My Dream Girl
I am a 19 yrs old guy from the capital of India. I am average looking
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gals whom I wanted to screw the most. Both were younger then me
namely Ritu (34-23-35)& Neetu (36-25-35) & were extremely sexy.
Our examinations were going on I got the chance of sitting with Ritu.
When I first sat with her, I came to know how sexy was she. She was
wearing very short skirt that day. I had an hard on. During the exam
I noticed her legs, her skirt was upto her thighs only. Whenever I
get a chance I used to see her legs very carefully. But I don't know
how she came to know that I was noticing her but to mine amazement she
didn't hide her legs rather make it more easier to me to gaze at them.
This was the time she gave me green signal. After the exam she asked
me why was I gazing at her. I told her that she is so sexy. Nearly
all of the guys wanted to fuck her. She said she know this. She
asked me do u also want to fuck me? I said yeah. She asked me to
come to her in the evening. I went to her home on time. She was
alone & was looking so sexy in her nightgown. We went in the house.
She asked whether I would like to see any movie. I said why not play
a a XXX movie. She said sure & brought a XXX CD & plugged it in. In
the movie a guy was fucking 2 gals. She said why not copy the movie.
I said ok but we need another gal for this purpose.
So she telephoned Neetu & Neetu was here within moments. In that the
gal was sucking the guys dick similarly Ritu was sucking mine dick & I
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giving me blowjobs. She was sucking like a real bitch. I started
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Atlast I cummed in her pussy. But this was not the end now it was
Neetu's turn. I wanted to tear her ass. I asked Neetu to suck mine
tool & asked Ritu this is your chance to take revenge for your pain.
When I will fuck Neetu do whatever you like to with Neetu. I said
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She was doing a great job. I said now its mine turn. I gave a tight
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like Neetu closed her mouth with hers & I kept her fucking. I was
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