Let me introduce myself, I am now 25 years old married for 2 years
without a child. Living happily with my husband, Gotam, in Delhi,
This happened to me last year..
Everything went along smoothly for about 2 years. Sex has always
and we went everywhere together. We really enjoyed each others
company but
one night, as we lay naked in bed together having just made love,
rolled over on his side and turned me so that I was looking
at him. He
began by telling me how much he loved me and never wanted to lose
then said some words which would change my life forever, "Juhi, now
that we
have been married for 2 years and have known each other for lots
longer I think
it is now time to try something different. I have a friend at work
who is
interested in having someone else fuck his wife! He has asked me
if I
would fuck
her while he is watching and I have agreed to do that! What I want
you to do
is to come with me and let him fuck you while I am fucking his
Would you
do that for me?"

I was so stunned I didn't even try to speak. We had always been so
close I had
never thought he would ever want to fuck another woman. I just
this coming and was now in a state of shock. My reply angered him
just what the hell do you think you are asking me to do! Of course
won't go
with you and I certainly won't fuck any other man! I forbid you to
with this
woman and if you do that will be the end of our marriage!"

Certainly I couldn't make it any plainer than that! Gotam glared at
me - called
me a stupid bitch and then rolled over and went to sleep. The next
morning I
dreaded facing him knowing he would be in a foul mood. I slipped
of bed,
donned my dressing gown, and went into the kitchen to make coffee

breakfast for us both. When it was ready he came into the kitchen
ignored me and sat down to his breakfast. When he had finished he
left the
kitchen and headed for the shower. He showered and dressed himself
headed for work without another word to me. I felt terrible. I
readied myself for
my work and left a bit later on. I thought about him all day long
couldn't get my head around why he would ever ask me to go with

When I arrived home he was already there. He sat at the kitchen
with a
very unhappy look on his face. He glared at me and then
said, "Well,
I have
been thinking about what you said last night and I have made up my
mind. I am
definitely going to my friend's place tonight and I will fuck his
wife as he
requested but if you decide you don't want to go then you can start
your clothes and move out! We will be finished and there is no
I will
change my mind about that! You have exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes
up your mind because that will be when I am leaving and, if you are
not going
with me, you will only have 2 more hours to pack and leave the
apartment. I
will be filing for divorce immediately and that will be the end of
us! Do I make
myself clear about this! Again, you either come with me and get
fucked by my
friend or we are finished for good!"

I fled to the bedroom not knowing what to do! I thought of ringing
but realized that would be stupid. I had to make a very quick
decision and it
had to be the right one or we were finished. Perhaps that would be
best if we
did part if that was the sort of husband he had turned into. I had
warning of
this and is had come as a complete shock to me!

Apart from this stupid request I loved Gotam with all my heart and
we had something very good between us. Now it was to be shattered
either by me having to fuck another man for him or me having to

Thinking furiously I weighed up every possible consideration and
finally decided I
loved Gotam and would continue to do so no matter what he did to
decided I would go with him and see what happened. I moved back
kitchen where Gotam was still sitting drinking coffee and said in a
quavering voice, "Gotam, I don't like this one little bit but for
sake of our
marriage and the fact that I love you unconditionally I will go
you! I must
let you know I don't like it one bit - not even a little bit - and
ashamed that
this is what you think of me and our marriage. Perhaps this will be
the first and
last time you make me do this but I warn you if you think I will do
this on a
continuing basis you are wrong!"

Having said my piece I left the kitchen and walked into the
all of my clothes and stepped into the shower. After drying myself
naked into the bedroom and slowly began selecting clothes to wear.
almost doing this in a trance! I selected a blouse and skirt which
were rather
plain clothes, a bra and a pair of cotton panties. I had no
of looking
attractive to his friend and hoped this would express my contempt
what he
was asking me to do!

I applied very little makeup and just brushed my hair into place
really caring
how I looked! I was very upset about this whole affair and wanted
make sure
Gotam got the message. When Gotam saw me dressed as I was he just
laughed at me and told me I wouldn't be wearing those clothes for
very long so
it didn't matter what I looked like. He dressed after his shower
we left in
our car for his friend's home and what I knew would be a very nasty
for me. I have been on the pill ever since we married and I knew I
would be
protected from pregnancy but in a trembling voice I asked Gotam if
some condoms with him because I didn't want to have his friend
fucking me
without one and that was that! Gotam laughed and told me we
them as his friend had already told him he wouldn't need them on
wife so
the same would apply to us!

When we reached his friend's home we were greeted by him at the
couldn't help looking at me and saying, "Gee, Gotam you sure have a
wife - I can't wait to see what she looks like. Please come in and
Nuzhat." His wife was a very attractive young woman and I was
jealous of her looks and her body. Now I wished I had made myself
look more
attractive instead of looking so dowdy! Gotam's friend Minhaj was a
tall man and
very well built. I could see straight away that he would be more
a handful
for me and I was dreading the rest of the evening. We had drinks
around the
lounge with Gotam and Nuzhat sitting together on one lounge and
Minhaj and
myself on the other. Minhaj already had his arm around my waist and
was playing
with my hips and behind while I was sitting on the lounge.

Minhaj started the sex off by asking Nuzhat to take off some of her
clothes and
make Gotam feel more at home. Nuzhat didn't hesitate even for a
She leapt to her feet and stood in front of my Gotam. She undid her
shirt - not
that there was much to undo - and pulled it off completely and
dropped it on
the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra and her magnificent breasts
in such a very short time. She was a most attractive woman and I
could see
my Gotam's eyes popping out looking at her. She sat down on his lap
thrust one of her long nipples into his mouth. He didn't hesitate
hard on that lovely dark red nipple. Nuzhat really loved that and
him to suck harder.

Before I had any chance to protest, Minhaj reached around to my front
and undid
the buttons on my blouse. He had nimble fingers and in no time he
them all
undone. He pulled my blouse down over my shoulders and, as it was
down behind me, he undid my bra as well and pulled that off too.
I was
naked to the waist the same as Nuzhat. He lifted me up onto his lap
began kissing my tits. He tried to find my nipple but it wouldn't
come out for him
and I was so embarrassed by this I almost cried. Eventually his
sucking became
much harder and at last my very flat nipple came out a little way
he was
able to take it between his teeth and he bit down on it sharply. I
cried out with
the pain but he didn't release my nipple and kept on gently chewing
on it! It
hurt me a lot and I didn't know what to do about it. Gotam looked
over at me
and grinned. He didn't offer to make Minhaj stop and so Minhaj just
carried on biting
and sucking on my nipple.

Nuzhat now stood up, came over to me and began sucking my other
nipple. She didn't take very long before she too had the flat
sticking up a
little bit. She started biting on that one and so my discomfort was
She let go of my nipple and moved back to Gotam. She then undid her
slipped it down to her feet and then kicked it out of the way. She
then told him
to pull down her panties, which he did, and she stood there in
of him
naked except for her high heeled shoes! She had a completely shaved
area and I am sure she must have rubbed oil into it because it
positively shone
in the light.

Minhaj had by now stopped biting my nipples and I was relieved at
that but now
he began undoing my saree and soon had that around my feet. He made
stand up in front of him and told me to take down my petticoat
because he
wanted to see what he was going to be getting into! Dumbly I obeyed
sliding my petticoat to my feet and then kicking them aside. Now I
too was naked
in front of him. He whistled when he could see all of my body and
told me I
looked wonderful. He placed his hand on the inside of my leg just
my knee
and then slid his hand up until it was touching my pussy. I felt
terrible but just
stood there.

Nuzhat had undone Gotam's trousers and had him stand up so she
remove them as well as his underpants. As soon as he was naked she
looked at
his very hard lund sticking out in front of him like a flagpole and
she told him
she just couldn't wait much longer! Nuzhat asked Minhaj if he
to move
into the bedrooms or stay here in the lounge room. He immediately
told her to
stay here because he wanted to watch while Gotam fucked his wife
they went into separate bedroom he wouldn't be able to see.

Nuzhat immediately moved to the lounge, flopped down on her back
spread her legs wide apart and then lifted them up into the air.
then told
Gotam to come over to her and fuck her! Without hesitating at all,
moved over to the lounge and knelt between her upraised legs. As a
gesture he looked over at me, grinned, and said, "I hope you enjoy
evening as much as I am going to enjoy mine!" With that he aimed
very hard
lund at Nuzhat's choot and entered her with one swift push. She
screamed out
with joy and wrapped her arms and legs around him and yelled for
to fuck
her hard!

I knew my turn was coming now because Minhaj turned me around, laid
me on the
other lounge, and spread my legs wide apart. He had to spread my

because I didn't want to do that myself. His grip on my ankles was
painful but I
didn't care any more. Now that Minhaj was naked I could see his
lund. It
must have been 9 inches long and quite thick - much longer and
thicker than
Gotam's lund. I certainly didn't want Minhaj to fuck me but I just
didn't know
what I could possibly do about it. When I considered my position -
lying on a
strange lounge with my legs held apart and my body totally exposed
this man
- I realized just how hopeless my situation was! I looked over at
Gotam just
before Minhaj stuck his hard lund into me and I could see just how
much both
Nuzhat and Gotam were enjoying their fuck together!
At this moment Minhaj thrust his big lund into me and, partly because
want him to fuck me and partly because it was so big I just
as he
pushed it into me! There was no tenderness with Minhaj - he just
wanted to fuck
me and didn't care what effect it had on me! I was obviously his
and he
was going to have his piece of me no matter what happened! He hurt
didn't pause for one minute - he just kept on pushing and pushing
until all of his
big lund was inside me! I hated his huge body on top of me and I
didn't find
this very exciting, which probably explained why I was so dry. His
plunging into my choot soon aroused something and I began to get
then wet. At least it was becoming more comfortable but he was very
big and
completely filled me up. His hard pushing was certainly reaching my
cervix and
he hurt me every time he bottomed against it.

Nuzhat began to scream and I glanced over to them again. They were
certainly not looking at us because they were too rapt in what they
doing. It was ironic that I detested being fucked by Minhaj and
perhaps to
distract myself from his pounding I could look over at my husband
another woman and enjoying himself. Nuzhat's screams told me she
cumming and I could also see Gotam was cumming too. Without pulling
out he
shot his load deep into her choot and then he collapsed on top of
her! I was
looking at them almost dispassionately not really caring what they
were doing
any more. Now that they had climaxed I watched as Gotam lifted
himself off
her body and his limp lund plopped out of her choot and just
down from
his body. Nuzhat didn't waste any time in moving so that she could
suck his
lund and clean off the mess which was evident on it. Of course her
soon made him hard again and she was begging for him to fuck her

Minhaj began to increase his speed of plunging into me and the
twitching of his
lund and body told me he was about to cum. Strangely I found my
nipples had
extended by themselves more than I had seen for quite a long while.
Surely I
am not aroused by this animal fucking me! In a quiet voice I asked
him to pull
out of me before he came but he just laughed and next moment I felt
his load
jetting into my choot and hitting my tender cervix. I wasn't even a
little bit pleased
and now hated my husband for making me do this!

Much to my horror I realized Minhaj had shot a huge load of cum
my body
and I could feel it seeping out of me around his lund which was
hard. This cum was running down between my cheeks and I could feel
my asshole. I wondered for just a moment whether this cum would
lounge but just as quickly I hoped it did and they would have to
recovered! At this moment Minhaj began to pull his half hard lund
of my choot.
It was then I suddenly thought - I hope he isn't expecting me to
clean his dirty
lund! Minhaj had other ideas and moved up along my body until his
lund was level
with my mouth and then told me to suck his lund clean! I refused to
open my
mouth and he pushed his now hardening lund against my lips and

When he realized I wasn't going to open my mouth he reached down to
nipple which was still a little extended and grabbed it tightly
between his thumb
and finger and tweaked it painfully. I began to scream and then,
as I
my mouth, he pushed his lund into me. I could taste myself on his
lund and I
didn't mind that but I did object to the taste of his cum which was
slowly still
leaking from his lund. I could see I couldn't get out of this so I
began to suck
his lund clean much to my disgust. When he was satisfied with my
cleaning he
pulled his lund out of my mouth but by this time he was very hard

When I looked over at Gotam and Nuzhat I saw that she was lying on
side facing me with Gotam lying behind her spooned against her
hands were around her body and he was playing with her tits while
was plainly visible moving in and out of her choot! I couldn't see
Gotam's face
but I knew from the look on Nuzhat's face that she was enjoying
he was
doing to her! Watching them didn't make me horny at all and I just
them fucking as if it was on a movie screen.

I must admit I was getting some satisfaction from knowing the cum
which was
now running out of my choot was soiling their lounge. I wriggled my
body hoping
more would run out! I heard Nuzhat tell Gotam she was cumming but
him not to cum because she wanted his load elsewhere soon. With
screamed as her orgasm hit her. Gotam must have been close because

pulled out very soon after and just laid quietly behind her as she
came down
from the orgasm.

Minhaj meanwhile was making me play with his lund. I was sitting
upright on the
lounge (dripping on to it I hoped) and he was sitting next to me.
was playing
with my nipples again and they were getting very sore, particularly
where he
had been biting them before. At last Nuzhat stood up from the
walked around a bit probably to ease her aching limbs. She then
Gotam to
sit upright on the lounge and, after collecting a tube of KY jelly
from a drawer in
the table nearby, she moved back to the lounge. She then bent right
over in
front of Gotam and told him to squirt some of the KY jelly into her
Gotam was quite excited at this stage and unscrewed the lid and
upended the tube into her asshole. He squeezed the tube and quite a
lot of the
contents squirted deep into her asshole!

Gotam dropped the tube as Nuzhat stood up before positioning
above his lund and slowly dropped down until her asshole was
his lund. She slowly lowered herself until his lund began to enter
her asshole.
Slower still she continued to move down until at last his whole
was totally
embedded in her asshole! Nuzhat was in raptures with this lund up

asshole and then she leaned back on Gotam and moved her legs widely
This totally exposed her choot to our gaze and we could see just
she really was. At this point she called Minhaj over to her and
him to stick his
hard lund into her choot! He was a very willing participant and
had his lund
embedded in her as far as he could go. It was very difficult for
either man to
actually fuck Nuzhat because her weight prevented Gotam from moving
lund and Minhaj found it hard because of the angle she was sitting
at. He pulled
his lund out of Nuzhat and I could see the large hole which was her
choot still
gaping from where his lund had been.

Minhaj then came back to me, rolled me over on the lounge and
my legs
again. I suddenly realized he was going to stick his lund which had
just been in
Nuzhat's choot into me! I tried to escape but he was too strong and
forced me to let his lund enter my choot! I was horrified but
couldn't do
anything about it! Minhaj continued to fuck me and soon after he
his load
into me for the second time this evening. Hopefully more cum to
onto his

Meanwhile Nuzhat wasn't getting any satisfaction from Gotam's lund
she was just sitting on it so she moved off him, positioned herself
on hands and
knees and present her asshole to him. He quickly shoved his lund
asshole again and proceeded to fuck her. He soon came and shot his
load deep
into her rectum. So much for my loving husband - he had just done
thing I detested most - I hated his attempts to fuck my asshole
although I had
allowed it just once and hated every moment of it.

Again I had to suck Minhaj's lund clean. Gee, I hated doing this
he just made
me do it. Nuzhat led Gotam to the bathroom to clean off his lund so
this left
Minhaj and myself alone in the lounge room. He began kissing me
and I
hated him
doing this but eventually he managed to get his tongue into my
and I
felt sick! He was groping me and playing with my clit as well as my
tits but I
certainly wasn't enjoying this at all.

When Gotam and Nuzhat returned to the room Minhaj suggested it was
time for
a coffee break and so Minhaj and Nuzhat moved to the kitchen to
prepare the
coffee. I was alone with Gotam for the first time since our
I wanted to
really tell this bastard what I thought of him but he was too
interested in
knowing what I thought of Minhaj and the way he fucked me to be
listening to
anything I had to yell at him about. He demanded to know if I liked
Minhaj fucking
me and did I reach an orgasm when he fucked me? I just glared at
refused to reply to his questions - he could wait until we reached
home for me
to tell him what I thought of him. Gotam sat in subdued silence
because he
could see just how furious I was with him!
The coffee break lasted about 30 minutes during which time both Gotam
Minhaj were discussing sex particularly how much Minhaj liked
fucking me! It almost
seemed as if I wasn't there! They just discussed me like an
object. Minhaj even
said, "You know she isn't really a bad fuck but if only she would
put a little bit
more effort into it she would be great. Probably we will be able
to teach her
how to act over the coming months as we continue these sessions!"
the bastard replied, "Well, I am sure you are a wonderful teacher
Minhaj so you
will be able to show her how to behave properly. She has always
been a good
fuck for me but I guess she is a little put off because she didn't
want to come
along tonight! Don't worry she will soon learn to fuck properly!"

Minhaj then asked Nuzhat what she thought of Gotam fucking her.
She replied,
"Minhaj darling, he is just a wonderful fuck! He really knows how
to make me feel
good when he has his hard long lund in me. I certainly know how to
respond to
him and I guess that makes it a lot better but surely Juhi will
soon learn to fuck
properly. You are a wonderful teacher Minhaj so I am sure after
she has been
fucked a couple of dozen times by you she will know how to behave
and really
enjoy being fucked by you!" Gotam had the hide to say to me, "Well
Juhi, how
do you like being fucked by Minhaj? Do you really enjoy it but are
too timid to say
so or are you just acting like a real bitch?" I refused to answer
him at all and
just glared at him and Minhaj.

Minhaj then said, "Well, I now have rested and feel like another
fuck - come on
Juhi let me fuck you again and see if you can really get into the
spirit of it all!"
With that he moved over to where I was still sitting on his lounge
(Soiling it I
hoped) and sat down beside me. He placed his arm around me and
pulled me to
him. He then began to kiss me and eventually he got his tongue
into my mouth
again and at the same time he played with my nipples first and
then my clitoris!
Although his playing with me did arouse me a little I was far from
being properly
excited for sex and, although I guess I was very wet from all the
cum running
out of me, I didn't want any more sex, particularly with him!

Meanwhile Gotam and Nuzhat had begun playing with one another and
definitely getting excited. Nuzhat leaned over and began to suck
his lund
again and it was standing up like a steel post. As she pulled her
mouth off his
lund it glistened from all the saliva from her mouth and pre-cum
from his lund.
She soon flopped over onto her back and spread her legs wide and
asked him to
fuck her again! He obliged and soon had his lund embedded in her
choot right up
to his balls.

I tried to resist Minhaj as he attempted to push me onto my back
again but he
grabbed my breasts and asked me if I wanted him to bite my nipples
again to
make me spread my legs! I certainly didn't want them bitten again -
they were
very sore to touch so reluctantly I rolled over and spread my legs
for him! He
moved up and stuck his lund into my mouth and I had to suck him
for about a
minute and then he shoved it into my choot! He wasn't the least
bit careful and
hurt me as he entered me. I suppose I would be lying if I didn't
say I was
getting some sort of thrill having his lund in me but it certainly
wasn't any sort
of real thrill - just a sort of reaction to having a large lund in
my body. Once he
was completely in me he leaned back, keeping his lund in me, until
he was
sitting upright between my widespread legs. Keeping his lund in me
he began to
play with my body. It was very strange feeling his lund in me but
his hands
were now running lightly over my body. His ran his fingers down
the crease
between my legs and my body and then over into my pubic hair.

He scratched his fingers around in my pubic hair and then played
with my clit. I
was starting to get aroused much as I didn't want to but it was
hard not to
because of the way he was playing with me. He ran his fingers up
into my navel
and played lightly with it. He ran his fingers around in my navel
and this made
me just a bit excited too. Then he slowly ran his fingers down
from my navel to
my pubic bush playing with the very fine hairs which form an
almost invisible line
between the two. I found this to be exciting but couldn't let on
it affected me
at all. All the time he was running his fingers over my body he
was slowly
moving his lund in and out of my choot! Now I was starting to get
aroused! I
was cross that I was becoming aroused and more upset because I
could see he
knew I was aroused.

He then grabbed my ankles and forced my legs back towards my head
until my
shins were alongside my ears! In this position I was exposed to
his body in the
most obscene way - my choot was fully exposed to him and he
continued to
fuck me but at a quicker pace now. Gotam and Nuzhat had finished
their fuck
for the moment and both came over to watch Minhaj fucking me! I
really hated
this having another woman watching me getting fucked but I was in
such an
uncomfortable position that I couldn't even wriggle at all. I just
had to lie there,
exposed as I was and allow Minhaj to continue fucking me! Gladly I
felt him
starting to cum and Nuzhat recognized this as well and started
him to cum in me too. I watched both Gotam and Nuzhat as they just
at my helpless body lying there and getting fucked by Minhaj.
Mercifully he came
and I could feel his cum hitting my cervix - this was the third
load I had
received from Minhaj this evening.

Minhaj withdrew his lund but kept hold of my legs so that I
remained in this
terribly exposed position. Nuzhat stuck her fingers in my choot
and scooped
out some of Minhaj's cum and then dripped this onto my lips. I
tried to keep my
mouth closed but Gotam tweaked my nipple and, when I opened my
mouth to
protest she dropped the cum into my mouth. Quickly she dipped her
fingers on
the other hand into my choot and again dripped his cum into my
mouth! I hated
this but again I couldn't do anything about it!

In the meantime Minhaj was standing up near my head and he handed
my legs
over to Gotam to hold in the same position still keeping me
horribly exposed.
Nuzhat now knelt down and was sucking Minhaj's lund and I could
see, out of
the corner of my eye, that it was getting very hard again. Nuzhat
was now
satisfied that he was hard enough and stood up, gathered the KY
tube (there
was about half of the contents left) and placed the mouth of the
tube into my
asshole and squeezed the whole rest of the tube into my anus! I
knew what
was coming next and looked pleadingly with Gotam to save me but he
just held
on to me as Minhaj climbed up onto the lounge, positioned his hard
lund at my
asshole and then pushed! His lund entered my ass right up to his
balls in just
one push!

I was terribly uncomfortable with his lund in my asshole but I am
sure the KY
made it just bearable! Next, to my horror, Nuzhat climbed onto the
above my face and sat down over my mouth and legs so that her
choot was
directly over my mouth. Of course she then began to apply pressure
to her
pelvis and soon Gotam's cum started dripping down into my mouth.
Her asshole
was completely covering my nose and I could only breathe through
my mouth
thus making me keep it open. I was now being fucked in the asshole
by Minhaj
and having to swallow Gotam's cum which was coming out of Nuzhat's

Soon after that Minhaj came in my asshole! I could feel his cum
spurting into my
rectum and whilst the sensation wasn't unpleasant in itself I
received some
satisfaction in that it wasn't hurting me as much as it had when
Gotam had
fucked my asshole before! Probably it was because of all the KY.
At the same
time I wasn't happy about Gotam's cum in my mouth but at least I
swallowed his cum before when he had made me suck him off so many
that I guess it wasn't all that bad. However I didn't like the
taste of Nuzhat's
choot which I could taste at the same time!

I had the distinct feeling that this was to be the last of the sex
with Minhaj but I
was wrong again. Nuzhat suggested, because it was rather late,
that we
should spend the night at their place and so we all went to the
bathroom and
then into bed - Gotam with Nuzhat and Minhaj with me! The spare
room which
Minhaj and I had been given was a bit away from Nuzhat and Gotam's
room so
I couldn't hear anything that was going on in their room.

Minhaj played with my body and made me play with his lund.
Eventually he tired
of playing with me and dozed off still holding his fingers in my
choot! I let go of
his lund and tried to sleep myself but it was a while before I
dozed off.

I was rudely awoken at about 5am with Minhaj spreading my legs
apart and
attempting to enter my choot! I badly wanted to use the bathroom
but he
insisted on fucking me right there and then. I hoped I would piss
all over their
bed but I managed to control my bladder and he just fucked me!
After he was
finished I scrambled out of bed and headed for the toilet passing
a naked
Nuzhat on the way. She greeted me like a long lost friend and
asked me how I
had slept. All I was interested in was pissing and told he I had
to rush. She
followed me into the bathroom and watched me piss! She wasn't at
concerned but it embarrassed me as I had never pissed in front of
before. When I had finished she told me not to wipe myself but to
let her lick
me. By this time I just couldn't really care what they did to me
so I leaned back
over the toilet bowl and spread my legs. She began licking me dry
(if that is the
correct phrase) making sure she licked around to my asshole and
right up into
my pubic bush! Perhaps I had become so blasé about this family I
wasn't really
surprised by Nuzhat's actions.

Stupidly I somehow thought my clothes were in the bedroom and so I
there but on entering the room I remembered my clothes were strewn
the lounge room. Before I could leave the room Gotam appeared
behind me and
he grabbed me from behind by reaching around and squeezing my
breasts - my
sore breasts! Minhaj was stirring in the bed and sat up when he
heard us at the
door. Gotam asked Minhaj how he had enjoyed fucking me during the
night and
Minhaj replied, "Well Gotam, she really is a wonderful fuck but
she still has to
learn to start things rather than leave it all up to me! I waited
all night for her
to begin fucking me but in the end I had to fuck her! She just
doesn't seem to
understand what she should be doing!" Gotam then said, "Don't
worry Minhaj I
will make sure she understands fully and know what to do for next

This worried me because I thought this would be all there was to
stupid fantasies! Minhaj then said, "Gotam, why don't you fuck
Juhi here on the
bed and then perhaps between the two of us we can teach her how to
towards me!" Gotam thought that was a good idea and told me to get
on the
bed and suck him because he wasn't really hard yet. Trance-like I
moved to the
bed and Gotam presented his lund to my mouth. Imagine my disgust
when I
tasted Nuzhat's choot on his lund! There wasn't anything I could
do about it
so I just began sucking him.

To be continued …………..

Shohar ka dost (Part –4)

Soon he was hard and moved between my legs and, without any
ceremony at
all, he plunged into me in one stroke until he was embedded right
to his balls!
While he was fucking me (and it was fucking because this certainly
making love) Minhaj moved up onto the bed beside my head. I knew
what was
coming next so I just opened my mouth and let him push his hard
lund into my
mouth. He said to Gotam, "See, she is learning already - now she
is eager to
have a lund in her mouth and I didn't even have to ask her! Soon
she will just
part he legs and beg me to fuck her!"

Gotam was too busy fucking me to reply so he just grunted in
acknowledgement. I was just lying there letting my husband move
his lund in
and out of me with no feelings at all. He could have been moving a
dead fish in
my choot for all I cared! I hated my husband now for all he had
made me go
through! As soon as he shot his load, Gotam pulled out of me and
at the same
time Minhaj pulled his lund out of my mouth. Gotam then moved up
to my mouth
and thrust his soiled lund into me while Minhaj moved between my
legs and just
pushed his already hard lund into my choot! I didn't try to stop
him in any way
and again he told Gotam I was getting the message! I was still
trying to clean
Gotam's lund with my mouth when I felt Minhaj shoot his load deep
into me!
Once his lund was out of me he too moved up to my head and almost
auMinhajatically I opened my mouth and he stuck his lund in and I
began sucking
it clean! I hated myself but what could I do?

Minhaj told me he was capable of fucking me again and to keep
sucking his lund
until it was hard. I just did as he said after all what else would
get this over
and done with. At last, after some minutes of sucking, he became
hard again.
He told Gotam to get the KY and Gotam found a fresh tube where
pointed out to him. He brought this over to me, helped lift me so
that I was
kneeling on the bed with my head on the pillow and my asshole
totally exposed
to these men! Gotam placed the tube of KY in my asshole and
squirted about
half of the tube into me.

It was terribly cold and I shuddered but only due to the cold - I
wasn't getting excited by what they were doing to me. The sudden
that I hadn't evacuated my bowels since I had the last KY in me
and also Minhaj's
cum! I hadn't felt the need but I surely did now. Minhaj then
inserted his lund
into my asshole and began fucking me. Again I didn't protest at
all knowing
there wasn't anything I could do about it! When Minhaj had been
fucking me for
about 4 minutes he let out a whoop and came in my asshole! He
pulled out and
Gotam took his place and he, too, shot his load deep into my

Now I could feel a distinct pressure in my rectum and I knew I
would have to
visit the bathroom very quickly or make a terrible mess! I was
also surprised
they didn't attempt to put their lunds into my mouth to clean
them. The devil
in me made me wait and not say anything about going to the
bathroom except
to say that my poor rectum was completely full and I could hardly
hold it all in!
Minhaj thought this was very funny and came over to me and began
playing with
my clit! This time, for whatever perverse reason, I felt an orgasm
starting to
build up. I didn't want to cum with Minhaj playing with me but it
just happened.
At the same time as my orgasm broke, I let out a very loud fart
and some of
the contents of my asshole spurted out onto the bed! I suddenly
saw this as
very funny and burst out laughing. Minhaj took his hand off my
clit and slapped
my face and Nuzhat also yelled and told me to get to the bathroom.
Gladly I
rushed to the bathroom and finished evacuating my bowels into the
There was quite a mess in me which I was very pleased to lose!

When I returned to the bedroom, all three were stripping the bed
and taking the
bedding to the laundry for washing! Surprisingly enough they
didn't say
anything more to me about the mess and they even suggested I have
a shower
to clean up. That shower was delightful and that was the only part
of the visit
to Minhaj and Nuzhat's place which I enjoyed. After this Gotam
told me it was
time to leave so I dressed and we headed for home! Minhaj thanked
me for
coming over and told me he was sure I would soon learn to like
being fucked by
him! Not bloody likely!

Once we were home having traveled the entire distance in complete
Gotam headed for the shower while I climbed into our bed. I was
soon asleep
and I didn't hear Gotam come to bed. I guess he must have been
tired too. We
slept for about 4 hours before I felt Gotam stirring beside me. He
leaned on
one elbow and looked at me. We were both naked and only had a
sheet over
us. He removed the sheet and looked at my body before speaking. He
told me
he was proud of me for going to Minhaj and Nuzhat's place without
and also for allowing them to fuck me! At first I didn't reply and
just glared at

Gotam asked me to roll over and make love with him but in my
sternest voice I
just told him to fuck off! He could play with himself as much as
he liked but he
would not fuck me again until I felt ready and that would be a
very long time. I
even told him I would leave him if necessary and as I didn't love
him any more I
might even do that anyway! This made him sit up and take notice.
He even
pleaded with me saying he hadn't realized I didn't want to be
fucked by the
others and he thought I had gone willingly!

It is now 3 months since Gotam and Minhaj fucked me and there is
no way I am
likely to let him fuck me again in the near future. Things might
change but I doubt it! The thought has crossed my mind that I might
even look for a lover but I guess I have a lot more scruples than my
stupid husband and at the present time I am not thinking about that
option. We now live like brother and sister in our house but that is
O.K. with me! I guess this is called getting even!