Special Occasion

Rahul was only 21. He was the only child of wealthy modern couple at
Calcutta. Anil chatarji, Rahul's father was a renowned businessman at
Calcutta and very rich too. His wife Ruposhi was the headmistress of
the biggest girls college at Calcutta. Ruposhi or Rupu was only 40
now. She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly went to clubs
in rich areas of Calcutta and was a very active social worker. She
even worked as a feminist. Rupu liked to dress very conservatively,
never very revealing. Since she was the teacher of a girls' college,
she liked to set exampled rather than preach it. But in her deep
heart, she was not prudish.
She understood the modern concept of sex and liked it better. Her
husband Anil was busy most of the timed with his business, could not
give much time to his wife. Rupu was not unhappy, but her sexual life
was far from what she desires. As a conservative bengali mother of a
grown up son, Rupu hardly let her sexual urge to surface. She
maintains a regular happy mother, happy wife kind of air around her
all the time. Only thing that kept Rupu from thoughting about her
failed sex life was her only son Rahul. Rahul was a very good looking
young boy and a great student. Both Rupu and Anil were very proud for
their son. Rahul also plays cricket and was very athletic. When Rupu
watch her son playing at the cricket field, ran like a bull and
through the bowl in huge pace, Rupu could not hold back her tears
from joy. She could not believe that this handsome boy once was her
little son who suckled on her breast. Rupu loved Rahul more than
anything in this world. It was Rahul's Birthday. As usual, his dad
didn't care about it and went to a business trip. But the proud
mother couldn't let the day went so easily. She decided to dress a
little openly today. She wore a semi-tranparent chiffon sari. The
sari was greenish, but more like raw Banana leaf color. The blouse
was also made of the same see-trough materials. Finally a black bra
made of fine silk with laced was underneath the blouse.
When she finished having kajol on her big eyes, red moist lipstick on
her full lips, a long pendant golden earrings which her mother gave
her at her wedding, an intricate necklace of pure gold with expensive
gems and a couple of dozens of glass bangled on both of her fair
hands, she looked divinely beautiful. When she looked at the mirror
how she looked, she realized that long forty years had done little
damage to her stunning serene beauty. She could still pass as a young
lady at her thirties. Rahul woke up from his sleep hearing his mom
calling him from downstairs. He decided to freshen up quickly. When
he got down to had his breakfast and saw his mom Rupu in her rather
unusual look, he was very surprised. Rahul always knew that his mom
was a very attractive lady and sometimed his friends gave hints to
him that his mom was very sexy too. But Rahul never thought his mom
as a sexy lady or a woman to desire. But seeing his mom this morning
in such a nice sari and all these jewelry, Rahul for the first time
felt something in him which was not exactly sonly love. It was a form
of desire. Rupu bade him Happy Birthday warmly. He smiled. He somehow
desired to hold his mom close and kiss her. He tried to drive away
this thought from his mind and decide to eat his breakfast quietly.
Rupu just watched her son eating. Oh god, she finally thought, "I
love my son". Rahul was trying to concentrate at eating, but he could
not avoid thoughting about how beautiful his mom was looking. When
Rupu went to the kitchen to get the tea for him, he could not refrain
his eyed devouring the wiggling motions of his mom's great big round
ass. Rupu had a specially big ass. She got it from her mother.
Although Rupu tried to exercise everyday, kept herself from being too
fat, her ass would not shrink a shred of flesh. Finally she gave up.
It was genetic. Besides, big assed were not that bad. Anyway, Rahul
tired his best not to thought about his mom's great ass at least this
morning, but it was no use. To make things worse, he developed a hard
Then his mom returned with tea. Rahul was really worried if his mom
took a notice of his hard on, then what will happen? How will he
explain things? But when Rupu gave the cup of tea to his son, Rahul
saw no unusual sings at her eyes. He was relieved. When Rupu was
giving her the cup, her sari's pallu (or anchol) fell from her
breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits to her son. Rupu
instantly gathered the sari to its right place, but the glimpse was
enough for Rahul to guess how big his mom's tits really were. Even
under the blouse and tight nylon bra, they were trying to come out of
the confinement. Rahul's hard on just intensified at this. He could
not thought anything now other than how sexy it would be to see those
big tits of his mom. Rahul decided to finish his breakfast as fast as
he could and go to the bathroom to pee. He knew there was no way for
him than to masturbate now. But masturbating hardly helped him. The
huge cock was as still as it was before. He had to fight hard to tuck
it under his pants. When he got out of the bathroom, he found his mom
sitting on the dinning table. He started to chat with her. They were
talking about Rahul's childhood and how she raised him with so much
love. Emotions were very strong inside her heart and tears began
falling from her eyes. Rahul could not resist anymore. He went to his
mom. Rupu got up, grabbed Rahul and began to hug her only son
forcibly. Rahul was not ready for this. His mom's huge tits were
pasted on his chest and his own bulging cock was touching mom's bare
belly. But Rupu was unaware of all these. She kept on crying. Rupu's
tits felt so good on his chest that Rahul decided to let this embrace
go as long as mom wanted. His cock was trying to grow even bigger.
Now Rupu could feel that his young son's bulging cock was poking her
bare belly. But she couldn't thought anything about that. It was her
own Son!!! But she liked the touch of the hard on. She was kind of
surprised to find that she was getting excited imagining her own
son's cock.
She smiled to herself. She never realized before that she had such a
horny desire. But Rupu did not try to resist the natural feelings.
She let it come. Her emotions were gone now and she was now loving
thoughting about his son's cock. She tired to guess how big it could
be. She had never been fucked by any man other than her husband.
Suddenly the phone rang. Finally the heavenly embrace broke. Both of
them were angry. Rupu went to attend the phone and Rahul went to his
room. After some time, he went to his mother's room and found his mom
stooding before the window looking outside. Rahul decided to give mom
a shock. So he tip-toed towards Rupu without making any noise. When
He was only 3 ft away from Rupu's fair back and round ass, he took a
good look at his mom's back. Rupu was wearing a very low necked
blouse, exposing most of her back and shoulder. Her fair skin was
smooth like butter. Rahul longed to lick his mom's bare shoulder and
back. He could even make out the outline of her bra from her blouse.
Rupu's back was so sexy that Rahul's hard on renewed with vigor. He
could not thought straight. Somehow it seemed to him that this was a
golden chance for him to show his love for Rupu. Mom was vulnerable
and dad was not home. So Rahul grabbed Rupu from Behind
saying, "Mommy". Rupu was stratled at this. She was a little shy
since she was thoughting about the big cock of her son at that
moment. Rahul was hugging Rupu very strongly, pressing his huge hard
on onto mom's soft ass flesh. He even gave Rupu a wild kiss at her
shoulder. Rupu turned around and hugged Rahul back, lovingly. She
again felt her son's bulge at her belly. Then the mother and son went
to the market to buy Rahul a birthday gift. Rahul got a nice wrist
watch. He decided to give his mom something. He then took his mom to
the Calcutta Sari Bazar and bought his mom two saris.
They were very tranparent chiffon saries. He then bought Rupu
matching blouses. One of the blouses was sleeveless. Rupu first
opposed the idea of wearing sleeveless blouse at her age. But Rahul
insisted saying that, "Mom, you will look very beautiful in them.
Just wear them for my sake." Rupu could not say no. When they went
the bra shop, the shopkepter asked for Rupu's size. Rupu blushed at
this, her cheek became red in embarrassment. She only managed to
say, "I am not sure. You have to measure." The shopkepter brought his
tape and measured Rupu's breast size. Rahul was surprised to find
that his mom's breast size was 40, even under her blouse and bra.
They bought a nylon cupped bra. It was almost evening now. They
decided to go home, dress themselves up for a party at a rich club
that night which Rupu arranged for Rahul's Birthday. Rahul wore a
silk kurta and Rupu wore the tranparent sari with almost tranparent
blouse and the newly bought bra underneath. She made a big khopa with
her long black hair, wore very deep pink lipstick and a high heel.
Rupu looked so sexy in her see-through sari and heavy make-up and
high heels that Rahul said, "Mommy, if you begin to look this
beautiful from now on, you will have hard time finding a girl like
you to marry me." Rupu blushed and said, "Okay, stop now. You look
very handsome yourself too, son." At this point Rupu again noticed
that Rahul's big bulge at the groin had not disappear. Rather it was
more prominent now. She just smiled herself. She suddenly felt a wild
sexual desire for her son's cock inside her right now right there.
She decided to seduce her own son. Rupu asked Rahul, "Rahul, can I
ask you something personal?" "Sure mom, you can ask me anything.",
Rahul answered. "Now, it was very sensitive and a bit bad too.
Thought first before answering.", Rupu looked very serious. "Okay
mom, what is it?", Rahul didn't care to thought twice. "Son, why do
you like to marry a girl like me?", was Ruposhi's question. "Mom,
that's easy. You are very beautiful and pretty.", was Rahul's simple
answer. "Am I only pretty? Not a little bit sexy so that you want
your wife to be sexy like me?", Rahul never imagined his mom will
bring this on. He somehow restrained himself and said, "Mom, look.
Since you and I have been so free and frank today. I will not lie to
you. Mom, you were very very sexy. Beautiful and sexy. Perhaps too
sexy for a mom", Rupu was relieved to hear this from Rahul. She
smiled and said, "Thank you son. But I guess you were saying this
thing only to make me happy. Because, if that was true how come your
father never looks at me anymore?", tears again started to fall from
Rupu's eyes. Rahul wiped the tears from Rupu's cheek and said, "Mom,
I did not know about dad. But for me, you are damn sexy. Sexier than
any Bollywood actress. Now look what effect you have on your son, in
case you didn't notice." Rahul showed his big hard on by raising his
kurta. Rupu was now crying with joy. It was the best feeling she had
ever had. Rupu only managed to say, "Thank you son for being so
honest with me." Rahul could not let this chance go by. So he
said, "Mom, I know it is not possible, but if it were somehow
possible to love you like you have never been loved before mom, I
would surely oblige." Rupu understood what Rahul wanted. But she was
doubtful, "But, son I am your mom. We are not meant to be
lovers." "Why not mom. I love you more than anything in this world.
If lovers can make love, why can't we?", Rahul was eager. At this
point Rupu thought to come out of her inhibition and said, " Okay
son, I shall let to love your mom as the best lovers do. No
limitations, no bindings.
We shall forget we are mother and son. We will be just lovers." Rupu
finally stopped crying and extended her hand to her son and
said, "Come baba, come to mama." Rahul just jumped to his mom's
embrace and put his lips on his dear mom's. Rupu took her son's eager
lips in more passion and they kissed like two hungry tigers. Rupu put
one of her hands on Rahul's big cock over his pajama and started to
run her fingers over his bulge. She took one of Rahul's hands and
rested in on her tits. She said huskily, "Caress mommi's tits, son."
Rahul was in heaven now. He grabbed his mom's tits vigorously and
started to knead then hard. Rupu let go Rahul and said softly, "Now
son that's not the way to touch mom's tits. Be gentle son. But first,
let me undress myself so you can see what mommi has for you inside."
Rupu asked Rahul to sit on the sofa while she was undressing. First
she put off all her jewelry. Then she let her hair loose. Next, the
removed her sari from her body slowly. Then came off the petticoat.
After that, the blouse and lastly the bra. Rupu was completely naked
before her son now except the high heel. Rahul was dumbfounded by
this. He had never imagined his mommy to be so stunningly sexy. Her
tits were far bigger than what he thought even after today's incident
at the bra store. They were big like two round cocoanuts, a little
sagged from age, but still very firm and round. Her nipples were big
too, brown in color. Her cunt was shaved. But She had a thin line of
hair at her armpit. It made her more sexy. Rupu now said, "Don't keep
mommy waiting son. Bring out your cock for mom." Rahul just let the
pajama fall on the floor and his huge cock was fully visible. It was
standing like a pole with some moister at the head. Rupu had never
imagined Rahul's cock to be so big and fat. She could not resist
herself anymore. She just touched her son's huge dick with her soft
Her bangles made rini-jhini sound with it. Rahul's cock seem to grow
even bigger at Rupu's touch. Rupu said, "Rahul, my dear, do you want
mom to kiss your cock for you?" "Mom, please, suck my cock.", Rupu
smiled at Rahul's eagerness and brought her tongue to the red head of
his cock. She first licked the head, then took only the head inside
her mouth. The cock filled her mouth completely. Rupu now was sucking
her son like she used to suck the candy stick in her high school
days. She took more than half the cock inside her mouth and gave the
best blowjob. Rahul simply could not say anything, but came with
strong force in his mom's mouth. Rupu swallowed all the cum Rahul had
to offer. Now, Rupu stood up and asked Rahul to treat her tits like
they deserve. Rahul first touched mom's tits with her hands. Then he
started to press them slowly. Rupu liked her son's hand over her
tits. She asked Rahul to lick the nipples. He started to lick Rupu's
erect nipples. He now was licking all over mommi's tits and pressing
them at the same time. Rupu was very wet in her cunt. She made Rahul
sit on the sofa with his cock erect like a spear. She just pierced
her cunt with the cock of her loving son. The whole thing got inside
her wet cunt in a flush. Rupu gave her tits to Rahul's eager tongue
again and started to fuck her son by riding him like a horse herself.
Within minutes Rupu started coming. She came more than thrice before
Rahul said that he was coming. Right at the last moment, Rupu took
out her cunt from Rahul's cock and put the cock in her mouth again.
Rahul came with more cum than before on his mom's mouth. Rupu ate all
the cum. That was just the beginning. That night sexy mother and son
fucked at least five times before they fell asleep in sheer
tiredness. When Rahul got up next morning, it was about noon and Rupu
was not with him. He went downstairs to look for his sexy mom and
found that Rupu was cooking food for lunch wearing only that
transparent sari, nothing else. Her fair and humongous ass was fully
visible through the transparent sari.
Rahul put off his pajama and brought out his erect cock. He then
grabbed Rupu from behind and began to poke mommi's ass with his big
pole. His hands were busy pressing his mom's big tits and his lips
kissing Rupu's back. Rupu laughed at her son's wildness and
said, "Son, you were horny for mommi again?" At this point, Rahul
raised the Sari from Rupu's ass and asked Rupu to bend. Rupu bent on
the kitchen counter, exposing her ample ass to her son's full view.
Rahul first kissed the fair flesh all round the ass, then he put his
tongue to the ass cheek. Rupu tired to restrain her son from it. But
by this time Rahul was licking her hole so good that she gave up.
Nobody had ever licked her asshole before. It felt so good. Rahul
tired to insert his tongue as deep it went inside Rupu's ass and lick
it. Rupu was now cummimg like a whore. Rahul then inserted his index
finger in Rupu's virgin ass. It went pretty easily. He next put two
of his fingers, then three, then four. Rupu liked Rahul's fingers in
her ass so much that she asked Rahul to fuck her ass right now. Rahul
set the head of the cock at the ass cheek and with a big stroke
inserted the whole head in Rupu's asshole. The tight asshole gripped
the cock head very strongly. Rahul could not move it any more. To
Rupu, it felt like her asshole will burst. But Rahul started to
stroke his cock slowly and gently. Rupu began to like it. After 5
minutes or so, Rupu's eager ass completely welcomed her son's cock
inside. Rupu ask Rahul to increase his speed. Rahul obliges. Rupu
liked every seconds of it. She screamed, "Rahul, my son. Insert the
whole cock inside mommi's asshole." At this Rahul pushed his cock
with such a force that the whole of it got inside Rupu's asshole.
Rahul was mad with pleasure now. He fucked his mom like a lion fucks
a lonely lioness. After 10 minutes of vigorous ass fucking, Rahul
came in floods inside Rupu's ass. Rupu was completely exhausted by
now. So was Rahul. The unsatisfied mother was now at the peak of
pleasure and she was thinking about her bright future with her son's
passionate love.