The first time I noticed that my daughter Cheenal was starting to
grow up was one summer day when we were at the beach. I was sitting
up on the sand reading a book when I looked up and saw a female
bending over down the beach. The young tight ass really caught my
eye. As the figure stood up, I suddenly realized that it was my
Cheenal. It really shocked me to think that she could look so good.
It scared me a bit too, because I knew that I couldn't have been the
only guy on the beach who noticed. Cheenal was still young then,
somewhere in her mid teens. She's a small skinny girl with blonde
hair that goes down to her shoulders. She has big green eyes and a
wide smile that lights up when she's happy. Cheenal is an only child
and I raised her on my own, so we've always been pretty close.

Seeing Cheenal as a sexual being that day at the beach really opened
my eyes. I knew that it was wrong, but that image stuck with me and I
masturbated a few times thinking about her ass the way I saw it down
on the beach. I felt a little bad at first, but the more I thought
about it the more I decided that looking didn't hurt anything. As
long as Cheenal didn't know that I got off on looking at her body,
how could it hurt? As my memories of the beach incident started to
fade a bit, I caught myself looking at her ass when she walked around
the house and when she sun bathed by the pool. She had such a nice
tight ass, I could grab the whole thing in my hand if I wanted - the
thought made me shudder. She never wore bikini bottoms, but always
the really tiny tight shorts that were in that year, along with a
bikini top. Her tits were small, but looked to be as hard as a rock
and her nipples had a tendency to poke through her bikini top. I
began to notice all of these details more and more. As the summer
went on, I kept wondering what she looked like naked. The last time
I'd actually seen her without clothes on was several years ago. I had
always respected her privacy, but now I was getting curious.

A few months later, after much begging and pleading on her part, I
broke down and decided to buy Cheenal a car. She'd gotten her license
and I hoped she was mature enough to handle the responsibility. I
also believed that I might use this to my advantage. She really
wanted an automatic, but I insisted on a stick shift. After we picked
out the car and brought it home, I told her I would have to take a
week to fix a few things before she could drive it. She reluctantly
agreed and I was on my way. I spent the next six nights working
feverishly in the garage. I'd ordered a tiny pinhole camera from the
back of Popular Science magazine. I pulled the back seat out of the
car and built a small compartment under it where I bolted down a
camcorder and ran wires from there to the area under the dash board.
I put a cover on the compartment so that the only way to get to it
would be with a screwdriver. I mounted the pinhole camera under the
steering wheel column pointing straight back toward the driver's
seat. I installed a little light under there that looked like it
belonged there - I attached it to the fuse box and made it just
bright enough to emit a soft glow. I put a hi-8 tape in the recorder
and tried it out. Everything worked. After some minor adjustments for
light and direction, my hard work was ready to be put to the test.
All I would have to do was hit record on the camcorder's remote and
it would start recording and continue for up to 3 hours before it
automatically stopped. I also put in a switch so that it would stop
if there was no person sitting on the driver's seat and then start
again when the key was turned back on. It was quite simple by tapping
into the seat belt warning system.

One thing that Cheenal and I would sometimes get into little fights
about was the fact that she loved to wear little dresses and short
skirts. She's my daughter and I didn't want her dressing too
provocatively. Until now. After the car was ready, and I had given
her the keys, I waited. Sure enough, the first Friday night that she
had the car she wanted to spend the night out with her girl friends
and drive them around. After a little fake protesting, I gave in.
That evening Cheenal stepped out of her bedroom wearing one of her
cute short dresses. I'm sure she was waiting for me to argue with
her, instead I said, "have fun," and walked into the kitchen. She
yelled out that she loved me and headed out. As I heard her slam the
garage door I reached into my pocket and hit "record". I couldn't

The next morning Cheenal got home at around noon and headed straight
for her room. I asked her how the night went and she said she'd had
fun but they didn't get much sleep so she was going to take a nap. I
wasn't going to argue. As soon as I felt she'd had enough time to
fall asleep, I headed for the garage. I grabbed my screwdriver, got
into her car, removed the tape and replaced it with another. My hands
were shaking as I carried the tape to my room to watch it. I couldn't
get there fast enough. I locked the door behind myself, put the tape
into my HI-8 player and laid back on my bed. As the tape began to
play I held my breath. The first image I saw was my daughter's knees.
Then, as she must have been starting the car, she moved her left leg
to the side and I let out a gasp. I saw right up my little girl's
dress. My eyes followed her leg from the inside of her knee up her
inner thigh and straight into her panties. My god, I thought, my god.
She was wearing the most sexy white-laced panties that I've ever
seen. They were tiny, barely leaving anything to my imagination. I
could see the skin around her panties; it looked so soft and smooth.
I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I reached my hand down into
my pants and started to stroke my now rock-hard cock.

I kept my eyes glued to the TV screen. She was driving now, her legs
kept opening and closing as she shifted and sped up and braked. Her
little panties would move a little bit this way or a little that as
she moved in the seat, but they wouldn't move enough to let me see
more. I was so excited. The camera was positioned so perfectly. I
just stared right up her skirt, right into her young tight virgin

A thought entered my mind as I sat there watching my daughter's legs
rub together, then move apart. The girl on the screen was only a few
feet from me. Right down the hall, sleeping in her bed, was the
little girl whose dress I was so hungrily looking up. The thought
made me stroke myself faster. How easy it would be to walk down the
hall and fuck her. God, I knew it was only a thought, but it scared
me a little. Then I remembered what I had decided earlier - as long
as it's only in my head, there's nothing wrong with it. I took a
breath and relaxed.

On the television, something was happening. Cheenal must have stopped
the car because she wasn't moving her legs. I knew the camera should
stop if she got off the seat and I was wondering how good my wiring
job had been. Suddenly, Cheenal swung her left leg all the way out of
the picture to the left. I couldn't believe my eyes as her panties
almost disappeared into her slit. She was just about doing the splits
as she got out of the car. It only lasted for an instant, but I just
about came right then and there. My dick pulsated in my hand as the
picture went dark.

Then, suddenly, and to my relief, the picture came back. I had no way
of knowing how long she had been out of the car, but when the
recording started again, there she was. I was once again staring up
my teen daughter's dress. She appeared to drive for quite a while
more and then she stopped moving for a while, but didn't get out of
the car. Suddenly something amazing happened. A hand appeared in
front of the camera. I gasped, had I been found out? Then I realized
what was happening. The hand was on the inside of my daughter's
thigh. Then two other hands were there. The two hands appeared to be
trying to stop the first hand. I couldn't believe it. Someone had
their hand between my daughter's legs and she was trying to make them
stop. I couldn't even start to guess who the other hand belonged to,
but it looked like it was a man. I was so angry and so excited all at
the same time.

It appeared that Cheenal had succeeded in stopping the boy from
grabbing her, and her legs closed for a while. Then, suddenly, she
spread them far apart. I stared at her panties and squeezed myself.
What was happening, I wondered? Then, to my shock, the boy's hand
came back into the picture, this time being guided by Cheenal's
hands. She pushed his whole hand right down into her panties. Then
she used her hands to move his back and forth. She was showing him
what to do; I couldn't believe my eyes. My own daughter getting
touched by some strange boy and wanting it.

After a while, she moved one of her hands away and let him go at it.
I could tell he was working his fingers in and out of my daughter's
pussy. Her panties moved from side to side and every once in a while
I would catch a glimpse of the penetration. I was blown away by the
fact that Cheenal was completely hairless in her crotch area. I knew
she was plenty old enough to have hair down there, so I guessed she
must shave her pussy. I thought about how long she spent in the
shower every morning and it made me gasp again. While I was outside
yelling for her to hurry, she was running a razor across her most
delicate area, getting it ready for some boy who I'd never even heard
about, no less met. I couldn't be angry with my hard on getting ready
to burst.

As the hand worked its way around the inside of my daughter panties,
it appeared to be making some stops other than her pussy. The boy
slid his hand almost under her and I could see his finger working
feverishly. I knew that he must've been fingering her asshole and the
idea drove me mad. As if it wasn't enough to imagine how tight
Cheenal's little naked pussy must be, now her ass too. I stopped
rubbing my cock so that I didn't come too soon. I kept watching as he
moved back up to her pussy again. He was working her fast and deep
with two or three finger now. She was grinding down against him,
almost moving forward right off the seat as she humped his hand. I
was going insane with lust when all of a sudden her legs clamped shut
around the hand. I could see her legs shuddering violently, and I
knew she must've been coming. I started rubbing myself again and her
legs continued to jerk and twitch. When she finally moved them apart
again, the hand was gone. After a while of no real action, she leaned
really far to the right. As her ass pulled half way off the seat, I
imagined that she must either be giving the boy a hand job or, more
likely, a blowjob. I tried my best not to come as I looked at up her
skirt at her ass.

After a while she sat back down all the way and began to drive again.
I could see her panties were wet now, as the light reflected off of
them as she moved. The seat too, where they were touching it, was
wet. I watched for a little while longer, but I had seen more than
enough to get me off. It was now time for me to have my own orgasm. I
had an idea of how I could get to the highest level of pleasure.

I stopped the video and walked toward the door of my room. I crept
quietly down the hall and up to my daughter's door. I listened
carefully but didn't hear a thing. I opened the door and there she
was, sleeping like a baby. I would never see her as a baby again,
though. She was so fucking sexy lying there on the bed, only a few
inches from me. I looked over to make sure she was out, which she
still was, then I moved silently over to her laundry basket. In the
basket I found exactly what I was looking for. I closed her door
behind me and rushed back to my room.

Laying on the bed in my room, I put the white lace panties up to my
face and inhaled. The smell was intoxicating. I breathed in and out
through the still-moist underwear that my daughter had been wearing
only an hour before. I put them right up against my mouth and ran my
tongue across them. They tasted sweet and salty. I was in heaven. I
took one last deep breath and held it. I moved the panties down to my
crotch and wrapped them around my cock. They were so soft and silky.
I began to move them up and down with my hand. I slid my daughter's
panties faster and faster up and down my shaft and then suddenly, I
began to shoot my seed right into Cheenal's white lace panties. I
kept coming and coming, for over a minute I sat there stroking away
while fireworks exploded in my head. Finally, I stopped. I looked at
the panties, now soaked in both her juices and mine. I knew I had to
wash them off and get them back to her room. I also knew this wasn't
the last time I would touch my young daughter's panties.