Yeah, sure thing, right through this door, okay thanks, oh, is she
in there, do I just, okay, fine," I said as I walked into a dark room
with a bed in the middle, and an attractive lady next to the bed
sitting on a sofa.

"Is this the first time you've been here cutie," she said as she
checked me out.

"Yeah, sort of, so you wanna, uhh, start, or something," I said as I
started to make my way towards her.

"It's your money cowboy, your time, you can take as long or as little
as you want," she said as she got up and slowly whispered into my
ear, "So what do you want."

"Well I only have like fifty bucks, what can I get with that."

"I'd say a blow job, that's it, but I don't know, you're kinda of
cute, so I might slip in something extra."

"Uhmm okay, whoa," I said as she grabbed me by my belt and sat me
down on the bed.

I looked down at her and couldn't believe how fine she was, I know I
was paying for this, but damn, she was good. I looked down at her and
saw as she concentrated on rubbing my cock, her dark brown hair went
over her cute little face. Then she pressed her tits against my knees
as she moved closer to my dick. Her tits looked great in that little
black bra, and as she moved in closer and her ass went up I could
feel my dick getting harder.

"Damn cowboy, look at that dick of yours, I see it likes me, now
let's take a look at it," she told me as she un zipped my pants and
pulled down my under pants. She then started to lick her lips as she
started to jack it off with her cute hands.

"Look at the size of this one, damn, might take some work, but I'll
enjoy it."

"Ohhh, yeah, your good, ohh, uhmm, oh yeah baby, suck it good."

She started to slowly kiss my dick as she leaned over and then
started to put my balls into her mouth and slowly started to suck on
them too. That was the best feeling that I've ever had, I almost came
at that instant but she felt my tension and eased up.

"Can you take of you bra and panties, I'd really like that, I mean if
it's okay."

"Don't worry, ease up," She said as she got up, licked her lips in a
very sexy manner, then she reached around and un buckled her lacey
black bra, her tits were great, they weren't huge, but they were
plump and perky. She then slowly slipped down her black thong while
she looked away, showing me her huge ass, she then turned back around
towards me and showed me her nice trimmed pussy.

She then smiled at me, knowing how horny I was, and kneeled back in
front of me and start to jack me off again. I could have sworn I
would have came just by seeing her, but she had a way of controlling
my dick that was unbelievable. She then leaned up front towards me
and took of my shirt and pulled of my pants, leaving us both naked in
that little room. She leaned over, with her great tits hanging while
she put my dick into her mouth. She started to wrap her tongue around
my dick as she had it in my mouth, making me shiver every time she
did it. She looked at me and smiled as she took my dick deeper into
her mouth. She knew she had control over me and loved it. She took my
dick out of my mouth and started to lick everywhere around my dick,
except for my dick. She got me completely aroused, leaving me with a
painful boner, as she continued on to my balls, slowly licking it and
massaging them with her mouth.

"Oh yeah baby, wow, ohhhhh, come on suck it," I said as she continued
to tease me.

She then put my dick into her mouth and sucked on it as hard as she
could, making me cum instantly in her mouth. She continued to suck on
it until I couldn't take it and my dick was limp in her mouth.

"There you go cowboy, that'll be fifty bucks, just pay the lady up
front," she said as she got up and licked my cum of her lip,"Oh yeah,
I promised a little extra, if you need some more sex, come in her and
ask for Mrs. Pillai, that's me, and I'll give you more than this

I didn't go back for another five years, during which time I got
married, with this girl I didn't like, but was pretty fine, and moved
away from Las Vegas. I don't know why but I could never forget that
lady, she was fine and ever since then, I couldn't seem to find a
person that could suck dick as good as she could. At times it got so
bad that when I would fuck my wife I would fantasize it was her, but
I would always be dissapointed as my wife was horrible at sucking my

I knew it was stupid to think about this prostitute that I had fucked
when I was still in college, but I just was obsessed with get my dick
sucked and fucking her once again. I had decided to go visit my
parents in Los Angeles, then take the drive to Las Vegas to fuck this
person once again, shit, it was the only way that I could finally be
at ease with myself.

I got home and it was the usual hellos and catching up, and all of
the sudden my dad asked me if I wanted to go pick up my Aunt Mrs.
Pillai. I had never seen my Aunt Mrs. Pillai, all I knew was that she
was in her thirties and lived somewhere in Nevada. I thought it would
be interesting to meet this aunt of mine and went along with my dad
to the airport.

I was sitting at the airport bar, while my dad looked for my aunt,
when I saw that prostitute that I was going to look for the next day.
I couldn't miss this chance to talk to her, so I went over and
introduced myself. She remembered me and said that she couldn't
easily forget me and told me that she would be around her, gave me
her number, and told me she wasn't any longer in the prostitution
business, but was still up for a nice fuck.

All of the sudden my dad comes up and hugs this chick, "Hey Mrs.
Pillai, wow, you look great, have you met your nephew Jack."

I stared in disbelief and told my dad we've met somewhere else. I
couldn't believe I had fucked my aunt. This was horrible, but damn,
how was I supposed to know. I tried to act normal, but she was great
at it, it seemed almost as though she didn't care.

We got to the house and I noticed her looking at my dick, how could
she keep looking at my dick, didn't she realize we were family. I had
to admit however that her being my aunt didn't ease my sexual
desires, I still wanted to fuck her so bad, but I couldn't, it was
just wrong. I decided to stay with my parents for the week as I had
no purpose in Las Vegas, and I just felt awkward and horny around my
aunt. We had small talk and our past experience never came up until
my dad and mom left early one morning and left my aunt and I alone.

I was the first one to get up, and started to make breakfast, I
walked around in my boxers, thinking no one was home. I was cooking
when I looked up and saw Mrs. Pillai, I still couldn't call her Aunt
Mrs. Pillai, sit in the stool in the kitchen in her bra and panties.
She didn't mind that I was there and was probably enjoying the
torture that I was going through.

"So why didn't you call me up cowboy," She said breaking the ice.

"I couldn't do that anymore, it's wrong, I mean, another wrong,
doesn't make it right."

"What, just because I'm your aunt, come on honey, we're both horny,
we have the house to ourselves, just let go, no one has to know."

"But I ca...," I said as she stopped me and frenched me, my brain
said no, but all the tension, all those years, my dick just simply
overtook me.

I kissed her and grabbed her firm ass, our tongues did incredible
things, I threw everything off the kitchen table and laid her there.
I pulled her underwear off, and ripped her bra off, she then pulled
my boxers off.

I laid on her and started to kiss her neck, moving down to her tits,
and cupping them while I started to suck on them. I fingered her
while I sucked on her beautiful perky tits, making her moan, and
making me unbelievably horny.

"Oh yeah Aunt Mrs. Pillai, you want that don't you, you couldn't keep
your mind of my dick, I think it's about time that you had some of

"Oh now, wait up little nephew, I need to make sure that dick of your
is lubricated enough to go into my pussy."

She pushed me off and laid me on the table and started to suck on my
dick. She took one side and started to suck on it, she then took the
whole thing and started to move her head up and down as quickly as
she could. I looked down at her and saw her beautiful face as it went
up and down, I grabbed her tits and fingered them as she sucked me
hard. She then stopped, grabbed my hand, lead me to the bedroom, she
threw herself on the bed, exposing her beautiful pink pussy.

My dick was wet and slippery with her saliva and I knew exactly what
she wanted. I went up to the bed, she opened her little pussy lips
for me, and I started to tease her with my dick. I slowly put my
dick's head into her pussy. I almost came feeling the heat coming
from her pussy.

"Just stick it in, come on, Aunty want's you big dick."
I took her at her word and rammed my dick up her pussy. I slowly
rocked back and forth while she moaned and scratched my back as she
tried to keep my dick in her pussy. We both panted and fucked, I
finally got my whole dick into her juicy pussy, and she gave me a
satisfactory smile.

"Oh yeah cowboy, now make you aunt come, rock it, ohhhhh, yeah,
haaarder, oh yeah."

I fucked her as good as I could, I stuck my dick as far up as I
could, at times making my aunt get up in the air. I rocked back and
forth and saw the look on my aunt then felt her pussy tightening as
she started to orgasm. My dick couldn't take this anymore so I
started to come inside my aunt. She started to scream and smiled as
she felt my warm cum inside her pussy.

We laid there and then she leaned over to me and told me that anytime
I felt frustrated to just go see her. She gave me her address and
ever since then once a year, I get the best fucks of my life.