AUTHOR's NOTE - WARNING: This story is fiction, and should be treated
as such. The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY,
and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult,
or reading sex stories upset you, DO NOT read any further. If it is
illegal in your geographical location, DO NOT read it.

Tragedy and poverty doesn't give one much options. Coupled with bad
decisions, one is perpetuated into a cycle of misery. That is how my
story begins.
"Come have your dinner, Tikku," my sister-in-law said. Her voice
streamed out from our dark, one room accommodation. Dinner as usual
would be served on the floor and we would sit on the mattress which
turned into my bed at night.

My sister-in-law was a terrific cook and she would religiously make a
complete meal with several dishes all made with one communal faucet
more than a hundred feet away and a charcoal burning stove.

Ashu and my brother, Mohan, had already started eating. We all ate
with much relish as it was the only moment during our tiring day that
we could get a respite from our harsh conditions. Nothing much was
spoken and my brother and I sat quietly as Ashu cleaned up.

Mohan stepped out to smoke some cheap Indian tobacco. Only twenty-
five years old and ten years elder to me, he seemed much worn down by
life. I don't think I ever remembered seeing him smile.

Between puffs he asked, "What you got today?"

"Fifty rupees," I replied.

"Good," he said.

I despised my brother because he treated a loving beautiful wife as a
whore. Only a few men were lucky to have a good tempered and caring
wife and he threw her out to filthy mean wolves. I could never tell
when a "wolf" would make an appearance, but I felt today one of the
three sleazy landlords would pay a visit. These brothers were
conniving, crooked and cruel.

Although barely, we could afford the outrageous rent these brothers
charged and still manage. What was Mohan thinking when he allowed his
wife to be their whore as payment for rent, taking such a beautiful
innocent girl and scarring her for life? His excuse was that he had
no choice, being poor and hardly being able to scrap a living.

As I lay on my mattress idly watching Ashu tidy up the place, I knew
one of the thieves was coming. I could sense the subtle changes.
Outside, the sounds of the people settling down for the evening
abruptly quieted down. Mohan was puffing on his cigarette slightly
quicker. I myself tried to shrink into the corner of the mattress,
not that it would have made any difference.

Poor Ashu was the last to sense the impending doom. You could even
sense the change in the air as the eldest of the three brothers
opened the door and made his presence known. He was the tallest of
the three with a perpetual scowl on his face. Whenever he looked at
me, I felt guilty for having an existence. Ashu's face went pale and
I could see that she was trembling.

Just like the heroes in Hindi movies, I would see myself doing some
fancy kicking and punching moves to bring that awful man to his knees
for repentance. He would beg me for mercy for he had dishonored my
sister-in-law. But my fantasy soon ended as he drew the curtain
around my brother's and Ashu's mattress bed.

I tried to see through the opaque fabric for any glimpse of their
activity but, as always, I got to just hear the sounds of their
lovemaking. I knew the clothes had come off and my sister-in-law was
naked in front of this man. I was familiar with each one of them and
what they did to Ashu. Next he would get on top of her and, without a
second to waste, would push his hardened pecker into her privates.
Ashu tried to never make a sound knowing I was in the room. But at
that moment when he pushed himself roughly into her, I always heard a
whimper escaping from her pretty mouth.

I imagined my sister-in-law just lying there with her hands to her
sides, her face away from him and not reciprocating. As the sounds of
his body slapping down on Ashu's flesh intensified, I would sometimes
hear the unmistakable moan of pleasure from my sister-in-law. But
mostly, I could hear the grunting coming from the thief. I wondered
if he grabbed her breasts while he was doing it. Were his balls
slapping her buttocks as he penetrated all the way in her? Finally,
his snorting was heard, a sure sign that he was about to spill his
seed into Ashu's barren womb. I imagined her pussy now soaked with
his seed as he pumped every last drop into her.

Ashu usually lay naked behind her curtain a long time after the thief
put on his clothes and left with that scowl on his face. Later, she
would get dressed and finish her chores. Mohan would come later with
the breath of cheap whiskey. They wouldn't speak much.

"How much for your Bhabi?" other kids would tease me showing me a ten
rupee note. They were referring to my sister-in-law as a whore but I
would just ignore them. My brother was treated worse.

A few days later the middle brother made an appearance. He was the
shortest, plump and was very ugly. Although he looked harmless, he
was devious as them all. As always, I was lying on my mattress hoping
to catch a glimpse through the corners.

He started always by making Ashu suck on his penis. I remembered the
first three times Ashu whispered, "Sir, please don't make me do

He didn't care. The thief would say rather forcefully, "Put it in
your mouth, you whore. Suck on it all the way."

In our culture only a whore would take a man's penis into their
mouth. It would be unthinkable for Ashu to have done that to my
brother and here she was forced to do it with another man. She no
longer begged him. She dutifully sucked his penis after having
removed her clothes for his pleasure. She must be a quick learner
because the thief would compliment her on her cock sucking skills
between moans and grunts of evident pleasure.

"Keep playing with them," he would say. I imagined Ashu fondling his
sizeable testicles while she sucked him. He would also say, "Put your
finger in deeper." I knew Ashu would also insert her finger up his
filthy bung hole. I was perplexed as to why she did these extra
favors when it wasn't necessary and when she was reluctant to do it
in the first place.

When the thief ejaculated, Ashu would swallow it all. He would
commend her, "Good, you took it all in."

The thief recovered pretty fast. He would next take the pleasure of
her pussy. From what I could tell, he would be on top of her just
like his elder brother. I wondered how my sister-in-law could bear
the ugly face of the middle brother inches from her face or even the
angry face of the eldest brother. Did they plant kisses on her face
and lips? It seemed that the middle brother may have. I could hear
that distinct sound sometimes from him. Did Ashu feel any revulsion
or did she even reciprocate?

This thief took longer in fucking my sister-in-law. It was probably
because he already spilled his seed once. The thumping was louder as
he was heavier. There were times when their bodies were soaked in
sweat and I could hear that slapping of wet flesh as he kept ramming
into her once private pussy. It excited me when I heard her moan in
pleasure. I'm sure my brother would have never guessed that she was
enjoying this. Maybe she just got used to it and became a slut. No
matter what, I was intrigued and wanted to see my sister-in-law being

After the middle brother deposited his seed, Ashu laid down for a
long time. He had long gone but she just stayed behind her curtain,
probably caressing herself from the afterglow of a good long fuck. I
knew she was naked just a few feet from me, her pussy a sticky mess
from his seed.

Our financial status would not have allowed Mohan to have gotten such
a pretty wife as money and the quality of the bride was highly
correlated in our society. But life had its twists and turns on Ashu
who was diagnosed in her youth with a sickness that left her unable
to conceive. Under normal circumstances, Ashu would have had suitors
lining up at her door from well established families. Instead, her
father had to give a more than necessary inducement and offer his
daughter to the lower echelon of society for marriage.
It was strange that these three brothers never came on the same day.
It was like they had a calendar and each reserved their days with
Ashu. I feared the youngest brother because he was the only one that
even acknowledged my existence. I considered him the most dangerous,
but he also gave me that one special time that never repeated itself.
It seemed that Ashu was unhappy on what occurred and the thief never
again took such liberties. Was it possible that these criminal minds
could be under the spell of this little poor housewife?

"You are always listening and wanting to see your sister-in-law
enjoying herself. Does your big brother know?" the youngest brother
said. I didn't know what to answer, so he continued, "Did you know
that your sister-in-law is very good in bed? If she sold herself she
could be rich beyond her dreams."

I tried to avoid looking at Ashu who was standing in the corner
waiting to make love to this man.

"Maybe today you can see for yourself," he said as he drew the
curtain around himself and my sister-in-law.

I could tell that Ashu was removing her clothes but not the youngest
brother. My ears have been well attuned to differentiate the various
sounds. I saw a hand on the edge of the curtain and, with one swift
stroke, it was pulled aside to reveal what was hidden to me all this
time. I couldn't tell whether Ashu expected this or not. She was on
her knees facing the thief when her nudity was revealed to me. She
immediately grabbed a sheet to cover herself, but the image of her
breasts and her flesh forever burnt itself in my memory.

"Stand up and take away that sheet," he commanded Ashu.

She obeyed without hesitation. I saw for the first time how beautiful
a woman's body can be especially when they are young and well
proportioned. I stood there in awe with a raging hard-on. She avoided
eye contact.

"Turn around and show him your backside," the thief said.

When I saw her smooth and soft cheeks, I wanted to kneel down and
worship it.

The thief had read my mind. "Go ahead and touch it," he said.

Touching the forbidden flesh of her delicious behind caused the
sudden surge of an eruption in my balls that ripped through the
insides of my penis and spurted out globs and globs of semen
throughout the confines of my underwear. As I felt and explored every
inch of her cheeks, my cock was still twitching from the afterglow of
the sensation.

"Turn around and let him feel your breasts," the thief commanded.

For a fifteen year old boy the vision of a woman's breast was what
erotic dreams were made of. Now was my chance to actually touch the
perfectly shaped and bouncy globes of flesh. I may have gone at it
too roughly, kneading them in my hands as Ashu flinched. My balls
ached as my penis remained hard from the sexual stimulation of having
my hands on my sister-in-law's naked breasts. I touched every inch of
it as I expected never to have such an opportunity again. I hoped
never to forget this moment as I tried to record every detail into my

"That's enough," the thief said.

Once again I had become a nobody. I had curled myself on my mattress,
the uncomfortable stickiness in my underwear my only physical

The curtains were drawn again and my ears once again perked up to
listen in on the activities. The thief was removing his clothes. The
youngest brother took the longest time with Ashu. Rather than just
fucking her, he would be intimate with my sister-in-law in other
ways. Sometimes he would just lie there holding their bodies together
pretending to be lovers. Once my brother had miscalculated and
returned from his drinking earlier than usual or maybe the youngest
thief took longer than he usually did. My brother's expression that
moment was something that I would never forget. It was defeat,
disgust and humiliation all mixed into a grimace. He hurried out as
he could not bear the grunting sounds of that man pleasuring himself
with Ashu.

"You have the most delicious nipples to suck on," the thief said. I
was sure he had his mouth on those suckable breasts that I had the
pleasure of touching just a few moments ago. He was the only thief
that took time to pleasure Ashu. I believe that she enjoyed it
although I usually only heard those moans of pleasure when she had a
stiff cock buried in her pussy.

He took quite a long time before he had intercourse with Ashu.
Sometimes he would talk to her with hardly a response from Ashu who
knew there were ears listening. Most of the questions were of
the "yes" and "no" variety which I knew Ashu dutifully nodded her

"Do you enjoy it when I suck on your breasts?" the thief would ask. I
was sure that Ashu nodded "yes". Affirmative responses were probably
also given to questions such as, "Am I the best among my brothers?
Did that feel good?" and "Do you want me to keep doing it?"

The sessions behind the curtain ended the same way for all three
brothers and it was no different with the youngest one. Finally, the
engorged penis would enter and violate my sister-in-law. I wondered
why Ashu was apprehensive on their arrivals when she usually ended up
getting some sexual gratification. But I was afraid of them as well
and I think it had to do with the fact that they could control our
lives in any manner they wished.

When the thief was done and his semen was dispensed into Ashu, he
left with an unfriendly smirk, reminding me of my position in life.

When I had turned seventeen, my sister-in-law disappeared from our
lives. She went to the vegetable market one day and never returned.
She took with her all the jewelry and money. Mohan never went looking
for her and soon remarried a girl that was in the opposite end of the
spectrum than Ashu in beauty. But Mohan was glad because he could now
become a father.

I had checked everywhere on her whereabouts. Some said that she was
now the youngest thief's personal slut living in comfort and lavished
upon. Others said that she was a high class call girl servicing an
international clientele, and some said that she became a cheap whore
working in a local brothel.

I left no stone unturned and religiously checked all the leads,
visited every brothel in the 100 kilometer radius, and called up each
and every escort service. I investigated and learned everything about
the three thieves. Ashu was nowhere to be found.

I never gave up and every moment of time I had, I searched for Ashu.
Amazingly, as I went about doing this, I made many good contacts and
established a successful surplus trade business along the way. I
wanted to find her and take care of her. I knew in my heart that I
was in love with her.