N/A We are a normal family. Dad, mom, brother, sister, nothing fancy.
At the time this happened I had, in opposition to many of my
friends, a good relationship with my little brother. We used to
play together a lot, and although he was seven years younger than I
was, I liked to be around him. He had a certain warmth about him.
We used to enjoy the camping trips our family made nearly each
summer a lot. We had our own little tent together, and enjoyed each
others company, both when we were sightseeing and doing other
typically-dad-and- mom things, as in the evenings when we were
together in our tent. My parents had offered me my own tent a few
years ago, but I refused: I had no reason not to want to be so near
to Raju. One warm night in July we were sitting together in front
of our tent - our parents off to some activity at the camping
clubhouse, and the two of us left to ourselves. Not long after our
parents left Raju got bored with his comic and said he went to
sleep. I said, "Okay, I'll join you, no fun here either." I crawled
into the only breast-high tent after my brother, and after closing
the zip he started to get ready for bed. The sense of warmth he
radiated always grew extra strong when he was in his pajamas. I sat
down, started to undress myself and got my nightgown on. Raju
asked: "Sis?" "Yeah?" I said and turned towards him. When I looked in
his eyes I saw something I hadn't seen there before. At the time I
couldn't really place it but I knew I wanted to hold him.
Apparently Raju felt the same, because one moment later he sat on
my lap, his legs wrapped around me, his arms squeezing my breast
and his face buried in my neck. "Wow, something wrong, brother?" I
started, surprised by this sudden utterance of affection, although
this was what I had hoped for for quite some time. "No, er,
nothing," he stammered, "I just, er..." "It's ok, Raju," I said,
having recovered from the surpass and now gently caressing his
soft, halflong dark black hair, "it's ok." The feeling of my little
brother pushed so tightly against my body made me feel incredibly
horny. I had never experienced this feeling before, but it felt so
right, and I knew I wanted it to last. "Come?" I said softly,
opening the zip of my sleeping bag with one hand. We needed only
half a word being good friends as we were, and Raju looked very
relieved when he quickly climbed into my sleeping bag. As soon as I
got in with him he clamped his legs and arms around me and it felt
wonderful. I looked at him and could not help but kissing him softly
on the mouth. He didn't resist, he did nothing in fact but hold me
so tight it almost hurt. As I tasted the softness of his boyish
lips I thought I was never gonna let go of him. I opened Raju's
mouth a little and started to French kiss him. It went almost on
autopilot, it felt so natural. The sweet tickle of his little
tongue made me crazy, and it must have been a couple of minutes
before I stopped frantically stirring my tongue around his mouth
and looked up. The silent smile he gave me melted me completely. "I
liked that, preeti," he whispered. That was it. I was lying on top
of him now, first kissing him all over his face and then going for
his mouth again. At first he let me kiss en fondle him as he had
before, but after a few minutes he suddenly came to life and
started to kiss me back, let go of his tight grip and started to
rub his hands all over my back. A strange sort of wrestling ensued
from that, but we didn't let go of each other for a second, and our
mouths were always locked together. After a while we suddenly fell
still and just lay still for a second. "Warm..." Raju
said. "Yeah. I'll get your pajama's off," I said, "let me help you."
I softly pulled his pajama jacket over his head, then lay him on
his back and pulled of his pants and shorts. He was beautiful. His
skin was perfectly smooth, and he had the cutest little buttcheeks,
and a lovely hairless boyish penis. I quickly pulled off my own
nightgown. Raju stared at my breasts. "You want to feel them?" I
asked. He said nothing, but instead started moving his index finger
around my left breast, his mouth having fallen slightly open. My
nipples got hard instantly. In deepest concentration, Raju started
sucking my nipples softly. I shivered with enjoyment as his soft
tight lips closed around my nipples. In the mean time I could feel
his little penis grow hard between my legs. Raju noticed that too,
and stopped sucking my tits and got a little red in the face as he
apologized "I have no idea why that happens, preeti, but it goes all
hard sometimes when I lie in bed and think about you..." "It's
okay, Raju," I said, "it's only natural, it means you're becoming a
man." He seemed content with this answer, but didn't really feel
comfortable lying on top of me with his hard penis pricking my
stomach. "Hey," I said, "do you want me to make you feel real good
now? It'll help the weird feeling in your penis..." Raju nodded
his head. "Okay, then, just turn around, so that you can put it in
my mouth. It'll feel alright, I promise I won't bite." Raju
willingly complied, and very soon I was face to face with his cute
little dick. It was only a few inches long, uncircumcised but with
a short foreskin so that the head was visible. He had no pubic
hair, and his skin was of the most lovely pink. I started to gently
lick him. A shiver went through him at my first contact, and he
instinctively retracted a little, but then slowly came closer again
for me to accept him into my mouth. Now I started to suck him more
violently and Raju apparently liked it because he started to hump
his dick into my mouth at the rhythm of my sucking. "preeti," he
suddenly peeped softly, "I feel like I am gonna pee." "It's okay, go
ahead, it'll be much better than peeing" I moaned back at him. An
instant after that he came on top of me and he shook violently but
nothing came out of his penis, it obviously wasn't ready for the
real thing yet. Raju however sighed very satisfied and lay down in
the position he was in - 69 on top of me, with his head on my lower
belly. Sighing, I softly stroked his buttcheeks. This was so totally
peaceful. I loved him. "preeti," he suddenly asked with a tone of
surprise, "you also have a little penis... " "Yeah Raju," I
answered, "girls also have sort of a penis, only it's called a
clitoris. If you like, you may lick it..." That raised his
curiosity, because moments later me was licking my clit like mad. I
felt his boys tongue swirling around my clit and licking my juices.
This was ecstasy. I gently pushed his head further into my vagina
as I fucked his face. It wasn't long before I came to the best climax
I had ever experienced. Raju licked the fluids off my vagina and
then turned around. "Was that good?" he asked. "You are the best,
Raju " I answered him. He smiled his sweet smile again, and I had
to refrain myself from not crushing him in my embrace. He smiled at
me once more and then laid his head to rest on my breasts. "Sweet
dreams, loverboy" I whispered in his ear, stroking his dark black
locks. "To you too, sis..." he whispered back, already halfway
asleep. I never slept as well ever again as I did that night