My mom was lying on the bed naked with someone admiring her naked
body over her. I peeped in more thru the little crack in the door and
saw it was my uncle, my own father's brother. We were his tenants.
After my father went bankrupt in business, we had to come and live in
my uncle's place as his tenants. My father used to go around the
country trying to salvage whatever was left of the business and start
afresh but it was difficult.

My mother stayed at home and knew that hardship was fallen on us. We
would have been on the street if we hadn't come here. For us it was
difficult to even pay for our food but we managed with whatever came
from the scrap that my dad managed to sell.

Past couple of months were pretty tough, there was very less of
everything now. We were far behind in the rent payment too. Not that
my uncle was a nice fellow but he hadn't said much about the late
payment of the rent. My uncle was a drunkard and every night he would
drink and yell in his house which had just a connecting door with our
part of the house. Many times I had seen him eyeing my mother and she
would just cover up as soon as she would realize he was staring at
her big ass or her huge tits. She would straighten her pallu over her
boobs whenever he was around. I didn't like that one bit but never
said anything. I knew my uncle was our last resort and it would be
bad to mess that up now.

My mother is a homely type woman, very conservative and never missed
her morning prayers. She was always properly dressed but one could
make out her big tits and huge ass thru her tightly wrapped sari.
Passing the market place was an ordeal with all the guys staring at
her. I never got to see any part of her as she was fully clothed all
the time it he house.

But this was a shock. My uncle leaning over my naked mom. I wanted to
kick in and bash the living daylights out of my uncle when it struck
me as to why my mom wasn't objecting to this. Was she into this by
her own will? I didn't have to wait very long. The door creaked and
both looked at me standing there at the door. My mom was first to
react as she pulled her legs in and tried to cover her big breast. My
uncle had his big black cock out of his pants as he turned to face
me. He called me in.

"Come here son, good you have come in at a very good time, I need
some help with what all is going on", he said. I was reluctant to
step in when he commanded "get in quick before I have to slap you".
Being a huge man I didn't want to disobey him, I walked in meekly. He
ordered my mom to straighten up, I saw her face full of humiliation
but she just did as she was told. She straightened up, putting her
legs together trying to cover her pussy but her mound was puffed up
and it bulged out big.

My uncle told me to get my camcorder, he had already thought of all
this. He wanted me to film him while he was doing all those wretched
things to my mom. I went into my room and got the camera. My mom was
now lying with her knees pulled up to her chest and my uncle at her
feet inspecting her pussy. Her eyes were shut tight as my uncle put
his finger is her soaking wet cunt, he rotated it and then shoved
another one in her.

He told me to start filming. I did as he said .I started recording
what was happening to my mom. My uncle said "see one has to pay up in
whatever manner, cash or kind".

I understood now, my mom was paying our rent.

My uncle opened my mom's cunt with his finger for the camera. He then
patted my mom's side, making her turn around. Now my mom was on her
stomach with her big ass turned up. My uncle grabbed both her ass
cheeks and squeezed hard. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and showed
my mom's ass hole. He kept one hand on her parted ass cheek and with
the other he licked his finger and shoved it up her ass hole. My mom
flinched with pain. He gave her two sound slaps on her ass that made
her ass jiggle. I as getting excited too, I just positioned the
camera on my mom and looked on as my uncle ravaged my mother.

Uncle was hard as still by now, who wouldn't be looking at as sexy
big ass. I knew he was going to fuck her now as he couldn't stand it
any more. He motioned me to come over and reach into his pant pocket.
I did and pulled out a condom. And for that time I liked him for
being so thoughtful towards my mom and not getting her pregnant. He
said "Put that on my cock now". I tore the pack and took out the
rubber, it was terrible to touch another mans cock but I didn't want
to upset my uncle, so I did as told. I caught his thick cock and
rolled on the rubber with great difficulty.

My uncle told my mom to turn over. She did. She felt more ashamed now
seeing her son helping another man fuck her.

My uncle meanwhile parted her legs and get between them. He started
licking my mom's pussy; my mom reluctantly let him shove his tongue
into her hole. He licked her till she was wet with the mixture of his
saliva and her own juice. He then moved up and positioned himself
between her thighs and slept on her. He tried to shove his cock in
but couldn't do it. His belly was the problem. He got up in disgust
and told me to come close and help him.

This was getting too good to be true. I was just inches from my mom's
big wet pussy. I caught my uncle's cock and put it at her entrance
was holding his cock in my fist as I parted her cunt lips and let his
cock rest in between her wet slimy cunt lips. My uncle just grunted
and with force shoved his cock fully into her pussy. My mom moaned as
he reached her end. He started bucking on top of her, pumping his
cock in and out of her cunt. Soon his cock was covered with her
juices as he pistoned her widening hole with his black cock. He was
about to cum when he humped her for the last time and stuck in till
he had unloaded all his sperms.

He pulled out his cock and then again I had to remover the dirty
rubber covered with my moms cunt juices and filled with his sperms. I
threw it right besides my mom who was now lying with her legs spread
out, all spent, I think she came too. It would be too embarrassing
for her so I gathered up the camera and left the room before my uncle
could zip up.