My name, as you know, is Rani and I thought I seduced my younger
bother, but, in fact, he busted my cherry and fucked me like a cheap
slut again and again, till the wee hours of the morning. By that time
both of us were soaking wet in a profuse mixture of his cum and my
pussy juice, but neither he nor I had the will or the strength to get
up and have a bath. We wiped and dried our selves with a towel, threw
away the wet bed sheets and slept naked in each others arms.

We woke up around noon time and had a hearty brunch. Then we took a
shower together and put on new clothes. Ferhan walked over to his
room and I fixed up my bedroom. I changed the bed-sheets and took the
soiled ones, which had witnessed the intense battle of sexes the
night before, to the laundry room and dropped them in the washer.

Though, I was feeling a bit tired because of the intense nocturnal
cock and cunt shoving and pushing, yet in the after glow of
surrendering my virginity, I found myself enveloped in an ethereal
cocoon of peace and tranquility. Good night fucking proved to be
extremely soothing, both physically and psychologically for me and I
felt like a newly wed, on the day after.

I was very much engrossed in my own thoughts and enjoying a beautiful
moment of complete relaxation, when the door bell rang. I jumped up
and went to the door, to find out, who was trying to disturb my post-
fucking happiness that I achieved in my life, for the very first
time. It was none other than Sultana, my very best friend. She came
in and looked at me from head to toe. Her thorough visual scrutiny
gave me the impression; she was trying to recognize me, as I had,
somehow, changed overnight.

I became restless because her intense gaze was kind of ripping me
apart. I had no recourse, but to ask, "Sultana, kya daikh rahi
ho? "Tumhain Rani tumhain, aur yeh maloom kernay kee koshish ker rahi
hoon, keh tum budli budli see kyoun lag rahi ho!" She said. Before
she could pass any other comment about my, some how transformed
personality, I said, "Mugar main to wahi hoon, tumhai purani suhaili.
Main to zera see bhi nahin badli."

"Nahin koi bat zaroor hai; tum bohut chamak rahi ho! Rani main
tumhain buchpan say janti hoon, aisa ho hee nahin sukta, keh meri
ankhain mujhe dhoka day jaain!" She amply stressed upon the last part
of her speech.

"OK! OK! Sultana tum theek keh rahi ho." I admitted, adding, "Main
rat bher chuddi hoon." Her jaw dropped to the floor with astonishment
and she quickly asked, "Kaisay, kis say?"

I took her to my room, seated her on the bed, drew a chair and
dropping in it, I whispered to her, "Raat, Ferhan nay meri kuwari
choot phaR dali apnay motey lund say aur phir mujhe duba kay bar bar
choda." Her mouth opened in a big O and taking a deep breath, she
suddenly released it, making a high pitched sound and then
said, "Haye Allah, yeh tum kia keh rahi ho?"

"Main jo bhi keh rahi hoon sub kuchh such such keh rahi hoon!" I came
out with the truth. She gave me a bewildered look and asked, "Tum nay
ussey sub kuchh kernay dia?"

"Main kia ker sukti thee. Main to khood chudnay kaliye baqarar thee."
I kept silent for a moment and then added, "Main nay to soucha tha
keh ussay seduce karoun gee, mughar woh to eik number ka choudu
nikla; uss nay to 20/25 luRkian pehlay say hee chod chukka hai."

"Who kaisay." She asked. "Uska dost Nasir hai nan; uskay ghar main,
yeh kam koi 8 months say chal reha hai."

She kept quiet and seemed to be engrossed in deep thought. Then she
came out of it and looking me straight in the eye, she asked, "Kahin
uski behan ka nam Nasirah to nahin?"

"Han uska nam Nasirah hee hay. Kya tum unhain janti ho?" I
asked. "Bohut achhi tarah! Meri cousin Nasreen ka unkay ghar bohut
ana jana hay." She replied. I was a bit shocked on receiving this
news; my head was bent forward and I was looking at my feet.

"Kahan kho gai ho bunno?" She said, lifting my face up by holding my
chin. "Kahin bhi to nahin. Muggar main soch rahi thee…." Sultana cut
me off adding, "Kahin woh bhi to wahan chudwanay kay liye nahin

"Who issi kam kaliye hi wahan her doosaray teesaray roz aati hai."
Ferhan stepped in speaking quite loudly. We both looked at him in a
state of shock. "Is main itna hairan honey wali koi bat nahin; uss
jaise bohot see laRkian wahan aati rehti hain."

Locking my eye balls with his, I asked, "Ferhan kia tum chhup kay
hamari batain sun rehay thay?" "Nahin baji main nain siraf akhari bat
suni thi aur assal bat batanay kay liye under aa gia. Kia aap ko mera
yoon aa jana bura laga?" He enquired. "Nahin aisee to koi bat nahin!"
I replied. Before I could say anything else, Sultana blurted out her
question, "Ferhan kia tum nay uskay sath kia hai?" "Kya?" He asked
giving her the impression, he didn't understand, what she was talking
about. "Wo hee!" She said, stressing the last word a bit.

He got a little irritated and came out a bit strongly, "Sultana baji
agar aap yeh janana chahti hain keh main ussay chodta hoon to yeh
such hay. Bulkay pura such to yeh hay keh uska kunwar bhi main nay hi
khola tha."

We kept quite for a moment. Then I asked him to grab a chair and join
us. He sat very close to me. Sultana's inquisitiveness made her
restless and she asked, "Ferhan jab tum uskay sath kertay ho to kya
woh bohut mazza laiti hai?" "Hanh lagta to yehi hee hai. Waisay
Sultana baji, Nasreen bohut chudas aurat hai." "Who kya hota hai."
She asked. "Uska mutlab hai key woh bohut ziada chudwati hai." Ferhan
explained. "Magar Ferhan, woh aisa kyoun kerti hai?" Sultana wanted
to know some tangible reason for Nasreen's unusually potent sexual
appetite. "Woh to abhi mushkil say 16/17 baras kee hai."

Ferhan seemed to be getting a little upset by this line of
questioning. He came out in a very straight forward manner, "Daikho
Sultana baji, Nasreen to phir bhi 16/17 saal ki hai, yahan to 13/14
baras ki laRkian din rat chudwati hain. Ab raha swal keh woh aisa
kyoun kerti hain, to uska eik hi jawab hai. Siraf aur siraf jawani ka
muzzay lootnay kaliye."

As he finished his part of speech, he stood up, held my hand and
pulled me on to my feet. His arms went around my lithe body, hugging
me into a tight embrace. My round and firm breasts flattened against
his muscular chest. His mouth devoured my lips, starting a deep
passionate kiss. This was quite a turn on for me. My right hand
descended down on to his crotch and started fondling his hard on.

He broke the kiss and kind of implored me, "Baji bister per challo,
main nain aapko abhi aur issi waqt chodna hai." I replied in a voice
trembling with deep lust, "Wahan lajanay say pehlay mujhay nungi to
ker lay." He got busy right away. First he pulled my kameez [shirt]
up an above my head and threw it away. Then my shalwar [baggy pants]
went south and hit the floor. I was now in bra and panty.

As I moved towards the bed, Sultana got off of it, slumped into a
chair and moved it very close to the bed, for enjoying a front row
view of the ensuing live action. By the time I got on the bed, Ferhan
had shucked his clothes off and was jerking his thick and hard cock
with his right hand. He joined me on the bed and said, "Baji apni bra
to uttarain. Aapko putta hai keh main apkay mummay hathon main pakaR
ker apki choot ko chodta hoon." I quickly complied with his request.

I was now feeling extremely horny and wanted to be fucked right away.
Laying down on my back and opening my legs wide, I invited
him, "Ferhan aa mairay ooper chhaRh, meri choot main apna lauRa dal
aur shuroo ker day chudai." He took a pillow, shoved it under my butt
and then got on top of me. Natural lubricant was leaking freely from
my pussy, in anticipation of the fucking treat, I was going to get.
My vagina was very wet for his cock to bottom out, with a single
thrust. He, however, well lubricated the thick head of his cock with
a blob of saliva, rubbed it down from the top of my pussy and as it
aligned with my fuck hole, he gave a mighty push, burying it to the

"Mera lauRa puray ka pura uter gia hay teri choot main rundi, ab
chudnay kaliye tayyar ho ja." Saying that he cupped my tits in his
hands and while fondling them he started rubbing the hard nipples
between his thumbs and index fingers. I started moaning and heard
myself saying, "Behenchod! apni behen ki choot khoob muzzay say chod,
jiska to nay kal kunwar phaRa tha." He started fucking my pussy with
his cock, the way I liked it the best. My hips began a dance of their
own, in unison with his powerful strokes. I was now moaning loudly
and saying repeatedly, "Ferhan mar apni rundi behen ki choot; main
tairay lauRay kay qurban, jo daba key chod reha hai meri choot; main
chhoot rahi hoon."

He fucked my pussy with his cock, as there was no tomorrow and I
loved every push and shove of his hard and thick cock hitting my
cervix. His cock was moving out to the tip and going all the way in,
with a bang. He was also hurling profanities at me, because he knew
very well that I love his accompanying porno comments, throughout the
screwing operation. He was saying, "Teri choot bohut muzza daiti hai
meri slutty baji; mairay louRay ko daba daba kay gullay lugati hai
teri choot." I promptly responded, "Chodnay ka shukria ada karti hai
aur kehti hai issi tarah bar bar chod behenchod, haram ki aulad."

"Mujh say choot murvanay wali chudas rundi, to nain meri maan ko
gaali dee hai. Kia woh mairay bap kay illawa kissi aur say bhi
chudwati thee?" With these words he wanted to start a mock verbal
battle, which definitely heightens the pleasure of primordial battle
of sexes. I was ready with the answer, "Mujhe kia pata keh woh kis
kis say chudwati thee, behenchod. Rundi ka kya bharosa, woh jab
chahay, jehan chahay kissi kay lauRay say mouj musti ker lay, jaisay
main ker rahi hoon. Pure zor say chod meri choot apnay lauRay say;
khoob dil laga kay chod mujhe, behen kay yar."

He started pumping my pussy hard and my hips went into an overdrive.
Now both of us were sweating profusely. He was moaning constantly and
intermittently opened his foul mouth to level filthiest remarks at my
behavior, during the on going sexual bout. He was saying, "Rundi hill
hill kay chudwana baRi jaldi seekh liya hai to nay." He did not have
to wait long for my rejoinder, as I blurted out my share of the nasty
language, "Meri choot teray lauRay ko gallay laga ker chodnay ka
shukria ada ker rehi hai aur keh rehi hai hemaisha aisay hee choda
ker behenchod."

The frenzy of fucking was at its zenith now. I had innumerable light
intensity orgasms so far. During the very first night of fucking, I
had learnt the art of having multiple orgasms. Now, I had gone a step
forward and was having a mild orgasm at every thrust of his cock in
my vagina. However, my pussy feels sad and empty, when he pulls his
hard cock out of my fuck hole, but bursts into a wonderful orgasm,
when he fills it up to the hilt, on the forward push.

His cock started twitching and swelling in my cunt, which is a clear
indication of his approaching orgasm. I knew he was getting quite
close to spewing gobs upon gobs of his incestuous baby making juice
in my body, but I did no want that to happen, as yet. I loved
prolonged fucking to satisfy my greed for the cock and a never ending
orgasm. With that in mind, I locked my ankles at the small of his
back and stopped the fierce pumping of his cock in my pussy. He got a
little annoyed and asked me, "Rundi behen chuddai kyoun rouk dee?
Itna muzza aa reha tha aur main bhi jheRnay wala tha." His hard and
heavy cock was fully embedded in my pussy and I was experiencing the
ecstasy of the ultimate union. I retorted nastily, "Main abhi yeh
nahin chahti, Mujhe tumharay ooper chaRh kay apni choot say tumharay
louRay ko chodna hai aur jab main poori tarah khalas ho jaoun gee to
tub tum bhi meri choot main chhoot jana. Sumjhay!"

"Achha! Jaisay teri murzi chudas rundi."

He knew the drill of me getting on top, as we had practiced this
maneuver quite a few times during repeated fucking, the night before.
We held each other tight and rolled over. In the next moment, I was
sitting on his crotch with his hard cock wedged in my spastic vagina,
right up to the balls. Supporting my body weight on my knees, I
started bobbing my hips up and down, first slowly and then faster.
Now I was in complete control of the fucking operation and savored
every second of my commanding position. His hard cock was touching my
cervix on each and every downward thrust and I loved to hold it there
for a couple of seconds. The feeling was simply out of this world. I
was also enjoying the dull thuds emanating from the rapid banging of
our wet crotches together.

With every passing moment, the fucking was getting wilder. I was
moaning and groaning with the powerful thrusts of his cocks in my
pussy and was continuously expressing my innate lust in the filthiest
words possible, like; "behen ki choot say apna lauRa chudwa reha hai
behenchod. Teri muzzay ki mari huee chudas aurat tujhe jee bher kay
chod rehi hai aur chodati rehay gee jub tuk uski choot poori tarah
jheR nahin jati."

He was not lagging behind by any standard and was coming up with the
nastiest rejoinders of his own, like; "Chhotay bahi ki athais[28]
saala chudas tikhai, tujhe appnay bhaia kay illawa aur koi nahin
milla tha chodwanay kaliye; Kal mainay teri kuwari choot phaR dali
apnay tunnay huvay lund say aur tujhe apni dashta [rakhail] bana

I was getting very close to my final gigantic orgasm and it began
railroading through my body, initiating powerful jolts in my vaginal
muscles. Tremendous pussy spasms and involuntary vaginal convulsions
were milking the entire length of Ferhan's cock and it proved to be
an ultimate push over for him. Both of us were in the throes of our
thunderous orgasms and were gasping for air like marathon runners.
Right in the middle of my ultimate orgasm, Ferhan pushed his cock
deep into my pussy from below, with downward pressure of his hands on
my thighs and spewed rope after rope of his incestuous jism against
my cervix. Sweat was running freely from our bodies and soaking up
the bed sheet. We were now totally spent, as both of us came down
from the pinnacle of sexual bliss, in the aftermath of an extremely
rough genital banging bout.

I just collapsed on top of Ferhan and lost my consciousness. It
happens all the time, when sexual tension leaves my body in the form
of overflowing pussy juice and heavenly serenity envelopes my soul.
Sexual intercourse with Ferhan feels like an out of body experience
to me and I always pass out under its influence, not knowing for how

On regaining my consciousness, I saw Sultana in Ferhan's lap, facing
away from him. Both of them were in their birth day suits. His long
hard cock was jutting out of her thighs, which she was jerking with
her right hand, while he was fondling her firm tits and rolling the
thick, swollen and erect nipples using his fingers and thumbs.

Before I tell you what happened next, let me describe Sultana's
physical attributes. She is of my height, with a slightly slender
build. Her very fair complexion and a full head of heavy, shoulder
length, light brown silky hair, complement her angelic beauty. A
proportionately sculpted neck supports her beautiful face. Her
breasts were 34D, but were conical in shape, as compared to the
typical hemispherical type, like mine. She had a really narrow waist
with slightly broadening hips. Her supple limbs accentuated the
overall beauty of her body. Her hairless or rather naked feminine
mound, with a delicate middle slit, presented a delicious and
delectable sight to a connoisseur of cunnilingous.

For me this was a highly unexpected turn of events that was both
fascinatingly erotic and sexually explosive. I wanted to find out,
what would happen immediately afterwards, though I had a pretty good
idea, wherein would it all, end up. I continued maintaining my fake
sleeping posture, to give them time for their next move.

"Bohut mazza day rehay ho, Ferhan meray mammoun say khel ker aur
nipple mussel kay." Sultana said moaning loudly.

"Yeh to kush bhi nahin Sulatana baji; assal muzza to chudai main hay.
Dekha aap nain, aapki sahaili kaisay chudwa kay baysudh paRi houi
hai." Ferhan said, taking his right hand down to play with her pussy.
Sultana started moaning openly, as his fingers made their magic by
thoroughly rubbing her cunt lips. "Haaye! Ferhan, meray chholay ko
pyar say ruggRo bohut mazza atta hai." "Aap khud bhi to issay
ruggaRti hain nan; main nain aap ko daikha tha jub main baji ko chod
reha tha." Ferhan said exploring her pussy with his fingers. Sultana
asked him while moaning, "Ferhan tum chudai kay doran apni baji say
itni gundi gundi batain kyoun kartay ho?" He replied with a
smile, "Kyoun keh aisi batain baji ko bohut pasand hain aur mujhe
bhi. Jab lauRa choot ko chodta hai, to in batoun say muzza kahin
ziada baRh jata hai. Its like icing on a delicious cake."

He turned her around, putting her legs on both sides of his hips. She
was still playing with his hard cock, when he took her lips in his
mouth and commenced a hot and passionate kiss. It dragged on for
quite a while and when their lips drew apart, both of them were
gasping for air.

Sultana got off of his lap and holding his hand implored him, "Ab
mujh say sabar nahin hota; aao kaheen aur chalain." A deep sense of
desperation in Sultana'a plea, made me jump off the bed. I got hold
of her hand and said, "Kahin aur janay kee zaroorat nahin meri jan,
jo kuchh kerna hai yaheen par karo!" Saying that, I embraced Sultana
and whispered in her ear, "Kya apni kunwari choot meray bhai kay lund
say phuRwa kay hee rahay gee to, aaj." She sheepishly nodded her head
in the affirmative and agreed verbally, "Mujhe ab chudwanay say koi
nahin rok sukta." Getting somewhat serious, I tried to educate
her, "Dekh Sultana main tujhe saaf saaf bata daoon, pehli bar jub
sukht lauRa laRki kee choot ka kunwar kholta hai to dard hota hai."
She was in no mood to learn about the initiation ritual into the
world of sex or the physical ramifications of defloration. All she
wanted at that moment was to go ahead and do it. Her straight forward
expression left no room for any argument, "Rani mujhe pata hai keh
pehli bar chudnay say kya hota hai. Dekh tu chud chuki hai na, ab
mujhay bhi chudwa lainay day, OK."

Without giving me a chance to add anything, she took Ferhan to bed; I
also moved along with them and suggested, "Ferhan, iss kay munh main
apna lund day ker chussva, main iski choot aur chhola chat ker chudai
kaliye tayyar kerti hoon."

A smile flashed across Sultana's face. She pushed Ferhan on his back
and getting on her knees, she held the shaft of his cock in her right
hand and began slurping it like an icicle. After licking it for a
couple of minutes, she took almost half of it in her mouth, and her
head went bobbing up and down, first slowly and then quite

I got hold of her upturned butt and delved into sucking her pussy
from below, right from her clit to the fuck hole. Both of them were
moaning and groaning, because of the tremendous love treatment their
genitals were receiving.

Soon, Sultana had an earth shattering orgasm, causing her vagina to
convulse spasmodically, accompanied by a heavy flow of pussy syrup,
right in my mouth. She left Ferhan's cock and moaned aloud under the
influence of immense pleasure; she was experiencing and fell flat on
her stomach. I drank her nectar, without losing a drop, due to the
ample repeated lesbian practice; we used to carry on for satisfying
our virgin lusts for sexual fulfillment.

When Sultana came down from the high plateau of sexual ecstasy to the
normal state, she sat up and expressed her innate feelings
saying, "Rani hum donon aksar eik dousaray ki chootain choosti chaTti
rehi hain, mugar ittna muzza kabhi nahin aaya."

I almost instantly replied, "Bunno! Tairay munh main kubhi tanna huwa
lund bhi to nahin hota tha chooswatay huvaye. Aaj ka itna ziada muzza
us hi ka kamal hai." Before she could say anything I added, "Ab kya
irada hai meri jan." She spoke out very confidently, showing utter
determination, to get on with her maiden fuck, "Apni kuwari choot ko
chudwa ker dhair sara muzza loon gee, teri tarah."