I was 16 years when this real incident happened .It was with my
cousin sister [Uncles Daughter] Bhanupriya she was aged 23 and was
staying in her house at Madras since my uncle was in their native
place with her sister Shantipriya. In the big house in Madras I was
staying with Bhanuchechi. She is 5'6" inch height, perfect figure
with big round and firm boobs of 38D and a sexy buttock. She had a
very beautiful navel and it was very deep. When she was wearing sari
below that and any one can get a beautiful glimpse of that. My age
was 16 studying for First year Pre Degree .She was a very good
dancer and started to act in movies as per the recommendation of
Srividya and there were dancing scenes of her under rain and the
pictures of that were very sexy. They have taken full utilization of
her perfect figures like that round shaped breasts and buttocks,
deep navel and thunderous thighs. In one film she was in a saree
without blouse and it was drenched in rain. While dancing even her
nipples were visible. Buttocks were clearly visible along with the
outline of panty. Rain was pouring into the valley of her breasts
and through the valley it again flown to her deep navel and then
disappeared to her love triangle. That made thousands of youths mad
and I was one among them. That pictures were there in magazines.
Srividya, famous actress was her very good friend. She was staying
in Lady Madhavan Nair Road and our house was in Vijayaraghava Road.
I always fantasized about Bhanuchechi and had the habit of writing
Diary and I have written all my fantasies about her in Diary and
kept it my table secretly along with the sexy pictures of her from
films. There I have written of being seduced by her and burying my
face between the perfect twins and sucking the honey out of her love
triangle and licking all over the naked body etc.

I fantasized of her luscious lips licking allover my body and
circling my big and fat cock. One day Srividya came to our house and
I was really stunned to see her perfect figure. When Bhanuchechi
introduced me to her and her eyes [really like laser rays] were
traveling all over my body and I couldnt resist that and I blushed.
She was there for one hour and I secretly watched the sexy young
lady I couldnt stop from watching her since she had a terrific body.
I also heard that she was very fond of young boys to make love.
After that she also came in my fantasies and I have written all that
fantasies of making love with them, of getting massaged by those
breasts of that beautiful ladies etc in my diary. I had a good body
since I was going to Gymnasium and me and Bhanuchechi used to play
Tennis with me within the compound. While playing we used to wear
trousers and shirts. That was a favorite game since I can see
Bhanuchechi in shorts and shirt and I can watch her thunderous
thighs and that deep navel just below her short skirt. I also
fantasized of licking that sweat drops going inside that perfect
twins after our match. I was staying on the first floor next to her
room. While in house sometimes she used to wear only a Skirt and
blouse. Her round shaped breasts were visible to a certain extent
since she was wearing no bra under that. Sometimes I have seen the
nipples through the blouse and it made really mad but I controlled
myself since she was my cousin sister and 7 years elder to me.

She liked me very much. She used to chat with me usually after
having the bath and the sandalwood smell coming out of her was a
very arousing one .She had beautiful well shaped thighs and her
buttocks were just like the back of Veena, a musical instrument. One
day she was not there. She went out for shopping with Srichechi and
I was going through the photos of her and my diary. It was hidden
secretly inside my table in my room. Suddenly she came and I forgot
to lock the table drawer. When she came I went downstairs to open
the door since servant was not there after 6 PM.Then she told me to
go to shop since she forgot to purchase one bottle honey .I came
back after meeting one of my friends around 8.00.PM and Srichechi
left the place. She was looking at me in a lewd way and I couldnt
understand the reason till that incident. Around 8.30Pm rain started
heavily with lightning and
thunder. She was very scared of thunder and lightning and we had our
Lunch early. She came to my room after bath and told me to bath and
come to her room. After bath I was wearing and a trouser and T-
shirt. While reaching the room she was in white transparent gown and
her perfectly shaped breasts were clearly visible to me.

The chocolate colored areolas of her breasts with projected nipples,
a golden chain (aranjanam) laying lazily in her perfect waist over
the deep navel, well-shaped thighs and padasaram which she was
wearing everything was in front of me. She was wearing a thin panty
and the love triangle was covered with that and I can see the hairs
covering her honey spot through the thin panty. Her look is
extremely different at that time than before and she came closer to
me told, Raju, what you have written here about me and Srichechi? I
was stunned to see my diary and the photographs there in her hands.
In a hurry I have not locked my table and when she came to my room
along with Srichechi she searched for some papers and seen this and
they have taken that to their room with photos. I stood there
speechless there since I was sure that they have gone through all
the pages. Even though I was always dreaming of getting seduced by
my Bhanuchechi I never had the courage to say this to her. She has
taken my face in her hands and slowly very slowly started to take my
lips in to her mouth and I was losing my control. Her tongue started
traveling inside my mouth and that feeling was terrible. Outside
heavy rain was pouring in and she slowly laid me in her double cot
bed and removed my shirt. Her wet lips started licking and kissing
all over my face then she whispered in my ears Raju, We read all the
pages of your diary and seen that photos also.

Srichechi told me to seduce you as per your wish. Just like you I am
also waiting for you. I always dreamt of seducing you and you have
written the same thing in your diary. Raju, I am still a virgin. So
deflower me, Kanna.I am ready for you .As you have written you can
explore each and every inch of my body. But before that I want to
see you. I want to taste your manhood and I like to suck until it
explodes all the juice in my mouth. It was a fantasy I always
cherished in my mind. Then you can do what you like with me. Raju I
will give you to Srichechi also since she wants you. But only after
one week. For one week I want to enjoy all the pleasure from you Her
wet tongue traveled down to my chest and it started circling my
nipples. The feeling of that was really good and then she taken my
erected nipples to mouth and bitten hard and again her hungry mouth
traveled to my abdomen and she suddenly removed my trouser and got
hold of my cock. She was watching it much curiosity because it was
her first experience and she was showering with kisses and it is
more than 7 long and rigid like a steel rod .She eyes were widened
in disbelief since it was very big and never expected such a big
cock for a boy aged 16and it was only 3 long when it was not erected
[During our first wildest lovemaking session she told me that a
young man around 24 will have a cock sized about 5 to 5.5 in erected
position. So Bhanuchechi was thinking about a cock around 4 for me.
So really she become mad while watching and feeling the size of my
cock. When later she told the size of my cock to Srichechi who was
also fond of young boys and big cocks. Moreover she told me that it
is a real gift to me since it will take every woman to the extreme
pleasure. She always preferred to lick and suck my cock since it had
given her immense pleasure. She was really mad about its size and
she always treated it as her private property] Slowly she has taken
my testicles to mouth .

Oh, that feeling was really wonderful. She slowly sucked it then her
wet tongue and mouth traveled the full length my cock back and forth
so many times. The wetness and movement of her mouth was incredible
and I was trembling on every touch of her. I was really pressing her
head very hard. Then she started to circle with its head with her
wet tongue, her teeth are biting the head slowly and I was in
heaven. A boy aged 16 was getting his first sexual experience from
her Chechi, that too his fantasy lady. She slowly started to make
movement faster and faster and wetness of her mouth and saliva
really made me mad. She also enjoyed this since she was seducing a
boy, who was in her dream for a long time and more over is also her
first sexual experience with a young boy. Later while resting my
head between her breasts after the first experience she told me that
I was in her dreams from the very beginning so she provocated me by
showing her terrific body and she told me that even though she got
chances for lovemaking she kept her virginity for me. Her movements
become faster and faster and I was in seventh heaven.

She was really sucking my cock as a boy or girl eating an ice-cream
candy and a feeling, which I cannot describe in words, was passing
through my nerves and whole body. At last I exploded the entire cum
in her mouth and she enjoyed the entire cum with great happiness.
First experience made me exhausted and her tongue started to travel
all over my body to take the sweat drops .She was licking every drop
as it is honey and the pleasure was terrific. Her movement made me
ready for exploring the beautiful and perfect body. While holding
my face in her hands and she told me Raju take me and do what you
like. I am ready for you and explore each and every corner of my
body, as you like and deflower me. . Slowly I got up and unbuttoned
her white gown, which was covering her magnificent body. The gown
slowly fell down the floor and her perfect body uncovered for the
first time in front of a boy aged 16. The round shaped breasts were
very perfect and not drooped a little. Perfect ness resembled the
naked statue of Ajantha and Ellora and beautiful golden hairline
started from between the perfect twins separated her abdomen into
two and was flowing to the erotic deep navel. Shape and deepness of
her navel itself is enough to make a youth mad. She looked at me and
I could see that her eyes were filled with lust. Her luscious lips
were waiting for me. I kissed her slowly and then taken those
voluptuous lips fully to mouth and her hands circled my back. I
kissed her with my tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each
others tongue and I could feel her saliva going in my mouth.

The feeling was incredible. Slowly I licked all over her face and
taken her earlobe to my mouth. While biting it slowly she was
moaning with immense pleasure, then licked her neck and then slowly
my mouth reached that perfect round-shaped breasts. Those nipples
erected and stood vigorously in the brown areolas. My mouth circled
that nipples and while taking it my mouth she was trembling in
ecstasy and her nails were making marks on my back and she made
dental marks on my shoulders and I was not aware of the pain due to
the pleasure of exploring that terrific naked body. My hands were
crushing that twins and she was hissing like a snake. I continued to
suck and lick those tits for a long time and I made dental and nail
bruises on that twins and its nipples become hard like pebbles.
Slowly, very slowly my lips traveled down to that deep navel. It was
big enough to carry a small cup of Ice cream. In my dream I always
licked it and now it is fully in front of me to do what I like. I
tasted the deep navels inner areas and definitely I can say that
nobody in film industry cannot compete with that perfect gift of
god. Then I reached that triangle and white panty was covering it.
Slowly I removed that panty and the love triangle was covered with
beautiful golden hair and I parted it to see vagina .She opened her
legs wider to welcome my tongue and finally I tasted it for which I
have waited for all of life. I buried my face there. Womans exotic
smell made me mad and my tongue and mouth started exploring that
triangle which contains honey suddenly she trembled since just the
touch of my mouth and tongue sent an electric shock through her
naked body. Her cunt was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were
running down to my mouth and it felt like honey to me and tried to
crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious
fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet cunt and at the same time my
hands were making nail marks on her buttocks. Then I concentrated on
her aching clitoris. It was now become hard and her hands were
pressing my head very hard and I nibbled, bitten that and sucked
love mount very hard my wet tongue traveled through all the inner
parts of that sweet pussy and she was crying in happiness and
wetness of her honey spot become more and more and I tasted that
saltiest cum with great pleasure and it felt to me like sweet honey.
I was doing my job very perfectly since I have done rehearsal 100
times in my dreams. Slowly very slowly I inched Bhanuchechi to the
climax. Her body was moving very fast and her hands were pulling my
hair in ecstasy and at the end she cried loudly in pleasure and
instantly she had one, two or three or even multiple orgasms. She
told me that it was a terrific orgasm she enjoyed ever and far far
better than one she was getting from the lesbian relation she had
with Srichechi.

I shifted my position and climbed on top of my beautiful lovers
willing terrific naked body, which was full of sweat drops and I
licked all the drops from that especially the two three drops from
her breasts and her navel were too tasty. And I was enjoying each
and every inch of that body with much happiness. After licking the
sweat drops like honey I jabbed my tongue into her ear and she
moaned with pleasure. She opened her mouth taken my lips inside and
bitten it very hard. She sucked as if she is drinking juice out of a
ripe mango. I felt her huge tits pressing my chest and that feeling
made my cock hard. My cock pressed against her cunt and she spread
her legs even wider, as wide as she could and she wriggled her
buttocks impatiently. Now this time I concentrated mainly to her
thighs. It was a perfect pair of thunderous thighs While I started
making dental bruises inside thigh she was moaning with pleasure and
I was also happy because a beautiful naked body was in front of
young boy and he was enjoying each and every inch of that body with
much pleasure. My lips traveled all the areas of her milky thighs
and at last I reached her beautiful toe. She had a clean and
beautiful toe. When I taken her small finger to my mouth she lost
control. Slowly I again came to back to the love triangle and that
was eagerly waiting for my cock. She kissed me very hard and told
Raju enter me little prince I am waiting for you. She covered my
cock with passionate kisses and it was rigid like an Iron rod to
enter her. Her hands taken that huge cock to her love spot. Since it
was so big she applied some oil to it. While entering my chest
crushed to that breasts and her hands and legs covered my body I
started in low rhythm and slowly made the movement faster.

Slowly and teasingly I rammed my huge prick into the wetness of her
tight cunt. Since it was very big she got hold of it and slowly kept
in her honey pot. Then I gave a hard, deep thrust, which sent my
large prick-shaft shooting all the way into my darling's sucking
pussy. "Yessssss!" she moaned. Bhanu thrust her buttocks high in the
air and drove her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full
length of my throbbing cock. And really my cock was moving like an
iron piston inside her very tight and her cunt walls are very tight
against that and on each and every move it was touching the bottom
of her cunt. She ground her pelvic bone against my body, feeling my
balls smashing against the lower part of her small cunt. As I began
to slowly grind my hips, moving my ass in lewd circles above her,
Bhanu began to pump her cunt up and down on my huge cock, clenching
and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around
my thick, hard prick. I could feel my darling's huge tits pressing
against my chest and it turned me on even more as I continued to
pump my cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy. Now me aged 16 is
deflowering a very beautiful lady aged 23 for whom I kept my
virginity also. We both presented ourselves each other. I tried to
slow my fucking movements because I sti ll wanted to fuck her slowly
so she would enjoy it all more. But she wanted none of that. The way
she was pumping her cunt up and down on my rigidly fucking cock-
pole, I had no choice but to keep pace with her. Again and again, I
stabbed my prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of her
grinding pussy.

It was as though the horny lady was fucking even raping her young
lover and I loved the lewd sensation. With a groan of lust, she
pulled my head down to her bursting tits and I sucked her tits again
and again as my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her
wildly humping pussy. Her buttocks shook under the impact of my
prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure
she felt from my driving prick. I was ramming my big and fat cock in
and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust
into her pussy-hole. "Ohhhhh, Raju,my sweet boy I am
commmminnnninnng!" she suddenly squealed grabbing me tightly and
pressing my hard body against her soft one. She moaned and tossed
her self back and forth, almost making her lover's prick slip out of
her coming cunt. But I held onto her, scooping my hands under her
shaking ass and jerking her hips up toward my prick. I rammed her
deeper and harder as she continued to come, clenching and
unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around my
steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod. "Ohhhhhhh, My boy, it feels
soooooo ' gooooood! she cried, thrusting her hips up even higher,
shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax
smashed through her again and again. "Kanna I am commiinnngg! she
moaned loud and long.

Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher.
Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at my cock, trying
desperately to milk it of my hot, thick juice She pumped her ass
off, feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every
lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-
juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs. "Oh,
Raju, fuck me, fuck meeeee! she yelled. It was the most exciting
orgasm of her life, long, hard, and immensely powerful. Her long,
sharp finger nails clawed her young lover's back and her teeth
pressed on shoulder as she came and came, grinding her pulsating
clit up and down along the thick shaft of my hard prick. I felt my
orgasm approaching. I jammed my cock into her cunt, pumping her full
of my thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot juice blasted into her
pussy. She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum
shooting into her from my cock-head. The creamy spunk burned deeply
into her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls
spasmed violently as her pussy sucked my cum from my jerking prick.
She grunted hard as I pounded
into her cunt, pumping her full of my hot cum. She slammed her legs
flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd assault
of her young virgin lover's hammering prick. "Ahhhh, yeses, yessss!
Fill me full of your cum! I love it! I can feel it! More! I want
more! she yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her
lovely face. As the last of my cum-load shot into Bhanu's pussy, I
dropped my head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with
the edges of my sharp teeth.

She jerked at the sudden pain but she loved. She held me tightly
against her as I continued to thrust my cock deeply into her cunt.
She felt completely filled with cum and she loved the lewd
sensations. My cock was still hard, even after shooting off all that
cum. I continued to pump my prick in and out of the bitch's drenched
pussy, but slower and more gently now. I fucked her slowly, rubbing
the length of my prick up and down over her clit, which was still
hard and rigid. I could feel her clit jerking against my cock-meat
and I knew that I could make her come again if I wanted to. And I
did want to. I continued to slowly pump my hard cock into Bhanu's
pussy-hole, rubbing her clit over and over until she came again. It
was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and immensely
powerful. Her long, sharp finger nails clawed her young lover's back
and her teeth made marks on my shoulders as she came and came,
grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of my
hard prick.

Shudders of violent pleasure washed over her as she grabbed my face
and kissed me passionately on the lips, finding my hot tongue with
hers. Finally, her incestuous orgasm passed over her and she rested,
feeling the warm cum oozing from her trembling pussy-lips, which
still held her lover's cock.

She was enjoying each and every moment and me also. Both us were
enjoying the lovemaking for the first time. I was tired too much and
she kept my face on her lap and given those breasts to mouth and
cuddled me like a baby. I have taken that melons one by one to mouth
and sucked it very hard and she enjoyed it very much. While I was
sucking that hardened nipples she was watching me with much
happiness in her eyes. Because her lover boy given the intoxicating
pleasure and orgasms. Later both us gone to Bathroom and we rested
in bathtub for at least one hour by seeing each and every part of
our body. While I was applying soap all over her body she was making
sound due to bruises on breasts, thighs, navel area, shoulder etc.
After bath she told
to take her in my hands to the bedroom. It was a terrific scene
since a boy aged 16 was carrying a perfect naked body of a woman
aged 23. When reached back she told me to bury my face between her
breasts and I done that with full pleasure and she covered me with
her hands and legs and we slept till 9 in the next morning.

My first experience was fantastic and really it was only the
beginning. Later we enjoyed all kinds of poses of Kamasutra. But
since my mouth has given her immense pleasure and it was safer we
used to have oral love making except during the safe period. And she
also much interested to get fucked from behind like a bull. We
enjoyed all the positions on various occasions. Bhanuchechi was very
much interested to watch my love making with Srichechi and she will
also become wild while she is watching it. I also enjoyed love
making with Srichechi very much because it was a fantastic
experience because she was really an expert in that. She was a wild
tigress when she is getting younger boys. She told me that I could
take his partner to exotic and extreme pleasure if I know the
methods. Really during that period she taught me all the Kamasutra
lessons to make a woman fully satisfied and how to control
ejaculation for 7 to 8 minutes so as to enable me to give the wild
and exotic pleasure to my lover. Since she had so many lovemaking
occasions before she was an expert in that. But she was getting
perfect orgasm when she making love with young boys. So she was
really mad about me.

I enjoyed both of them together. At the same time 2 pairs of
perfects boobs used to massage me from both sides and two sets of
tongue will travel allover my body. It was very nice to explore them
since they had terrific bodies. Both them were interested in oral
sex rather than normal. Bhanuchechi later enjoyed sex with many of
her co-stars but she never had the pleasure, which her younger lover
gave her. So she never left me since nobody else given the pleasure,
which I gave her. Moreover she has given her
virginity to me and me to her so we cannot forget each other.