Mami On A Picnic

It was always good to go on picnics. I loved it when I got to tag
along. When I was taken along it was a picnic or else it was a
company outing where kids of the employees were not allowed. My mama
is in merchant navy and he is senior engineer post. So whenever he
comes back to home he wants to enjoy those 4 months fully.

Mama would take mami and go for the outings. Whenever it was informal
I would also join them some time. It was during gone of these outings
that I came to know what was really happening there.

Mami is good looking, fair and looking sexy for me. All that said I
never had any sexual thoughts about her but like all adult males, I
too wouldn't have missed a chance to see her naked. Up till now I had
never ever got a chance. So when they arranged for a picnic and asked
me to join, I agreed because my college was off that day. This one-
day we had gone on an outing with mama ex colleague Mr. Sharma and
his friend whom everyone called Vicky. We left for the farm out of
town; this was the company farm, more like a trekking area. We
reached there and I helped mami get the things out in a clearing
right in the middle of the jungle. We spread out the sheet and
settled on it.

Just when we were about to sit I saw Vicky brush against my mami's
ass. She didn't notice it and I thought it was by mistake. Then all
three got the beers and started boozing. Mr. Sharma was very
courteous and offered my mami the snacks. After a while came the big
problem, there was no water and firewood; apparently someone had
forgotten to get it along.

Vicky and my mama got up to go get the water and collect some wood.
Mr. Sharma said they should take me along too so that there will be
help in getting the wood, and he stayed there for helping her. So
off we went Vicky, my mama and me looking for wood and water from the
nearby stream. Nearby still meant a half an hour walk.

I really didn't want to walk so much and wasn't so enthusiastic about
it so I just walked slowly and was lagging behind. There is another
reason for me to do so is smoking. In presence of them I can't
smoke. So half way I had lost them, they were in their own world,
talking shop. I walked back taking a long route back and smoking. I
came up on to the clearing from the other side and saw no one there.
I was surprised, the sheet was still there, and I wanted to call out
to my mami when I heard rustling sound in the nearby bush. I crept
slowly sideways, not going into the clearing at all. I came up around
the bush, hiding behind it, and what I saw could have killed me with
a heart attack. My mami was lying on the other sheet we had got; her
shalwar was all put off along with her panty. Her legs were spread
out and her knees were pulled up giving Sharma the best position to
lick her big cunt. I couldn't believe it that my demure mami was
lying naked getting her cunt licked by another man than my mama.
Sharma was a big man but was still lost between my mami's huge
thighs. I moved back till I had the view from right behind Sharma,
facing my lying mami. Sharma had spread her engorged outer lips with
his probing tongue. He licked her slit, open now, inside her inner
pink cunt lips, ran his tongue all around the fleshy hole a deep red
on the outside, pink on the inside. He swallowed her flowing juices,
running from her pussy and wetting his face.
My mami had one hand on his head and the other one she had in her
mouth to stop herself from making too much noise. She had her eyes
closed and was lost to the world. Sharma pulled himself up, wiping
the wetness from his face. He was on his knees when he pulled up my
mami's kamiz and pulled her up to unstrap the bra. I couldn't see her
nipples till one rolled tot he side.
Sharma was covering the view. I had to shift position again to get a
better angle. Sharma had her nipples aroused by pinching them, the
brown areola stood hard. He then started sucking them like a baby,
cupping her breasts underneath, pulling them up to press against his
face. He was literally rolling in them. While licking he raised his
ass a bit, put his one hand down and held his cock. He was
positioning himself to enter my mami. He shuffled a bit, put his cock
in her wet entrance and waited a second just to be sure he was going
the right way.

With his hairy chest resting on my mami's big boobs he swiped his
cock head up and down her pulsing cunt lips. He spread them slowly.
Then he moved the large black head down and entered her slowly,
sliding inch after inch of his dick into her moist fuck hole. He kept
moving forward until he was buried all the way into her cunt. His
pubic hairs smashed against hers, till his balls were resting in the
crack of her fat buttock cheeks.

He started riding his cock into her, pulling it back, pumping it in,
slow, long, steady strokes. Then as she started moaning, lifting her
ass up to meet his thrusts, he fucked her faster, making loud sloppy
sounds. I could see his cock coming out glistening with her cum and
again get lost in the pink hole. Her cunt had become a tight ring
around his fat cock. He rested his shoulders on her and put one of
his hands below her ass cheeks, gripping her ass and lifting her more
to smash his groin into her. His hand was small for her big ass. And
with other hand cupped her boob.

He was still fucking her vigorously when I saw Vicky come into the
clearing; he came straight to him from bush of the other side. Sharma
wasn't surprised to see him, he just carried on fucking. This is when
I realized that it was all planned. He had left my mama in the trail
and come back hurriedly so he could also get a piece of the action
from my mami.

Meanwhile Sharma had his ass tightened he was unloading his seed into
my mami. This turned me on more seeing my mami take in someone else's
cum into her belly so willingly. My balls were about to burst. I had
to control, Vicky was already removing his pants. Time was running
out for them. My mama might return and he didn't know where I was. My
mami was acting so cool, after Sharma got up she just sat up looking
at Vicky as he removed his underwear. She motioned him to sleep down

She got up heavily and with her dripping pussy came over Vicky. She
straddled him, held his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. I
guess she wanted to cum too and Sharma had not yet satisfied her
juicy pussy. She sat right down on it, poking his cock in her pussy.
She settled on it and shifted around, fitting it fully into her big
slutty hole .She surprised me more by spreading her cunt lips so she
could accommodate his cock till the hilt. Then she just started
humping without hesitation, riding his cock driving her wet pussy up
and down on his erect rod.

Vicky grabbed her flabby ass cheeks, shaking up and down. He raised
himself up and caught one of the big nipples, which were flopping
about. He licked and sucked her nipples as she fucked him harder and
faster. He had to leave her ass and grab the boobs to keep them from
bouncing about. My mamis belly and now ass cheeks made a big flopping
sound as she humped herself on him.

Sharma came in front and stood on top of Vicky's head, giving my mami
his small wet cock. His cock was wet with her juices and his left
over cum was dripping from it. My mami started licking his cock till
it was clean. She moved him aside soon as she closed her eyes, threw
back her head and moved faster. She was cumming so bad; Vicky was
also shooting his cum into her. She just fell exhausted over him,
breathing hard. They didn't waste much time getting up and
straightening themselves, I ran in to the woods and wanked my cock, I
didn't need to do much, as soon as I touched my engorged cock I was
erupting. This was too much for me. I returned much later to the
clearing, till then my mama was back and everyone was just starting
to eat. Things were back to normal. No one would know till today.