Lovely Bhabie

this is a true unexpected incident took place with me. I was visiting
my friend in Jaipur. He lives there by himself. His cousin brother
once invited us for dinner at his place. The best thing about dinner
was I got to meet his wife that is one normal Indian woman with big
breast as she just became mother and had lot of milks in her boobs.
They have son who is 1 month old.
Some about bhabhi, her name is Reema and she is weatish complexition
not skinny but chubby, sexy figure and erection giving smile. She was
giving me some kind signal, which I was unaware of totally. We left
after dinner and bit gleams of bhabhi's cleavage. I could see wet
around her breast area ---- she might be leaking milk. umumumum!!!
Three days later my friend's cousin called him urgently asked him to
stay at his place for 3 days as he was going to Bombay for some
important business deal. My friend and me came to stay at his place
and to my surprise bhabi was also staying with us. I was like wow!!!!!
Next day my friend called his professor for his project and professor
asked him to submit the project in one day or he will failed for the
semester. My friend asked bhabhi that he will have to go as his
project is due next day and his presentation will be held in New
Delhi, to that bhabhi said that you can go as your friend will be
there with me. She departed him with good luck. Now we were alone in
her house with her baby boy. I went to sleep in afternoon after lunch.
Bhabhi was looking at me with wild eyes......her lip biting once made
me think that she might be interested in me but I was scared to make
any move.
In evening bhabhi woke me up with a tea. She then left the room. I
finished my tea and went to look for bhabhi in her room. I entered the
room and shocked.... she was breast-feeding her baby boy. I quickly
left the room but bhabhi said that I could come, as she doesn't really
care. I came back to room and sat near her. I was getting a best view
about her breast. Her child was sucking her breast hard making it
uneasy for to control her pain and she was moving around with sweet
pain. Now the baby started sucking hard as the milk in breast was
finished. My bhabhi at that removed him from her breast and said "sale
kitna doodh piyega, abh to mere muume bhi khali hogaye" and then she
looked at me and gave a smile. As she removed the child from here
breast she gave me the full open view of her right boob. It was big
boob with big dark brown circle around it and her nipple was red coz
of sucking. She took out her other breast from her blouse and said "le
abh pi aur doodh", she didn't keep her other boob inside her blouse,
maybe she forgot or that was her intention. Now her both the breasts
were sticking out, one totally visible and other one been sucked by
her child.
She then started making a conversation with me she asked "so how many
gf do you have", my eyes into her breast and replied "one" and she
asked tell me about her, how deep is your relation ship, to that I
replied "time pass". She said so you are a player, I said I don't
believe in love, have fun and let other have too. She nodded and said
"very good". In the meantime her child went to sleep. She picked her
and removed him from her boob and without first keeping her both
breast back in blouse she took him to bed and put a small bed sheet on
him and made him comfortable to go to sleep. Now she turned at me and
said "good thing he went to sleep, mere mumme dukh ne lag gaye the"
for that I reply "doosre me bhi doodh khatam ho gaya", she answered
with no surprise "kyo?" I said "mujhe bhi pyaas lag rahi hai" and she
said "tujhe bhi doodh peena hai" and I nodded. she then said "jaise
abhi mere beta pi raha tha tumhe bhi waise pina parega, meri godi me
let kar", without wasting time I went to her and laid down on her lap
and and started sucking her left boob which was full of milk, Her milk
was sweet, as i was sucking she said "bhenchod poora doodh pi ja
mera", I was now fully aroused to that. I kept sucking her breast even
without breathing once. She then holds my dick and took it out while I
was sucking. She said "gandu tera land to bahut bara hai, mere pati ka
to chota sa hai, aaj mujhe bara maja aayega" and then she said now let
me drink some milk, I said "how will you drink milk" and she said " I
will have to work for that" then she made me stand and she took my
dick into her mouth. She gave me terrific blowjob, she was sucking my
land three times more strongly then I was sucking her boob. She made
me scream for going slow, but she never went slowly. I was coming, and
she drank every single drop of my semen, and said "bhenchod mehnat
karni parti hai aise doodh pine ke liye hum londiyo ko", then she said
fucked me as hard as you can. I inserted my dick in 2 shots in her
choot. She didn't even let me wear condom, she said "mujhe condom se
chhudwana accha nahi lagta"
I fucked her hard and tried to take revenge but no use as my dick was
not big to make her scream as she had delivered on child so her choot
is very big now. But I had a idea and revenge to take, I said "randi
mujhe teri gand de de", she said "madar chod me bhi teri par meri gand
marne se phele tujhe meri gand pe cream lagani paregi, I said "mujhe
cream pasand nahi hai, me apne muh se teri gand slippery kar doonga",
I opend her gand and started licking her hole. she said "chaat mere
gand ke ched ko, apni jaban se chodh de" I sucked her ass like I am
sucking a mango. Then she said "ruk mujhe urine jana hai" I said no
"bhabhi boli please mujhe jor se laga hai" I said mere muh pe kar do,
and then she started peeing on my face it was hot but I drank most of
her urineand also licked urine from her thighs.I must tell you urine
is really good in taste. She said I also want to drink your urine .On
hearing this I stood up and I peeped on her face and she said"bhenchod
tera urine to tere doodh se bhi acchaa hai','aur pila aur peri puri
pyaas bujha de aaj"after that I again started sucking her ass hole and
then I was ready to fuck her in ass and her ass was full of my saliva.
I made her bent down and put my prick in her ass hole and she screamed
"god" and I fucked her ass after 5 mins. Of fucking I came into it.
After that I put my fingure in her asshole and took my cum out and
give her to taste. She then got tired and we slept on each other whole
night. In the morning I again fucked her while taking bath togetherů..