My Didi's Always Hot

I used to despise the fact my didi, Geetha, and her husband lived
just down the block from us. But my feelings changed. They started
having terrible arguments on a regular basis, always late in the
evening, which led Geetha to come home looking for either advice or
sympathy or both. Mom and Dad own and run a convenience store that
keeps them busy until midnight six days a week. So when Geetha comes
bursting in during the evening, it's my ear she always bends with her
problems. Since their last arguments always flare up late, Geetha
always runs in wearing her nightie and slippers. At first I cautioned
her about being out at night wearing next to nothing, but it did no
good so I stopped.

Geetha and I sit in the living room to talk. Or maybe I should say
she talks and I listen. I've found that's about all she needs.
Somebody to listen to her. I always turn the TV down, offer her
something to drink that she always refuses, and sit in the chair
across from the couch. Geetha kicks her slippers off, plants herself
on the couch and never hesitates in describing the current topic of
their arguments. Maybe I should never have paid any attention the
first time, but I did. When she pulls her feet up on couch and wraps
her arms around her knees, I usually see the crotch of her short
panty. But whooee! When she's wearing a nightie, she never wears
panties, and I get an unobstructed view of her naked choot. I tried
my best not to look between her legs, but soon gave up and started
looking forward to the evenings she wore a nightie. My lund would
swell and I wouldn't hear half of what she said. I even chastised
myself for the thoughts I was having about my own didi.

Then a few months later, while I was staring at her choot, she must
have asked me a question. When I didn't answer, she discovered why.

"Why you filthy-minded bhai!" she exclaimed.

I hung my head, waiting for the blessing out I deserved.

Instead, I saw her bare feet approach my chair and the next thing I
knew she said, "Here. Why don't you have a good look?"

She pulled her nightie up, put them over my head and pulled my head
toward her! I froze my nose tickled by her soft, curly, choot hair.

"Well, bhai dear," she asked softly, "does this satisfy your dirty

I didn't know what to say. The tone of her voice didn't sound like
she was mad at me. All I could think of was how much I wanted her
body. Something I guess I'd been afraid to admit to myself until

"Typical of a man," Geetha said after a minute or two. "You guys like
to look and have nasty thoughts and make nasty remarks to each other,
but when it comes right down to it, you sit there and don't even know
what to do."

I still didn't know what to say. And I sure got the surprise of my
life when she pulled my face tight against her choot, and said so
softly I barely heard her,
"The least you could do in a situation like this is lick me choot."

Whooee! It was really like a dream come true! Sliding my hands up the
backs of her bare legs, I gently held her ass cheeks and tried to
find her slit with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh, Raju," she whispered as her legs and ass started to quiver.

"Lick lower. I want to feel your hot tongue wiggle between my choot
lips. I haven't been touched there for months."

She let a lot of their problems out of the bag with that statement.
If my brother-in-law wasn't taking care of his homework, no wonder
they argued so much about so many things. From that thought on, my
brain got a little fuzzy.

Geetha raised up on her tip-toes, pushed my head down and back a
little, and moaned, "Lick me now. Oh damn Raju. Lick me now!"

She was so wet by then, my tongue easily slipped between her puffy
choot lips. I licked up and down, tasting her aromatic juices, until
the tip of my tongue parted the very top of her choot lips and found
her stiff sex button.

"Oh, dam, Raju!" she gasped. "If you lick hard right there I think I
can come! Make me, come, Raju! Oh, please make me come!"

An instant later she started bouncing on her tip-toes, rubbing her
hard little sex button up and down on my tongue, and moaned, "I'm
going to come! Oh, dearest bhai, am I really going to come!"

Her hot, thick juice smothered my nose and mouth and ran down my
chin. "I'm coming!" she literally yelled. "I'm coming on your choot-
fucking tongue."

All motion stopped as more and more of her thick, slippery juice
bathed my mouth and chin. Her hands relaxed on my head and she moaned
softly , "I love you even more or making me feel like this. I'm sure
I'll want to do this again - if you want to?"

Responding to her question, I nuzzled my mouth between her sticky
choot lips and sucked hard on her still stiff sex button. In just a
minute or two I felt her weight sagging onto my hands. With my head
under her gown, I slid out of the chair and followed her body to the
floor. As she lay back, I pushed her gown and robe of my head, took
one look at her so desirable choot and went down on her. Tonguing her
wide open choot slowly, I felt her hands on my head again, guiding my
mouth back to her stiff sex button. Locking my lips around it, I
started sucking on it, surprised at how long it grew.

"Oh, Raju," she breathed. " I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.
I don't think I can come again, but you can do anything to me you

Pushing her legs wide apart with my shoulders, I nuzzled, lapped and
tongued her choot lips and shrinking sex button for several minutes,
until she whispered, "I really don't want you to, but you'll have to
stop now or my love nib will get sore."

She raised my head with her hands, then pulled herself into a sitting
position. With her face inches from mine she whispered softly, as if
someone else might hear, "I have never felt so totally good all over.
Never. If I had known you'd make me feel like this, I'd have had your
mouth on my choot a long time ago."

That said, she kissed me full on the lips, opening her mouth and
sucking for my tongue. She darned near sucked all the breath out of
me the way she went after my tongue! Then, surprising me again, I
felt her hand rub the front of my jeans. My lund instantly jumped
back to a full hard-on.

"I know," she whisper-giggled. "But I've got to get cleaned up and
home before the son-of-a-you-know-what comes looking for me. You'll
just have to save it for another time."

Putting her hands on my shoulders, she pulled her bare legs out from
under me, got on her knees, gave me a quick kiss and stood up. "I
wish I could stay but I've got to go. Bu don't worry, there will
certainly be another argument at my house tomorrow evening."

I watched her go down the hall to the bathroom, mixed thoughts
running through my still-fuzzy brain. It can't be wrong, I concluded,
for a bhai and didi to love each other as much as we did. I couldn't
wait to be with her again. I might as well not have gone to the
office the next day. All I could think about was my didi's wonderful
body. I wondered what her choochis looked and felt like. I wondered
if her choot would be loose or tight on my lund. When I started
wondering if she'd suck my lund, I had to force my mind to stop
thinking about her or come in my pants. Though the time seemed to
pass so awfully slow, I was home from work, Mom had gone back to the
store after supper, and it was going on eight o'clock before I knew
it. After a quick shower, I turned up the thermostat a little and
slid into clean jeans without putting on my shorts. Give her a
surprise, I thought, what the hell, and didn't put a shirt or socks

Geetha showed up right after eight, but no fussing and fuming as
usual. She told me he had started a terrible argument, but once out
of the house she couldn't even remember what the argument was about.
She looked radiant! Maybe she always had and I'd just never noticed.
I couldn't help thinking what a fool my brother-in-law was. Geetha
pressed herself against me right in front of the open door, pulled my
head down and kissed me. A sweet, non-demanding kiss as she ran her
fingernails gently ups and downs my back. Easing us away from the
door, I closed and locked it. She clung to me like glue, nipping at
my chin then my ear with her teeth and giggling softly. A moment
later her mouth was fastened to my nipple, sucking gently. I'd never
heard of such a thing but must tell you it's a delightful sensation.
Moving sideways, I led us into the living room and close to the

"Oh no you don't" she giggled. "This is my night. My turn to repay
your favors of last night."

Climbing up on the couch, she sat on the back of it and removed her
nightie. Whooee! I'm sure glad nobody knew what I knew while she was
walking down the street. She was naked. Totally naked and as
beautiful as I'd ever seen her.

She cupped both her ample choochis as if holding them out to me and
whispered, "Meri choochi ko chooso."

Kneeling between her bare legs, with her choot hair tickling my
stomach, I sucked on one nipple until it was round and hard, then the

"Oh, Raju," she breathed softly. "There's so many things I want you
to do to me, and me to do to you. I've never felt so alive and so
much a woman."

Pushing my face away from her choochis and me off the couch, she
whispered, "You just stand still and watch."

Spreading her shapely legs wide, she began playing with herself.
First she rubbed and pulled on her choochis. Then her hands moved
down between her legs and she began teasing her own choot. Slowly she
pulled her choot lips apart and eased one finger into herself. Her
head was thrown back and I was sure she would fall off the back of
the couch.

"I did this last night after he went to sleep," she
muttered. "Thinking about your mouth and tongue, I brought myself off
with one finger."

Pulling her shiny finger out of her choot, she stuck it in her mouth
and sucked on it for a moment as she slid off the back of the couch
and stood facing me with her eyes closed. Still sucking her own
finger, she knelt, found the front of my jeans with one hand,
unsnapped them, then unzipped them. My hard-on flopped out against
her cheek, causing her to slide her finger out of her mouth and
giggle, "Sneaky. No underwear! I like it!"

I groaned uncontrollably as her warm had wrapped around my lund and
her hot lips slid over its bulging head. She seemed starved for the
taste of a man. In seconds she was vigorously sucking up and down my
lund and playing with my balls. Letting her lips slide to the very
tip of my lund, she rolled her eyes up and moaned,

"I want my choot fucked by your lund more than I ever wanted a man
before, Raju. But I owe you this, so tonight you use my mouth like I
used yours last night."

Instantly, her sucking mouth was down on me again. I could feel her
take more and more of me into her mouth, until the head of my lund
was banging the back of her throat. I knew I couldn't take much of
her sucking mouth without coming, and told her so. Again letting her
lips slide to the tip of my lund, she moaned,

"That's what I want. To feel your hot come choking me while your
balls slap my chin. You don't have to be easy with me."

I stood there with my hands on my forward thrusting hips. Geetha's
sucking, twisting mouth began making delicious sounds around my
throbbing hard-on. Her fingers worked a sort of magic on my balls.
Before I knew it, I lost control. She threw her arms around my legs,
forcing my lund to start down her throat, as I shot load after load.
When my lund stopped shooting off and was just dribbling, she started
sucking again, pulling every last drop out of me. When she realized I
wasn't going to come anymore, she let my lund slip out of her mouth,
took it in her hand and stood up in my face.

"Was that good for you?" she asked, licking my cum off her lips. I
ran my hand up between her legs, sliding the side of my finger
against her dripping choot lips and told her I'd never been sucked
off before. Spreading her legs slightly, she squeezed my lund and
remarked, "It's till hard. Give you any ideas?"

Sinking to the floor together, I kicked my jeans off my feet and slid
up between her legs. Geetha guided my lund head to her choot and
moaned, "Oh, yes! Apna pura lund mer choot mein daloaur meri choot
phad dalo!"

I love to hear her talk like that. She held my lund until its swollen
head was past her choot lips. As she moved her hand out of the way,
she moaned, "Ram it to me! Fuck me wild! Bite my nipples and make me

I couldn't shove it all to her at once. Her choot was too tight.
Easing into her, I bent over and nipped her hard nipple gently. Her
legs wrapped around my sides and crossed above my back, raising her
choot up onto my lund fast.

"Fuck, Raju!" she moaned with a distorted voice. "Fuck me deep and
hard. I hope you can pump me full of cum, too! For God's sake, will
you fuck my silly head off."

She's unbelievable to say the least. We fucked for sensational long
minutes. I sucked and bit her nipples and she scratched at my back
and heaved herself up and down on my lund. Much to my own delight, I
started coming too.

"YES, RAJU!" she screeched. "It's so hot squirting into me! Just fuck
and come and fuck and come! Do it like it's the last time you'll ever
get laid."

I hoped she didn't mean that. The rougher I got with her the more she
wanted. But, like they say, all good things must come to an end.
Lying on top of her as my lund went limp inside her squeezing choot,
I took a close look at he face. Satisfaction is what I hoped I was
seeing. Both of us drifted off to a restful place for a few minutes.
Geetha was the first to say anything to bring us back to reality.

"I'll leave him if you want me to. And you better know I wouldn't
mind never seeing him again. You and I can go someplace and love and
live together. I know you'll find a good job and work hard. And when
you get home at night I'll feed your stomach, then you can feed my
choot. Can we do that, Raju? Without killing Mom and Dad?"

Rolling off her, it took me a while to absorb the magnitude of what
she'd said and asked. I asked her why we couldn't just keep things
going like they were. She told me I should know that sooner or later
we'd get caught. That, she added, would be scandalous, and doing it
her way would be quieter. Raising herself above me, her warm choochis
just touching my chest, she summarized her complete line of thoughts.

"I want to have your baby." Talk about having your mind blown! I
argued a little, carefully choosing my words so as not to even
approach starting an argument.

She listened, then repeated herself. "You're my man now, bhai or not.
It's your lund I want fucking me from now on, and only yours. It's
your tongue and mouth I want on my choot. It's your lund I want
blasting cum down my throat. And listen close, Raju. It's your baby I
want to have. It's you I want to be the father of my children. Not
their uncle. Their father. And last, it you I want to love and be
with the rest of my life."

Whooee again! There was no doubt she had her mind made up. I asked
for a week or so to think things over and maybe start making some
plans. She took hold of my soft lund and responded, "Fair enough. As
long as I get all your lund I can handle and you take care of my
choot and body like we both know you can."

There was a lot more kissing, touching, feeling and teasing before
she left that night. During the next few days, she stuck to her made-
up mind and I weighed the benefits and problems. After a sweating-
bodies-hot Tuesday evening, I said okay. Geetha have been together
two years now. We have a beautiful daughter who we have had medically
checked by three different pediatricians. Little Rene, named after
our mom, is perfect, physically and mentally. Comet to think of it,
so are Geetha and I!