SO that was the best quickie I had. Sorry I never had any sex as I
was a virgin till marriage and then too I never fucked out of my
wedlock. That night my husband was surprised that I was still
dripping cum from my choot. he even asked me why I had not wiped it
all. What should I say? Should I tell him that I am going to keep
that cum in my choot because its precious for me as it is his
father's cum? Ohhh no! I had the cum of both, father and son in my
choot. So perverted! I was going to ask him if he would love to lick
it out of my choot. But I could not. I went to the bathroom and
pushed my fingers in my choot and drank all the mixed juice of three
of us. I was so excited!
Now I was more depraved and adventurous. I had to! I was sex
crazy and my choot stayed wet all the time. I had never thought I was
so depraved. I was fucking both father and son!
That day I asked my FIL if he loved fucking me after he had
just fucked my MIL. He said no I never did this.
" Seema! I don't fuck my wife much. She is good in bed but
somehow has lost the interest. But I really want to do it. I will
fuck my wife and then fuck you in succession. But the time should
come for that. I can do this when Sunil is not home. My wife sleep
immediately after we fuck so it wont be a problem for me to fuck you
after that but Sunil should not be home. Ok?"
"OK Baba! I will wait for that."
Now my FIL was somewhat busy in the daytime with his friends
and some business. So we did not get much time to speak and do
things. So in the afternoon when I retired for a nap I used to take
some big cucumber in my room and then enjoy it. Thinking of my FIL's
strong lund I would put the cucumber in my choot and let it go in
slowly. I would fondle my breasts thinking that FIL was rubbing them
for me. My choot used to get all wet and juicy just thinking of my
FIL fucking me.
That day I was doing that! Our maid was doing her washing
work and cleaning the floor so I had nothing to do. I took the
cucumber and went to my room and just closed the door. I lay on the
bed and then I spread my legs and put the thick cucumber inside my
choot and started to fuck it in and out. I cried loudly,
" Ohhhh Baba! Fuck me! Zava maala! Ahhhhh what a nice lund
you have Baba! Fuck me! Fuck your Bahu with that lund! Ohhhh Baba
fuck meeeeeeeee!"
I think I was making a lot of noises and thought that the
maid would hear me. Fuck her! I said. I did not bother for that and
continued my masturbation. The idea that the maid would be listening
made me more excited! Was I exhibitionist? Was I? I did not bother. I
continued to fuck my choot with the big cucumber.
I was kneading my breasts at the same time and moaning too.
Ohhhh how I wanted my FIL's thick lund in my choot! I then heard the
doorbell ring and shouted,
" Manju! Open the door I am taking bath!"
My heart was beating faster and I wanted it to be my FIL. I would
fuck him NOW! I heard my Baba asking the maid where I was.
" Bai sahib is in her room taking bath", Manju said.
I was about to call Baba in my room but then there was Manju. So I
kept quite and continued on! I heard Baba's footsteps nearing my room
and I froze. Was he coming in looking for me? YES his footsteps
approached my room and I heard the door open slowly. Then I saw FIL
enter my room!
Ohhh god! FIL was looking directly at me and was very much astonished
at this. He saw me putting that big cucumber inside my choot!
" Ohhh Seemu! What are you doing? Fucking that sweet choot with this
big cucumber? Ohh god! Is this due to me? Did you want my lund in
your choot Bahu? Ohh poor darling! You miss my lund very much. Come
on now do it for me! Fuck your choot with that cucumber. I want to
watch you doing it!"
" Ohh Baba you tease me so much! I cant wait to have your lund in my
choot. Ohhhhh so you want to watch your bahu masturbating with that
big cucumber? Come on here goes your Bahu wild and crazy while you
Manju was doing household work and Baba and me were in my room with
the door just closed. I did not tell Baba to bolt it! I wanted to
take the risk and that made this wonderful!
Baba was standing close to me and watching me. I was looking directly
into his eyes and fucking my choot crazy with the cucumber. Baba
never touched me but he unzipped his pant and took out his semi erect
lund. Ohh god! Was he going to masturbate in front of me? Ohhh so
exciting. I fixed my eyes on his lund and watched him. He caught his
lund in his palm and rubbed it slowly watching me. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
Ahhhhhh! Were we two dirty creatures doing things which we never
thought? Ya we were! I watched his lund grow in his palm and he then
pulled it upwards. This made it ooze some precum. He took off the
precum and put it to my mouth.
" Bahu! Lick it! Lick my precum! That will make the things better!"
I licked it and felt my choot flow with juices. I then took out the
cucumber and put it to him.
" Baba Taste this! Taste my choot raas on this fake lund of yours.
Ohh come on suck it like I suck your lund for you!"
Ohh I was asking FIL to suck the cucumber that was fucking my choot!
As if he was sucking a lund. Ohh god what has happened to me? But FIL
did not argue. He licked the cucumber with the tip of his tongue and
drank my juices. Ohh! he was now going to suck it! FIL opened his
mouth and took the cucumber in. Ohh he was sucking it! I put my
fingers to my choot and swapped out some juice which I licked myself,
looking at him suck the cucumber. He had swallowed about half of it
and was moving his mouth to and fro, fucking the thing in. Ohh god!
My FIL was expert in sucking a lund. No he was a genius, doing things
that need to be done. He sucked it for some time and then handed over
the thing to me.
" you taste nice Bahu! Your choot raas is as sweet as you. Come on
put that thing in your choot again. I don't want to miss the show!"
I took the cucumber from his hand and thrust it again in my choot. I
started to fuck again. Now Baba was hard as rock and was holding his
lund in his fist and moving the fist up and down. The veins on his
lund were swollen and prominent. His cock head was red and swollen.
It was a wonderful sight readers! It was so close to me that I just
had to move my face a little. It was a close chow for me. His balls
heaved as he fisted his lund and I had to struggle not to touch them.
I was now moving the cucumber in and out very fast and it made fuch
fuch sound . the sound was very prominent and intoxicating! I then
brought my free hand to my breast and pulled on my nipples. The
nipples started to grow with the touch and I pulled the hard nipples
to show them to my Baba.
" Seemu! Turn around and fuck your choot with you on your knees and
do it from back and assume that I am fucking you. I want to watch
your ass as you fuck it. You know I like your ass very much! I may
put a finger in your asshole Seema! Be careful that you don't excite
me to that level!"
" Baba! I am your slave! I am your slut! You can do anything that you
like. You can even fuck my ass with that big lund of yours when I am
fucking the choot with cucumber. Anything you do will take me to
heaven! "
I very much wanted to feel his finger OR even his lund in my ass! I
turned around and lay on my hands and knees. This way my ass was high
up and must be a great sight for Baba. I put the cucumber in my choot
from behind and I knew Baba was watching my choot distend as the
cucumber went in. it felt real nice and the cucumber went deep into
my choot. I looked from below, through the gap of my legs. Baba was
fisting his lund watching me take the cucumber inside my choot.
Ohhhhh god! Fuck me Baba! Fuck my ass Baba! I was delirious!
I fucked my choot fast watching Baba fist his lund. Ohhhhh ! then
Baba caressed my ass cheeks the way he always does and I came! My
body went stiff and then limp and fell face down on the bed. It was
very intense orgasm, as always, with Baba. Baba too squirted his
sperm all over my ass. Ohh I felt the hot sperm on my ass and almost
fainted! When I opened my eyes Baba was lying next to me, fondling my
body very lovingly!

After we got up from the sexual trans we came to reality. We had
never thought of our maid , Manju who was in the house all the time.
I was afraid she must have seen us OR heard us fucking. I dressed and
quietly went out to look for her. Then I got the shock of my life!
Manju was standing near my bedroom door with her sari hiked up and
her hand busy in between her thighs. Ohh god ! she had seen our
fucking! She was breathing heavily and looked flushed, all the signs
of sexual excitement!
I went to her and called her,
" Manju! What are you doing? Why is your sari up and where is your
" ohhhhhh Bai saheb! I am sorry! But I could not help it after I saw
you and baba doing something. Ohhhhhhh1 I never thought a bahu can do
this with her sasur. "
" So you saw everything! Come on! Tell me."
" YES I saw each and everything. You had cucumber in your hand and
ohhhhhhhh! I am ashamed to tell!"
Ohh so she had seen me masturbating with the cucumber and then me and
Baba masturbating for each other. Ohhh god! We were caught! I went
into the bedroom and told Baba,
" Baba! We are caught! Manju has seen us and she saw everything! What
should we do?"
" don't worry Bahu! I will tackle this. Just sit here and let me
handle it. OK?"
I just sat in my room and Baba went out to tackle Manju. I heard them
talking and then peeked out on them. What I saw!
Baba handed Manju Rs.100 note and told her to keep quite.
" Manju! Take this and please don't tell anybody about us. I will
give you more money whenever you require. What else?"
" Baba sahib! Money is not all! I want to join the pleasure you were
enjoying. Can you please make me your partner? Then I will tell you
something you won't believe!"
" Ohhh so you will tell me some secret hu! Ok! Come into Seema's room
and we will start."
Baba entered my room followed by Manju. Manju was looking at me and
smiled. I knew something is going to happen! Baba sat on the bed and
told me,
"Seema Bahu! Please undress our maid Manju for me. She will be
joining us for sex. You also undress with her. Please remember that I
want to enjoy the show"
Ohh god! Baba was making me do things I never imagined. The maid,
Manju! He was gong to fuck her! Ohhhhhhh god! That too in front of
me! OK I too wanted to do things with her that I had never thought
but I knew I would! I went to Manju and looked at her body.
Manju was about 30, dark skinned, plump body with smart features.
Her eyes were big and sexy. I saw that her breasts were smaller and
her ass was much wider than her body. May be 33-30-39. She was
wearing Sari and blouse. I went to her and held her hand. I looked
into her eyes and smiled.
" Manju! You can undress me and I will undress you. Here I will
remove your sari while Baba watches."
I took her paloo in my hand and started to remove her sari. Her sari
started to unwind and her blouse-clad breasts were now visible. She
was turning around to help me get the sari off. I removed her sari
and she stood before us with only petticoat and blouse. Baba was
watching her body and rubbing his lund over the lungi. Ohhhh he was
enjoying it! That's what I wanted. I could do anything in this world
that will make my Baba happy! I removed my sari myself and stood next
to Manju.
Baba was comparing our bodies and smiled.
" Now show me her breasts Seemu! Show me how firm they are! Remove
her blouse, she may not be wearing any bra."
I unhooked the back hooks of Manju's blouse and exposed her breasts.
She was not wearing any Bra inside as rightly told by FIL! They were
magnificent! I was watching a naked woman from close distance for the
first time in my life. I totally removed her blouse and made her half-
naked. Her breasts though smaller than mine were hard and the
aureoles were really big! I touched the left breast and Manju moaned.
"Ohhhhh Bai sahib! It feels so nice! Show Baba sahib how big they
I caught both her breasts in my palms and offered them to my FIL.
They were really firm and hard. Maybe the work she was doing kept her
firm. I envied her for having such a nice pair of boobs and proceeded
to remove my own blouse. I removed my blouse and stood facing Manju.
I went very near to her so that our breasts were in front of each
other. I wanted to show FIL both the pairs of boobs!
My breasts were bigger than Manju's and the colour was contrasting.
Mine were white while Manju's were dark! Our nipples almost touched!
This was different pleasure I had never experienced. Baba had taken
out his lund and was rubbing it in his palm. It was semi-hard and
needed some more excitation. Now I knew what he wanted!
I put my hands around manju and pulled her to me. That way our
breasts pressed into each other. Ohhhhhhh what a sensation! I never
thought that the touch of another woman's body would be so
intoxicating. I rubbed my chest over Manju's and manju too was
enjoying this. She also put her hands on my back and was rubbing it
softly. Baba was getting hard! He loved what he saw.
Then I removed the knot of her petticoat and pulled it down her ass.
As I told you her ass was much bigger and so her petticoat was not
coming down. Manju wiggled her ass and managed to push it down. As
the petticoat came down her big fleshy ass was exposed. Her ass was
big! The two ass cheeks were fleshy and shaped like half spheres. I
patted her ass and said,
" ohhh Baba ! see manju's ass! Its beautiful. I know you love woman's
ass and so let me show you how it is."
I kneaded her ass cheeks as FIL kneads mine. Manju shouted with joy
and I knew she was enjoying it as I did. I moved my hand to the crack
of her ass and searched for her choot. I found hairy jungle and knew
that Manju was not shaving her choot hair. I loved it!
" Baba see this slut of a maid we have! See her massive ass and you
will be surprised to see her choot! see it!"
I spread her ass cheeks and showed FIL her hairy choot.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so nice! I removed my own petticoat and stood naked
in front of my maid. My choot was well shaved and hers was hairy. So
contrasting! I looked at FIL and saw that his lund was hard as a
steel pole. I pushed Manju to the bed and she lay on it wondering
what was going to happen.
" Come on Baba fuck Manju. She is all yours. Push that big lund in
her hairy choot and fuck her."
" Yes Bahu! I am glad you are not jealous. I want you to participate
too. Come here and put my lund in Manju's choot. Come on!"
Manju was lying on her back looking at me and Baba. I went near to
her and put her hand on FIL's lund. She held it in her fist and
" Bai sahib! Baba has nice big lund! I know you like it. All women
love big lunds and to tell you the fact, my husbands is very small!
Just 4-5 inches and the son of a bitch do not know how to fuck. He
just puts it there and cums in 2-3 minutes! I know Baba is good
fucker. I saw him rubbing his lund sometime back and now he is still
"Yes Manju! He fucks nice! Baba is great fucker. Come on spread your
legs and let me out that lund in your choot!"
Manju spread her legs and I saw her hairy choot glistening with choot
juice. I pushed my hand in her bush and found her choot hole. It was
really wet! I caught my FIL's lund and put it on the entrance of
Manju's choot.
" Ohhh Baba! Push that lund in Manju's choot! fuck her hard!"
Baba came over Manju and moved his ass down, slamming his lund in
Manju's choot. I saw his lund go deep in the choot till his and hers
pubic hair rubbed. Ohhh god it was great watching a man and woman
fuck. I loved this sight. Manju moved her ass to adjust FIL's lund in
her choot and then lay back to enjoy. I went to her face and then
caught her breasts in my hands. I kneaded them, rubbed them and then
I took her nipples in my mouth and chewed on them while FIL fucked
Ohh I never thought that threesome would be so exciting. I just loved
it! Then I imagined two males with me! Ohhhhhhhhhh god! How I was
dying to get two lunds! I remembered my younger brother in law,
Sameer. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I had just seen him sometime back wearing his
jockeys and also seen the big bulge his lund made. Ohhhhh was I
shameless slut? Thinking of my husband's younger brother while my FIL
fucked this maid, Manju. I tried to remove the thought from my mind
but I could not.
Here FIL was fucking Manju slowly and steadily as he always does.
Manju was moaning and pulling him to her body. They both were locked
in tight embrace and I was left out! SO I just sat on the bed with my
legs spread and took the very cucumber I used to mastrubate. I pushed
the cucumber all the way in my choot and started to fuck with it.
Manju saw this and said,
" Ohh Bai sahib! Come on take your FIL in your choot. Let us both
share his lund. Come here and let's press our bodies together. Your
FIL will fuck any one he wants and we can be very near to each other."
Manju was innovative herself! I liked the idea and I lay on top of
Manju's body with my breasts rubbing her's, my naval on her naval and
my choot oh her choot! Baba saw this and he was mad with lust! He put
his lund in my choot pushing his ass up. Ohhhh I was a slut! I was my
Baba's slut! For a while he fucked me and then removed his luynd and
fucked Manju. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! So nice!
Thus he alternated with me and manju and finally he shouted,
" Ohhhhh Bahu! I am cummmingggggggggggggggg! Take me in your mouth
Bahu! You deserve my juice! "
I hurriedly put my mouth to his lund and took him in. Ohhh god! His
lund started jerking and sprayed hot cum all over my mouth. How I
loved it! I did not drink the precious juice but kissed Manju right
on her mouth and we both tasted the combined juices. The juices of
two choots and one lund!
After this we rested and then Manju told FIL the secret!
" baba I want to tell you something. I saw your younger Bahu ,
Sujata, kissing Sameer's friend Vinod one afternoon. Sameer was not
in the house and you were in your rooms. They were sitting in living
room and suddenly Vinod got up and kissed Sujata hard on the lips.
They separated very fast but I saw it!"
So Sujata was having some affair! Yes ! I wanted her to be slut of
my FIL! That way I could get Sameer's lund! Yes!
FIL heard this but kept mum. He was thinking something.
" manju! Don't tell this to anybody else. Keep it secret. Just keep
watch on my younger bahu and tell me what you see. Ok?"
YES this was new way to get the two.