Sex in Indian family 7

Hasina unhooked her bra, and Geeta whimpered in protest, blushing even
harder, but of course she got no response. Hasina tossed the bra
aside, and Geeta heard her betas' sudden intake of breath as her firm,
naked choochis sprang free. She'd never been so embarrGaanded in her

"Oh god," Sameer breathed.

"Mommy ki choochi ke saath khelena chahate ho?" Hasina grinned.

"Hey, yeah," he said, "take my place, Didi."

Geeta gasped in shock as Hasina took Sameer's place, holding down her
left shoulder, and the boy came around to face his mother. He was
grinning eagerly, and his Lund was hard. It jiggled obscenely in front
of his belly. Geeta tried not to look at it, but her eyes were glued
to the big thick, Lund. Her eldest beta's Lund was even bigger than
her husbands!

Sameer grabbed his mother's gorgeous choochis, cupping and squeezing
them, and Geeta gasped even louder. To her embarrGaandment, her
nipples went stiff against his palms.

"Oh, wowwww," grinned Sameer. "You like that, don't you, Mom?"

"Sameer, please," Geeta whimpered, "You know this is wrong."

"Bullshit, Mom!" he said hoarsely. "If it feels good, do it... that's
our new motto!"

"Yeah, Mom," Hasina put in, "why don't you just relax and enjoy it?"

That was just what Geeta was trying to avoid. She was afraid that if
she let herself go, she'd reveal just how turned on and excited she
was. She mustn't ever let her children know that their wicked games
had aroused her. She struggled to keep her face grim and her body
stiff as Sameer blissfully fondled her big creamy choochi. It wasn't
easy, though. She'd always wanted to have her choochis squeezed and
pinched like this, ever since she and Prakash were courting.

Sameer had a big happy grin on his face, not a trace of guilt, as he
fondled his mother's hot silky-skinned choochis. Geeta could tell by
the hot pressure of the hands on her shoulders that Hasina and Raja
were getting very excited as they watched him. Geeta herself was too
excited for her own good. She had to admit it felt wonderful to have
her sensitive choochis squeezed and caressed.

Then it got even better. Sameer apni maa ki choochiyon ko choosene
laga . It was all Geeta could do to stifle a groan of pleasure.
Prakash had never done that to her, and it felt marvelous. Her beta's
hot wet tongue lashed her nipples into full erection, leaving them
long and taut and supersensitive. She felt her Choot begin to moisten,
and she couldn't do a damn thing about it. Sameer firmed his lips
around the tip of his mother's right nipple and sucked the stiff bud
into his mouth.

Geeta stifled another moan as she felt little stabs of pleasure that
seemed to radiate right down to her helplessly creaming Choot. She
closed her eyes and whimpered softly, struggling to hide her hot
arousal. Sameer sucked both her choochis in turn, bringing his mother
to a fever pitch of excitement.

"Let me do it now, Sameer," Raja begged.

"Okay, kid," Sameer sighed, "I guess that's only fair."

They changed placed, and Geeta felt her younger beta's hot hands close
over her choochis. He was a little more awkward than Sameer, but just
as eager. She bit her lip and smothered her little cries of pleasure
as he fondled, licked and sucked her khuli hui choochi.

Soon, Geeta didn't think she could take much more stimulation without
losing control of herself, but the kids showed no sign of stopping. In
fact they were just getting started.

"My turn now," Hasina told Raja when he'd finished sucking Geeta's
lust-engorged nipples.

Hasina got around in front of her mother and started easing off her
dress. Geeta used all her strength to try to break free, but the boys
held her down. Next came her panties. She whimpered in protest, then
blushed furiously, as Hasina whisked off the lacy garment and tossed
it aside. The kids studied their mother's slim, sexy body.

"Oh, wow," Hasina breathed enviously.

She wished she had her mother's big full choochis, lush dark bush, and
curvy rounded hips. Sameer and Raja were wide-eyed with lust. Geeta
was practically dying with embarrGaandment, but there was nothing she
could do but lie there and take it. She just hoped she could keep her
lust hidden till the kids had gotten tired of playing with her. She
stiffened as Hasina started pushing her legs apart.

"Hasina, no," she snapped, "absolutely not."

"Aw, come on, Mom," Hasina smiled, "have some fun for a change."

That really hit home with Geeta. When did she and Prakash ever have
fun? It was as if they'd been raised not to believe in it. Even their
sex was no fun. It was grim, guilty, and hurried, but it wasn't fun.
Geeta hadn't realized what fun sex could be till she'd spied on her
own children.

Hasina pushed her legs wide open, revealing the moist rosy flesh of
her Choot and the fringe of brown curls. She went right for Geeta's
clit, grasping it between her thumb and forefinger, kneading it. Geeta
just managed to smother the lusty whimper that rose to her lips. It
felt marvelous to have her clit rubbed and rolled like that... even by
her own beti!

"Admit it, Mom," Hasina leered. "you love it!"

Geeta shook her head violently, but Hasina knew she was lying. She
could feel the hot, sticky cream drooling from her mother's Choot, and
she knew no woman could hide that obvious sign of arousal. Hasina
rubbed her mother's throbbing joy button faster, and more thick hot
Choot - cream soaked her fingers. She'd succeeded in turning her
mother on, and now all she had to do was get her to admit it.

"Sameer, go down on her," she instructed.

"Hey, all right," Sameer cried.

Hasina scooted out of his way, and crawled between his mother's legs,
lowering his face right down into to her glistening, pink Choot. Geeta
knew this was going to be the supreme test of her self- control. When
she'd watched the kids through the keyhole, the thing that had excited
her most was the Choot-eating. Deep down, she knew she'd adore to have
that done to her. Well, now it was going to happen, only she didn't
dare admit her enjoyment.

"Uuuuuunnnhhhh," she gasped.

Suddenly Sameer was raking his big hot tongue up and down over the
swollen flesh of her gaping slit, giving Geeta the most exquisite
sensations she'd ever known. She felt her whole body flushing with
arousal, and her face twisted into a horny grimace. She managed to
keep quiet, but that was about all. To her humiliation, she creamed
right into her beta's mouth.

"Yeah, Mom," he chuckled, "you love that, don't you? Mmmmmmm, your
Choot taste good, too! I'm gonna lick your rasheeli Choot till you come!"

Geeta moaned hoarsely, knowing she wouldn't be able to keep quiet if
he did that. It was enough of a struggle right now. Her beta was
dragging his long, stiff tongue through her juicy slit, and it felt
marvelous. Then he zeroed in on the most sensitive spot of all, the
erect and pulsing bud of her clit, already hotly stimulated by
Hasina's skillful fingers.

As Sameer's tongue touched her throbbing clit, Geeta almost flew off
the bed. He used the stiffened tip of his tongue to flick and lash the
ultra-sensitive bud, and it was the most wonderful feeling she'd ever
known. Her Chootdrooled helplessly, the musky liquid soaking his
bobbing chin. Despite her embarrGaandment and guilt, Geeta knew she
was doomed. She wanted this incredible pleasure to go on and on... she
wanted her own beta to suck her Choot!

"Go with it, Mom," Hasina urged from behind her, "you know you love it."

"Nooooooo," Geeta murmured.

But the husky excitement in her voice told the kids she was lying.
Hasina knew her mother was on the point of losing all self-control.
Sameer was very close to pushing his normally stern and puritanical
mother over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm!

Hasina watched intently, because everything depended on her bhai's
efforts. He was an expert Choot eater, as their mother was finding
out.Hasina hoped he was so good, she'd soon be begging for more.

Sameer's glistening tongue was lashing up and down over Geeta's
incredibly-aroused little joy button, sending blast after blast of
delicious pleasure through her naked, writhing loins. The sensations
were so intense, she had her teeth clenched, struggling not to cry
out. But Sameer seemed to sense his mother's rediditance. It was time
to hot up the tongue action a bit.

"Ohhhhh, God, unnnhhhhh," Moan gasped.

Sameer had made his tongue long and stiff, and he was sliding it up
her Choot. The sensation was exquisite. It was more than Geeta could
take. She began to whimper lustily as her beta probed deep into her
Choot with the pointy tip of his tongue. Her husband had never gone
down on her in all their married life, and she just wasn't prepared
for the incredible pleasure she was feeling right now. The last of her
mental defences simply melted away.

"Ohhhhh, yessss," she whimpered, "Lick me! Poke your tongue inside my
Choot, beta ...jara jor se chooso ... uuuuuuuhhh, don't stop!"

Sameer glanced up at Hasina and saw that she was grinning broadly.
They'd won! Mom had admitted her pleasure, and now she wouldn't dare
tell their Dad what they'd been up to. She couldn't, because she was
part of it now. Her pretty face twisted into lusty contortions as
Sameer began to tongue-fuck his beautiful mother in earnest. He
pistoned the stiff meat hard and deep in her famished Choot , and she
wailed with delight.

"Unnnnnhhh, God, yes," she moaned, "do it to me, beta! Lick Mommy's
Choot! Mommy ki Choot ko chooso .Make me come... oooooohh, I need it
so bad!"

Hasina felt all the tension leaving her body. It had been a bit scary
there at first, but now that they'd `persuaded' Mom into joining their
family fun, they were safe.... or so she thought. None of them had the
faintest idea that at that very moment, their father was about to make
an entrance of his own.

Surya Prakash had planned a big surprise for his family that Friday
afternoon. He'd just gotten a promotion and a raise, and he intended
to celebrate by taking them all out for a fancy dinner. His boss had
allowed him to leave work early, giving him the rest of the day off to
celebrate with his family. Prakash entered the house humming happily
to himself.

He could hardly wait to tell Geeta and the kids the good news. But to
his surprise, there didn't seem to be anybody around. Down-stairs was
empty. Where the hell could everybody be?

Prakash suddenly heard faint, muffled sounds coming from upstairs, so
he went up to investigate. There were sounds, all right, really
strange ones, and they were coming from the master bedroom. It sounded
like a woman moaning in pain!

Alarmed, Prakash went silently to the door, knelt and peered through
the keyhole. Later he figured it was as close as he'd ever come to
having a heart attack. His eyes took in clearly what was happening on
the king-size bed, but his mind refused to believe what he saw! It
looked exactly as if Geeta and their three kids were having a sex orgy.

"Ridiculous," Prakash muttered, rubbing his eyes.

He must have been working too hard lately to have a fantasy like that.
He looked again, but saw exactly the same thing as before. His whole
family was naked on the bed, and Sameer was going down on Geeta while
Hasina and Raja watched. This time Prakash couldn't deny the evidence
of his own eyes. But his mind still reeled in shock at what he saw.

"Ooooooh, Sameer beta, do it harder now," Geeta cried, her face
contorted with pleasure, "get me off, baby. Fuck mommy with your big,
fat tongue!"

Prakash felt his Lund start to stiffen. Shocked and stunned as he was,
he couldn't help being turned on by his wife's obvious horniness. He'd
never known Geeta to be this aroused, at least not since the first
week of their courtship, before their parents had forced them to clean
up their act. But so often during their marriage he'd longed for Geeta
to act like this.

Secretly he'd wanted to make love with the lights on, to see his
wife's gorgeous, naked body, to watch her face twist in hot pleasure
as he fucked her. He'd wanted to go down on her, too, and he ached to
have her suck his Lund. But he and Geeta had always been so moralistic
and puritanical, he figured there was no point in asking her to do
such perverted things.

Now he saw how wrong he'd been. Geeta was just as hungry for
excitement and novelty as he was. She was so eager for it, in fact,
that she was getting it on with their kids! She was going out of her
mind with pleasure as Sameer pistoned his long stiff tongue in her
famished little Choot.

"Oooooo, God! I'm almost there! do it - suck it - ahh suck all my
Choot ka rus " she sobbed.

Geeta arched her body to take her beta's pistoning tongue as deep as
she could get it in her slippery-wet Choot. She twisted her fingers in
his hair and pulled on the back of his head, pressing his handsome
young face into her hairy Choot. Her eyes were tightly closed,
shutting out everything but the wild pleasure she was experiencing as
her own beta tongue-fucked her to climax.

Prakash's Lund went stiff as steel, straining against the confinement
of his pants as he watched his eldest beta give his wife the
tongue-lashing of her life. He could tell she was very close to orgasm
by the look of total lust on her flushed face and the loud squeals of
ecstasy that escaped from her hotly-parted lips.

"Unnnhhhh, baby, I'm coming!" Geeta screamed. "UHHHHHHH!! JEEEESSSUS,

Prakash damned near came, too, as he watched his beautiful wife climax
noisily. He'd never made her come like that. But then he'd never done
the deliciously depraved things to her that their beta just had. He'd
never crammed her creamy Choot full of his tongue, even though he'd
often fantasized about it. Well, things were going to change, starting
this very day. Their sex life wasn't going to be boring and
guilt-ridden any more.

"Uhhh! Uuhhhh! UUUUUUHHHH! FUCK! I'm coming so good!" Geeta wailed.

Sameer drew back and watched the results of his work, grinning
broadly.He had good reason to be proud of himself. His pretty mom was
coming like crazy, her body violently wracked by the most powerful
orgasmic spasms she'd ever known. His big Lund was stiff and ready,
and he hungrily eyed the come-spurting mouth of her gorgeous Choot.
Hasina saw the familiar look of lust on her bhai's face and read his
mind easily.

"Go for it, Sameer! Chodo use, uski Choot garam hai" she urged.

"Hey, what about me?" Raja protested, fisting his rock-hard Lund.
"main bhi use chodana chahata hun."

"You'll get your turn, Raja," Hasina Gaandured him.

Prakash listened to all this and turned red. He'd been so pre-occupied
with watching Geeta, he'd lost sight of what was really going on here.
This was incest! He couldn't allow this sort of thing to go on in his
house. He and Geeta were definitely going to have a better sex life,
but it was not going to include the kids... no way in the world! He
had to stop this perversion before things got out of hand.

But he didn't act fast enough. Sameer flipped his mother over into the
doggy position and shoved his Lund into her rasbhari Choot before
Prakash had even opened the door. Geeta clawed the bedspread and let
out a hoarse sustained moan of ecstasy as she took her beta's
rock-hard Lund to the balls. It filled her to the brim, pulsing and
throbbing inside her tightly-stretched Choot like a fire-hose.

Lustily, Sameer began thrusting his huge Lund into his mother's garam
Choot again and again, fucking her deeply. His rapid, energetic
strokes left her breathless.

"Unnnhhhh, shit, yes, beta," Geeta panted, " mujhe chhodo..aur tej
chodo .Tumhari maa bahut chudasi hai ."

Prakash was torn between shock and lust. He was stunned to his wife
and beta fucking, yet he was hotly aroused by Geeta's wanton display
of animalistic lust. She was reacting the way he'd always wanted her
to... thrusting her hips back like a Rundi... begging for more Lund...
squealing out her lust. Except it wasn't him his wife was being so
sexually uninhibited with... it was his beta!

As Prakash watched, Sameer began to fuck his mother with fast, urgent
strokes that rocked her slim body and made her big choochis jiggle
beneath her sensually. Geeta was whimpering with pleasure. Sameer's
Lund was slamming into her chudasi Choot so hard and fast, her garam
Choot juices were being whipped into a creamy froth. Her big, firm
choochis swung heavily back and forth, jiggling lewdly with every
powerful thrust. His beautiful wife was more insanely aroused than
Prakash had ever seen her.

"chodo mujhe , aur jor se chodo " she babbled. "Uuuhhhh, yeahhhh!
sameer bahut maja aa raha hai! bete apni maa ko chod uski gaand
maar,uski moti gori gaand ko chod, teri maa tere Lund ki pyasi hai"

Prakash's Lund was as hard as a rock, jerking and twitching against
his fly as he watched his beta's long, glistening Lund slam repeatedly
into his wife's besharam khuli hui Choot.. He recalled that first
delicious week of his courtship with Geeta, the only time they'd made
love without guilt and inhibitions.

They'd been innocent young people then, hungry for each other, not
aware that sex should be curbed. If only they'd continued like that!
But they'd allowed themselves to be ruled by their parents' ridiculous
puritanical teachings. Now Geeta had gone back to her old self, the
way she really was... lusty and eager and hot blooded.

Sameer's deep, hard fucking brought his mother quickly to the verge of
orgasm. Geeta closed her eyes and sailed into orbit, the powerful
pleasure-spasms wracking her body. Prakash wished he could make her
come like that... maybe he could!

"Unnnhhhh, yes, I'm cumming!" she wailed. "Ohhhhh, Sameer beta, aur
jor se chodo! Uhhhhh, God, it's so damned good!"

"Unnnngghhhhhhh! Yeahhhh! I'm cumming too, Mom!" Sameer yelled,
jetting his load into his mother's visibly-spasming Choot.

"I'm cumming in your garam, chudasi Choot! UHHHHGGGGHHHHH! MOMMMMM!!"

Prakash shivered with lust and envy as he watched his eldest beta
shudder and bury his Lund deep up inside his mother, flooding her
Choot with his incestuous sperm. Prakash's Lund felt ready to explode.
He was desperate for relief and Geeta's recently-chudi hui Choot
looked so tempting. But just as he was about to enter the room and
take his rightful place between his wife's wide-spread thighs, Sameer
flopped back with a satisfied sigh.

Raja immediately took his place, shouting, "My turn now!"

"Unnnhhhh, yesssss!" Geeta hissed, as her younger beta rolled her onto
her back and scrambled eagerly between her glistening thighs.

Raja positioned the head of his Lund in his mother's khuli hui Choot
and slammed it home with a grunt.

"Uhhhhhh! Fuck, Maa teri Choot bahut tight hai!", he groaned, starting
to hump his slim young hips madly. Geeta hardly heard him. She was in
seventh heaven.

Sameer's fucking had felt so great, she wanted more of it. Raja gave
her the same hard urgent strokes, blast after blast of hot sensation.
Even though she'd just climaxed violently, she was ready to come again
within seconds. She just wished that Prakash would fuck her like this,
hotly and hungrily, without any sense of shame or guilt.