Daddy's Dream

I'm a 23 year-old single woman, an only child. I wish I could tell
your readers how I look like Pamela Anderson but that would be a lie.
I'm tall and thin and have smallish boobs and narrow hips. My long
brown hair is straight and dull. I'm not ugly but I've been described
as plain. I've had several boyfriends but never anything too serious.
I'm not a virgin by any means but I've been discovering I enjoy women
more then men of late but that's neither here or there.

My story involves my dad. He's 50 and a successful lawyer in the big
city. He's a workaholic and he's been even worse since mom died 5
years ago. I know of no dates that he's been on despite his handsome,
distinguished looks and despite me telling him that mom wouldn't want
him to be alone forever. He always just shrugged me off and told me
not to worry because he was fine. So I kept quiet. Living at home was
no problem, I came and went as I pleased and dad was working most of
the time anyway.

Then I made plans to spend the night at a friends. I was trying to
convince her of the pleasures of lesbian love and that was my plan,
to seduce her. I dressed sexily and paid special attention to my hair
and make-up and I think I looked pretty good. "Hot date tonight?" my
dad asked, I told him I hoped so and kissed his cheek and told him
I'd be home in the morning. He smiled and I left.

My night was a disaster! Not only did I fail at seducing my friend
but she was very angry at me for trying and I found out very stupid
for calling me a "fucking dyke bitch" and I walked home (two miles)
in my high heels. I was so mad but also so horny because I had
pictured me and her doing all sorts of nasty things together. I knew
I would be getting use of several of my vibrators when I got home.

I opened the door and saw the light on in the den. I guessed daddy
was still awake and watching television. I walked towards the den and
I heard what sounded like sexual moaning coming from the television.
I slowed down because I didn't want to barge in on him. I peeked in
and almost died.

Dad was sitting back, sleeping on his leather recliner. There was an
empty bottle of vodka next to dad and he had the remote control in
his hand. But all that wasn't what was weird, it was the fact that
dad was sitting there naked in all his glory, the remote was in one
hand and his other hand was covering his crotch. It was my dad, but I
looked on more out of curiosity then lust. His broad chest had a
smattering of grayish black hair on it and his legs were rather
hairy, but he was by no means one of those hairy old men. His stomach
was in good shape, not was a very good looking man.
But right now he was passed out drunk, watching a porn video.

I took off my heels and went into the room quietly. On screen was a
close-up of a rather thick dick sliding in and out of a rather hairy
vagina doggie style. It looked to me that the camera was being held
by the guy, pointing down at their joining sexes. I guessed it was
some kind of amateur video, or home made video. Whatever it was it
was making me tingle between my legs as I watched.

That's when I recognized the man's voice - it was my dad doing the
fucking on camera. I looked at his sleeping figure, more specifically
his hand covering his cock. I could see his large balls and then I
noticed the white liquid splashed all over his chest and tummy. It
wasn't dried up or caked up yet and I figured dad had jerked off and
passed out only minutes before I had walked in. For some reason that
made me even wetter.

I looked back at the television in time to see dad eating the woman
out, another close-up but this time the steadiness of the shot had me
thinking it was on a tripod. I sat down and slipped off my panties
and watched. I had an orgasm before the tape was over but managed to
see the woman in the video was my mom and judging by her short hair,
the tape was about 10 years old. I felt guilty and ashamed of myself
and as I stood to leave I heard my dad's voice in the dark
room. "Louise? baby? where you going?" I froze, Louise was my mom's
name, not mine. Then dad was quiet again and I realized he was
sleeping, and dreaming about my mom. I tip-toed out and went into the
kitchen for some water and to think about what I had just seen and
done. I felt so guilty because I knew it was wrong.

I sat awake in my room and at about 2 a.m. decided to go check on
dad, maybe cover him with a blanket since I'd left him there naked on
his recliner. The T.V. had gone off and the room was completely dark
except for the gray static on the T.V. I picked up a blanket and as I
was about to cover dad I noticed he had a pretty impressive erection
and this time his hand wasn't covering it. I've had 6 male lovers in
my life and none were like him. It's not so much that daddy had a
long penis, it was rather that it was as thick around as my wrist. I
guessed it was about 6" long but who cared about the length?

I stared at it for a minute or so before I gently covered dad with
the blanket. Then I heard his voice again, "Louise, I have a big
problem only you can help me with," and he removed the blanket and
was holding his erection. At this point I was going to wake him up
before this went too far. Then I looked closely at him and realized
he was still sleeping, still dreaming of my mom. I could also see the
tears rolling down his cheeks. "Please honey, don't go yet. I miss
you so much" and that's when I decided to help dad with the dream he
was having.

I knelt on the floor in front of the recliner and lowered his legs
and moved in close. Daddy spread his thighs and placed one leg over
the arm of the recliner giving me access to his huge nut sac. His
balls were very hairy but the skin was so soft. He purred like a
kitten when I leaned in and began licking them. Once I inhaled his
musky man smell I was lost. I gave dads balls a bath until they were
dripping with my saliva, I still hadn't touched his thick shaft.

My eyes had adjusted to the near dark room and just as I was ready to
put dads shaft in my mouth I realized how exposed his ass was in this
position. I lifted his wet balls and started to tongue his asshole. I
had done this only once to a man (but quite a few times to other
women) and my father seemed to be enjoying it. After I wet his hole
enough I pressed a finger against his tight ring. I couldn't slide it
in just yet. I decided I needed to taste the rest of his cock now.

I held him by the base and the head was so smooth and big, almost the
size of a plum and for a minute I wondered if I could get my mouth
around it. I was able to but it really stretched my jaw, I smiled
thinking to myself that dad a real "jaw breaker" between his legs.
The more I sucked his cock the less I looked up at him to see if he
was still asleep. Then I felt dad's hands on my head and he was
whispering "Louise, that feels so good baby. Your mouth feels so
good" and he kept whispering things, talking to my mom and I was
doing my best to give him the best head of his life.

I went back to his asshole and this time as I sucked him he was
relaxed enough for me to slide my finger into his tight puckered
hole. He moaned and his hips started raising off the recliner and he
was fucking my mouth. By this time my jaw ached. I'd only tried to
swallow one guy's load and I didn't love it but I wondered what my
dads would taste like. As I was still thinking about this I found out.

I'd heard that the amount of cum a guy shoots is proportionate to the
size of his balls, in Daddy's case this was true. I nearly choked as
I tried to swallow what seemed like a gallon of his liquid until
finally he stopped shooting. I stood up and covered him with the
blanket and watched him sleep for a moment before I went up to my
room to masturbate. It happened just that one time and nothing was
ever mentioned about it. I knew by the way dad hadn't changed that to
him it was just a delightful, wet dream but he seemed happier that
next day and the days that followed. I knew what I had given him was

I hope every day that I find dad in the middle of one of his dreams
about mom and I hope that he will want to fuck because I can't get
the sight, smell and taste of him off of my mind and I can't help
wondering how good a fat cock like his would feel inside me. Who
knows? maybe some day I'll find out.