Sex in Indian family 8

"Ooooh, baby, yes," she panted, " Raja beta, jor se Lund meri Choot
main dalo . Aur teji se chodo . aah, han, meri Choot phar do, han,
zoor say, aur zoor say beta!"

Raja stared down at his mother's big jiggling choochis as he fucked
her. Each rough thrust of his Lund made her howl with delight, a
slippery mixture of sperm and Choot-juice bubbling out around his
deeply-driving Lund. He gave a cry of excitement as he realized his
mother's Choot was filled with his bhai's jizz, and he was fucking it
out of her! Raja stepped up his fuck-thrusts and really pummeled her,
slamming his stiff young Lund balls-deep into her upthrust Choot.
Geeta screamed with pleasure.

Prakash saw that his chudasi bibi was going to come again, quickly and
violently, and he gritted his teeth in frustration. He needed her
rasbhari garam Choot right now, but it was already occupied. Well, he
wouldn't miss his chance this time. The moment Raja finished with her,
he was going to charge in there and claim his wife for himself. He'd
tell the kids the fun was over and to get their Gaandes out of the
master bedroom. He wasn't quite sure how he was going to punish them
for their incestuous behavior, but he'd figure that out later. Right
now all that mattered was getting some relief for his insane lust.

"Beta fuck me hard, you had this marvelous Lund and my Choot was
starving all these days, come on pump it into mommy's Choot ,beta.."

" chudasi maa come on take it.... I will fill your Choot today. I want
the long clit Choot like yours.."

"Ohhhhh, chodo mujhe, Raja beta, aur jor se chodo! aah, han, meri
Choot phar do, You're making me come! Apna sara pani nikal do meri
Choot main " Geeta wailed."Ohhh, God, yessss! I'm cumming again!

"Come on my Lund, Mom! Cum! CUMMM! ", Raja bellowed, squeezing his her
big, jiggling choochis with both hands. Then his own orgasm was upon
him and he shuddered and stiffened arching his back as his young seed
spurted deep up into his mother's spasming Choot hole.

He was still hammering his load into her when the bedroom door opened
with a crash. Everybody stared in that direction, and then everybody
groaned. It was Prakash, and he looked mad as hell. He came charging
across the room and stood at the foot of the bed, hands on hips,
glaring. Nobody dared say a word.

"All right." he thundered, "this little party is over. I want all you
kids to get out and go to your rooms until I figure out what to do
about your disgusting behavior!"

"Oh, yeah, Daddy?" Hasina said with a mischievous little grin. "If
it's so disgusting, how come you've got a hard-on?"

Everybody stared at his sharply tented fly, and Prakash turned lobster
red. Then everybody started laughing. Even Geeta cracked up. It was so
obvious that Prakash had been spying on them and getting turned on. He
stood there looking sheepish and wondering what to do now.

"Well," he said weakly, "it is incest, you know, and that's not right."

"Maybe, Dad," Sameer laughed, "but I sure bet you'd like to get in on it."

"Yes, dear," Geeta leered, "be honest with us. While you were
watching, didn't you want to join us?"

Prakash just went on looking uncomfortable. He hadn't lost all his
inhibitions yet, and as horny as he felt, he still couldn't admit it.
The family saw that they were going to have to do a little work on
him. Daddy wasn't completely won over to their way of thinking yet.
But that bulging crotch of his suggested that their task wouldn't be
too hard.

"Hasina, honey," Geeta said with a knowing smile, "I'm sure you can
handle this."

"Oh, wow, can I ever," Hasina said eagerly.

She'd always found her father sexy, and now she had a chance to show
him just how she felt. She slid off the bed and walked over to him,
and Prakash's eyes ran helplessly up and down her cute, curvy, naked

Grinning enticingly, she unbuttoned his work shirt and helped him out
of it. He seemed helplessly in her power as she tugged off his t-
shirt. Then she reached for the fly of his pants, unzipping it deftly.
His pants puddled around his ankles, and he stood there in just his
jockey shorts, the fly bulging obscenely.

Hasina's hands were quivering with excitement as she seized the shorts
and tugged them down. She had to go to her knees to do it, and his
huge Lund snapped free, brushing her face and leaving hot sticky
juice. Hasina looked up at her father's big, stiff Lund and moaned
with excitement.

"Oh, God, Daddy... aapka Lund bahut bada hai!" she breathed.

Raja and Sameer just looked awestruck and envious. The old man was
hung like a bull, and Hasina could hardly contain herself as she
reached for his mGaandive Lund and started pumping it in both fists.
Prakash shivered lustily as his beti's fingers closed around the rigid
shaft. His nostrils flared, and his eyes got glazed with horniness as
she ran her hot little fists up and down his engorged Lund.

"Come over to the bed, Daddy," she purred, "Let's get comfortable."

Even with his naked young beti jerking on his Lund , Prakash still
wasn't completely comfortable with all this, and he glanced uneasily
at his wife as Hasina pulled him onto the bed.

"You sure this is okay with you. honey?" he asked.

Geeta grinned at him wantonly. He'd never seen such a lustful look on
her face in all the years of their marriage.

"Ooooh, yes, darling, it's fine with me," she cooed, taking both her
betas' Lunds in her hands. "I intend to have some more fun with the
boys, so there's no reason why you and Hasina shouldn't enjoy
yourselves. After all, we're all family aren't we?."

"Yeah! Come on, Daddy," Hasina said impatiently, "let's get it on."

"Get it on?" Prakash said dazedly. "Just what does that mean, young lady?"

"Everything, Daddy, " she giggled, reaching for his mGaandive hard Lund.

Prakash knew he was making a very slow entry into the twentieth
century, but he just couldn't help it. It was the way he'd been raised.

"Uh, I just don't think it would be right for us to do everything,
sugar," he said.

Hasina wasn't fazed one little bit. Her father just need a little more
friendly `persuasion', that's all.

"Alright, Daddy," she smiled, "agar main tumahre Lund ko choosoon to
kaisa rahega?"

Geeta could barely keep from giggling, Prakash looked so stunned.
Hasina pushed him down onto his back, and his huge Lund stood straight
up... stiff and bulging with blue veins... drooling pre-cum. Hasina
knelt beside him, crouched low, and stuck out her tongue, whipping the
glistening hot flesh up and down the long granite column of her
father's Lund . It was to much for Prakash.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Christ," he groaned.

Maybe it wasn't right, but he just couldn't resist. He'd never had his
Lund licked before, though he'd been fantasizing about it for years.
He'd always wanted a woman to go down on him, though he'd never
dreamed it would be his own sexy teenage beti. Eagerly Hasina whipped
her slick hot tongue all over his Lund, coating it with her glistening
saliva. Prakash slumped back in bliss, unable to redidit any longer.

Geeta nodded her approval of her beti's efforts. Hasina had her father
completely under control, and in another minute or so he was going to
be completely won over. No need to worry any more about him. Geeta
could turn her attention to her own pleasure. She was lying between
her two betas, fisting a nice hard adolescent Lund in each fist.

"I'm so glad you boys aren't tired," she purred.

"Oh, we're not a bit tired, Maa," Raja Gaandured her.

"Right! We're just getting started," Sameer grinned.

Both boys were wildly aroused by their sexy, naked maa . Her ripe,
mature body drove them crazy with lust. Now she was stroking their
Lunds, running her hot little fists up and down the rock-hard columns,
bringing the bhais to a fever pitch of need.

Geeta felt hot, sticky Lund ka doodh wetting her fingers, and she
shivered with excitement. It was wonderful to know that she now had
three big, stiff Lunds to please her. Often after she and Prakash
fucked, she still didn't feel satisfied, and no wonder. Those quick
guilty fucks didn't do much for her.

But tonight she could absolutely got herself on pleasure, fucking one
beta after the other. For the first time in her life she'd get all the
hot, horny fucking she craved. And Prakash was going to get all of the
things she'd been too inhibited to give him. He was going to get all
his secret desires satisfied by their chudasi kamsin beti .

Geeta was glad for him. She didn't feel at all envious or possessive
as she watched him getting his pleasure from another female. And she
wasn't shocked because that female was their own beti. No, for the
first time in their marriage, their sex life seemed to be improving.
Hell, it wasn't just improving, it promised to be fantastic!

But she couldn't keep her full attention on Prakash, because Sameer
was leaning over to kiss her, darting his tongue into her mouth and
making her Choot melt with arousal. Geeta returned her beta's hot kiss
with equal passion, snaking her tongue deep into his mouth. Sameer
moaned into his mother's open lips and pressed his body against her,
trembling with lust.

Raja's hand was between her legs, eagerly stroking the slick, hot
flesh of her Choot . The boys eased their chudaasi maa down onto her
back. While Sameer gave her those thrilling deep tongue-kisses, Raja
pushed her legs open and slipped between them, till she could feel his
hot, excited breath on her naked Choot. He folded back the furry lips
with his thumbs and exposed the pink, glistening flesh inside.

When her youngest beta's hot tongue contacted her sensitive clit,
squealed into Sameer's mouth and Geeta almost flew off the bed. It had
to be the most wonderful sensation in the world to have a man's tongue
lashing up and down her chudaasi Choot, Geeta thought. Her
intensely-aroused Choot creamed heavily and helplessly while Raja
whipped his hot juicy tongue up and down her drooling Choot-slit.
Sameer kept up those naughty kisses, too, doubling her excitement. It
was no wonder that for awhile she forgot all about her husband.

But Prakash hadn't forgotten about her. He lay there glassy- eyed with
lust as his cute kamsin beti licked his Lund. But he wasn't so out of
it that he didn't notice what else was going on. He watched lustily as
his two betas worked on his chudasi bibi . One of them kissing her
while the other licked her Choot . He'd never gone down on his wife,
and now he regretted it.

He could see how fantastically aroused Geeta was getting. But he vowed
that from now on he was going to be a better lover, modern and
liberated. He'd just take lessons from his kids. He wasn't too proud
to do that, not when they could get his wife a thousand times more
aroused than he ever had. He watched Sameer's kissing technique and
memorized the tempo of that darting tongue. He watched Raja's lashing
tongue as it teased and stimulated Geeta's chamakti Choot.

When he got the chance he was going to do all those things to Geeta.
But his attention began to wander as Hasina licked her way right up to
the mGaandively swollen head of his Lund and swirled her hot little
tongue around and around the engorged knob. He shivered with
excitement, and a steady flow of pre-cum began to ooze out of his Lund
ka ched . Hasina gave a hungry gurgle when she saw the hot cream, and
then she was spearing for it with the pointed tip of her tongue.

"Mmmmmm, uummmmm!" she murmured.

Prakash's nostrils flared with excitement as he watched his chudasi
kamsin beti licking up his juice. She caught the stuff on her tongue,
drew it into her mouth, and rolled it around, savoring the salty
flavor. Then she swallowed it down and greedily tongued for more. She
didn't stop till she'd licked up every bit of the hot cream, reaming
out the cleft of his Lund with her drilling tongue.

"Awwwwww, yeahhhhhh! Meri chudasi beti mere Lund ka doodh poora chaat
lo!," Prakash moaned, his voice hoarse with lust.

Geeta heard her husband's hoarse cry and glanced over to see what was
happening. She looked just in time to see Hasina sliding her
tightly-stretched little lips down over her father's Lund. The girl
had opened her lips as wide as she possibly could, till they were
stretched thin by the enormous head of Prakash's Lund. She was
struggling to bring them down around the fleshy knob, moaning with
impatience. His Lund head seemed too big for her, but she went on
pushing, till finally the huge purple knob popped into her mouth.

Prakash groaned, and Hasina panted through her flared nostrils. She
drew in her cheeks and started sucking on her Dad's huge throbbing
Lundhead, fisting and pumping the rest of the thick blue-veined shaft,
with both hands. Prakash's eyes rolled crazily as he got his very
first blow job. The fact that the hot little mouth sucking on his Lund
belonged to his chudakad beti only seemed to make the wonderful
experience all that more exciting!

Geeta moaned and panted into Sameer's mouth as she hunched her garam
Choot up at Raja's busy mouth and tongue. Her face was flushed and her
badi choochi jiggled provocatively as she squirmed her body against
her two, horny young betas. Sameer drew back to give his mother air
and to watch as his younger bhai ate out her hot, juicy Choot. Her
pretty face was twisted shamelessly with lust, her teeth flashing in a
horny grimace.

Just a few feet away his dad was getting a loud, hungry blow-job from
Hasina. One thing was for sure, he thought, the folks were definitely
going to have different ideas about sex after today.

"Unnnhhhh, Raja beta! Maa ki Choot ko chaato! Ooooooooh, that's so
goooooooood," Geeta whimpered, "so damned good, baby!"

" Chooso beti mera Lund , awwwww, yeah," groaned Prakash, holding
Hasina's pretty bobbing head with both hands.

Hasina sucked faster and faster on her father's violently- throbbing
Lund, suctioning out the tasty hot cream. She was literally drooling
all over his Lund as she sucked. His Lund was so thick, it stretched
her lips almost to bursting, but it excited her wildly. She could
hardly wait to feel it stretching her chotisi garam Choot .

Her father had seemed reluctant to go `all the way' with her, but
Hasina intended to change his mind. She didn't think that would be too
difficult. Daddy seemed so stern and cold all the time, but she was
bringing out the animal in him. He was actually a very horny guy.
Hasina was sure he'd want to fuck her kasihui jawan Choot , once he
relaxed. And he was sure relaxed now, as she sucked him to the brink
of climax.

Raja and Sameer were taking good care of Mom, too. Raja was whipping
his hot juicy tongue up and down over her Choot, sending waves of
pleasure rippling through her writhing loins. Sameer lay besides her,
playing with her big, firm choochis, molding and squeezing the satiny
globes with both hands. Geeta was in total ecstasy at the loving
attention from her chudakad jawan betas.

Yes, Hasina thought, she and her bhais everything was working out
perfectly. They'd not only escaped punishment, they'd recruited their
parents into their incestuous sex games. In fact, they'd changed their
mother and father's whole outlook on sex. It wasn't something dirty
and wicked any more. It was a way for the whole family to have fun

She put aside these thoughts as her father's lust spun out of control.
Prakash was groaning hoarsely as she suctioned the tasty pre-cum from
his Lund and swallowed it. Now he began to fuck her mouth, unable to
control the horny jabbing of his rock-hard Lund between her
tightly-stretched young lips. Hasina had to move her head up a little,
or her father would have rammed his huge Lund right into her throat.
Hasina grabbed his Gaandcheeks in both hands and tried to take as much
of her daddy's Lund into her small mouth as she could. This simple
act, sent Prakash over the edge.

He knew that his khoobsurat kamsin beti didn't mind if he came in her
mouth. She wanted a whole boiling mouthful of his jizz, that was for
sure... and she was going to get it! Prakash let himself go and fucked
his Lund rapidly over her slippery little tongue. He felt the jizz
bursting from his balls and burning its way out of his Lund. Hasina
groaned hungrily when the first sting of come hit the back of her
throat. Then he was flooding her mouth with the stuff, and she was
gulping it as fast as she could get it, her throat muscles working to
the hungry rhythm of his pistoning Lund.

"Ohhhhh, sweet God!" he roared. "I'm cumming, beti! Daddy's cumming in
your hot, little mouth! Swallow it, beti! Swallow Daddy's doodh!

"Unnnhhh, uummmmmmppppffff!" Hasina moaned.

They were so noisy, Geeta and the boys stopped their own fun for a few
seconds just to watch the amazing sight of Prakash's huge twitching
Lund squirting Hasina's hungry little mouth with jet after jet of hot,
creamy sperm.

Sameer and Raja couldn't believe it. Here was their strict, moralistic
father, the most puritanical man they'd ever known, screaming out in
ecstasy as he rammed his squirting Lund into his own beti's mouth.

Geeta watched her husband in awe, she had never seen him come so hard
before, and she made a mental note to try sucking him off more often.
She watched her beti's tiny fists flashing up and down the length of
her husband's Lund-shaft, jerking his Lund into her wildly sucking
mouth. Hasina was gulping her daddy's sperm down greedily, squeezing
out every last drop from his spurting Lund.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm, God, that was fantastic!" Prakash gasped, flopping back
with a satisfied moan. Hasina sat up and licked her lips. A big grin
on her sexy young face.

"Wow! That was fun, Daddy," she chirped. "mujhe aapka bada mota Lund
choosane mein bahut maja aaya. You want me to do it again?"

"Again?" he cried.
"Honey, I don't think I've got the energy to go again."
"You'd be surprised, Prakash," Geeta leered."Why don't you let her try?"
"Okay, " he shrugged, "but it's not gonna do any good. My poor old
Lund has it for a while."
"We'll just see about that, Daddy," Hasina said with a wicked grin.

She dipped her head down once more and raked her hot little tongue
over her father's limp Lund. Prakash snorted with excitement as he
felt his Lund give an involuntary twitch. Right away he felt his lust
returning, which was something that had never happened to him before.
Usually, after fucking Geeta, he was finished for the rest of the
day... but not any more. His beti's skillfully lashing tongue was
already stimulating his Lund back to erection.

Geeta stared in pleasant surprise. This was getting better and better,
she thought. Her one-shot husband just needed someone to press the
right buttons and he could get it up again in a flash. He'd just come
in his beti's mouth, now less than a minute later his Lund was once
more hardening in her busy little mouth. Hasina must be pressing the
right buttons, that was for sure! She'd have to ask her how she did it
and practice on her beta's till she got it right. Then she'd show her
husband what an orgasm was all about!

Geeta gasped as Raja began to lash his tongue over her Choot again,
while Sameer went back to fondling her swollen sensitive choochis. She
turned away from Prakash and lost herself in her own hot pleasure,
kissing Sameer hungrily and juicing all over Raja's whipping tongue.