Hi,Guys n Girls

This is SMART_GUY back with the rest of his story
i was late coz of my COLLEGE but now i am hear so just anjoy it .i
though this story will end in two part but it semes to me it wont
coz y u will find out i am sure u will anjoy this one better then
the last part#1 i change just a little to make it good u tel me how
n what u fel now enjoy it .( I CHANGE MY SISTER NAME SADIA )

After i came out of my house n saw a time it was 3.30PM n i have
to pick SADIA at 4.pm so i just took my moterbike n gone to put some
gas in it but my mind is all in didi choudai i fel like i go back n
fuck her one more time my dick is geting up agian just thinking
about her tight pussy god my dick stil hurt coz it took almost 20min
to go in her pussy althe way but i know it is not posibel at this
time anyway i gone to samina house (sadia friend)to pick sadia my
(sister) from there when i reach there i saw sadia n her best friend
was seating out side of the house n talking about some college sttuf
when they saw me i say hi to both girls n give samina a smeill.
sadia got up n say sahiel i just call home n didi pick up the phone
she told u were not at home n she don't know where u r coz she din't
see u sence u left house with me where were u i just give a smeil n
say i was with my friend but i was thinking didi must tel this lie
coz she was affred that some one might know but there is no way so i
dont know y she lie anyway i told sadia lets go coz i have to go
some place , samina say sadia, go go your brother dosn't like to
talk to me i smeil n say yar samina u r my friend the think is that
i have to go n pick up one of my friend n gave him a ride home too
the reson i say this coz i want to go home early so i want to know
whats going on with didi. i want her to talk to me so i can get her
in for some more fucking for tonight before mom come home ,. samina
say kabi hum ko be ride dedo .n sadia start laughing n say ya sure u
realy need a ride n my brother is perfact to give u one. i ask for
a water n sadia say it is in the kittchen , i gone inside but i want
to hear what they talk coz i act like i dont know what they r
talking about so i just stand inside of the door i saw samina got
red with this words but she say back to sadia that right now is your
turn to get ride n i think sahiel wil give u a ride if u give him
just one chance, now is sadia time to get red she say samina he is
my brother dont talk about him like this he is very nice n I never
tough about him like this but if u like i can talk to him to give u
a ride n start laughing i got a hardon just listening to there
dubble mianing words n i was looking both the girls as a sex objact
sadia got nice boobs i think 34c witch i came to know later on i was
right, she is looking very pretty n inocent face but very good, didi
have a fiuger good n sexy but sadia have some think that say come n
fuck me if u can n samina she is also very sexy looking girl she
is only 20y she 5.4n pretty good body 35boobs n 36hips i love to
fuck her if i get any chance so anyway i came out n saw both the
girls is geting red on the faces i ask is there any problem i can
help u i was looking at samina in the eye n she become more
red ,sadia say ya sahiel samina need a ride from u only she never
ride before in her life samina become little mad n say no thanks u
can have a ride if u like n ya sahiel plz give her a good ride coz
she is very much interst in a real ride i ask what u r talking about
sadia say come on sahiel lets go she is just joking i say is ok but
if u girls want i can give both girls a ride at a same time now both
the girls become red n sadia say nice try but no u can give a ride
to samina only .samina kub peche batne wali thi she say sahiel
first u give her a ride n then we wil talk n staring laughing i saw
sadia is becomeing red n say kuty i wil get back to u n samina still
laughing n sadia say chlona bahi n i just laugh n say ok sweet
behana lets go n start the bike sadia just jump on the bike ,samina
say sadia be caer ful n hold him tight coz u wil going to get a big
ride very soon n agian laughing i saw sadia she is just becmeing
red but not saying any thing so i say samina but don't worry one of
this day i wil give u a ride too n wink on her she become very red n
sadia start laughing n say ya bahi give her a ride i wil help u to
give her a ride sadia dont know that i know what is a miening of
ride but when i wink i was sure samina know what i mean by ride i
say sure sister i need your help n start laughing .samina become
more red n say what ever n looking out side n say it look like there
wil be rain all the coluds r dark n i saw it too n say shaida is
hear shaida is 17y n little thin but not soo thin just ok on her age
i saw her cupple of time before but never much talk to her coz she
never come in my mind as a sex objact this all happening sence i
fuck didi n i say hi she say hi back to me n talk to her didi
samina that she have to walk all the way from her friend house to
hear witch she live little far from there house n sadia start
laughing again , me n samina look at her n i ask what happen she say
ye,lo now shaida need a ride too n samina become red n say tu jati
hi ke mei tuj ko eder hi ride dilwa dun terhe bahi se n i say ok bye
baba i dont understand your girls talk but shaida say saheil bahi
will u give me a ride n i start laughing n say sure y not but u
have to take permesion from your sister n samina say go now n we
just say byee n left, when i was drivening the bike i ask sadia u
like to eat some ice crean or want to drink some cold drinkshe say
ya bahi i am very thirsty this is i did cz i want to seat with her n
talk coz i have a felling that if i play my card right i will get in
her pants but like i am i don't go too fast with anygirls i take my
time get them in my confedent n then fuck them hards the way it
suppouse to be (right)so i know i can not talk to her more freely in
the house coz i fuck didi n i was not sure how much didi will help
me to fuck sadia maybe she wil or maybe she get mad that i fuck her
(didi)n now i want to take sadia virgen pussy too i don't want didi
to get mad on me i want to fuck her too at my will, so i have to
figuer out some thing n thats y my frist plan to take sadia in my
confedent so she can openly talk to me, while we were going to some
resturant i was drivening very slowly i was feling her boobs was
toughing on my back n i fell my dick is geting up just thinking
about her nice bobs at this time i have no thinking about didi i was
just thinking how n what i can do or tel that make me easer to go in
my little sister panties then i got an idia n i pull over in the
side she look at me n ask me what happen bahi y u stop i say nothing
i just come in a min i have to call my friend n say her i wont be
coming coz i have some other work to do n before she say anything i
just walk to the store n ask for a payphone clark point out to me in
one of the corner i pick up the phone n dieal nani # (mother mother)
n in a few sec mom pick up the phone i say mom this is me i got my
bike brock n sadia is with me it will going to rain so we wil be
little late ok she say i just call farha n she told u gone to pick
sadia ok just drive slow n i think it will rain very soon just take
care i ask mom what time u comeing home she said betha i dont know
your nani is not wel so u guys can eat food farah had cook some food
n she say she is not filing good her legs hurt because she say she
feldown while she was trying to take out somethink from uper cabnet
so don't make her do a lot let her take rest i just smeil at this n
said don't very mom i will tel her to take rest today mom say u r so
nice takeing care of your sisters n i just say they r my sister n it
is my job to take care of them but mom don't know how much n how i
take care of my sexy sister so now i know mom wil wont come til late
maybe 10pm or in the morning now after i hang up i call home n didi
pickup the phone she was not thinking of me that i wil call her
after i fuck her today so when i say helloo she din't say anything n
i was teling heloo,heloo n then she say hello i say didi i got a
problem hear i try to make a sound like a normal just like nothing
happen this afternoon n told her i brock my bike i am talking from
payphone i pick sadia n i talk to mom also n didi don't cook
anythink i will bring somethink to eat ok but there is no sound on
the other end n i say again hello hello didi n she say just YA i say
r u mad at me didi i wil come n talk i pronise didi i just call n
let u know that i already pick sadia n she is with me don't worry
then the frist time she talk n ask me sahiel what time u r comeing
home i say as soon as a fix my bike ok n she say ok n then i ask
didi ya she told me ,r u mad on me didi n she din't say a word for
a min then i ask her one more time didi r u mad on me n she say NO
i say thanks didi love u n i say didi i will see u soon she say ok
i say byee n hangup the phone then i go to the clark &ask him do u
have anykind of cream for dry hand n he show me K,Y cream thats
what i wanted that poor guy dont even havea little cule y i am
buying this if he know y he would cum in his pants i bought just in
case if i wil extra luckly today anyway i paid n put a cream tub in
my pocket n came out ruby was standing there n ask saheil y u make
so late every one is looking at me an it look like it will rain i
said ya i just call mom also so she wont be worried about us i told
her we r just going on a ride becouse mosun is very good so we wil
came little late n laugh she laugh too n ask so my sweet bahi where
r u going to take me i say my sweet sister sadia where ever u like
me to take u park resturent or a big ride when i say big ride she
become red n say sahiel lets go to beach that what i thinking about
it n now she told by her self n i was aolloo ka pahta if i say no to
this i just start my bike n put in the way of beach i know in week
days there will be very little crowd n there is very little chances
for anyone to know us coz i bring lots of girls to fuck u can get a
hut for 2or 3 hrs only for Rs20 or 25 n i come hear so the guy at
that place there know me very well now it is just to take sadia in
that hut cz she wil sure ask me y i need to take hut n i don't have
a answer til the time come or it will naver come today i don't know
yet i am trying only if the luck is in my favor then only i can get
one more virgen before tonight n i look up just like i was asking a
favor to god (u guys will also think what a ass hole i am but u
don't know me i fuck dog too if i get a hardonn she is girl n sexy
too so what if i fuck one sister i already fuck the other too
right.just kidding)i saw it will rain very soon n i want to reach
there before the rain start so i speed up my bike it was very cold
on the road n sadia just hug me tight from behind n teling me sahiel
plz drive slow n i say yar don't very i am a good drvier n then we
reach there i park my bike sadia ask y u park hear i say like to
take some water n chips she say ok n she don't know that u can rent
a hut also coz she told me latter on it is so cool to byee one hut n
come for a camping with our family i say ya but most of them is
vacant n free we can use anyone we like no one will come n ask u to
go, this i did it just to make her fil ok if some how i have to take
her in at anytime. she say realy what about the owner i say there is
notthing to steal so who care ,so i gone in the boot were i can bye
soda n chips the guy saw me he came n say salaam saab i ask is there
any hut is there he say saab for u all beach is avelabe n start
laughing i smeil too n bought some chips n colddrink & paid money
for hut too he told me it is on the far side of the beach n i know
were it is coz there is no one will be there at this time this guy
is very nice to me all the time coz i always give him big tips so he
take extra care for me anyway i came out n give all the packet in
sadia hand n say bahena hold this n start my bike n we drive to the
beach side i want to go near the hut were i rented it she dont know
that i rent the hut also so when i was driveing it little far side
of the beach she ask me where r we going y dont u just park over
hear i told i was looking for shade so i can park this bike n it
was just a normel thing to say she din't ask any more n i saw the
hut the one i rented i just took the bike were i park all the time
witch no one very eazy can sport it from farawy. n i told sadia i
think we should go back coz it is almost 4;30 unless u want to put
your feet in the water for a while she say sahiel yar u came so far
n now u want to go so soon i say yar it will rain also (i was
hopeing she wont say to lets go back n thats what she say not to go
back)she say sahiel i dont want to go home right now i get bore at
home plz we wil just stay little while ok n inside i was very happy
but i act like ok but if rain start don;t belam me n i just hold
her hand n til her to lets go in the water she was just like a child
laughing n runing with me i say ruby we have to put this food n
drinks some were so the dog will wont pick up if we r not hear she
say oo ya, i say lets put this over there i point out to a hut from
20 25 ft from where we were, and took all the stuff &run to the hut
when i reach there i look back n see sadia is puting a knot in
dopatha on her wrist i right away open the door n put the key back
in my pocket when she came i told yar there is no place to put this
food give me your doopatha i will put in it she say i don't want to
keep my doopatha on the floor yar sadia we will put on top n latter
we can wash it n all she gave me but make faces i start laughing n
told yar what a big deal i am not asking u to give me your all
clothes n she look in shok n become red n say ya if i was your girl
friend u would ask that too i know u guys n she laugh n say u can
ask to samina she wil give it to u n i laugh too n say realy she wil
she say y don't u ask her n i laugh again n i put her doopatha n all
food on the top of the window n got down she ask whos hut is this i
say i dont know n say lets go i hold her hand n walke i was looking
at her from side of my eye she was trying to hide her self to come
right in front coz i can see her bra is her white plain cotton
kurtha i try to act that no big deal i saw a lots n after some time
when she saw i was not paying much attion to her body she relax n
walk when we reach near the water i fel the rain start but it is
only bona bandi not a havey rain & it fel good so we thought to go
in little father in the water she was standing next to me so i can
not see her ass or i can not look diract to her coz i dont want her
to think i am looking at her so hold her hand n go in the water till
1ft or so she was affred to go more in i told sadia i am holding u
don't worry but she keep saying no no sahiel i will faldown i just
put my hand in her wrist i grabe her n take her 1ft more in god she
have so smooth n soft wrist that my dick stand in a sec like a iron
bar n before she run back to the shore a wave came in n she feal in
the water if i would not grabe her right away she would feal in the
water all the way but i grabe her n while grabeing her i have to use
my both hand n in that my hand go right on her big bobs n for a sec
she froze then she try to get up again but second waves came n we
both feal in the water allthe way i feal on top of her n first time
i fel her all body with me she was just wereing nothing n i push my
dick right in between her ass i am sure she fel it coz she did
aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh n look at me i just hold her it was like only few
sec but in that i fel her good i know now she is all wet she will
not going to go like this to the house her clothes have to dry when
she got up she look at me n then her eye go to my corch where my
dick was all hard n up anyone can see n tel i got a hardon she look
at me again n gave a shy look and look like all red on my face she
though i was more shy then her that make her little relax but when
she saw again at me n see where i am loking she say oooooo my god n
put both hand on her breast coz now i can see her breast n her
nippls too her bra was transparent n her kurtha was all stick on her
body she in a way naked i can see her ass too witch it come out from
back n her shalwar was wet stick in her ass i just try to hold her
hand but she refuse to give me coz if she remove her hand from her
bobs it will as naked as it is. i just look at her an give her a
smeil n say yar tum tu iase shrma rahi ho jese koi mei tumara
boyfriend huon she say plz shaiel don't look at me i say baba i am
not loking at u lets go walk or it wil wont dry she told me ok i say
dont worry sadia u r my sister i am not looking at u but u have to
walk little fast i think we walk like a 1000ft n the rain start i
was hoping for it it was so sadden that it comes like fast n havey
we both was wet so bad that i can now see her pink panties too , i
got my dick hard agian n i though if i wont to do it some thing
about it i will diee so i told sadia we have to find some shade or u
get sick she was not talking much n just shavring like a leaf i hold
her in my arms n this time she din't told me any think just walk
with me she was so soft n fels good i just want to kiss her or do
something to her but i know i have to be very slow n take it easy or
i going to lose my chance i dont want to rape her no man thats not
me i dont rape girls i make them do the thing on there won will no
matter if she is my sister or mother opps did i say mother that is
other story i wil tel later ok so we walk back to the hut but there
is no shade n rain was in full bloom i was feling cold too n shaking
from inside too i told her sadia we can not go at home like this n
if we dont dry our clothes we will get sick it was 5;30 n i have to
do what ever i can in next one or two hrs so i say let me see if i
can open this door n i just like try to open or brack the door n it
open i gone in n see it was a nice room i came out n say sadia just
wait hear i will see all inside if it is safe or not n i goin n take
all the chader n cover n put in a wordrob i did this in a min only n
came out n say come on in there is no one she came in but very
nervos to talk i say sadia i am standing out side u give me your
colthes n i will squeez it n take the water out n give u back to u
or it wont dry till morning n u get cold she look at mr n told noway
i am not going to take my clothes off over hear r u gone mad sahiel
i say sadia there is no one n no one will come hear i am standing
out side only or u could die with this my sister is very affred of
dead or dieing its works she look at me n say no one will came right
i say ya sadia no one i insure her she say ok u go out i just open
the door n saw a big lighting n havey rain n i say sadia can i turn
around my face n u can hand me over she say ok but dont look at me i
say ok n i just like a nice boy just seat there with my face on
other side i think it is almost 5min i ask sadia can i turn around
she say ok but dont look at me n pick up the clothes from fhe bed i
turn n see but i can not see sadia there is no other room bathroom
was out side so where she go anyway i pick up the cloth n start
squzethe water from it i ask sadia where r u but no answer i ask
again sadia r u under the bed can i see ,she shouted no saheil don't
look i am there my dick again got hard thinking about sadia butt
naked in this room n under the bed i say sadia u r not felling cold
there take this gadi on u n before she say i took the big gadi off
the bed, bed got a iron net on the bed for to hold gadi on it so as
i pull the gadi from the bed i can see my sister all naked under the
bed she gave a little scream n say saheil plz put it back but now
the show start i dont want to wast time on talk so what i did i put
that gadi on the floor &look at sadia n say
oooooofffffffffffffff ..............sadia tum kitni kubsurt ho she
say plz saheil dont look ,she was trying to hide her sexy body from
me but i can see her as n thighs all naked she is not wereing
anything i pull the bed all up n put it on the sideoff the wall it
was very light n came back where sadia was liying on the floor i
seat next to her on the floor she start crying i told sadia y u
crying i am not going to do anything ok she say plz saheil give me
my clothes i told sadia it is wet,she say no problem i wil were like
this only i say ok but u make me so hot u will do some thing for me
it wil be our screct she look from the side n ask what i pull my
pants down n told i got a hardon just looking at u if u will show me
your all body like i want to see i will give your clothes right away
she got engry n say saheil u gone mad i am your sister n if u wont
give me my clothes i will tel mom too now i got mad i say ok coz u
going to tel mom so y don't i just fuck u n give a ride witch u n
your friend want me to give u she got red n told saheil plz that was
a joke plz saheil give me my clothes i told sadia i will give u n
promise wont do anythink witch u dont want to do she though for a
min n then she say u promise that u will going to give my clothes
back i say yes , she just look at me n clouse her eye her face was
all red in shram when i remove her hand from her bobs god it was
all like u put 2drops of gulab in a milk her nipples were little
redsh pink my god my dick want to fuck her but my brian say wait
just a little she is all yours to do what ever u want, she cross her
legs to hide her pussy i can see just a little hair down there but
her pussy was very small it was not like didi witch was big but the
lips were together tight so i try to open her thigh as she fel my
hand on her thigh she say nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo
ppppppppllllzzzzzzz i say sadia just relax i just want to look n by
little force i pull her legs apart ooofffffff.............. i can
not belive it this is a girl now i know y all college guys r after
my sister she have a body like a killer but this pussy is beyound
this world n i was the first man on this earth saw her virgen pussy
witch she told me later i can not reist i just gone down n put my
mouth on her pussy n start kissing and lapping with my toung as soon
as she fell my mouth on her pussy her all body shook n came from her
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.................hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .saheil
what r u doing n try to get up i just push her back on her back n
one more time start eating her pussy she was trying to get away from
this becouse this all new to her and she was not though that i wil
do to her some thing like this she just lay there n takeing deep
breath n makeing all type of novies hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
.... muje chour do mie mer jahugi plz saheil ye tun kya ker reha ho
plz saheilllllllllllllmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzzz............but
i was keep eating her pussy i bring my laft hand inside her thigh n
bring her thigh up now she was all spard n open but her pussy lips
were tightly colsed together i with my thum n forfinger open her
lips of her cunt she was just shaking hear n there i can not belive
this she was all red n pink inside her pusyy i look for her dana as
i found her dana which was very little n hideing inside her pussy
lips i put my toung on it n makring it in cercal she love this she
dont know what is going on down there with her but for sure sure she
is haveing a fun of her life frist time,i also gave her a good rub
on her dana n she was doing
ooooooooooooooo....................oooooooooooo then i took my other
hand n bring it up till i reach her right breast i just got a hold
on her n press it god it was solid like rubber it was like didi but
little more solid i dont maybe it is same but it was realy fell good
when she feal my hand on her bobs she just try to remove it but i
took her hand & put it aside n then gone back to press it this time
she was just teling me no no no plz saheil leave me let me go this
is not right we r geting late i sat sadia just a little bit more &
then we will go but now she trow me aside n try to getup but i grabe
her n pull her on the gadi she was realy geting mad on me n teling
saheil let me go what r u doing i told sadia u had your fun now i
want to have little fun too so just let me do for a min or two but
she was saying nooooo.......... nooooooo........ nooooo....... if u
wont let me right now i will tell to mummi, i say ok so u will going
to tel so y don't we fuck so u can say what ever u want to say n i
grabe her from her arms n make her laydown on the gadi witch was on
the floor n got on top of her she right away cross her legs n try
to push me n start crying i say sadia u like me to fuck u she say
nooooo...........ok then just let me kiss it on your pussy i told in
a very nice way she look at me like trying to see what is in my mind
but hi this is saheil i just smeil n say i just want to kiss u there
just did before she got red an say then we wil go i said yes she
just cloues her eye i got little down n open her thighs
oooooffffffffffffff i can eat her pussy all night n still i want
more i put my both my hand under her legs n pull her legs up i dont
bother to see on her face i just got down on her pussy her cunt was
still wet from my earlyer eating i pull her pussy lips apart n bring
my toung right in the central of her opeming she took a deep breath
n say ooooooooooooooooooo my godddddddddd i ask her sadia maza aa
rahahi kya she din't tel but she close her eye n takeing deep breath
i bring one of my finger n start rubbing on her pussy lips from
outside she was lost in her that she dont even told me any thing
this time when i put my hand on her bobs i was pressing like i was
makeing some sort of dough n i think she want me to do more coz she
was trying to push her virgen cunt in my mouth i also trying to take
her whole cunt in my mouth n suck her n she was doing
ssssssssssseeeeeeeeee ..............oooooooooooooooo
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa ............ then i brought my right
hand on her pussy n put my middle finger tip in side her cunt
goddddddddd her pussy was so tight that i can fel the ring of muscel
in her cunt n i tough god if my only finger fel so tight how i going
to fel when i put my dick in it my dick was so hard n ready for a
acttion sadia as she fel my finger in her pussy she pnick n push my
hand aside i hold her hand with one n with the other i put my other
finger in her pussy back this time i push it hard n it go almost
half of it i heard her scream n she got up n throw me aside i saw
tears in her eye n she told me thats plz now let me go i ask what
happen she din't told me anythink but crying i say sadia what happen
did i hurt u she say yes i say sorry i will not going to put it
again i will just kiss it only ok she say saheil we r geting late
lets go i look at watch it was only 6;15 i have 1hr;25 more to go
home n i was sure i dont need that much time to fuck sadia n if i
wont fuck her today she will never going to give me her pussy thats
for sure so i push her back on her back she was looking at my dick
all the time when i saw she is looking at my dick i hold her hand n
put it on my hard dick she right away pull it back i told her just
hold for a min but she dont want to tough it i dint force her to do
it i just start kissing n eating her pussy again she become very hot
again n when i saw her that she is not going to make big fuss n she
is almost going to get her orgasun i stop n gone right on top of her
for a sec she relax but the next sec she fel my hard solid 8;inch
long n 2;inch thick dick on her virgen pussy she yell n try to getup
i just hold her there n start rubbing my whole thick long dick on
her pussy lips she told me saheil plz buskaro plz nahii plz saheill
ya tum kya ke rahe ho deko plz saheil u told me u will not going to
do any thing now what r u doing
nnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhiiiii......... saheil.......... i just
kept rubbing on her cunt her pussy was geting wet no mater what she
is saying but her pussy is saying other story just like all the
other girls her is also geting wet on & from my dick i told her to
relax but she was keep teling mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nahi boothho gaya abb bus bi
karo............. but i rub my hard dick more on her cunt now i fel
she is just takeing deep breath but not pushing me or so i know that
she is going to cum right now n while she was haveing pick of her
fun i push her thigh little more open with my legs n she just lay
there but not say anything i kept rubbibg her pussy and then i took
my dick in my left hand n rub my dick head on her inside of her
pussy she just open her legs more by her self like she want me to
doit down in her pussy i look at her this is my sister hahaha ever
prud of her self not given anybody a second look now she is lyeing
with her legs open wanting to get fuck by her real bahi so i while
rubbing inside of her pussy i lie on her but keep a hold on my dick
n push it in just slip on down side n then i remember i bought a KY
cream i look were is my pant it was near my feet i look at ruby she
was liying n her eye were close takeing depp breath i did;t stop for
a bit n keep her rubbibg n with my right hand i grabe my pant i
look one more time her eyes were close so i put my hand in wet pant
pocket n pull out KYcream sadia open her eye to look at me that y i
get up her eye was like in drunk n she look at me n told bus abb
chaleen i say just fro 5 min more i think she want to get off too
she just close her eye n i right away open the tub cap n press it
hard all the cream came out on my hand n gadi i took a lot of cream
n rub on my dick then i took some more n put it on my dick head n
then rub with it on sadia pussy her pussy lips become so soft that
it fel that they want me to goin her i can see she fell it to coz
now i was rubbing right on her dana n then i liy on her n took my
dick n try to find her opening as i found her pussy hole i push it
in god if i was not a good fucker i would came right there n there
but i know how to contral my self she was so tight that it fel some
one is hold my dick head in her mouth with out teeth she gave a big
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... n then she open her
eye n scream ssssssssssaaaaaheilllllllllllllllllllllll
nnnnnnnaahiiiiiiiiii what r u doinnnnnn plz
ooooooooooooooooo.................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooo i put
more wight on my dick becouse of cream it go more couple of inchs in
her she was so tight it was very hard for me not to cum sadia was
now crying n trying to get out from under me but i hold her tight n
told just relax for a few min u will fell good but she was now
crying n teling me plz boohut derad ho raha hi plz nekalo i just
doing in n out in her pussy till i fill she is just takeing long
breath not telling anythink i hold her tight n give her one hard
push with all my power n i put my hand on her mouth at the same time
she scream but my hand was on her mouth so it was not came out n my
dick was all the way in sadia tight pussy i just lay on her not
moveing or so for two min i want her to adjust my dick in her pussy
she was crying but not pass out like didi i kiss her n then take one
of her nipple in my mouth n start sucking on it hard she just lay
ther n crying i pul it out just 1inch n push it back in she make
aaaaaaaaaaaaan then i was just doing 1inch or 2 at a some time in n
out of her it was very tight pussy just like a teenager , i start
fucking my sister sadia, some time i pull little bit more then 2inch
n push it back in she just say plz aisthe plz deard ho raha hi now
she know that there is nothing to save so she just lay n try to
relax her self coz when i told her to loss her body n the pain will
go away she just did n i think she fil good coz after that she was
just relax n let me do what ever i want, i was now fucking her in n
out like i pul it out til my just head in it n then push it in one
push she just doing hhoooooo aaaaaaaahhhh............... aisthe
aisthe ooooooooooooooo i ask her sadia maza aa raha hi she just
become red but dint say anything i keep fucking her hard now her
pussy become little lose becouse of cum n blood from her virgen
pussy i love to fuck her god she was very very tight when i fel i am
going to come i start fucking her harder n faster she was also
cuming n she is just takeing deep n hard breath n then she relax all
the way i know she cum n cum good n hard n i think this is her frist
time she cum so good in her life (if u bring your girl cum good she
wil never look at other guys so fuck them n fuck them hard) i was
about to cum also i push 3or 4 time hard in her tight pussy n pull
it out at the right time n shoot on her face n boobs god i cum n cum
ncum i never cum like this before she try to turn but it was late n
i hold her n ruby i wanted like this n she just close her eye n
when finsh my last drop on her i just lie on her i think it is for
10 or 15 min then ruby say plz sahil lets go i saw she was crying i
got up n look out side rain was stop n it was dark almost i pick my
pant n shirt n were it n told her i wil bring your doopatha from out
side n open the door a cold breze came in n i was feling like a new
man again i dont belive this that i fuck my both sister at the same
day i was thinking that may be i wil get some help from didi to fuck
ruby virgen pusst but odd is in my fover n i fuck ruby tight pussy
i bring the doopatha in with the food till i saw she already were
her kurtha n shalwer n standing in a corner of the room n crying i
gone there n took her in my arms n say ruby i wil take care of u if
anythink happen to u i wil take care she just crying n put her head
on my shoulder i kiss her little hear n there n then i say ruby i
will not going to tel no one n u also don't til to enyone this is
between u n me only she lok at me n say saheil if anything happen i
say silly i pul it out before i cum but still if wnything happen i
wil help u i promise i did it to u but i wil take care of it too ok
now give me a smeil n i hold her face nlook in her eye n she just
give me a light smeil n i sat lets go n tuen around she hold my hand
n told wait i look at her she hug me n put her arms around her
tightly n ask y u did this to me i told i dont know i listen your
talk n i got hot n ilike to fuck at that time n its just happen n i
say lets go she just move to steps n told me it is pain her a lot i
told when she reach home just take hot shower n put some worm water
on your pussy ,its look it is been sowaling coz when i walk its
hurts she say i told her u will be ok til tomorow n we came out
there was no one i start my bike n she seat on my back this time she
was very near to me n hunging n holding me tight i gone to the boot
i gave him key n Rs10 tips n we laft it was almost 8pm i told to
ruby to say at home that we were late co of rain n bike brockdown ok
n she understod when we reach home mom was not there but did was
waiting for us n she look like angr...................what happen
next............ did didi belive that ruby n i say about
late?..................... how mom know that we were not got late
becouse of rain or moterbike brockdown?................. who told
her about us lieing to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait til u read n
find out waht happen next ..............if u like this part of a
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