Sex in Indian family 6

"Ohhhhhh, Raja, that's so good," she was squealing. "Fuck me hard,
honey, as hard as you want!"

"She likes it when you ram it in real hard," Sameer put in.

"Thanks, big bhai," Raja said, "I need all the advice I can get
fucking this horny bitch!"

"That's it, kid," he said excitedly, "Squeeze her hot little choochis
while you fuck her, she loves that! Give it to her harder!"

"Ohhhh, God yesssss! Do it!" she panted to Raja, "Fuck my brains out,
little bhai."

Raja looked questioningly at Sameer. He didn't see how their petite
delicate-looking didi could take a harder pounding than the one he was
already giving her. But Sameer nodded, giving him the "go ahead" as it
were. Raja pulled out all stops and fucked into his didi a hard and
fast as he could. Her little body shuddered violently with the impact
of his hammering young Lund.

"Oooooooh, shit, yessssss!" she hissed.

Raja still could hardly believe it, but if that was what she wanted,
he was delighted to give it to her. He closed his eyes in total bliss
and pounded both himself and Hasina to the brink of orgasm. He could
feel her Chootgetting tighter and hotter by the second, and his Lund
felt just about ready to explode. The bed was rocking and creaking,
and Sameer was urging them on.

"Fuck her, Raja!", he growled, fisting his rock-hard Lund. "Fuck the
horny little randi good! She needs it!"

"Unnnhhh, God, I'm almost there." Hasina sobbed. "Fuck me! Oooohhh,
God! Please, fuck me!"

"Hey, Raja." Sameer said eagerly, "let me show you a way to really get
her off."

"Okay," Raja panted, unsure of what his bhai had in mind, but eager to
try anything. Sameer grabbed his bhai's hand and guided it 'round
between Hasina's thighs, moving Raja's hand until his fingers were
sliding over their big didi's throbbing clit.

"Squeeze her there," Sameer told him.

Raja held the stiff, slippery bud of flesh between his thumb and
forefinger. He gave it a steady slow squeeze, and it was just like
pressing a magic button. Hasina let out a hoarse wail, and her
Chootclamped around his Lund like a vice. He felt the fiery-hot spurt
of her come-cream. He was making his own sweet, sexy didi come for the
first time... and if he had his way, it would hardly be the last!

"Unnnhhh, God! Unnnhhhgghhh, shit! I'm cummmmiiinnng... OHHHHHHHH,
FUUUUUUUCK!!" screamed Hasina.

Raja's triumphant grin was suddenly replaced , by a lusty grimace of
passion as he flooded his didi's cumming Chootwith his steaming sperm.

RANDI!" he roared, hammering his spurting Lund deep up inside her.

"Ohhhhh, yeah, little bhai, cream me good!" she howled.

Sameer watched them writhing and bucking together, his Lund was stiff
and ready for more. He had to admit that he'd really gotten off on
watching his randi big didi getting fucked by their younger bhai. Raja
was a real stud! As soon as Raja pulled his dripping Lund out of
Hasina's cum-filled Choot, Sameer was on top of her.

"How about it, Didi, ready for more?" he leered.

"I sure am," she gurgled happily.

Sameer rolled onto his back and took her with him, and she ended up
crouching over his belly, her hot, juicy slit grazing the head of his
Lund. This was going to be a first for Hasina. She'd never made out
with two guys at the same time, never fucked one man after the other.
In fact, the only guy she'd ever made it with before was Munna.

But having sampled the delights of incest with her lusty young bhais,
Hasina was hooked! With a lusty gurgle she began to slide down
Sameer's rock-hard Lund. She watched the boy's eyes roll, staring down
into his handsome young face as his long, stiff Lund slid up into the
very depths of her Choot. His face contorted into a lusty grimace of
pleasure, and Hasina kept on sliding until she was completely crammed
with her bhai's thick Lund, and only his balls were showing.

"Uuuuhhhhmmmmmmmm, shit, yeahhhhhhh," he sighed.

"Fuck me, Sameer," she leered, "fuck my brains out!"

"You better believe I will," he growled.

"Ooooooh, yeah! You gorgeous mother-fucker," she gasped, "really give
it to me, baby!"

"Hasina, you shouldn't swear like that," Raja exclaimed.

Then they all burst into laughter. It was hard to shed the strict
manners that had been drummed into them by their puritanical parents,
but they were making a start at it. They could just imagine how
shocked their folks would be if they could see their kids right now,
naked and fucking... enjoying their own private little orgy. But what
they didn't know was that one of their parents had just entered the house!

Geeta came in from the garage and tossed her purse onto the kitchen
table with a sigh of exasperation. It had just been one of the most
frustrating shopping trips she'd ever had. The traffic was
unbelievable... the heat unbearable... and she hadn't been able to
find a single thing she was looking for! Finally she'd just given up
in disgust, and come home early. To make matters even worse, the kids
hadn't done any of the jobs she asked them to do.

The dirty dishes from breakfast were still in the sink, and no
vacuuming or dusting had been done. Geeta expected to find the kids
parked in front of the TV, but when she walked into the living room,
there was nobody there. Puzzled, she went upstairs. There were voices
coming from the master bedroom. Geeta reddened with anger. The
children were forbidden to enter that room without their parents'

She stormed toward the door, only to stop short when she heard her
beti's voice crying, "Ohhhhhh, yeah, honey, fuck my Choot good and hard."

Geeta clapped a hand to her mouth to stifle a gasp of shock. Surely
her ears were playing tricks on her! But she had to make sure just
what was going on in that room before she burst in. She crept to the
door, knelt, and looked through the keyhole.

"Oh, my God," she breathed. Now her eyes were playing tricks! She
blinked and looked again. But the image was the same. Her beti and her
two jawan betas were on the bed, stark naked and Sameer and Hasina
were making love, while Raja watched.

Geeta just froze. She couldn't believe after the strict way they'd
been raised that they'd do anything as outrageous as this. It was
just... just... unthinkable!

"Uuuunnnhggghh, fuck me, Sameer!", Hasina was moaning. "Ummmmm, God,
you're fucking me so good!"

Sameer had a big grin on his face as he did what she asked and
hammered his huge Lund into his didi's insatiable Choot. He was on his
back, and Hasina was straddling him, riding his pistoning Lund like it
was a bucking horse. Her pretty face was twisted into a mask of
urgent, incestuous passion, as were Sameer's handsome features....
Geeta hardly recognized them!

Raja crouched as close as he could to the action, watching intently.
His own virile young Lund was stiff as a board, lying flat against his
belly, drooling pre-cum into his navel. Geeta didn't know what to do.

"Harder!" Hasina was moaning, "Fuck me harder, Sameer, make me come

`Again??'.. thought Geeta, her eyes glued to the sight of Sameer's
long, thick teenage Lund slicing into Hasina's obviously eager young
Choot.. `How long had this wanton depravity been going on??'

Sameer snorted with excitement and hammered his Lund deep up into
Hasina's bouncing Choot, fucking his didi as hard as he could,
actually making her slim young body shudder with the impact.

Hasina shrieked with pleasure, and a gush of thick, pearly cream
bubbled out around her bhai's thick shaft, coating their meshed
genitals with her feminine arousal. Beside them, Raja's excitement was
carrying him away, and he fisted his Lund, pumping the long, stiff
shaft urgently, openly masturbating while he watched his bhai and didi

"Outrageous..." Geeta whispered, "Disgusting....." Yet even as she was
saying it, she felt her Choot getting hot and moist.

For some weird reason, the scene seemed to be arousing her. She was
furious with herself, but there seemed to be nothing she could do to
stop it. Hot sticky cream was leaking from her Choot, and her slit was
swelling up. In fact, she found she couldn't bear to look away from
the keyhole, in case she missed something! What was the matter with

In helpless fascination, her hot eyes focused on her beta's huge
pistoning Lund as Sameer fucked his squirming didi. She watched her
beta's incredibly large Lund slammed in and out of Hasina's tight
Choot, reaming and cramming her with it's enormous girth.

Geeta creamed even more heavily and soaked her panties. There was no
denying it now, the sight of her lusty young kids fucking was turning
her on like mad! Hasina and Sameer were fucking in broad daylight, in
a position Geeta and Prakash had never tried, and they were enjoying
hell out of it! It was clear that they didn't feel a bit of guilt
about what they were doing. They were both grinning like crazy, and so
was Raja.

"Unnnhhh, Sameer, I'm gonna cummmmm!" Hasina moaned. "Really give it
to me now, little bhai... get me off!"

Sameer snarled lustily and hammered his Lund up into his didi with
lightning speed. While he was doing this, he whispered something to
Raja and Raja grinned and reached between their writhing loins to
finger Hasina's clit. He gave the slippery little nubbin several firm
squeezes, just like he'd done before, when he fucked Hasina himself...
He got exactly the the same results.

Hasina stiffened and arched her back, thrusting her Chootdown hard on
Sameer's Lund, pinning Raja's fingers between them as she howled her
way to a mind-blowing climax. Sameer was only seconds behind her.

"Ohhhhhh, SHIT, you guys! I'M CUMMMMINNNGGGG! " she yelped.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck, aaaggghhhh! Me too!" Sameer roared, jetting his load
into her.

Geeta found herself shaking with excitement as she watched her kids
orgasm. She almost always got off when she and Prakash fucked, but
never like this. Hasina was coming powerfully, her body writhing and
bucking, and she was screaming in ecstasy. Geeta hardly moved or made
a sound when she climaxed.

"Mmmmmm, God, that was great," Hasina gurgled as she finally rolled
off Sameer's cum-soaked Lund.

"I sure hope you're not tired, Didi," Raja said eagerly. "I wanna fuck
you again."

"Horny little, Lund, aren't you little bhai", grinned Hasina.

"Not so little though... am I, Didi?", smiled Raja, fisting his huge

"I guess not," drooled Hasina. "Can I suck it a bit first?"

"Sure!" grinned Raja, lying back so his didi could get her head
between his legs.

Geeta was almost moaning with need as she watched them. She and
Prakash knew about oral sex but had never tried it. They'd talked it
over and agreed that it was wrong. But she found herself actually
drooling as she watched Hasina licking the length of her bhai's
rock-hard Lund and swallowing his pre-cum. It was something the older
woman secretly longed to experience.

Hasina was obviously having such a good time, moaning as she sucked
her bhai's swollen Lundhead into her mouth and swallowed the juices
leaking from his eager young Lund. Raja got flushed in the face and
started panting and breathing heavily. His Lund gave lusty jerks under
his didi's greedily lashing tongue.

"Hey, Didi," Sameer chuckled, "why don't you go all the way and suck
the kid off?"

"I'm not a kid," Raja objected.

"Okay, okay," Sameer said soothingly, "but how'd you like her to give
you a blow job?"

"I'd love it," Raja leered.

"Mmmmmmm, guess I better give him what he wants then, right Sameer?"
Hasina grinned.

"Yeah, we wanta keep him happy," Sameer agreed.

Hasina opened her lips wide and slid them down over the granite column
of her little bhai's Lund. His eyes rolled back in his head and closed
in total bliss as she sheathed his young meat in the steamy wetness of
her mouth. Her cheeks drawn in, her head bobbing briskly, she began to
suck him off. Geeta's mouth actually began to water she watched her
beti suck on her youngest beta's Lund. And, despite everything she
thought was holy and righteous, she couldn't stop her traitorous Choot
from creaming helplessly at the incredibly erotic sight.

"Awwwwww, yeah, Didi, suck it!" Raja groaned.

Sameer was getting turned on, too.... his Lund springing up rigid and
ready as he watched his sexy didi blowing their kid bhai. But this
time he didn't have to wait to use her Choot. It was all ready for
him, and all he had to do was kneel behind the horny randi and stuff
his Lund into her.

What were didis like Hasina for anyway, if not to fuck, he chuckled to
himself. She was the kind of girl who could never say no to a stiff,
ready Lund. Sameer's diagnosis proved correct as Hasina shivered
happily and gave a muffled gurgle of pleasure as he slid the entire
length of his Lund into her hot little nympho Choot.

"Unnnhhh, shit, yeah," he moaned. "Tiiight, hotttt choooot!!"

Hasina was wildly turned on as she took on two Lunds at the same time.
Sameer really had some terrific ideas. She felt wonderful stabs of
pleasure as he worked his throbbing Lund in her clasping little Choot
from behind, fucking her so forcefully that her lips were pressed into
Raja's pubic hair as she deep-throated the loudly-moaning young boy.
At last she was finally getting all the Lund she wanted.

"Mmmmmm, uunmmmm," she moaned.

Sameer knew that his sexy big didi was extremely excited taking two
Lunds at once, even though she had her mouth crammed with Lund and
couldn't speak. Her tight, juicy-wet Chootgot hot as fire around his
Lund, and it throbbed and sucked and clamped. She sucked faster and
faster on Raja's Lund, making obscene wet slurping sounds that echoed
through the room and drove them all to a fever pitch of lust.

"Oh, Christ! Suck hard, Didi! I'm gonna come," Raja yelped, attempting
to pull back before he shot his load.

"It's okay, kid... she loves to swallow," Sameer told him.

"Let her have it!" And a second later they did... from both ends!

"Ahhhhhhh, shit, aaaggghhhhh!" Raja bellowed, filling his didi's hot,
sucking mouth with a belly-load of sperm. Sameer orgasmed into her
hotly sucking Choot only seconds later.

CHOOT, YOU GORGEOUS RANDI!" Sameer yelled, not caring who heard them.

Hasina spun into a violent climax as she took her two bhai's huge hot
loads of sperm in her Chootand mouth at the same time. She was going
to have to congratulate Sameer on his wild idea. She loved taking on
both her horny little bhais at the same time. This way they could all
have fun together, with no jealousy, and most importantly... no waiting!

But Hasina didn't get a chance to tell her bhais anything. They'd
hardly finished coming when the bedroom door burst open and their Mom
charged in. Her face was scarlet, and she was trying to say something
but couldn't get the words out. It became painfully clear to the kids
that she'd been watching them through the keyhole and had seen every
kinky thing they'd done.

"Oh-oh, guys," Hasina moaned, "I think we're in real deep shit!"

Now that she was in the room, Geeta didn't know what to say. She knew
she ought to put a stop to the outrageous things her children were
doing, but she couldn't seem to find the words. Confronting the three
naked kids, all she could do was stammer and blush. That gave Hasina
time to come up with a plan.

She knew they had to win their Mom over to their side, otherwise
there'd be hell to pay. Hasina didn't like to think about the
consequences if Mom told their Dad what she'd seen. But something
about her mother's flushed face and confused manner gave Hasina an
idea. It just might work, too, she thought with a smile. Their Mom
couldn't help staring at the boy's erect Lunds. Finally Geeta found
her voice again.

"I saw everything you kids did," she said grimly, "and you should be
ashamed of yourselves. You're all going to be in very big trouble when
I tell your father about this."

"Hey, wait, Mom, take it easy," Sameer said soothingly. "Maybe it's
not as bad as you think."

"Oh, yes, it is, young man," she snapped. "I told you, I saw
everything, and it was the most dirty, disgusting behavior I've ever

Sameer looked helplessly at the others. He'd tried to calm Mom down,
but he'd only made matters worse. Now it was Raja's turn.

"Please, Mom," he said desperately, "don't tell Dad. We'll do whatever
you want, but leave Dad out of this."

"I can't do that, Raja," Geeta said sternly, "You know that your
father will have to be told about something this serious!" Things
looked desperate... so why was Hasina smiling?

"Guys," she said to her bhais. "Grab her!"

Raja and Sameer didn't know what their grinning didi had in mind, but
they'd do anything to avoid their stern father finding out about this.
Whatever crazy plan Hasina had in mind, they'd gladly give it a try.
They leaped off the bed and grabbed Geeta by the arms. She tried to
wriggle free, but her husky young betas were much too strong for her.

"Okay, Didi, now what?" Sameer asked. "Bring her over to the bed,"
Hasina leered. "We're gonna try to persuade her to see things our way."

"That isn't possible. Hasina," Geeta snarled. "I'll never have a mind
that filthy. You'd better let me go right this instant, or you'll be

She went on sputtering as the boys led her over to the bed and pulled
her onto it. Hasina paid no attention to her mother's angry remarks.
She just slipped off Geeta's shoes, then her pantyhose, and then
started unbuttoning the front of her dress. Geeta turned deep red, and
the boys began to grin as they caught on to their didi's wicked plan.

"Hasina," Geeta cried, "I'm warning you... this is ridiculous! You're
only going to make things worse for yourselves. Let me go right now."

"Relax, Mom," Hasina replied with a maddening grin. "I've got a
feeling you're going to love this."

That was exactly what Geeta feared. She'd gotten so turned on as she
watched her kids making out, and for the first time she'd realized how
boring her own sex life was. She found she was eager for novelty and
excitement, and of course her naughty children could give her plenty
of that. But she couldn't allow herself to take part in their
incestuous orgy. That was against everything she'd always believed.

Now Hasina was opening the front of her dress and exposing her nicely
packed bra to the boys. Raja and Sameer were kneeling besides her,
holding their squirming mother down by her shoulders. Geeta couldn't
see their faces, but she could hear their harsh excited breathing as
Hasina eased the dress off her arms and shoulders, stripping her to
the waist except for her bra.

"Hasina! Nooooo... stop," Geeta moaned. Hasina ignored her.

She and the boys gaped at Geeta's large firm choochis, which looked
ready to burst from her delicate lace bra. Mom always tried to hide
her gorgeous choochi by wearing loose plain clothing, but now they
were revealed for everyone to see. Geeta blushed hotly and tried to
free her arms, but it was no use. The kids had her right where they
wanted her.