After Manju finished her work she went home. Then FIL and myself sat
down planning for our future action on the basis of the information
given by Manju regarding Sujataj's affair with Vinod. I expressed my
" Baba! Why don't you blackmail Sujata and fuck her? She has affair
with Vinod and I am sure she has been unfaithful to her husband. So
what's the harm in keeping this in the family. This way Sujata will
also get satisfaction and there wont be danger to our reputation. I
think you can take Sujata! I would love to watch you fuck her as I
did enjoy watching you fuck Manju."
" Ohhh Seema! So you want me to take Sujata? So wicked but nice
thought. I know I would love to fuck her but I need your help too. I
don't know what made her have an affair with Sameer's friend, Vinod.
But it's a fact. We have to keep close watch on Sujata and catch her
with Vinod. Then it will be easier for me to convince her."
" Baba! I want to tell you one thing. I have a crush on Sameer since
the day I saw him in jockey shorts. He had nice bulge and I am sure
he owns a nice lund. Can I take him Baba? I want him badly. I have
learnt from you to enjoy sex and I want to explore each and every
thing. I have to seduce Sameer!"
Ohhhhhhh You are really genius! Go ahead and fuck him! Take his lund
in your hungry choot and let me catch you both. That way I can
blackmail you and Sameer and then I can easily fuck you with Sameer,
a nice threesome!"
" Ya Baba! I am dying to do it! Seduce Sujata and fuck her! She is
real slut and I am sure she will give us nice company."
So all was decided! Baba kept close watch on Sujata and whenever
Sameer was out of the house he used to spy on his wife. Then one day
we both caught them in the act.!
That day Sameer had gone for his job and Sujata was home. She had
told us that she was not feeling well and so no one should disturb
her. Sameer and Sujata occupy the second floor of the house and
there is separate entrance for them. We both kept close watch on her.
In the afternoon at about 2 PM we heard the steps. Someone was going
to Sameer's room! I slowly opened the door and peeked out. Ohhh yes!
IT was Vinod all right and he was going to Sameer's room. I told FIL
that Vinod had just gone in Sameer's room.
FIL telephoned Sujata and asked her if she was all right. Sujata said
she was feeling better but still she was not to be disturbed. FIL
kept the receiver and then we both went to the third floor. We had to
spy on them! We placed our ear to the ceiling of the bedroom of
Sameer. So wicked of us! We heard whispers and then low muffled sound
of moaning. Ohhh god! They were fucking! Vinod was laughing and
Sujata was talking to him. We heard Sujata say,
" Ohhh Vinod! Thank god you have come. Sameer won't be back untill 5
PM and there is plenty of time for us to enjoy. You know Sameer does
not fuck me now a days as he is having some affair with a friend of
mine. He is so exhausted in the night that he sleeps without doing
anything. Ohhhhh! I am so hungry! Come on don't waste any time and
fuck me!"
Ohhh god! She was begging Vinod to fuck her! FIL hurriedly went down
and brought a tape recorder. He placed the microphone touching the
floor and started recording. We could hear what was being recorded.
It was very clear! Sujata was getting fucked by Vinod! It was not
good to disturb them but we have to do something with this evidence.
Why not take Vinod? NO it will spoil our reputation! So we decided to
let them finish the first round and then walk in!
We heard Sujata cry our as she came and then we went to her room. We
knocked the door and waited for Sujata to open it. It took very long
for Sujata to open the door. May be she was putting on her clothes!
She was shocked to see us!
"Ohhh Baba! Its you! I was taking a nap so it took so long to open
the door. Ohhh Seema Bhabi! Come on in!"
We both went in and sat on the couch. Sujata looked nervous and so I
decided to talk to her.
" Sujata I want to talk to you! Come on inside its important!"
Sujata was shocked but tried to regain her mood. She walked to me and
asked me, "what is it? Is their any problem?"
I whispered in her ear, "Lot of trouble for you Sujata! I know Vinod
is in your bedroom and I know what you two were doing. Baba too knows
it and he wants to talk to you."
Now Sujataj's face became pale with fear and she pleaded, " Seema
Bhabi! Let Vinod go and then you can come in again and we can talk
safely. I don't want to create some scene in front of him. Please
help me Bhabi!"
" Ok I will come after 10 minutes with Baba. Drive that fellow out!"
I said firmly. Sujata nodded and said yes!
We both went down and sat quietly. Baba looked excited so I hugged
him and said, " Baba! You are going to fuck Sujata now! I know you
want it and so do I ! I want her to be our slut and do things we tell
her. Remember this!"
Then I caught FIL's lund! He was hard! My god! Just the thought of
fucking his younger bahu made him hard. We kissed for few minutes and
then I rubbed FIL's lund. I knew he was excited and would cum in
short time. I took it out and took his lund in my mouth. I wanted to
show Sujata what real cum was! I sucked him and he came in short
time. I did not swallow his cum but let it fall on my blouse. I
wanted to show this to Sujata! I wanted to make her our slut and cum
crazy whore!
We disengaged and after 10 minutes went to Sujata's room. Sujata
opened the door and we all sat on the sofa with Sujata in the middle.
She was looking pale and frightened.
" So are you going to tell Sameer about my affair with Vinod?" she
asked us.
" Should we ? If we tell him there will be lot of trouble for you. He
may leave you permanently. And we have proof for this so you won't
escape." I said and started the tape. Sujata was shocked to hear her
own moans and whispers. She broke in to cry! She was crying and
begging us not to disclose this to her husband.
" How can I do that Bahu? I have to tell him everything and give him
the cassette too. It's my duty being the father and your sasur. I
have to protect the reputation of our family! I am sorry I can't do
Sujata caught the feet of FIL and begged him. she begged, Ohhh Baba!
Please keep this secret. I will do anything for you! Anything you
say. Please Seema Bhabi! Tell something to Baba. Convince him so that
he wont tell Sameer."
I took Sujata in other room and said, " Sujata! Can you do one thing?
Can you do the same thing with Baba that you were doing with Vinod? I
think only then he will agree. Please tell me. Are you willing to
take Baba and allow him to make love to you?"
" Ohhh Seema! How can you say such a thing? Will he agree if I say
yes? Will he make love to me? I am not sure what to do. It's so
important to me. OK if he keeps it a secret I will do anything you
say. I leave it to you."
" Ok! I will try!" and I went to Baba and winked at him. He smiled
and said, " Seema, is she ready? Tell her I will keep it a secret.
Tell her not to worry."
I again went to Sujata, " Don't worry Sujata! Baba has agreed. He
wants you, now!"
Sujata was surprised, " How did you tell him? Ohhhh are you both
having it on? I can't believe! You fuck Baba? Ohhh god!"
I showed Sujata my wet blouse and asked her to smell it. She smelled
it and said, " Ohhh its semen! Whose is it? Baba's? My god! I can't
believe it!"
" YES Sujata he fucks me! He fuckes me each day! And now he wants to
fuck his youngest bahu, you! Do you agree? OR should we give that
tape to Sameer?"
"OK! I agree. But please don't tell Sameer." Sujata said.

We both came out and sat near FIL. FIL was looking at us in puzzled
way and we both smiled at him. Then Sujata put her arms around FIL
and pulled him to her. The game was to start!
Let me describe Sujata, the youngest Bahu of the house. Sujata is
5'4" tall and has well maintained body. She does aerobics every day
and that has kept her fit. Her breasts ate 38" solid, no sagging at
all. Thy stand proudly over her chest and dance as she walks. She has
thin waistline, say about 26". That's very promising for a slut like
her! Her ass is quite attractive, 40" solid ass! It sways seductively
as she walks and then there is slight rotation of the as cheeks! Her
hair is trimmed short and that adds to the slutty look in her. She
has `Savala' colour, a bit dark and nice big eyes with straight nose.
She always wears tight Punjabi dresses OR saris. The way she wears
them! Her boobs and ass just protrude out and sway a lot as she
walks. Her blouse is always sleeveless and that shows her sexy arms,
the soft muscles that make it sexier. I was often tempted to touch
them and feel them. I am sure she can seduce any man with her sexy
looks. She is damn sexy doll!
I was having attraction for this doll in sexual way. I did not know
if this was right or wrong. Baba you gave me new dimensions of sexual
thinking and I don't find it repulsive to tell that I feel I am bi-
sexual. I have this itch in my choot when I see Sujata. I want to
feel her solid breasts and rub that seductive ass. Then I want to put
my mouth to her honey pot and suck out the honey! Ohhhhh god! I too
love Sujata's body!
So here was Sujata winding her snakelike arms around my FIL! I was
looking at them totally fixed. FIL was not idle, he too put his arms
behind her and pulled her to him. Sujata's big breasts crushed
against strong chest of my FIL and she could not breathe! So FIL
loosened his grip and then put his lips on her's. Ohhhhh she was real
slut! Her lips opened in reflex action and her mouth allowed FIL's
tongue to enter. I saw heavy movement in there as their tongues wound
and unwound around each other. I was very much excited myself,
watching these two and I too put my arms around FIL and kissed his
neck. My hands touched Sujata's hot body and I searched for her
breasts. I wanted to see how hard they were. I caught both her
breasts as they touched FIL's chest and pressed them to see how hard
they were! Suddenly a thought came to my mind! I wanted to tease this
slut Sujata. I did not want FIL to fuck her so easily. I wanted to
make this different!
With this thought I got up and PULLED Sujata. Both FIL and Sujata
were shocked with my behaviour. I dragged her away from my FIL and
made her stand in front of FIL.
" Sujata, you have fucked Vinod and we are not going to tell this to
your husband. And as a elder bahu I want to punish you for this. You
are a slut! A whore! Fucking strangers when our FIL is here? Now just
stand there and watch how we both fuck in front of you. You are not
going to move unless I tell you to! UNDRESS! Stand here NAKED. You
shameless whore!
And I pulled her sari mercilessly. Her paloo was torn and she
protested. But I literally tore off her sari and then pulled off her
blouse without unhooking it. Her blouse was torn and I just pushed
her breasts out. They peeked through her torn blouse and looked sexy.
I then yanked off her petticoat and tore it from the stitching. It
was dragged from her body very fast and this exposed her creamy
thighs and sexy buttocks. Her buttocks were really big and solid and
I envied them! I then tore off her panties and exposed her fucked
choot. Ohhh god! Some male cream was still sticking to her pubic hair
and I saw it. I knelt in front of Sujata and put my mouth to her
choot so that I could lick out Vinod's sperm.
FIL knew this and said, " Seema, lick out Vinod's sperm from Sujata's
choot! taste him ! I know you want to fuck him too. Now a day you
seem to be very hungry for lunds! So lick his cream! Sujata! Spread
your thighs and let Seema drink the sperm. Then I shall fuck you!"
After getting encouragement from my FIL I put my mouth to Sujata's
choot! This was the first time I was licking a choot. I separated
Sujata's choot hair and found her choot slit. It smelled terrific!
Some pungent odour of the semen and some of choot juice and some
piss. I loved it! so I pushed my tongue right inside and licked.
Sujata was moving her ass with pleasure and FIL had his lund out of
the lungi and was massaging it to hardness, loving to watch two women
make it out. I knew he loved it and that was the reason I started
this game. I took some of the juice on my tongue and got up to kiss
Sujata. Sujata knew what it was and made faces, which I did not like.
I kissed hard on her lips and forcibly separated her lips and pushed
my tongue inside her mouth. She had to taste it! She licked my tongue
and then must have liked it too. She responded positively and started
to play with my tongue with hers. Ohhh god she loved it! We continued
to kiss and slowly moved to where my FIL was sitting. I wanted to
give him close show of this. We still kissed and then I made Sujata
lay on the couch with her legs spread wide and sat in between them. I
put my hands on her ass cheeks and my mouth glued to her choot. I
licked her slit and then caught her clit in my teeth. Sujata jumped
and cried loudly, " Ohhh Bhabi! Bite it! Lick it suck it! Godddd! You
are making me cum!" I continued this and put my hands to Sujata's
solid boobs. They were really hard to touch and as I explored the two
mammary, I found her nipples. Ohhh god! They were really hard and
big. Almost one inch long. They say that the women who have such big
nipples are sluts. They love fucking any lund or choot. Ya it was
proving right. I rubbed the nipples and pinched them hard. I then
trailed my tongue all over her soft dark skin and found her belly
It was deep and situated right above her fleshy belly. I put my
tongue in and swirled it around. Sujata moved her body and said I was
tickling her. Yes I was! I licked the tiny hole as if it was small
choot and then travelled up. I found her stomach with taut muscles. I
slowly trailed my tongue all over the smooth skin and then I went to
her arms. The very arms that showed out of her sleeveless blouse many
times! I bit them and licked them. She had well maintained body and
hence her arm muscles were taut and hard. I loved it! I trailed my
tongue to her shaved armpits. She smelled of sweat there. But female
sweat is different. It is aphrodistic smell that lights fire in
lunds, and in my case choot! I loved the smell and licked her
armpits. Sujata moved as she felt the tickling and her breasts
jiggled. I put my hand on the breasts and felt the vibrations. Then
my tongue slid to Sujata's sensitive earlobes. I licked the fleshy
earlobe and bit on the flesh. I massaged her earlobes till they were
red and hot. Really! This is wonderful. Biting earlobes makes a woman
crazy and that's what was happening with Sujata. She was moaning and
begging to be fucked and sucked. All the while my FIL was rubbing his
lund which was now HARD and throbbing.
I then winked at FIL and asked him to fuck this whore while I sit on
her face. I wanted to punish this slut and licking my slit was nice
punishment. Really speaking I wanted to feel a woman's tongue on my
choot that would make me crazy with lust. PURE animal lust!
" Come on Baba! Fuck this young Bahu of yours! She is so young and
fresh! See I have made her all wet and dripping for you, Baba! Ohhh
god! Fuck this slut! Slam your lund in her choot roughly and fuck
her. Come on slut! Take your fatherinlaw's lund in your dirty choot!
give him wonderful fucking."
Sujata looked at FIL, FIL's lund, and spread her legs wider in
anticipation. FIL pushed his lund in Sujata's choot in one smooth
motion and his lund burried itself deep inside the depths of Sujata's
choot. Sujata cried out loudly,
" Ohhh Baba! Slowly! You have big lund and it hurts! Sameer's lund is
smaller than you and Vinod's too! Fuck me, but slowly."
" Hey Randi! Sali harami! Spread your legs and let me fuck you like
you were not fucked before! Lie still and life up your legs! I want
to push my lund deeper! Come on slut!"
I was surprised that my FIL could talk so dirty! I was glad! He was
treating Sujata as slut and I loved it. I sat on the back of sofa and
asked Sujata to lick my choot. I caught her head and forced her mouth
to my choot and told her to lick it.
" Lick my choot Sujata while Baba fucks your choot hard. Make me cum
with your tongue. Lick my clitty! Ohhhh move your tongue inside my
choot , slut!"
I caught Sujata's head and pushed it on my choot. Sujata took out her
tongue and started to lick my choot. I think she enjoyed it and her
tongue danced all along my slit and even caressed my clit. Ohhh god!
I was being licked for the first time and that too by Sujata, after
whom I had lusted so long! I had touched Manju but that did not
excite me much but Sujata's touch was really toxic and made me horny.
May be our relationship! The fact that we were related added to the
thrill. My choot was all wet and flowing with honey. There was
typical itch in my choot that indicated that I needed a big hard lund
in my choot
Ohhh god I wanted FIL's lund! I wanted it badly. I had to have it! I
thought for a moment and jumped off the couch and stood near Baba. "
Come on Baba fuck me! I want your lund badly. Fuck your Elder Bahu
now, first! Get off that slut and fuck me! She can wait for her
turn. Ohh god! I am dying for your lund Baba! Fuck me"
I stood shamelessly and spread my legs, showing my FIL my dripping
choot. He turned to me as he was fucking Sujata and suddenly he
dismounted Sujata and came to me. His lund was wet and dripping with
Sujata's cunt juice He pushed his wet lund in my choot, bending down
to adjust it on my choot hole. Ohhhhh his lund entered my choot like
a knife in butter. It felt so nice! This lund was in Sujata's choot a
minute before and now it was in my choot! So perverse! But so
I adjusted my posture so that he could fuck me easily. FIL was
fucking me and telling me,
" Ohhh Seemu! Your choot is tighter than Sujata's! Ohhh god! It's
really tight! Sujata is a slut and must have fucked many lunds! Ohhh
god! Move your ass Seemu and fuck my lund!"
I responded to him and smiled at Sujata. This was a smile full of
poison. It was for teasing her! I wanted to show Sujata that Baba was
mine! His lund was mine! He would just fuck her because she was a
slut, whore and at my request! I danced on Baba's lund while Sujata
watched. Sujata was frustrated and looked hurt. But she could not do
anything. She just pleaded!
" Ohhhhh Bhabi please allow him to fuck me first! I was about to cum!
Ohhh please Seema! Please ask him to fuck me first then you can take
him. Ohhhhhhh Please!"
" Shut up Sujata! Let him finish with me and then you can have him. I
need that lund in my choot. Just watch us fucking and finger your
choot. Come on Baba fuck meeeeeee! Show Sujata how you make love to
Now Baba was enjoying this teasing and I too. Sujata was watching us
and breathing heavily. Her fingers were busy as she massaged her
clit. Now I wanted Baba from behind! So I turned around and put my
hands on the couch. Baba came behind me and thrust his lund in my
choot from backside. Ohhh he was deep in me! I love this position
because the lund goes deep in ones choot, unto the cervix and may be
deeper who bothers! I just love it!
Baba was fucking me while we both watched Sujata, mad with lust and
needing some lund in her choot. I felt pity on her and told Baba to
go and fuck her. I told Sujata that I am going to allow Baba to fuck
her and she has to give me her husband's lund as soon as possible.
" Yes Bhabi! I will surely give you my husbands lund. He is always in
search of new choots and as such lusts after your plump body. He has
told me many times that he likes you but could not speak frankly
about fucking you. NOW I will arrange it for you. Will you join us
baba? Fuck Seema along with your son? Ohhh god! Fuck me Baba! Fill my
choot with your big hard lund! Fuuuucccckkkkk mmmmeeeeeeee!" and
Sujata danced around my FIL like she was mad. FIL caught Sujata's ass
and pushed his lund in her choot from behind. I went in front of her
and pulled her mouth to my choot. Sujata began lapping at my choot
like she was an expert! Her breasts dangled as she moved her ass to
meet FIL's lund. Ohhh they looked so good to eat! I caught them in my
hand and weighed them. They were really heavy! Suddenly I had an
idea! I wanted to see my Father in law fuck these heavy mammary
" Ohhhh Baba! Stop fucking that choot and put your lund in between
thesre hard breasts and fuck them. They are so hard! Come on baba!
Breast fuck Sujata!"
My FIL pulled out his lund from Sujata's choot and made her lay on
her back. His lund was dripping with choot juice and was shining with
all that wetness. I held Sujata's breasts together and asked FIL to
push his wet lund there. Baba crawled over Sujata's chest and then
pushed his lund in between her breasts. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Sujata moaned
" Ohhh Baba! Fuck my breasts! Your son has never done this! Ohhh!
Ahhhhhhh your hard lund feels so fuucckkinnnggg gggooood on my tender
breasts! Fuck! Come on Seema bring that sweet choot of yours over my
mouth and let me wet my lips with that honey of yours."
I was happy that Sujata was demanding my choot! I hurriedly squatted
over her mouth and pressed my wet choot on her face. I was facing FIL
and watching his lund slide in and out of the valley between Sujata's
breasts. It looked so nice! The lund head peeked out as he fucked
Sujata's breasts. I put my hand near the breasts and touched FIL's
cock head. It slipped past my fingers and I had an urge to lick it.
So I bent forward and put my tongue near the fucking lund and I
touched it as it fucked Sujata's breasts. FIL's lund brushed my face
and tickled me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! My choot was on fire and Sujata was
licking it!
I then took Sujata's nipple in my mouth and chewed on it. Ohhh it
felt like a tiny lund. Ohhhhhhh I was about to cum! I shouted,
" Ohhhh Baba! Sujata! I am cumming! Ohhh lick my clit. Chew on it
slut! Yeesss! Hmmm! Ahhhhhhhhh! Cummingggggggg!"
And I came! My choot poured honey right into Sujata's mouth. She
gulped it down her throat and continued to lick my choot. FIL watched
my ass moving and my body relaxing. That triggered him and he too
shot his load on Sujata's breasts. The white cream sprayed on her
breasts and tickled down, like snow falling from a mountain! Sujata
stopped licking my choot and lifted her face to see the fun. I got
down and sat besides them and spread the cum cream all over the
breasts. Sujata watched it and then put her hands on mine and we
together did the spreading. Then I licked all the cum off Sujata's
breasts and kissed her so that we both could taste our FIL's spunk,
his sperm!

We had to stop our game as FIL had cum on Sujata's breasts.
But still Sujata had not cum! She had to have FIL's lund in her choot
to her hearts content.
" Ohh Seema! I want FIL's lund in my choot. Ohhh god! I am so
hungry for his lund. He has nice big lund and I want him inside and
feel him shoot his cum, his hot cum inside my choot. Please make him
hard for me. Lets make him hard!"
" Ohh Sujata! Its difficult but lets try. He loves to watch
me masturbate and I am sure he will be hard if you join me. Lets
spread our legs and show FIL how much we love him. How our choot
juice for him. come on Sujata lets start."
We both got up from the couch and stood before our FIL, ready to do
the show for him. I caught both my breasts and started to knead them
with both my hands. Sujata too followed me. She lifted the two solid
boobs in her palms and showed FIL how much they weighed. They looked
magnificent and danced in her palms. They were so nice! I too lifted
my breasts and showed them to FIL. He looked from one pair of boobs
to another and massaged his soft lund. This must have been nice sight
for him and he loved to watch us.
My hands went to my nipples and I caught both the nipples in
my thumb and forefinger and pulled them up. My breasts were pulled
with the nipples and the tension felt nice. I looked at Sujata's
body. Ohhh god! She was a perfect seductress! I went to Sujata and
putting my hands on her back, pulled her to me. Her breasts touched
mine and that felt wonderful. Her darkish breasts pressed onto my
white boobs. Our breasts bulged with the pressure and our nipples
poked into the soft breast flesh of each other. I then kissed her
full on her mouth and pushed my tongue in her oral cavity. I traced
her teeth and moved my tongue over the top of her mouth, feeling the
hard and soft flesh there. I caught her lower lip and bit it softly.
Ohhhhhhh it felt so nice!
Baba was watching us and rubbing his lund fast. It was semi
hard now. He looked at us and said,
" Ohhh my bahu's! Seemu and Sujata! You both look so nice.
Ohhh god! My son's are lucky to have wives like you and so I am! I
have two sexy Bahu's and they too are my wives! Ohhhhh god! Come on
press your bodies together and dance for me. Rub your bodies while
you move, face to knee! Come on!"
I held Sujata close to my body and pressed my navel on her's.
Our breasts, belly and crotch touched and rubbed against each other.
The sensation was so wonderful! I put my hands on Sujata's ass cheeks
and rubbed them sensually, caressing every inch of the soft flesh.
The way Baba rubbed my ass! Sujata moaned and caught my ass cheeks
and kneaded them. my hand moved to the crack of Sujata's ass and I
traced her asshole and choot through it. This was first time I had
touched an asshole in sexual way. It was not dirty but it was part of
sex, I understood that! I rubbed Sujata's choot hair and then found
her clit. Her clit was really big and had come out of the sheath
begging to be touched.
Sujata was not idle! She had spread my ass cheeks and was
rubbing my asshole with her fingers. It was so nice to feel her soft
hands on my asshole and I pressed my ass down to meet her fingers. I
was now rubbing Sujata's clit and then suddenly I had an urge to push
my fingers in her choot! I had never done this to any woman and I had
to do it! I pushed my middle finger in Sujata's choot and felt the
heat inside. Her choot felt so soft and fluffy to my fingers and I
had to control myself from biting this bitch on her cheeks! But I
could not! I pushed my teeth in Sujata's cheeks and sucked in hard!
Ohhh god! Sujata screamed!
" Ohhh Seema don't do that! It will leave red marks on my cheeks and
Sameer will ask what it is? Ohhh please! "
" Come on Sujata! Tell her you fucked Vinod and he bit your cheeks.
Ohhh god! What a slut you are. Keep quite and let us enjoy!" I
shouted at her.
Sujata was silent in a minute and my finger found the
ultimate depth of her choot. I continued to bite her cheeks and then
caught her nose, the very proud nose that teased me a lot. I licked
her nose and then came down to her breasts. Sujata was now rubbing my
choot and had a finger inside too. Baba was watching us and was hard
now. His lund was standing proudly at 90 degrees from his crotch. I
looked at him and told him to join us.
" Baba! Come on fuck your bahu. Fuck any one you like. We are your
sluts and use us as fuck machine. Fuck our choot and ass! Just fuck
us anywhere you want. Come on sit on the couch and we both will suck
your lund! Ohhh god you have such a nice lund Baba!"
Our FIL sat down on the couch and looked at us inviting us to suck
his lund. We both went to FIL and sat down near his feet. Sujata
caught FIL's lund and measured it with her hand. Her eyes never left
the sight of the lund. Her measurements showed that FIL's lund was 9
inches long and 6.5 inches around. That was really big! Her fingers
traced his lund and she finally reached his sperm sacs. She weighed
them in her hands and smiled,
" Ohhh Seema! His testis is full of semen. Ohhhhh! I am not on pill
this month and if he fucks me and puts his sperm in my choot, I will
definitely conceive his child. I insisted to Vinod that he should use
condom and never allowed him to fuck me without protection. And now
Baba, I beg you to fuck me and put that fertile semen in my choot so
that I will bear your child. Fuck Sameer! I want your child. Will you
fuck me and give me a child?"
" SO you want my child Sujata? Ok I will give you what you want. As
such you need one child. What difference does it make whether its
mine OR my sons? It's the same thing. So prepare my lund for this
fucking Sujata. Help her Seema will you?
" Ohhh baba! I am your slut. Just tell me and I will follow you. YES
your Bahu's will make you ready for fertilizing the ovum of Sujata.
Yes she is your slut too!"
Saying so I signalled Sujata and we both brought our mouths to FIL's
lund. We pushed our tongues out and licked our FIL's ramrod all over.
FIL pushed his ass up and spread his legs for us. I then took his
cock head in my mouth and moved my mouth around it. The knob moved
inside my mouth and tickled it all over. I took my mouth off and
offered his lund to Sujata. Sujata opened her mouth and took his lund
in her mouth, showing she was greedy! She swallowed his lund as much
as she could. Ohhh the slut took almost 5 inches of FIL's lund in
one gulp. Her mouth looked swollen with his lund and as she moved it
up and down over it her short trimmed hair fell forward, hiding her
face. She looked like sex goddess. I kissed her hair and smelled n
the exotic aroma. This made my choot flow with sex juices and I bent
down and took his balls in my mouth. The two balls filled my mouth
completely and I moved my tongue and they rolled inside my mouth.
Ohhhhhhhhh! I had to have HIM! Suajata was busy sucking FIL's rod and
she expertly moved her mouth over the entire lund. I spilled the
balls and watched closely. Sujata had taken down almost 7 inches of
his lund and I could see her throat muscles moving. I was afraid that
FIL would cum in her mouth and I did not want that. First he wasted
his sperm on Sujata's breasts and now in her mouth. No.
I told Sujata that we should not allow him to cum outside our choots.
And I wanted Sujata to take all his spunk in her choot and get
pregnant with his seed. I pushed Sujata off FIL's lund and told her
that we should now fuck him. She agreed.
" Seema you are the elder Bahu and it's your right to take him first.
Just let me know when he is cumming and I shall take his lund in my
choot. Go on ride him! Fuck his lund Seema."
I eagerly climbed over the lap of my FIL and facing him lowered my
choot over his hard and solid lund. Sujata guided his lund to my
choot and in went his lund, deep in my choot. Sujata squatted down
and licked my choot from behind, and in the process licked the lower
side of FIL's lund. Sujata's tongue touched my asshole and she licked
it, tickling me there. Ohhhhhhh this double pleasure made me mad with
lust and I rode my FIL's lund faster. His lund fucked my choot
smoothly and wet sounds could be heard all over in the room.
Phhhhhhhch! Phachhhhhh! That was fucking! I spread my knees and took
my FIL deeper in my choot. his lund touched my cervix!
" Seema! Fuck him! Ride him! ride his lund! Ohhh god! I love to watch
you fucking him. Ohhh the way your boobs move! And your ass! Ohhh
god! Come on Seema fuck him! Here let me rub my breasts on your back."
Saying so Sujata stood up and rubbed her breasts on my back. Her body
moved as she did this and the solid flesh caressed my back and the
hard nipples poked everywhere. Sujata then caught my breasts as they
moved with the fucking motion. Sujata's hands felt wonderful over my
erogenous zones. I knew we both would continue the game and be a
partners in sexual adventures in future. I was cumming! I lifted
myself and sat on FIL's lund, taking him deep within me as I came! My
body went limp as usual and my hands wound around my FIL's neck. He
kissed me as I came. My choot flowed juice and made our crotches wet.
Sujata watched me cum and immediately without losing any time pulled
me off FIL's lund.
" Ohhh Seema! I am sorry! But I have to have FIL's lund in my choot.
Ohhh god I am dying to feel it inside. Ohhhh Baba! Fuck me from
behind! like a dog fucking a bitch in heat. That way you can put your
sperm deep inside my choot. Seema help us fuck darling!"
I lifted my FIL and made Sujata bend with her hands resting on the
couch. Her solid breasts dangled down swaying with every movement. I
caressed her ass cheeks and opened her choot with my fingers. I
showed my FIL how dripping her choot was.
" Come on Baba! Fuck Sujata! Make her pregnant with your sperm.
Ohhhhhhhhh ram your lund in her choot from behind while I lick your
fucking lund from below. FUCK!"
I sat down facing Sujata's choot and watched FIL put his lund in. it
went in easily as Sujata's choot was loose. FIL's lund went upto the
hilt and Sujata moved her ass to adjust this 9-inch rod inside her
choot. I watched as HIS lund fucked in and out of the choot of Sujata
and I put my mouth to the junction, feeling FIL's lund rub past my
mouth into the choot. I put my hands on Sujata's thighs and licked
her choot. I found her hard clitoris and caressed it with my tongue.
Sujata was mad with lust and moved her choot on my tongue faster, and
that made her fuck FIL fast! Ohh god! That slut was good at fucking.
She maintained the thrust of her hips on FIL's lund in a steady pace.
Fast and then slow. FIL was holding her ass cheeks as he always held
mine. I was feeling FIL fuck Sujata right on my tongue. Sujata was
now licking my choot and pleasuring me. We three were enjoying the
real sex and I wonder how we did this.
Suddenly Sujata moaned that she was cumming and moved her ass
frantically in an effort to fuck as fast as she could. FIL was not
aware of this aspect of Sujata's fucking and was taken by surprise.
Sujata's choot must have tightened around his lund and started to
milk him. I just guessed and it was correct. I could feel Sujata's
tongue in my choot vibrate and then going limp and at the same time
her entire belly spasmed with the strong orgasm she was experiencing.
Ohhhhh! FIL pushed his lund deep in Sujata's choot and came. His
sperm must have reached her cervix and Sujata was satisfied that he
had deposited his sperm in her womb, to make her pregnant.
I made Sujata lay on her back with her legs up and put a pillow below
her ass. I did not take out FIL's sperm from Sujata's choot by
licking her, as I wanted to allow them to reach her uterus and
fertilize the ovum inside,