Folks, I am back with another of my experiences. For
those of you who haven't read any of my earlier
stories, I will give you a quick summary of what I
have been experiencing. Because I think one will have
to know the history. Basically, I am here living alone
in Bombay doing my engineering, and living away from
family. My family had a one bedroom flat here. So I
got a chance to live here alone. Once I got here, I
got into a sexual affair with my horny neighbour,
aunty Lata.. She is 40 years old and loves sex. Her
husband is in Kuwait. She has a 17 yr old daughter
Simran. Gradually I even started having sex with my
regular maid. She is 36 years old and is very horny.
And she, me and aunty Lata started enjoying many
afternoons together. Gradually the maid made her 16 yr
old daughter Pushpa work at my place as the full-time
cook and maid. So Pushpa was staying with me and she
literally became my sex slave. With the consent of her
mother. And finally we managed to seduce aunty Lata's
daughter Simran. This is our fuck group. And we
regularly have orgies. Fuck all afternoon or nights.
And very often Simran sleeps in my house rather than
hers. And I have even been enjoying a string of dates
and regular sessions with a close friend of mine
Sapna. This is what I have been upto.

Now I will tell you about my latest experience. My mom
called from Delhi and said that some of our relatives
are visiting Bombay, because of some wedding in Pune.
A family of three will be staying at my place for a
day on the way to Pune. So I must make them
comfortable. I told my mom that I would take care of

It was the day of their arrival. I went and picked
them up from the station. At the station, I met them.
It was a middle-aged couple with a young daughter. I
tired to guess the age of the daughter. She looked
like she was in school She was thin and nothing great.
Just about decent. Her name was Anuja. The mother was
my mom's cousin. So that made Anuja my second cousin.

Anyway, I brought them home. I placed their suitcases
in my bedroom. I offered the couple my room. And they
said, that Anuja would sleep on the floor in the
living room with me. They freshened up and relaxed for
most of the day. We went out in the evening for a
little shopping and eating out. We came back home and
they were tired so we all slept early. The husband and
wife were to leave for Pune the next day. Anuja would
stay on here with me. The couple would be gone for two
days for the wedding in Pune. Anuja would just be here
with me and see some Bombay.

I didn't mind. She was a nice girl. She was lively and
talkative and was easygoing. She was laughing and
listening to anything I had to say. I didn't mind
showing her around Bombay for two days. Only problem
would be, I wouldn't get to have sex with anyone,
including Pushpa. Pushpa was quite upset to be
deprived of our daily fucking. But anyway I told her
to finger herself in the nights for two days.

That night we just slept. And the next morning the
husband and wife left early.

So we had the whole day and we had not made any plans.
We just were lazing around talking, watching tv. Then
she went for her bath. After that even I took a bath.

After the bath, she wanted to use my computer. I told
her to be free and use it. While checking her emails
she started asking me questions. She asked me, "So do
you have any girlfriend?"

I replied, "No, not really" That is because I didn't
have a steady girlfriend.

She continued asking, "So you live here alone. You
have the freedom to do anything. You must be feeling
quite lucky"

I nodded and tried to show that it is no big deal.
Although I loved the sexual freedom I had. But what
would she understand.

She said, "I hardly get anytime alone back home. I die
for chances to be alone"

Now she got me curious. I asked her, "Why? What is it
that you like to do alone?"

She said, "What do you think? Do the thing that
everyone does when they are alone without parents"

I asked, "You mean, you play with your…."

She laughed and said, "Yeah. Don't you?"

I nodded. This girl was in school and she was too
frank and matured. I asked her, "How old are you now?"


I nodded. I then asked her, "So you like masturbating,
uh? Since what age did u start?"

She said, "Twelve"

I nodded. She then asked me, "Are you a virgin?"

I said, "No. And you? Don't tell me you are also not a

She said, "Yes,yes, I am a virgin. But what is the
big deal? I know almost everything about sex"

She continued, "I surf the porn sites. Some of them
are so amazing. I just get so wet". She said this and
winked at me.

"You seem to be quite a naughty girl. You are only 14"

"Yeah, but I am being frank. I love sex. And you are a
guy. I am sure you know that feeling"

I nodded.

Then she asked, "Hey, wanna visit a porn site now? Why
go outside"

I said, "Sure". This girl was a young nymphet and a
virgin. She wanted to fuck desperately. I could see
that. She wasn't anything great looks wise. She was
just fourteen and her breasts weren't too well
developed. And she was just a thin young school girl.
But for some reason she till aroused me and my dick
was already hard at the thought of fucking her.

I sat next o her and she opened up some website.

She then asked, "What about your maid, Pushpa? What if
she comes in?"

I replied, "Don't worry, I'll lock the door. We can
have fun in here for as long as we want"

She smiled and said, "That sounds great"

She was looking mainly for hardcore pics. I asked her
opinion on some of the girls and some lesbian pics.
She said she knows about lesbianism and is curious.
She said, "I would have loved to have tried it with
some of my school friends. But I was so nervous to
bring it up"

I nodded.

There were many hardcore pics. She commented on the
size of the dicks of the guys.

Then she asked, "These dicks are so huge and hard. Do
they hurt?"

I replied, "Well it hurts for the first time. But you
will like it after that"

Then she said, "You know, I haven't seen a dick in
real life"

I nodded.

She then turned to me and looked at my crotch openly
and said, "Are you hard? It looks hard"

I smiled and nodded.

She asked, "Will you show me your dick? I have never
seen one"

I said, "But you are just 14"

She continued and placed her hands on my thighs and
said, "Please, I have never seen one. And I will show
you my pussy"

I was now getting very aroused and this girl was
willing to offer anything.

I said, "Ok, but this will remain between us"

She replied, "Ofcourse. Look I am really curious about
sex and everything and I am dying to see a real dick.
Now please, we have two full days. We can make good
use of it"

I nodded. She was only 14 but she one hot nymphet.

I was wearing shorts. I lowered the waist band of my
shorts and my underwear and took out my hardening
dick. Her eyes were wide with amazement staring at it.
I stroked my dick a little and it stood proud and

I could see her licking her lips.

I told her, "Touch it if you want to"

She readily put her hands around. She held it with
both her small hands. I said, "Stroke it"

She started stroking it up and down. She knew how to
do it right straight away. She was looking really
excited stroking my dick. Then I said, "It's your turn
now. Show me your pussy"

She smiled. She was wearing a skirt and a tshirt. She
lifted her skirt up and revealed her white panties.
She moved her panties to the side and showed me her
soft young pussy. It was so tight and closed. And
there was hardly or no hair around it. Just a little
hint of hair about to start growing.

I asked her to remove the panties. She lifted her legs
a little and removed her panties and threw it on the
chair. And again she sat back on the chair and lifted
her skirt up and revealed her pussy.

She smiled and looked at me.

I started stroking her inner thighs. She was moaning
and cooing. She was very eager and excited.

I moved my fingers closer and closer to her pussy.
Inch by inch I moved closer. Finally I reached her
pussy and touched her soft pussy lips. They were like
petals. She let out a loud moan. I felt her tight slit
and ran my index finger up and down her slit. Then I
rubbed her pussy round and round. She was breathing
heavily, biting her lips and moaning, "Oh yes, aaaaah,
yes, hmmmmm, oh yes"

I parted her pussy lips and gently inserted my finger
between her lips. I pushed it a little inside her hole
and started finger fucking her hole. Then I bent down
and started licking her pussy lips. She was out of
control. She was bucking her hips forward. She was
moaning and groaning. And saying bad words like, "Fuck
good, yes bhaiya, oh fucking yes"

This 14 year old was behaving like a real slut.

I sucked and licked away on her pussy and she climaxed
in no time. Her whole body shook and she became stiff
and red. And her fluids were gushing out. I licked it
all up. Then I looked up at her and asked her, "How
did it feel?"

She smiled and said, "It was amazing. I have never
felt like this before"

I moved next to her face and kissed her. We kissed
passionately as we tongued each other. She got a good
taste of her pussy juice as well.

Then I stood up and removed my shorts and t-shirt and
I stood next to her. My dick was hard and standing
out. I moved my crotch next to her face and asked her
to lick and suck on it.

She licked her lips and held my dick. She stroked and
then took it in her mouth. I had to explain to her a
little on how to do it. But she understood fast and
got the hang of it. She sucked with great speed and

She was sitting on the chair and I was standing in
front of her. She was such a horny girl, while sucking
my dick she was furiously fingering her pussy. I could
make out she desperately wanted some stimulation of
her pussy.

After sucking on my dick for a few minutes I asked her
to stop. I asked her how she felt. She replied,
"Great. I am so happy we got to be alone together"

Then I made her stand and I took her to the bed. I
removed her t-shirt and skirt. She was fully naked in
front of me. She had little buds on her chest. Not
developed so far. But her desires had fully developed.
She wanted it bad. I was kissing her and moved down to
her nipples. She loved my licking them.

We lied down next to each other and I was sucking her
nipples and fingering her pussy. Then I asked her, "so
you wanna go all the way and fuck?"

She nodded and moaned and said, "Yes, I wanna
experience fucking very badly"

So I made her lie down straight on her back. I spread
her legs wide. She was already wet and gushing. There
wasn't going to be any problem of lubrication. I move
over and got between her legs. I placed my dick over
her small tight hole and started pushing in.

She was cooing and hissing, "Ooooh…aaaah"

I pushed and pushed. And I applied more pressure and
pushed past her hymen.

She screamed in pain. She was screaming so loudly that
Pushpa outside could hear everything. Pushpa was
feeling left out outside. But I had plans to bring her
into this soon.

Finally my dick was in and touched the base of her
hole. She was incredibly tight and it felt really
great. She was crying a little from the pain but
didn't want to stop either. I kissed her lips and
cheeks and calmed her down and told her that from now
on it won't pain. Slowly and slowly I started
thrusting in and out of that tight hole. In and out I
started moving my dick.

She recovered quickly and started enjoying the
fucking. She was moaning and yelling through out,
"Aaaah, yaaa, ooooh….fuck yes"

I fucked her small hole with more and more depth. I
rammed and rammed it in with more force. She was
enjoying every bit of it. She climaxed very soon and
literally went unconscious.

I continued fucking. She was moaning and dripping. I
fucked and fucked. And finally I was about to come. I
whispered in her ears, "I am about to erupt Anuja. I
am going to take it out and shoot it over ur pussy"

She replied, "Yes, fuck me hard"

I rammed a few more times and couldn't hold it
anymore. I quickly took my dick out of her pussy and
shot load after load over her pussy. I made her
hairless pussy wet and sticky with my sperm. Then I
lied down next to her and kissed her. She smiled and
said, "That was incredible. Thanks for the great fuck"

I smiled and said, "You were so good at it yourself"

She was smiling and just getting her breath back after
that hard fuck, and I asked her, "You know you were
saying you were curious about lesbianism and how you
wouldn't have minded trying it out with your school

She nodded and said, "Yeah,so?"

I said, "Well, do you wanna try it?"

She looked surprised and said, "I don't know. With
whom? When?"

I said, "Forget al that. Just tell me would u like to
try it atleast?"

She looked a little confused and worried but then
said, "Yeah, ok"

I got up and told her to wait. I told her not to touch
her pussy and to leave my sperm as it is.

I got up and went out naked and brought Pushpa with

Anuja was lying down naked on the bed in the same
position. She was shocked when I came in with Pushpa.
Anuja was trying to get up and cover herself.

I told her to wait and be calm. She was looking
completely surprised and looking at me. She was
getting some idea that Pushpa and I must be fucking.

I sat on the bed and began explaining to her, "Pushpa
here is not only my maid and cook but she is also my
sex partner. We fuck all the time. Sleep together"

Anuja was nodding and understanding everything. She
said, "So you are taking full advantage of living here

I smiled and nodded. I said, "Yeah, and I have many
other friends and other girls that I have sex with and
sometimes when I bring them here, Pushpa doesn't mind.
In fact she feels left out if she doesn't get to join"

Anuja looked at Pushpa and smiled.

I continued, "So for your first lesbian experience,
Pushpa will lick ur pussy"

Anuja looked at the young 16 year old Pushpa and was
feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I asked
her to lie back down and spread her legs. She did
that. Pushpa meanwhile removed her gown and got naked.
She came up on the bed and moved her face towards
Anuja's crotch and began kissing her thighs and her
abdomen. She licked up and down Anuja's slit and Anuja
was going wild with the sensations. Then Pushpa lied
down over Anuja and they hugged and caressed each
other. They kissed and played with each other's
breasts. Then Pushpa got into a 69 position and they
started eating each other out. Anuja was licking a
girl's pussy for the first time. And she was really
giving great pleasure to Pushpa. The two of them got
lost in their lovemaking.

In the meantime I rang the doorbell of the neighbours
and Simran opened the door. I quickly explained the
whole situation to her and told her to bring her mom
to my place so that they too can enjoy the horny girl.

The two of them came soon and Anuja looked up and was
surprised to see the two of them. I explained the
whole thing to Anuja and told her of my relationship
with the neighbor.

She couldn't believe it. But before she could react
aunty Lata and Simran got naked. And we all got on the
bed and aunty Lata and Simran started feeling Anuja's
body. Pushpa started giving me a blowjob. We kept
alternating and fucked the whole afternoon

Anuja enjoyed the full experience and was fully
satisfied. Those two days Anuja experienced a lot
sexually. We showed her many blue films as well.

When her parents came back, she was sad to leave but
she decided to keep in touch. Nowadays, we keep in
touch through messenger or icq and she tells me of her