Hey Aunt, hey Sonia, how's it going, it's been a long time since the
last time I saw you two," I said as I finally arrived at my aunt's

"Hey Kiran, you look great, go ahead and make yourself at home," my
aunt said as I laid my stuff in her guestroom.

My aunt and my cousin, Sonia, lived alone in a very nice upscale
house, which they had acquired when my uncle died of a heart attack.
My aunt was a very attractive lady, in her mid thirties, and my
cousin Sonia was a very attractive teen.

My aunt was about 5'4, 110 lbs., she had short brown hair, brown
eyes, nice firm ass, and a "B" cup tits. My cousin kind of resembled
her but in a younger, more energetic version, she was 5'6, 112 lbs.,
she had long brunette hair, brown eyes, ass as nice as her mother's,
and huge tits, about a "D" cup size. They were both very attractive
ladies, which had invited me to stay at their house when I decided to
attend the local college.

I, on the other hand, was 6'1, 189 lbs., had short black hair, had a
great body, as was expected of a football player (the reason I'm
going to college), and had brown eyes. I had recently broken up with
my girlfriend, of two years, when she got pissed off because I
decided to attend college so far from home.

The first two days were kind of uncomfortable as I never really had
anything to talk about to my aunt or my cousin, and I just sort of
watched T.V. and went out at night to see the scene, which wasn't
that great.

One other thing about my aunt, she is very strict, as to say, my
cousin, Sonia, has no freedom, never had a boyfriend, and doesn't
know much about sex. This was really a shame as Sonia was a very
attractive young lady, who many guys asked out, but she always
rejected from fear of what my aunt would do.

The third day at my aunt's turned out to be very awkward. I was going
up to my room when Sonia suddenly called me from the kitchen, where
she was drinking some soda, and asked me if she could talk to me
about something very personal, and then when I said yes she made me
promise to never tell another soul. The main reason she was probably
telling me was because my aunt was out at the grocery store and she
could finally talk to someone else.

"Kiran, this is real personal, and I trust you to never tell anyone,
okay," Sonia said to reassure herself of what she was about to tell

"Yeah, sure Sonia, I promise, go ahead and tell me what's bugging
you," I said to reassure her to open up to me.

"Well you see Kiran, ever since my dad died, my mom has kind of taken
over my life, she doesn't let me do much, and she's taken away all my
privacy," she said as she faced the floor.

"You gotta have some privacy, I mean I don't think my aunt could take
away all your privacy," I asked.

"All of it Kiran, it's weird, I mean she makes me take showers with
her, and when I take a bath, she takes a bath, she even had to be
there when I change my tampons, and most of the time changes them for
me," she said.

"Whoa, she is really getting into your life, you should tell her to
back off," I said, trying to help her out, and also trying to cover
up the erection I was getting from the idea of this two woman taking
a shower together.

"That's not the worst of it, she even taught me to masturbate, she
told me to do that whenever I had the urge to go see a boy, she even
masturbates me sometimes, and worst of it, sometimes she comes into
my room, while I'm asleep and starts to rub my vagina, I mean I tried
to tell her, but she doesn't understand," she said as she continued
to explain her dilema to me.

"That is the first time I've ever heard of that type of stuff, isn't
that like incest or something, I mean you have to make her back off,
oh man, that's my aunt," I said before my aunt walked into the
kitchen with the groceries.

"Hey Kiran how's it going," my aunt said as she walked in. "Alright
Aunt, you need some help," I answered.

"Sure, why don't you get that stuff, and Sonia, go ahead and put this
stuff up," my aunt replied.

That was probably one of the most messed up things I've ever heard,
yet kind of erotic. I really wasn't attracted to my aunt and cousin,
but what my cousin had told me made me horny every time I thought
about them two in the shower.

This wasn't the end of my weird experience at my aunt's house, the
next time was while I was in the bathroom taking a shower. As I was
taking a shower I suddenly noticed my aunt walk in with Sonia by her
side, without knocking, with the full knowledge that I was there. I
didn't notice them until my aunt spoke to me.

"Kiran, could you come out a moment," my aunt said.

"Oh man, oh, let me get a towel, what are you doing," I asked as I
got a towel and got out of the shower.

"Kiran, as you know, here in my house I believe that we should be
very close, and Sonia told me that she wished to learn why I didn't
let her date guys, and I told her that I would as soon as she knew
everything about sex, the bad and the good," my aunt explained to me.

"Well okay, but what the heck does that have to do with you barging
in while I'm taking a shower," I asked my aunt.

"Actually Kiran, everything, you see, I wouldn't want to teach my
beautiful Sonia with any man from the street, so I thought that you
might be able to help us," she said.

"What, what are you insane, she's my cousin, I can't do that," I
literally screamed to her.

"You know you want to do it Kiran, and if you still don't here is
something that should convince you," she said as she took off her
robe and Sonia's too.

That site immediately gave me and erection, the site of Sonia's huge
bare tits, and her incredible shaved pussy, and then my aunt's nice
perky tits and her nicely trimmed pussy.

"See, I knew you were attracted to us," she said as she looked at the
huge bulge in my towel.

"But, but, your my relatives, that's wrong," I said as I tried to
reason with her and myself, but for some reason I wanted to go along
with it.

"Who cares, I know that you know about what Sonia and I do, and
there's nothing wrong with us, so why don't you just agree and let us
teach Sonia a few things," my aunt said as she knew that she had me
right where she wanted, horny and half naked.

How could I refuse, I thought to myself, in front of my where two
very attractive ladies, who wanted to use me as a learning tool in
sex, how could I refuse, and I was also very horny, so I just
agreeded and suddenly the notion of these two woman being relatives
slipped my mind and sex overtook my mind.

"Well Kiran, I know you want to do it so lets start by taking that
towel off," my aunt said as she grabbed my towel and pulled it off.

"Wow mom, it's so big and look at it, it's real hard," Sonia said as
she stared at my dick,"It's also very hot," she said as she touched

"Yes Sonia, this is the penis, and it's purpose is to go into your
vagina, and when it is rubbed or stimulated, it lets out a liquid,
called semen," my aunt explained to Sonia.

"Eww, that pisses in your vagina," Sonia replied.

"No, it gives off a sticky white substance, which gets woman pregnant
if they don't use birth control or if the man doesn't use a rubber
glove, called a condom," my aunt explained.

"Oh I see, so it's just there to make kids, it can only go in the
vagina," Sonia asked.

"Well it's purpose is to go in the vagina, but you see, you can put
it in your mouth, and in your butt," my aunt answererd.

"Yuck, that's sick," Sonia replied.

"Well I think that's enough talking, Kiran I want you to show Sonia
what that penis can do," my aunt told me.

"Wait mom, before he starts, I want to ask how he masturbates, you
know how we stick fingers or vibrators in our pussy, I mean vagina,
how do guys masturbate," Sonia asked my aunt.

"Well why don't we let Kiran show us," my aunt replied to me and

I must admit, I was real turned on about jacking off for two girls,
so I slowly started to rub my dick, and then suddenly Sonia
interrupted and asked her mom," Mom can I rub his dick."

"Go ahead," my aunt responded.

Sonia then took my hand away and then took her small young hand and
wrapped her fingers around the mid-section of my dick and slowly
started to rub it. She was kind of tentative at first, but as she got
the hang of it she started to rub my dick faster.

While Sonia did this my aunt started to rub her pussy, she was really
into it, as Sonia rubbed my dick faster, she would finger her pussy
more, and at one point had four fingers inside her pussy.

"OH, yeah, ohhh, uhhhh, that feels good," I managed to say as Sonia
gave my a great hand job with her small delicate fingers.

"You like that Kiran, does that fell good, oh my, what's that coming
from your penis, oh look, mom, what are you doing," Sonia said as I
came in her hand and as she realized what her mom was doing.

"Oh, yeah, oh sorry, oh Sonia I just really got excited when I saw
you masturbating Kiran, it makes me miss having sex with men, and oh
that's semen, or sperm, that comes out of the man when he is excited
enough," my aunt explained to Sonia as took her fingers out from her

"Oh, I see mom, look his penis is going down, why," Sonia asked my

"Well you see Sonia, (my aunt said as she grabbed my dick) when the
penis has been satisfied, it returns to it's original size, which
still isn't that bad on Kiran, and I think that's enough for now,
we'll continue our lesson tonight," my aunt said as Sonia and her
walked out of the restroom.

That whole thing was really great, but I still couldn't get over the
fact that I was doing this with my cousin and my aunt. Damn, but the
whole idea of being used as a sex ed. tool was great, so what the
heck, I just waited for the night to come, and if I felt guilty after
that, then I would stop doing it.

So I waited for the the night to come, but they didn't seem to come
into my room or call me. When I went to check on them, I saw them in
the living room just watching T.V., as though nothing had happened. I
just gave up on them and went to sleep.

Then the unexpected happen, at about 2 in the morning, I suddenly saw
Sonia and my aunt come into my room. I was kind of drowsy so I had to
kind of rub my eyes before I realized that they both were half naked,
they were only in their underwear.

"Hey Kiran, you ready for Sonia's next lesson," my aunt said as Sonia
and her sat on my bed next to me.

"What, yeah, I guess, so what are you going to do," I said, still not
really knowing what really was going on.

My aunt then stood up, made Sonia stand up too, then slipped the
covers of my bed and me. She then sat back down and started to slip
my boxers down.

"Oh yeah, just as I expected, morning wood," she said as she saw my
hard on.

"Wow, look mom, it's huge, what are we going to do now," Sonia asked.

"Well Sonia, I think it's time you learned what to do with this
penis," my aunt said with a devilish grin.

"Come here Sonia, now take off your bra, and show Kiran your nice
breast so that he can get excited, and take off those panties cause
that vagina of yours is finally going to get some action," my aunt
told Sonia.

Sonia followed my aunt's instructions, unstrapped her bra, which made
her tits bounce out, and then slipped off her panties, which already
moist from my dick.

All this time I was still laying down on my bed, naked, with a huge
hard on. Sonia stood there for a moment, looked at my dick, and
slowly slipped her fingers to her pussy and started to rub it.

My aunt stopped Sonia and said,"You don't need to do that honey, you
can have that penis, go ahead and get on top of Kiran, I think it
would be better if you sat on his lap first, there you go, now slowly
place your vagina over his penis, go ahead and get it with your hand
if you want, there, and slowly slip it into your vagina, there you
go, know start to come back down and then up again."

This was great, my cousin was sitting on my lap, bouncing up and
down, fucking my. It felt great for my dick as her pussy had never
taken anything bigger than a finger, and it was tight as heck.

"Oh mommy, this hurts, ohhhh, uhhhh, but it feels good, oh my,
uuhhhh, ohhh, yeah," Sonia said as my dick dug deeper into her pussy.

"Uhhh, oh yeah Sonia, I love that pussy of yours, come on fuck me,
uhhhh, ohhh," I said as my dick was being suffocated in Sonia's pussy.

My aunt then couldn't take it any longer, she slipped of her panties
and took off her bra, then laid next to where I was fucking her
daughter and started to finger herself as she heard our moans and saw
as her virgin daughter was being fucked for the first time.

"Ohhhhh, yeahh, ohhhh, uhhhh, that feels gooood, oh yeah Kiran dig
that dick of yours into my, uhhhhh, pus, uhhhh, syy," Sonia said as
she had her first orgasm.

"Uhhhh, ohhh, I'm cumming, ohhhh," I said as her orgasm made me cum
in her virgin pussy.

"UHhhhhh, ooooohhhh, yeahhhh," my aunt screamed as she too orgasmed.

Sonia slowly slipped her wet pussy from my dick and then laid down
between my aunt and I. She was glowing from the whole session, and
exhausted from her first fuck.

"Did you like that Sonia, Kiran sure is a great fucker," my aunt told

"That was unbelievable, I felt great, I felt this rush in my while
her pounded his penis in me, and when his cum filled my pussy, it was
great," Sonia answered to her mother.

I just laid there naked next to these too great girls, knowing that
this was going to be alright, as long as nobody found out.

We eventually went to sleep together, me in the middle of these two
girls, and all three of us were naked. What else could I wish for.
Yet the strangest thing happened at night, I was asleep and then my
aunt was next to me, I was facing her, and she was facing the other
way, her ass towards me, and somehow I got a hard on at night and my
dick started to go into my aunt's asshole.

I guess she thought she was dreaming because instead of moving
forward, she started to move back so that my dick could go into her
asshole. She slowly started moaning as my dick made itself up in her
asshole. By this time I was awake and taking full advantage of my
aunt. I was incredible, she just moved back and forth and let my dick
fuck her asshole.

I dick eventually made itself all the way up my aunt's asshole, and
when it did she started to moan even louder and she started to move
back and forth faster. All of my aunt's moaning woke up Sonia.

As Sonia woke up she was just stunned by what her mom was doing, and
amazingly my aunt was still asleep. Sonia just looked on and fingered
herself as she saw me fuck her mom's asshole.

As my aunt's ass got tighter I started to cum, this is when she
finally woke up, when she felt my cum rum out of her asshole.

"Oh my god, I thought I was dreaming, oh my, Kiran, that was great,
oh you should of woken me up, oh I thought it was all a dream, oh but
that was still great, look at you Sonia, you liked that huh, well in
the morning I'll let Kiran fuck you through your asshole, it's the
best," my aunt said as she kind of realized what had just happened.

The next morning, as my aunt had promised, I fucked Sonia through her
tiny asshole. She went through a lot of pain, especially at first,
when my dick first itself up to her asshole, streching her asshole an
amazing length.

"Oh, owwww, stop, ohhh, that's better ohhhhh, yeah Kiran," Sonia said
as she got used to my dick.

She was as great as her mother, ass fuck wise. She rode my dick until
I came and as the cum ran down her thighs she just smiled and
signaled for her mom to come clean up. My aunt cleaned up Sonia, with
her tounge, licking her thighs and her asshole, making Sonia orgasm.

I was used as a sex tool for these woman for my whole college stay,
and loved every minute of it.