Hum log shuru se kaafi close the..sirf teen saal ka
difference tha and were quite free with each other and
were very good friends. Our rooms were adjoining and
there was a common door between the rooms which was
mostly open except when you were changing then you
would of course shut the door but not lock it from
inside. We went to same school. I saw you maturing
between 12 and 14.and looking more grownupish around
the hips and tits. I noticed the gradual evolution of
yr tits and was really fascinated by their steady
growth until they reached 32 around when you were 16
years. Our rooms had a common bathroom which had two
doors that opened to our respective rooms. The user of
the bathroom would close the door opening to the other
room from inside. When u were around 15, I
deliberately started going to the loo without closing
yr side of door from inside.with the result that you
would often enter and find me in my undies or taking a got a view from sideways. At those times tu
sorry bol ke chali jaati thi aur baad mein ye kahti
thi bhaiyya tume ekdam besharam ho.kam se kam darwaaza
to band kar diya karo. But I was getting very naughty
and horny by your close presence. At nights you would
be quite freely dressed - sometimes in shorts and
sleeveless t shirts without bra and I would get a good
glimpse of the outline of yr chuchis and the nipples.
We were quite free with each other in the physical
sense and while talking would sit close. I also helped
you in my studies and while doing those math sums for
you with you leaning over the chair (while I am
seated) your smell would make me horny. We also had
our share of pillow fights and friendly fights and now
I was getting really turned on by these things. Plus I
was 18 now and at an age where I was starting to look
for some sort of sexual experience. I was seeing a lot
of blue films at my friends place and had a good
collection of sex books etc but all hidden under the
bed. Then one night we both went for a movie which was
a horror one. You were scared and throughout the movie
sat very close to me holding my arm tightly. I could
feel yr chuchi against my elbow and it felt very soft
and all through mera lund khada aur geela tha. Ghar
aate hi mujhe bathroom ja ke apne haath se apna saara
ras nikalna pada. Us raat suddenly I woke up with a
noise to see you come into my room - you were wearing
shorts and a loose night shirt on top without any bra
- and staright to my bed holding my hand and said
bhaiyya dar lag raha hai..I at once moved aside and
you lied down next to me. U were so scared that you
didn't think twice before clinging on to me with yr
arm tight across my back. Ooooh I loved it . imagine
the situation. We both had our hands on each others
back. I was only in shorts , nothing over it, yr face
nestling just below my neck, yr chuchis pressing
against my chest, and our legs touching each other, I
had a massive hard on. I didn't know what to do. But
both of us were liking this embrace and we slept like
that. We kept waking up every now and then as the
position was not very comfortable but we kept clinging
to each other and pressing our bodies into each other.
That was a very different kind of physical experience
we had as compared to other forms of touch we had been
having earlier and this had electrified both of us, so
to say
Phir tera mere kamre mein aa ke sona ek roz ka
silisila ban gaya. Tu der raat mere kamre mein aake so
jaati - mujhse chipak ke aur phir subah uth ke jaldi
chali jaati closing the common door behind you jisse
parents ko pata nahin chale. Once you had gone I used
to take out my dripping wet tool and jack off thinking
of fucking you. I never knew what you did when you
reached to your room (that's your side of the story
maybe you can share that with me now). Whole day in
college I could only think of yr hot body, your sweaty
face on my neck and chest, yr smell (mmmmmmmmmmmm) and
yr hard nipples and yr lovely silky smooth legs. At
times my hard lund would ache so badly that I had to
go the loo in college and yank off thinking about you.
At home, when you used to go out for tution in the
evening, I used to take out yr bra and would
masturbate putting the cup over my face trying to get
yr smell. At nights, we used to hug each other tight...for the
first few days nothing much happened except that we
were both aware that something electrifying was
happening to both our bodies. I knew you could feel my
erect cock through my shorts just as I could feel yr
hard nipples pressing into my chest and we both were
also aware of each other's heavy breathing. I could
feel the sweat of yr forehead on my neck just as you
could feel the heat going up in my body. After 3-4
nights this way I became more bold and this time when
you came into my arms I started caressing yr back over
yr t shirt slowly at first then putting more pressure.
At first you did not react but suddenly you also
started rubbing yr hand on my bare back. I couldn't
control myself any more and now knew that time had
come to become more bold. I then put my hand under yr
shirt and touched yr bare back.which was slightly wet
with sweat. You shivered..
Bhaiyya..u said..i could feel the goosebumps...
Ha sonali bahen, kya.
Kuch kuch ho raha hai bhaiyya...raha nahin jaata...
Chup raho ...kuch mat bolo......
With that we started rubbing our hands on each other's
bare backs with more passion. You moved yr face up and
our cheeks touched each other. I brought my hand from
yr back ( but still under the shirt) and cupped yr
tit. Ahhhhhhhh..u said. Moving slightly away from my
body to allow me to fully cup yr swollen tits.which I
did and started squeezing. Before we knew it, our lips
had met and our tongues were exploring each other's
mouths like mad...soon you moved away a bit and lay
down face up and I got up and caught the end of yr t
shirt so that I could take it off. U sat up and lifted
both yr arms so that I could remove it easily and now
both our topless bodies were rolling on top of each
other.. I started sucking yr tits. And soon I had
pulled down yr short and panties with my tongue
rolling all the way from yr toes to your choot -
licking all the wetness from yr choot only to find
that more juices kept coming. Yr hands were also on
my cock and it was our first time for both of us and
we were exploring each other's bodies for the first
time. Soon after a lot of rolling on top of each other
you settled down into a position with yr legs hanging
down from the edge of the bed and with me kneeling
down between them and licking yr wet hairy choot like
there was nothing else in this world
U were in ecstasy my little sister,while my tongue
probed the clit and yr choot u then caught both my
hands and put them on yr tits while you held head by
my hair and pushed it into yr choot and at the same
time pushed yr hips. I really squeezed yr tits very
hard. (next morning you were to show me the red marks
all over yr small firm 32 size chuchis) soon you were
moaning and had yr orgasm..I got up with my lower part
wet and your juices dripping from my chin down on to
my neck. You got into a position with yr legs spread
wide apart and soon I was pushing my lund into yr

Bhaiyya dheere se..Jald hi lund ka supara teri choot
mein tha aur dheere dheere mera pura lund teri kasi
hui choot mein ghus gaya aur main andar bahar karte
hue dhakke lagane laga. Tujhe toda dard ho raha that
par khub mazaa aa raha tha. Mere lund mein jaise to
aag lagi hui this aur lohe ki tarah solid tha. Main
dhakke laga raha tha aur tu mujhse jor ke chipki hui
thi aur apne chootar uchaal uchaal ke chudwa rahi thi.
Kuch hi der baad main jharne laga (aur jaisa ki maine
blue films mein dekha tha) aur apna lund bahar nikaal
ke main apna saara ka saara ras teri chuchiyon pe gira
diya Donoek doosre ka haath pakde hue thake hue waise hi
kuch der pade rahe aur phir tu ne tissue as apni
chuchiyan saaf ki aur kapde pahen ke hum phir se so
gaye. Subah pahle ki tarah tu uth ke chali gayi...par
mujhse raha nahin gaya.aur main tere kamre mein aa
gaya aur phir se teri ache se chudaai kari.
Once we had to go to a relative's place for some
ceremony to a nearby suburb village. It gets late and
rains heavily and taxis and autos stop and we have to
rely on the bus to get back. we reach the bus
stop.which is a covered enclosure only to find that
the bus to the city has just left 2 minutes ago and
the next will come after one hour. It is raining
extremely thick and due to night and the absence of
street lights, the visibility is very poor. You are
wearing a black chiffon saree and a low cut cream
blouse. You are drenched and the chiffon saree is
sticking to your figure. The blouse is of thin cloth
and I can see the hard nipples through the blouse and
bra. We start talking and I cant help looking at the
cleavage through the wet saree. U see me but dont
object. Yr saree falls,...but you let it
me a good glimpse.
Kya dekh rahe ho bhaiyya?
Wohi jo tum saali dikha rahi ho? Ab kuch mat bolna
mera lund hilne laga hai hai tera jalwa dekh
kar....with that I put my hands on yr blouse and cup
yr tits. You move towards me and our lips meet
passionately. I unhook your blouse and bra and start
sucking yr tits...harder and harder...
Haan bhaiyya..haan neeche please neeche, meri chut
mein jalan ho rahi hai..please bhaiyya aap chaato na
saree upar kar ke..
I then kneel down in front of you and you lift yr
saree in anticipation. I remove yr panties and put it
in my pocket. And spreading yr legs.I start licking yr
wet cunt. Waise hi tu khade khade hi chatwaane lagti
hai..U push yr hips into my mouth and start pulling my
hair saying..chato,,,,meri chut ache se chato. Chut
chaatte hue main teri 36 size mast chuchiyaan bhi
masal raha hun...tujhe bahut mazaa aa raha hai aur tu
gandi gandi baatein kar rahi hai aur mujhe baar baar
bahenchod bol rahi hai.
Haan mere bahen chod bhaiyya, chaato chut apni is
bahen ki,,,,bahut mazaa aa raha hai, phir iske baad
apna mota lund daal ke chodna apni bahen ko...jab tum
chaat ke meri geeli geeli chut mein lund daal ke
chodte ho to khub mazaa aata hai.aur
chaato..aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bhaiyya.and u
I get up and push you towards the railing.and make you
bend over the railing.
Chal jhuk ke khadi ho ja.peeche se teri chut marunga.
Jo agya bhaiyya.aapki hi chut hai.
I lift yr saree over yr waist.revealing yr milky white
bums. I kneel down behind u and start licking yr
bums.rubbing my hands over yr legs from down to bottom
over and over. I then get up and apna pant khol kar
main apna mast khada lund nikaal kar teri chut mein
ghusa deta hun. Tu bolti hai, haan bhaiyaa, meri chut
maro, kas ke maro.aaahhhhhh bhai se chudaai karwane
mein bahut mazaa aa raha hai.
Le saali , le apne bhai ka lund.le tujhe main kutiya
ki tarah chod raha hun.....

Chodte hue main teri chuchiyan bhi masal raha hun.tu
jhuki hui hai railing pakad ke kutiya ki tarah aur
main tujhe kutte ki tarah teri chut peeche se maar
raha hun. 15 minute ki solid chudaai ke baad main apna
lund bahar nikaal kar tere bums par apna ras nikaal
deta hun. Tujhe bhi ek saath masti aati hai. Par bhai
ke lund se chudwa ke tera pet nahin bhara abhi. Tujhe
aur chudaai chahiye. Tu bilkul nashe mein hai is
Tu ek ek kar ke.apni sari, petticoat, blouse, bra aur
panty sab utar deti hai..aur bilkul nangi ho jaati
Ye kya ho gaya hai tujhe?
Chodo mere chai please pura ache se chodo.abhi pyaas
nahin bhuji..Phir tu mere saamne jhuk kar mera lund chusne lagti
hai..jaldi hi tere munh ki garmahat se mera lund khada
o jaata hai. tu khade ho kar apne lambe baal khol
daalti hai aur baal jhatakte hue Tu phir se railing ke
upar jhuk ke khadi ho jaati hai.aur kahti hai.bhaiyya
mujhe chodo is baar meri gaand bhar do..
Main teri chut mein ungli daal ke teri chut ka ras
tere gaand pe laga ke lubricate kar deta hun. Aur apna
geela geela lund teri gaand ke ched pe rakh ke dhakka
lagata hun. Tere mun se jor ki awaaz nikalti hai - ah
bhaiyya.kitne nirdayi ho ek hi jhatke mein ghusa diya,
bhabhi ki gaand samajhi hai, main to bahut choti hun..

Par main kuch bhi sunne ke mood mein nahin tha. Main
phir se tujhe peeche se chodat hun..aur abki baar main
teri gaand ke andar hi jar jaata hun. Aur main tujhe
panty nahin deta hun.tu bus mein aisi hi baithegi bina
panty ke.. Hum dono apne apne kapde pahan kar ready ho
jaate hai. 15 minute baad dheere dheere pani bhi band
ho jaata hai aur uske aur 5 mnute baad bus aa jaati
hai. kisiko pata bhi nahain chalta ki bus stop pe tune
apni chut apne hi bhai se marwai hai. who bhi do baar.
The best fuck I had of you, my little sister, was at
yr std 12 farewell function. (it was almost one year
since I started fucking you) I was in 3rd year final
and had escorted you to the function. You had worn a
saree as you wanted to look grown up. As always u were
looking gorgeous and on the way I had a hard on. You
noticed it and teased me about it, occasionally
fondling it over the trousers while I was driving.. I
was dying to fuck u and you wanted it as well. Well. I
sat at the function watching all the dance and music
performances - then came one of your item and watching
the dance number I went crazy. I decided that I had to
fuck u now. I started slipping away slowly towards the
end of the enclosure and rushed to the back stage from
where I nodded to you discreetly to follow me. I went
right to one end of the school compound where there
was a shed with no light and stood there. When you
came to me I grabbed yr wrists and pulled you inside
the shed.
Yahan kyon bulaya, arre, choro na, Kya kar rahe ho?
You said.
Anita baby, raha nahin jaata, tu itni sexy lag rahi
hai saali, chal jaldi se ho jaye....I said
Nahin baba, abhi 30 minute mein mera aur ek
performance hai.and besides we cant fuck here..mere
kapde aur make up kharab ho jayega..
But I was adamanat. Dekho argue karke waqt mat barbaad
karo, mujhe tujhe chodna hai...abhi isi
waqt.....jaldi, please chod lene do na...
Nahin bhaiyya, baat samjho...please ghar chal ke raat
ko jitni marzi, tum mujhe chod lena par abhi
nahin..koi idhar aa gaya to ?
But I was determined..nahin please..and grabbing you I
pulled you close to me and put yr hand on my lund over
the trousers.
Baap to lohe jaisa khada hai..acha lao main
jaldi se haath se kar deti hun..tumhen abhi shaanti
mil jayegi.phir ghar chal ke raat ko sabke sone ke
baad, tum mere kamre mein aakar ji bhar ke chod lena,
u said.
Nahin abhi chodna hai...dekho who table hai wahan pe.
Ek kaam bend over the table.main saree upar
karke tujhe peeche se chodunga - tumhare kapde bhi
kharab nahin honge is tarah.
Please rahul bhaiyya.maan jao na.
Please anita baby, maan jao na.
Acha theek hai...
With that I put both my hands on yr tits...and started
squeezing them hard.
Dheere dheere.saree na hilne paye..mujhe theek se
pahanne bhi nahin aati.
We could not kiss as teri lipstick kharab ho
jaati.isliye I held you close and said ..jeebh nikaal
Kyon? Nikaal take out yr tongue and I take it in my mouth and
suck on it carefully, not spoiling yr
once you start salivating and put yr hand on my cock
and unzip me..while I continue squeezing yr boobs.our
wet and burning tongues meet...
bas rahul bhaiyya bas..ab jaldi se chod do mujhe
please.meri chut se ganga bah rahi hai.
with that you go up to the table ...
aree ruko abhi.pahle main apni pyaari bahen ki chut to
chaat lun.
and I ask you to lift yr saree up to yr waist..and
kneeling down grab yr panty with my teeth and pull it
down all the way and remove I am pulling it down
with my teeth, I get a whiff of yr lovely and heavenly
cunt smell..
Main teri geeli chut chaatene lagta hun.and you are
shaking and whimpering all the time..
Bas bhaiyya bas.please ab raha nahi jaata.jaldi se
chod do...and with that you bend over the table with
yr bums towards me.and I push my wet hard dick against
yr chut from behind and dhakka lagata hun...
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh you say in ecstasy on
receiving my lund.
Chodo bhaiyya chodo mujhe.apni is bahen ko chodo..jor
jor I increase my movements...
Haan anita behna le mera ras se bhara lund
..increasing my thrusts..
All of a sudden you get an orgasm and get real horny
and say.gaand maro bhaiyya.meri gaand
I take out my wet lund and apply the wetness from yr
chut on yr gaand and insert my wet tip inside..goes in
tight and hurts a bit..but like always, you love this
gaand chudaai. Bhar do meri gaand aaj apne lund se bhaiyya..bhar do..
And unable to control myself I come in yr gaand after
a few which time u also start coming..
You quickly adjust yr clothes.and ask for yr panty but
I refuse.
Nahin dunga.ja tu aise hi naach bina panty ke ..
You run away as yr time is getting over.
I come back and sit in the dark hall at the back and
after 5 minutes you enter the stage and do another
dance performance. You are glowing and do a great
dance Only I know that you are naked under yr saree
and that you have just been fucked 5 minutes back....
Late that night , after all are asleep.I come to yr
room and return yr panty,,,,,and we fuck again...
In school you were two years junior to me and I used
to teach you maths. Being an average student in maths
you required a lot of assistance from me.
Once in your half yearly exam for 12th standard I
coach u well but you do badly in maths yet again.
After your results are declared, u come to me with the
news that u have failed. There is no one at home.
Bhaiyya, u enter.
Kya hua? I need not have asked, i can make out from
your face that you have failed.
I got only 32% you say. I get very angry.
See this is not acceptable. I put in so much hard work
but nothing came out of it.
I know bhaiyya, but nahin hota.
I think you are not taking this whole thing seriously.
I am afraid that I will have to punish you to teach
you a lesson.
Sorry bhiayya, agli baar nahin hoga, please is baar
maaf kar do. I will study real hard and ache number
laoongi. Nothing doing I say
U are wearing a miniskirt and low cut full sleeves t
shirt. I pick up a wooden ruler and ask u to bend over
the table.
Chalo jhuko table ke upar.
Please bhaiyya nahin, bahut lagega.
Seeing my anger, you bend over. I have a strong hard
on watching your round bums through the denim skirt. I
can make out the panty outline. I hit you with the
ruler on your bum but because of the denim skirt - u
hardly feel anything.
Aise to tujhe kuch pata hi nahin chalega.
Bhiayya please chor do na. Lagega.
So I lift your denim skirt up to your waist - u do not
protest. I can see your black lace panties - see
through of course. I pull down your panties as well. I
hit you three times in succession with the ruler - not
very hard. Hurts slight - but u dont protest. I hit
u three more times but harder this time. U turn around
and start rubbing your bums.
Aahhhhhhhhhh, bhaiyya please itni jor se nahin. Main
padhoongi, please chor do. Bahut lag rahi hai chutar
mein..jalan mach rahi hai.
I ask u to bend over. U do but say that your bums are
stinging. I hit three more. U ask me to stop - and say
that next time u will do well in exams.
I stop.
Your bums are really stinging and I notice that they
are red.
My temper now cools down a bit and I am horny also.
La, main teri chutar ragad doon. You again bend over
the table and I pull down your panties down to your
knees and start rubbing your round well shaped bums.
They are red after the caning. I bring some cold cream
and apply which makes u feel better. My cock is
glistening wet by now. U are also loving my touch on
your bums. I can sense your tits growing with
excitement and I come close to you our bodies touching
each other now. I gently cup your breast with one hand
while continuing to massage your bums with other. I
increase pressure on your tits and move my hand over
your soft pussy. U spread your legs and moan in
delight. I start rubbing your choot. my fingers are
wet from your slippery and wet cunt. I push you right
down on the table and open my pants. Taking my erect
cock in my hands I guide the glistening wet pink tip
in your cunt - goes in tight - u scream but I ram it
in anyway. I start fucking you real hard cupping both
your tits at the same time squeezing the hell out of
them. I pull off your t shirt over your head and then
your bra as well. U are topless now. I keep fucking
real hard and the table is shaking. But I carry on
ruthlessly and just as I am about to come I take out
my cock and come on your bums.
I rub the lund ka ras all over your stinging bums.
Aah bhaiyya, ab bahut relief mil raha hai.
I then turn you over and after sucking your nipples
hard, I make u lie on the table with your legs hanging
down. I then kneel down between your legs and lick
your cunt while squeezing your tits at the same time.
After 10 minutes you come madly and all your cunt
juice is all over my face.
Our incest continued and soon you were out of college
and doing MBA. I took a job as a part time trainee
and soon made friendship with a colleague of mine. He
was ramesh, 6 ft tall, handsome and single. Once when
you came to meet me for some reason in the office, you
saw him (he did not see you) and were impressed. Later
that night and afterwards as well you would often
fantasise that its him who is fucking you and not me.
Several times while I licked yr dripping wet cunt, you
fantasized that you were being being fucked by several
guys at the same time..filling all yr holes and
cumming all over yr body. The gang bang thing made yu
real horny and I know how much u wanted it.
One day, ramesh and I and 2 other office colleagues
(who had come from different city) had to travel to a
resort just outside the city and had to stay over at
the resort over night. At around 7 PM, ramesh (who was
new to the city) said that if we could get a call girl
it would be lovely. I said well, I am not intrested in
call girls and don't know how to get you one now, when
an idea hit me. Why not get you over here..none of
these guys know who you are. I decided that this was
the best opportunity. The guys asked me, as the local
fellow, to arrange one call girl.
Theek hai, main ek ko bula sakta hun.
I went aside and called you..
sonali, suno.
Kya bhaiyya, kahan chale gaye - aaj raat ko kaun
chodega mujhe ? takiye se kaam chalana padega.
Sun, ek idea hai. Who ramesh, jiske liye tu tadap rahi
thi, use chodne ke liye ek randi chahiye, aur bhi do
log saath mein hain.
Haan to.?
Tu idhar aa ja..randi ban ke..
kya kah rahe ho.?ab randi bhi banaoge?
Kyon nahin.tune to mujhe bahenchod bana diya...ab tu
randi ban.saali kothewali.aur waise bhi.. acha idea
hai...who tujhe jaante nahin tararh tu bhi
chudwa legi..aa ja..30 minute ka drive hai.aa ja.ache
se saj ke aana...low cut blouse pahen ke aur black
saree.jyaada makeup.just like a randi.mazaa ayega
tujhe...teri gang se chudwane wali fantasy puri ho
jayegi.isse acha mauka phir kabhi nahin milega. Ekdam
randi ki tarah dress kar ke aana,,,,khub saara makeup,
saree pahan ke, low cut blouse, saree navel se
neeche.etc etc. kothewali dikhna chahiye.
U hesitated for a second only. You didn't want to stay
alone and so you came in half an hour.
Ramesh and my two other colleagues, suresh and rohit
were pleased to see you..yaar kamaal ki randi bulayi to top class randi hai..saali ke chuchi
dekh..first class hai.
Haan ye randi bahut mahngi hai.I said, winking at
Sonn we were having dinner.and ramesh started talking
to u...kya naam hai?
sonali, u said.
Wah, tu to sonali bendre se bhi khubsurat aur jyaada
sexy ho.waise kitna logi.raat bhar ka.rohit
asked..there are five of us and we want to have great
fun tonight. 10,000 you say.
baap re, ye to bahut jyaada hai..
satisfaction guaranteed, you say.and anyway sahaab
log, main koi aisi waisi randi nahin.mera bhi class
Suresh asked :- acha tune apne jhaant saaf to nahin
kiye hai na..? Mujhe ghane kaale jhaant waali chut
maarne mein bahut mazaa aata hai..
Nahi, u say..
chusne mein aur gaand marwane mein to koi problem
nahin hai.ramesh asked boldly
bilkul nahin, main gaand marwan waali randi
I told ramesh that say yes, we will split the cost
anyway. They agreed
Soon we all went into our room..We had taken a suite
and there was a dining table as well. We took our
seats on the sofa which was opposite the dining
table.. we cleared the dining table to make it like a
stage. Ramesh went into the bathroom and brought a
bucket. Chal upar char ja table pe, he said.
U did so and while climbing, yr saree upar uthi aur
tere legs knee tak visible the..
Wow, kya legs hai..yaar kya randi layi hai tune.aaj to
isko chodne mein mazaa aa jayega.suresh said.
Ramesh then asked - chal ab dheere dheere saree upar
kar>utha ke apni panty utar ke chut dikha
Par maine panty pahni hi nahin u said. Arre saheb,
randi hun.panty pahen ke kya fayda. Aapko maloom kitna
customer jaldi mein hota hai...bas saree upar ki,
taange faila di,,,,,,lund pe thook lagaya aur ghuser
diya meri chut mein aur 5 minute mein jhar ke ras se
chut bhar di. Panty utarne aur pahanne mein bahut
jhamela hai.
I smiled..u were playing the part well.
Acha theek hai, chal saree upar kar ke apni chut
So here you are. Standing on the dining table, with us
sitting on the sofa some 6 ft away and watching the
show. U lift up yr saree right up and show yr
wow.suresh said.kya jhaant hain.
Spread yr legs wider and spread yr lips aur ache se
choot dikha apni. I said.
Lo saheb dekho meri choot..and you thrust y rhips in
front, bend forward yr knee a bit .and we get a good
Ok..ramesh then placed the bucket under yr legs..
Chal ab bucket pe peshaab kar...saree upar kiye hue
hips tak..
And u start peeing.lo saheb, meri peshaab dekho.kaise
nikal rahi hai meri chut se..
most of it falls in the bucket and some of it trickles
down yr thighs all the way to yr ankles..
Lovely sight this. I had never seen u pissing and it
was a real horny thing. Mere lund se aur paani nikla.
Ramesh removes the bucket.and then asks you to lie
down with yr legs hanging down the table..
He then kneels down between yr legs and and starts
licking the piss from the ankles to yr chut on one of
the it. Rohit also joined in and cleans
yr other leg..with suresh also trying to lick a few
drops of piss from yr hairy jhaant
When both of yr legs have been licked clean, ramesh
asks you to get up on the table again.and we take our
positions on the sofa..(to be continued)
U were on the table again.
Chalo ab dheere dheere saree utaro.swaying yr body
slowly..and sexily .ramesh said..taking the lead...
Very slowly u lowered the pallu and removed the saree
all the time looking at our eyes - giving a real
dirty look..yr cleavge was mind boggling.
Ramesh then put on some dance music and asked you to
do a real "randi wala " dance number. In just pcoat
and blouse...
U started dancing, giving jahtkas of chuchis and
matkas of hips - real vulgar dance. Then ramesh
indiacated you to remove the blouse and bra and u
removed them slowly.and threw them at our faces..
Now u were topless.only in pcoat..and the dance
continued...with yr chuchis driving us all crzy..
Ab let jao.rohit spoke up this time "on the edge of
the table with legs hanging down"
Haan aap bolo.
ramesh looked at me and asked if i wanted to have a go
first...but i told him to go ahead.
Chal ab pcoat upar utha......
Lo saheb.....dekh lo chut meri...raat bhar ke liye
aapki hai....and with that you lifted up yr petticoat
right up.....and legs hanging down and wide by one we took a real good glimpse of
yr cunt.
Suresh then lied down on the floor and said - chal ab
let ja mere upar..aur mere lund pe baith ja..
You took his wet cock in yr hand.and putting it to yr
cunt lip sat down on him .devouring him completely.
Bend over.this was ramesh...and u bent over and
started kissing suresh while u fucked him with up and
down motions..
At the same time.ramesh applied some glycerine on yr
gaand.and getting right behind you shoved his big fat
rod slowly in yr gaand...
I loved the sight..the sight of a lund go inside yr
gaand and the pain expression on yr face..for a moment
u stopped fucking suresh...and then when ramesh
started fucking yr gaand you started yr motions again.
Just then rohit moved up and stood in front of you and
pushed his cock in yr mouth...and stated fucking yr
The sight of 3 men fucking all the three holes made me
crazy...u were moaning from a combination of pain and
pleasure...just then ramesh took his lund out and shot
his cum all over yr back. I quickly moved into
position and rammed my lund in yr gaand. Ab main teri
gaand maar raha tha teri chuchiyaan dabate hue..
Tabhi rohit ke lund se pura ras nikal ke tere mun ke
andar ja gira aur tune pee liya. At the same time
suresh also cam beneath you. Rohit ke hatte hi suresh
ne apna lund tere mun mein daal diya aur tera mun
chodne laga. Meanwhile ramesh now got under you and u
started fucking him again.
Kya scene tha.
Le randi.bata kaisa lag raha hai.
Saaheb aap log bade kamine ho..itna bada lund hai
sabka .aah meri to aaj gaand phat
jayegi..aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh had a
strong climax..but we did not stop and kept fucking u
in various poses until 4 AM in the morning. By then
all of us were exhausted and went to bed.
Morning we all paid you.(ramesh actually gave you some
extra as a tip)..which u accepted to make it all very