was also getting very shy to look at my nudeness in that fade
lights. When she was probing to touch my penis,

I voluntarily took her hands and lead her to touch my hard tool. She
made a feather touch downed my foreskin and fondled my lundsupari or
supada with her gentle feminine touch, and my penis soared up to new
heights, and I whispered haaaaa...haaaaa.....

She understood I am getting erotic by the time due to her tender
touches so slowly she tightened her grip on my lund. I was so
delighted that I hold her head down to my penis to acquire a kiss
voluntarily. She then started her kisses around my penis and balls. I
hold her hair back and hold my penis and started trusting it into her
mouth. As she was immature and innocent in sex, she started with a
rough work, teething my penis, it pained my a lot. After a moment,
she removed it from her mouth like what she was shocked. I thought
she was disgusted with the taste of my precum. I did not said
anything. I was rather much curious to have an intercourse and to
thrust my hard tool between the great love tunnel that is situated
within the dense jungle between her legs. Now our body twisted, hands
twisted around and I planted few kisses on her neck. She lost her
control, when I kissed her neck area, she murmured mmmmmmmmmmm..

I realized that this is the golden chance to undress her last
panties. I was anxious to see her love tunnel so I got up and put my
thumb on each side of her elastic and pulled her panties off, I could
never missed this moment as she was feeling heavenly and so now let
me bring down her last piece of dress "the panties". A real mystery
of nudity ends here! I saw, She had a thick bush of dark black hair
between her legs, the hair were dense and curly -each around 2-3
inches long- and it seemed as she had never ever shaved down there, I
caressed her pussy mound and tried to locate her cunt with my middle
finger. By the time her phoody started emitting her sweet aroma the
air and that was intoxicating me. To helped me in probing her pussy
she had spread her legs wide but I found it was difficult to locate
her hole so she took my finger in her slender fingers and guided my
middle finger to her cunt, she was soaking wet, taking a closer look
I found that her juices on her pussy hair were glistening like a dew
on a grass in winter season and were spreading sweet cunt aroma in
the atmosphere nearby by this time.

I love that exciting aroma. I was sure the same aroma was inhaled
before, so I was recalling my memory when and where we found this
smell. Soon I recalled that we inhaled this nature's scent in the
cinema-talkies where we saw the movie during our district visit. I
filled that smell in my nostrils. That really made me mad and horny.
Now I inserted my middle finger in her pussy she screamed with both
pain and ecstasy, as she was virgin she could not bear my finger in
her phoodi. I found the she was very hot like furnace inside. Finally
I could get her clitoris and started stimulating it, her clit was big
as big as a peanut and was glistening pink in that fade light. I
massaged her clit with my thumb and after a while she started moaning
very loudly, it seemed she had never had such pleasure before this in
her life like me, her breathing got heavy and then suddenly she just
closed her thighs tightly trapping my hand between them, she was now
gasping and said bhaiya I can't take it any more, something is
happening to me, I knew she was having an orgasm because I could feel
her juices wetting my hand. I licked her juices off my fingers she
tasted salty with the intoxicating aroma of her piss mixed in it but
it was marvelous, I then rubbed my wet and sticky hands on her boobs
and then stuck two fingers in her mouth, she tasted her own juice, I
then sat with a leg on each side of her stomach and put her hand on
my growing Lund. She now held my Lund and started rubbing it on her
boobs, then she let go of my lund and held her boobs from the sides
and pushed them together, this formed a nice cleavage, I got the hint
and I stuck my lund in that valley and started making fucking motion,
precum was oozing from my cock which provided lubrication and my cock
started moving easily between her boobs, on my up strokes my cock
would cum out at the top of her boobs and Punam would stick her
tongue out and lick the head of my lund, the sensation I was getting
was fantastic.

My cock was now once again fully erect and was ready for some real
action, I tit fucked Punam for a while and then I removed my lund
from her cleavage and gave my lund in her mouth but she resisted and
removed from mouth instead of persuading her for the same I started
rubbing my lund on her thighs, she was loving this and was making
sexy sounds like ah ah ah ah ah , the room was filled with such
sounds and the scent of our sex mainly the exciting scent that was
emerging from her phooddi. She then took my lund in her hand started
rubbing it moving my outer skin up and down and then touched the head
of my penis on her pussy lips, the sensation was out of this world,
she was now pulling at my lund trying to insert it in her cunt, after
a while when she found she was unable to take my cock in her cunt she
said bhaiya please fuck me, I spread her legs with mine and thrusted
my hardest penis in to her cunt, I was unsuccessful, because both
were virgins and 'New Lads to Sex'. Patently, I spit on my hand and
applied that spit to my penis to lubricate the passage.

She then hold my penis and guiding into her passage. I thrusted my
penis with a vigor to reach inside ignoring her loud noises. After a
many unsuccessful attempts at last, my penis reached deep inside into
her hole, and she shouted of pain. Now she was no more virgin. As her
screaming was increasing, I immediate smooched her to stop shouting.
She started biting my mouth deeply of pain but I was more generous to
let her does that! After a stand still silence, I gradually started
moving my buttocks in and out of her phooddy. I was approx. 4 inches
in her pussy and realized that she is very tight in her pussy. I
pushed my lund completely in up to the hilt, she has now gulped in my
big seven inches long and 3 inches girth penetration deep into her
phoodi than ever before, she was in some pain but at the same time
her life long wishes of having sex- like everyone- were being
fulfilled, I could see her satisfaction, her eyes were closed and
mouth open and was gasping with ecstacy, her boobs were sexily
dangling and the sight was erotic. I started giving her slow strokes
and I found she is moving her butts to meet my strokes and take my
lund as deep as possible, my lund was going in her choot very swiftly
and that sound of fucking was natural music to my ears, she was
steadily moaning and urging me to go deeper and fuck her harder she
said bhaiya please fuck my choot harder I want you to rip my cunt
apart, your lund is big and thick it has stretched my choot to its
limit, please fuck me harder, then she put her right hand between her
legs and massaged my balls and it felt very good,

I in turn with my right hand found her sensitive clit and rubbed it
and that took her to her second orgasm. I could feel her cunt muscles
were contracting and they were holding my cock tight, as her orgasm
subsided I started ramming her again and this time I was fucking her
hard and fast, she was now shouting with pleasure, her tits were
violently moving around, I held onto her right breast and fucked her
hard, we were sweating like anything, I then took hold of her hip
long hair and pulled them and with that her head came up I hold again
tightly and started fucking her, the sex was rough and there was pain
for her but she was liking it. I then decided to change the position
and asked her to come on top of me, we got into the position and she
started riding me, she was moving her arse round on my cock, she had
her hands on my shoulder and I was massaging her tits, I was pinching
her nipples and at few times would suck them, my cock was deep in her
womb and our mixed juices were trickling down my balls and arse. She
had now picked up speed and was approaching her third orgasm and I
too was near to cumming, she was now moving her hips up and down with
my cock and finally with a huge grunt she cummed and at the same time
I also cummed deep inside her pussy. She was still kept on fucking
me, and then collapsed on my chest, she was kissing my chest and neck
and was thanking me for a great fuck, we lied there stuck to each
other for about 10 mins and then she slowly got up, my cock came out
of her choot and some blood was dripping their and with that my cum
started pouring out of her choot, my thighs were full of spunk and
blood mixed together she saw this and was somewhat frightened and
went to the bathroom, I was just lying there recovering from a great
workout, my cock had shrunk and was lying loose between my legs.
Punam came back after 5 mins with a wet flannel and cleaned my cock,
balls and thighs;

I then kissed her and thanked for allowing me fulfilling my desire
after such a long time. It was now 11.30pm we were relaxed but still
naked and sat on the sofa, she went to the kitchen and bring a coke
for us from a fridge, she then sat next to me and said bhaiya will
this bleeding hurt me? I said, ` No way! It usually happens first
time only. Next time onwards you will only enjoy my lund grinding
your phodi and that will satisfy our hunger. I further said to her
Punam remember this lund is always available to you and whenever you
feel the need you can have it straight way in your phoodi, then she
said bhaiya I am your slave from today and I am available for you
always till my marriage, Today I don't know who will be my official
husband tomorrow but for me today you are my true husband and I love
you from the bottom of my heart, I was well pleased hearing this and
we went to bed with sweet memories and slept kissing and hugging each
other. .

The next morning I woke up at 8am and found Punam was left the bed
earlier to me, so I finished my morning chores and the sat in front
of the TV sipping tea made by Punam, I did not had my bath by this
time though it was 9.30 morning, I was just lazing around the house
waiting for the the next chance as my memory was recalling last
night's drama. Soon my granny rushed to temple saying she will be
back by 12 noon. I was overjoyed. I called Punam, but she called me
in a kitchen as she was cooking something. I went there. Sitting on a
chair of dining table, I asked her if she was having any guilty
feeling about last night's happenings then I am sorry for that but
she said, no bhaiya it is not like that, in fact she was waiting for
my move since very long time. I was appalled and cursed myself with
her reply for the reason that I really missed something in my life
otherwise I would have fucked her far before.... I told her that I
really enjoyed last night and asked her if she liked it, she ignored
to reply so she just nodded in affirmation. I stood behind her and
hugged her and said Punam, I love you and you can get all the love
you require from me, my hands were on her stomach and I was caressing
her there, she felt a lot of comfort in my arms, she then turned
around and kissed me and said I know you will always love me and I am
very thankful for that, I wish I could be with you all the time next
to me in my bed at night. I said I will be always there for you but
we must respect the laws of society and be discreet about our love
and keep our relations secret hereafter, Now she was in my arms and
her boobs were crushed against my chest, after a while we broke our
embrace and she attended to the cooking again.

Once the meal was ready we come to the living room, and there we sat
close to each other, I asked her what are her plans today, she said
nothing is planned except my routine tuitions in noon and in the
evening I just have to cook food and rest of the time I am free, I
said that is fine today you will spend the day with me as I my
bunking my college today she said that's fine. I went and sat next to
Punam and took her hand in my hand and started caressing it, I was
wearing pyjamas and no underwear inside and my cock was getting
harder by the second and soon a tent was prominent, she saw the tent
and asked, `is it me or the someone in dreams?' I said `it is you, I
have watched you many times seeing this tent'. She smiled at me and
then put her hand on my lund over my pyjamas, I was rock hard and
precum was oozing out and wetting the front of my PJ's, she asked me
to take my PJ's off so I could be more comfortable, I took them off
in a flash and stood nude from waist down in front of her, I asked
her to stand up and she stood up, I went closer to her and unzipped
her top and removed it and then undid her salwar and let it drop to
the floor, she was now standing in front of me with only her panties,
I hooked my thumbs in the panty elastic and pushed them down she
gracefully stepped out of them and then came closer to me and removed
my shirt, now we were naked our clothes scattered on the floor, I
hugged her and my cock wedged between her pussy lips, her tits
crushed against my chest and our lips French kissing, we fell on the
couch and started caressing each others private parts, we did this
for a while till Punam was hot once again and then as expected she
said to me bhaiya fuck me.

I said I intend to fuck you Punam but before that we need to do
something she said what, I asked her if she had ever thought of
shaving her pubic hair? She laughed loudly as she remembered the
earlier episode as I kept my shaving kit in the bathroom.

She said you penalize me by cleaning your shaving kit I may be the
first person in the world who cleaned the kit before shaving because
she had never shaved her hair before; I asked her if she would like
me to shave her hair? She said if you want to, I don't mind it will
be something new for me. I said ok then I went to the bathroom and
got my shaving kit, I asked her to lie down on the carpet and spread
her legs, I laid some newspaper below her butt and she lied on it,
first I trimmed her all long pubic hair from her pussy to her entire
anus region. She was very dark haired in her buttocks slit. First I
trimmed them all with scissors. I then observed her entire private
parts. Smelled and licked her pussy up like a dog does to bitch and
that is up to her anus. I liked that salty taste feeling. Then I
applied some foam and shaved off all her hair with a razor except a
small bush at the top of her pussy, I then asked her to shave my lund
hair which she did very erotically, while shaving my hair my cock got
erected she-at her own-back the foreskin took my pink head of cock in
her mouth and sucked my precum for first time, I liked it very much.
We also shaved each other's armpits and that added pleasure.

After the shaving session we cleaned up and again sat together. I
pulled her onto my lap and she leaned on my chest, my fully erected
cock was between her legs inches away from her pussy, I stood her up
and asked her to spread her legs, she did that and then I kissed her
on her pussy smelled her pussy inhaled the intoxicating aroma into my
nostrils until I felt fully satisfied, she had her left leg on the
sofa besides me and I was between her legs, my face was comfortably
in line with her pussy so I found it was easy to lick her choot, her
pussy lips were thick and fluffy and her clit was hidden under the
hood so I stimulated her clit with my finger she started moaning and
within seconds her clit was out of its hood. Now I took her clit in
my mouth and sucked it hard and then almost bite it in ecstacy. She
yelled, it must have pained her so I apologized, I again started
sucking her clit and at the same time inserted two fingers up her
choot, she was enjoying the dual pleasure she was receiving from me,
I was sucking her clit hard and finger fucking at the same time. Soon
I felt her thighs were shivering as she reached her orgasm.

This orgasm was so intense that she could not stand up on her feet so
she felled on me and I gladly held her in a tight embrace. After a
while I sat her on the sofa and I knelt between her legs and rubbed
my Lund on her choot, I was rubbing my lund from top to bottom of her
choot and whenever I touch to her clit I was dabbing my lund head on
it. Soon her pussy became wet and sticky with her juices and my
precum, after doing this for about ten mins I shoved my entire lund
in her choot vigorosly, a scream came out of her mouth, my whole lund
was in her choot in a second and I stayed motionless for a few
minutes, when I knew that she has accustomed herself to my big lund I
slowly started fucking her, with every stroke her hard tits with
light brown nipples were bouncing up and down and I like to see the
tits bouncing while I was fucking, I was massaging her tits while
fucking and she was moaning like hell, beads of sweat had formed on
her forehead and she was getting really hot, I increased my pace, my
balls were hitting her arse and the feeling was great, my knees were
rubbing on the carpet and I knew that I will end up with carpet burns
on my knees but I did not stop I wanted to fuck Punam to my hearts
content. I now was fucking her at my fullest speed and she was asking
me to stop but I ignored her pleas and kept on fucking her,

I was nearing my orgasm and so I increased the speed and then with a
grunt I unloaded my cum deep in her choot I spurted; jet after jet;
of my spunk in her that filled her phoodi and the spunk started
coming out of her choot, she said your spunk feels nice and warm in
my choot, I kept her choot plugged with my lund for a while then
removed my lund, she realised that there is too much spunk I unloaded
inside her phoodi so she ran to the bathroom to clean up, I followed
her and saw her squatting in the bath and pushing my spunk out of her
choot, I got in the bathroom and turned the shower on, we both had a
good shower and came out and dried each other and relaxed in each
others arms on my bed,. By the time we were tired and now physically
hungry as Punam cooked the food earlier it was ready to serve. So we
had our lunch together. After lunch for desert I licked Punam's pussy
once forcefully. Soon then the khujjat granny comes to home and we
stopped our love affair. Our newly founded love is flourishing nicely
and our lovemaking is getting better and better day by day. We are
not afraid to execute novel experiments and doing many things, which
are our fantasies. Once again I am thankful to the authors of the
stories like `Sonal my behna' and 'chandu story'- because their
stories inspired me a lot about brother-sister affair which earlier I
was thinking pure sin. Contact for good friendship at my email
through the link below.