, Silent Hunter (Mishal Khan) is back with his another true story,
which happens a week ago .As u all knows abt my First sex encounter
with my front door neighbour, Doctor's wife (Naz) and daughter
(Sana).For the new comers i have to introduced my self a little. I m
23, lived in an Army Area of Peshawar Pakistan,with my grand parents
(as my family lives abroad).

All my sex life comes to end, when the Doctor has shifted to his
village with his whole family.I missed Naz n Sana like hell, but two
months went like this. Then i think Nature also get petty on me, n
sudden a week ago My uncle(grandma Son) comes to visit us with his
family. He has a beautiful wife name Muskan and a daughter kiran, of
age 6.My uncle works for an NGO. He was fall in love with his
secretary (Muskan) n then they got married.Muskan is an Afghani girl
n she is heavenly beautiful. She got a perfect height of 5' 7'',and a
sexy figure of 38-26-38.My uncle have to go to for a business meeting
in Germany, that's why he left Muskan n his 6 year old daughter with
us for a week.

I never seen her b4 as I was abroad, so when the 1st time I see her
she just come near me grab me in her arms. My face get burried in her
two big mountains like boobs. I was so surprised by her that act. But
sudden i realized that she is very broad minded n interesting lady.
We both get frank quickly. All of us were so happy on that night, we
chat a lot n laugh all the night. On another day uncle left to the
Germany n v all come back home from the Airport. We got 4 room,1 for
grand parents,1 for me,1 for the batman (army servant) and in the
other room Muskan n her daughter slept away.I was so horny abt her n
i had masturbated that night of her name.

Next day when i was doing my Pushups exercise, she sudden came in,
with a glass of milk. I always do my exercise without my shirt.She
cames in, n look at me for a moment. Then she said to me that "it is
very easy exercise, cant u do a little hard exercise except this". I
replied, which 1 is that. She sudden sat on my back n then tell me
that do ur pushups now. It was really hard for me to do it, n i laid
down on the carpet. She laugh at me n then she rub her Butts on my
naked back in tro n fro direction. Uff, i can feel her pussy n butts
scratch over my back, I look at her n then she give me a smile.
Suddenly she beat me on my butt n told me to walk for a while, as i
was her horse now . I was on my four, i walked for a while n then i
sudden change my possition n laid on the carpet having my front on
the Top.By this she sat on my laps n she fells on my chest.Her hairs
were on my face, she take them away smiles at me n then tell me "it
was a quick move".I asked her that"do u like riding"?.She smiles at
me n then she pressed her butt on my thighs n come over to my dick.
My dick was hard like a rock at that time.She was feeling my hard
tool beneath her n then she surprise me by rubbing her hand on my

Sudden grandma shout her name from her room.Muskan stood up, n runs
towards the door n told grandma that I will b there in a minute. when
she was close to the door she told me that "may I should talk abt ur
marriage with ur grandma, coz now u need a woman who will makes u
feel so good".I gain some strength n replied to her,"why don't u
teach me something, abt the marriage. As u have experience of
marriage n I hope u will teach me a lot". Then she comes close to me
n whisper in my ear ,that " at 2:00 am I will teach u a lot".n then
she goes out from the room.

Wow that was my good luck, I get shaved n take my bath. I was badly
waiting for the night. when all went to their rooms at 12:45 am. I
was waiting for 2:00 am,(how that time passed only I knows better).At
1:55 am she went close to my room, before that I have used the spray
on my dick which will makes me cum late n I enjoy a lot (Doctor's
wife Naz had gifted me that spray of her husband),She open the door
as it was already open.Light was off that's why she come close to the
bed.When she get close to the bed ,I held her from her back. I turn
on the lamps. It was still dark in the room.When I see her she was
wearing her red nighty n her hairs were still wet. As she had taken a
sweet bath.I didn't waist any time n kiss her on her lips,she was
also horny n kisses me back like a hungry tigress. I took her closed
to the wall n hold her both hands n was kissing her lips n chin,then
I comes over her neck open her nighty,n wonder to c that there were
no panty n bra on her white sexy body. I was kissing on her boobs n
sucking her pink nipples.She was moving her fingers in my hairs.The
she push me a little away, she then laid me down on the bed n come
close to me.She then wisper in my ears "I wants u so bad tonight n I
m so nasty for u".She kiss me on my lips n then take my shirt off n
come to the trouser ,she makes me nude in a second.when she look at
my dick she said " oh my goodness, Mishal you have too big, thick
stout dick. You are bigger then my husband". then she got up on her
knees, taking my hard in her warm hand. I shivered with excitement.
Her hand was moving up and down on my cock, she leaned forward and
kissed my cock, and lick purple head of my swollen cock by her
tongue. Her wet tongue flicked out, lashing my cock. I groaned,
saying " you are sucking it too hard, You better be careful dear
aunty, or something might happen". She looked up at me smiling, then
she said "its okay Mishal I know what will happening. I want to be
it. don't hold back" she said, "I don't care". Then she slipped her
lips over my cock, sucking it into her mouth. My balls slapped
against her chin, god I became so exciting with her mouth full of my
cock.She suck my cock so good but as I had used the spray so I know
what should I do now.

I make her lay down on the bed, and spread her legs. I ran my fingers
over her shaved pussy spreading her pussy lips.I crawled over between
her legs.I first placed my hands on her thighs. She saw my eyes,
bright with lust and desire, i lowered my face and put my mouth on
her wet cunt. Licking her cunt, my tongue flicking back and forth.
Like she did to my cock. she then moaned, crying, saying "Yes, oh
yes, oh Mishal, sweetie lick and suck hard and fast". Oh my god. she
was moaning and howling. I was licking down further, and now i
started to lick her weighty and heavy brown asshole. she moaned,
saying ohh Mishal, no one has ever licked my ass, before. Its looking
me very nice, lick it more my sweet honey. Wet your aunty ass". My
tongue tasted her asshole.n she moaned, and her hands gripping my
hair, now her ass riding up and down my face. I felt her wet slippery
juice, painting my face. I licked my way back up to her wet cunt n
started licking, sucking, anything that made her moan. She was
moaning, and cried " Oh my god, Mishal oh yeah...I am cumming, ahhh..
Oh yeah. She cried of pleasure and her cunt flooded my mouth, face.

Then after a while she rubs my cock n I was hard . We kissed each
other very passionately. I was caressing her wet cunt by my fingers.
And by this she also became excited again. Then she said, "ohh sweety
come on me and fuck your aunty". I sat between in her legs with my
extra large cock. She hold my cock and rubbed it with her clitoris
for a moment and she asked me to placed her legs on my shoulder, as
she want my Dick more in her. She told me pushes it slowly and
carefully.I then put her legs on my shoulders, hence her pink cunt
hole was fairly opened she was then started melting, juice started
oozing out from her. Her cunt hole was soggy.. I feel my thick rod
slide deeper inch by inch and stretched her cunt wall. She let out a
strangled cry of my name in pleasure. I took her body in my delicate
grip and started strokes slowly ins and outs. Soon my tempo of
fucking her increased, and increased. I was now fucking her like a
mad man. Violent session of body game was going on. She was moaning
freely as my cock was really thick and big, although her cunt has
been fucked from last 6 years. Due to her crying i was wild on her,
and showing no mercy in hard pushing. She was under me and was
looking in my eyes. She caught my ass and her hands fell to my bare
ass grabbing them tightly. I looked at her deeply, breathing
heavily.. While fucking her deeply. She became more excited and she
further pushed her hips upward to me. In excitement She wrapped her
legs around me.I kissed her and sucked her tongue tip.. Suddenly she
cried hold me Mishal I am cumming and embracing me hard she started
to discharging her cum on my dick. which I felt so good,my cock was
still in her cunt.

She and I learned how to please each other, over and over again that
night. She sat on top, my cock inside her wet cunt, riding on me,
while i sucked on her nipples. My hands sliding up and down her back,
my fingers cupping her heavy ass. I was in heaven on that night. My
cock was stood all time and I didn't know what to do with it. She had
hold my cock and asked me, Is that hard cock of yours all for me?".I
replied yah Muskan I m all urs. Then she said Mishal, would you do me
a favor?" i answered Muskan, I would do anything for you. Just name
it!" She said Mishal, I have a surprise for you. she turned to look
at me over her shoulder, and then said, "Mishal fuck my ass, I want
your stout and thick dick in my ass hole. Fuck me, right up my ass."
She pushed her ass back, crack, opening, that i could see her tiny
dark asshole. She pulled her ass cheeks open, with her right hand.
Looking at me, She said "Come on hurry, till today no one has fucked
this ass although it is too big and heavy and has be firm. But no one
has ever had me this way. Today I want it to give you. You fuck it
today hard and deep".She knelt on her four lambs in doggy style
upping her ass.I came behind her ass, spreading her ass cheeks open
with both hands, i bent forward, licking her asshole n she moaned,
pushing her ass back at my tongue. My tongue slid up in her hot
asshole. I licked her ass out, until she screamed, "Fuck me, now,
right and deep in my ass! I rubbed some of my salvia on her asshole
and also my cock, pushing my finger up her ass. Adding another finger
i worked my fingers in her ass, trying to loosen her up for my cock.
I put the head of my cock to her puckered asshole. She was, moaned,
as i pushed the head, slowly into her tight ass.I watched, as the
purple head slowly slid up her ass. Her ass cheeks spread, so wide.
She howled " Oh yeah, ahhh, god, Mishal fuck my ass!" I beg to have
my ass fucked".

I started to slowly, fuck my cock in and out of her ass.I enjoying as
my cock slid in and out of her tight ass. She was now whipping her
head from side to side urged me to fuck her harder. I said Muskan
aunty, your asshole is so hot, so tight.I now moved my hand to her
thighs and she felt my fingers, rubbing her cunt and clitoris. She
moaned, as her ass fucking back, meeting me stroke for stroke.She
screamed " oh fuck me, fuck my ass, tear my ass, give me more pump
ahh please so it fast and hard. Tear it I have no objection if you
tore it, do it hard". And this made me wild and i started my stroking
more wildly, forcedly with great power. I was caressing and fingering
her cunt as i has inserted my finger in her cunt hole as she told
me.I was also rubbing her one tit in my palm. She became released and
told me that her cunt flown, I groaned, moaning as her asshole
gripped my cock even tighter, as she came. And after some full stroke
i shouted " Muskan aunty, I am cumming, ahhhh, right in your ass!"
She said, "come in my sweet heart in my ass, I would like to fell
your hot cum in my ass" and with this my cock pumped my cum into her,
clenching asshole. She slowly slumped forward. My cock slid out of
her ass, making a popping sound. She was still in that position like
doggy style just for some time as she was too tired and really can
not move. I was too tired as it was too hard work fucking like that
heavy virgin ass.

We laid after that in each other arms. I was really in heaven.She was
here for 8 days and I was with her sometimes in her room and
sometimes she came over here to my room, and we fucked 8 nights every
night not less than three times.I fucked once again her ass but this
time by my wish. We never missed any chance after that we got to
fuck. We have fucked all possible positions I knew.