Love My Sister
This is Rahul from Delhi. I m 21 yrs old, 5'5 tall and with average
built. I used to masturbate a lot. I have a very close friend named
Lucky. He was my classmate. But I hardly call him a friend because we
treat each other as brother. Our families also know us very well that
how close we are. We used to do everything together like studies,
sports, freaking out like that.
But in the field of gals, he was ahead of me. He was quite experienced
in that field and I was a bit shy to be with gals. As I haven't been
with much girls in past, so I was a bit hesitant in front of gals.
Lucky has an elder sister named Kims. She used to treat me also as her
brother as Lucky and me were very close. She used to help us in our
studies a lot. We all three used to play together sometimes. Although
she remain busy because she do some kind of modeling, but still she
used to spend time with us whenever she's home. She is an open-minded
gal with a great figure for her profession. Every guy in our locality
was behind her but we used to ignore it because we knew it's natural.
We used to compliment her about her beauty sometimes like "Sister! Aaj
to bahut sahi lag rahi ho. Lagta hai sabko mar dalogi aaj (You are
looking mmmmmm. You gonna kill everybody on the streets today)." She
used to laugh after that. But we didn't have any bad intentions about
her because she was our sister and she also knew that. She went to
Sydney for some modeling in November and returned in January end this
year. Then after some days, we plan to go for a tour to Jaipur, Ajmer
and nearby places because that is the best season to be there. We
three left Delhi on 15th feb and reached Ajmer on the same day. As
there was still some time left in the day, we left for pushkar in the
evening. We reached there in night and stayed in a Dharamshala for the
night. We stayed in a single room, because it was just the question of
night and there was no formality between three of us.
We have slept many times together in home before that. When we were
about to sleep the light went off. As it was a village like area so it
was usual for that place. It was getting too hot in the room as fan
was off, so we changed to thin clothes so that we'll be able to sleep
in night. They both went to sleep quickly, but I was not feeling
sleepy. I decided to read the guide-book for that place. I burnt a
lamp so that there would not be much light in the room. As it was too
hot inside the room, we all were sweating heavily. I saw both of them
to make sure that they are not getting disturbed by the light of lamp.
They seem to be in deep sleep because I think they were really tired.
But when I saw Kims, I got amazed. She was totally drenched in sweat
and her clothes were sticking to her body. As she was not wearing
anything underneath, I was able to see almost all of her body parts.
Even her nipples were clearly visible as she was wearing white thin
t-shirt which was transparent by now. I turned my face and thought
that I should not think about her in that way. But I wasn't able to
read the book after that. I tried to sleep but that body was coming
again and again in front of my eyes. It was the first time when a
gal's body was so near to me in real and that too in this condition.
Although I also used to treat her as my sister, but when I saw her in
that condition I was not looking at my sister. I was looking at the
gorgeous model that was lying almost naked. That time I realized that
she really had a figure of a model with big round boobs and big ass.
She was looking like a wet-angel in deep sleep. I never thought about
the size of her boobs before because I treated her as my sister, but
that time I realized that she might be having the size around 38D.
wow! What a figure, a figure for which any guy would like to die for.
Now as I was fully erected so I was staring at her body and
masturbating. Suddenly my friend woke up.
I got scared and adjusted my clothes at once. He asked me "Rahul, tu
sota kyon nahin (Why you are not sleeping?)" I said "yeh book khatam
karke sota hoon (I'll finish this book and then sleep)." He said ok.
Then he look towards Kims to check whether she's sleeping or not. But
when he saw her, he also got amazed. He kept looking her continuously
and immediately got an erection. I knew it's gonna happen because he's
really a horny guy. And it was obvious that any guy would get an
erection after seeing such a beauty in that condition. He tried to
hide his erection and looked at me to make sure that I didn't know
about his erection. But he forgot one thing that we both have huge
cocks and masturbated together many times. It was always hard for us
to hide our erection from people because of our huge cocks. We both
have around 9" long and 3" wide cock. I was able to hide my erection
that time because I kept the book right above my dick, but he was
helpless. He said "book khatam karke so jayio (Finish the book and
sleep). Goodnight." I said ok. He again went to sleep but I wasn't
able to sleep. I thought it might be easy for him to control himself
as he was experienced. But I wasn't in my senses at that time. I
started to masturbate again. I kept looking at that delicious body of
our sister and masturbated 2 times. After cooling off myself, me also
went to sleep. Next day, we had a holy bath in a pond there. People
used to bath together in the same pond (not naked, lol !) there. There
also I got many glimpse of her body parts as she was completely wet. I
was again erected. Since I couldn't masturbate in front of everybody,
I decided to do something under water. I came close to her splashing
water, and touched my dick to her ass and sometimes hands also and
pretended that it was an accident. I suddenly realized that she might
know about my erection. So I said sorry to her to control the
situation. Then she said "Don't worry Rahul. It's natural for the guys
of your age. It's ok." I then went to a little distance to make sure
that everything remain in control. Then we went to our room and had
breakfast there. After having breakfast we head towards Ajmer. We
reached there in the afternoon. Then without wasting any moment we
hired a taxi for sight-seeing in Ajmer. We kept freaking out whole
afternoon, then in the evening we went to the market for some
shopping. There Lucky met some of his old friends whom I don't know
personally. His friends were going to Jaipur so he went with them. As
we also had the plan to go to Jaipur so he said that me and Kims
should come together there. We said ok. I was very happy to be alone
with her. We went to some restaurant for dinner and went to sleep in a
Dharamshala. And to my good luck, the same thing that happened a night
before happened that night also. There was no light. I knew that we
will be sleeping again in thin clothes. As the day was really tiring
she immediately went to sleep after changing the clothes. But there
was no sign of sleep on my side for that night. After a while when I
noticed her, she was wet again with sweat and showing her body. As I
was alone that night I thought of doing something. I placed my hand on
her tummy and kept still for sometime.
Then I started to move my hand on her tummy. She didn't reacted. Then
after sometimes I suddenly placed my hand on her boob. That time I
come to know that my guess about her size was almost right. The
feeling was great. Boobs of size 38D getting high and low with every
breath. They were big and tight but still very soft. I mean they were
tight in the sense that she didn't wear bra many times still they keep
their position intact. And soft in the sense that I haven't felt
anything softer than it before. I kept my hand on her boob for about 5
mins, then I started to press her boob slowly. Then suddenly she woke
up and saw my hand on her. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was
sleeping. She knew that I have a habit of sleeping by hugging somebody
close to me, so she thought it was a mistake. She just took off my
hand from her and placed it down, then again she went to sleep. After
a few moments she was in deep sleep again. But after feeling her
boobs, I wasn't able to sleep. I immediately got up and started to
masturbate looking at her. Then I jerked off in my hand, collected all
my cum in my hand, and applied it slowly to her lips so that she
didn't get woke up. After that I went to sleep thinking that she was
sucking my cock. Next day when she woke up, she said "Rahul, my lips
are very sticky, but don't know why?" I said "Sister! Ho sakta hai
pasine ki wajah se ho (Maybe it's because of excess sweating in the
night)." She said "Yeah! Maybe." Then we freshen up ourselves, had
breakfast and took a car on rent to drive to Jaipur. The way from
Ajmer to Jaipur is a deserted road with field on both sides. It's hard
to find even a bird in that way but the fields were looking good.
During our journey I kept complimenting her about her beauty. She said
with smile "Rahul, what happened to you? What's the matter that you
are complimenting so much?" I said "Nothing special sister, pichhle 2
dino mein pata chala ki aap kitni beautiful ho (just that in past 2
days I come to know how beautiful you are). Kuchh time pehle main
sochta tha ki tumne galat profession choose kiya hai, but ab sochta
hoon modeling ek dam sahi line hai tumhare liye taaki tum duniya ko
dikha sako kit um kitni khoobsoorat ho (Some time ago I used to think
that you have choosed a wrong profession, but now I think that
modeling is right line for you so that you can show the world how
beautiful you are). I saw the beauty in you that's why I m saying all
this." She blushed and smiled. As she was an open-minded gal, I asked
her "Sister, is line mein hone ki wajah se tumhara boy friend to
jaroor hoga (as you are in this line you must be having a boy
friend)." She said "ek boy friend? (A boy friend?) There are so many
guys after me that it's hard for me to decide to whom should I make my
boy friend. That's why you can say I have many boy friends. Ha ha ha!"
I said "if you don't mind sister, can I ask you a bit personal
question?" she said "Sure Rahul. You are not just my brother, we are
like friends also. You can talk to me freely." I gathered some courage
and asked "Sister, have you ever been loved by anyone?" she understood
that I meant to ask her that has she ever been fucked. She said "Yes,
quite a few times but not from a log time. Last time it was before I
went to Sydney." I said "kaisa lagta hai (How's the feeling?)" she
said "Simply great. It is one thing that everyone should experience it.
But you are acting like you never had that feeling" I replied "I never
had it sister. I am totally inexperienced in it. That's why I am
asking you." She said "I can't believe it. Guys of your age don't wait
till getting adult, and you are 21, still inexperienced? Strange! But
you should go for it." She suddenly said "Hey Rahul, look, kitne ache
khet hain . Mujhe khet bahut pasand hain.(how beautiful these fields
are. I love fields), come on, let's stop here for some time and freak
out in the fields. Please stop the car." I said ok and parked the car
roadside and we both went between the fields. We came around 500
meters away from our car. There were only fields till the end of the
horizon. No human, no bird, no animal. We were totally alone. She was
singing songs and jumping and shouting like child because there was
nobody to hear us. As we were alone there I thought giving a chance to
my luck. I asked her "sister, kya ek aur baat pooch sakta hoon tumse
(can I ask you one more thing?)" she said "Sure Rahul. You don't have
to take permission again and again. Go ahead" I asked "Jaise ki tumhe
bahut experience hai, to tum mujhe help kyon nahin karti? (As you are
pretty experienced in love and me also want to get experience, why
don't you help me?) pichhle 2 dino mein tumhari body ke curves dekhne
ke baad mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe tumse pyar ho gaya hai. Kya tum mujhe
pyar karne dogi? (I mean in last 2 days after seeing curves of your
body, I think I have started to love you. Will you allow me to make
love to you?)" she got shocked and shouted "What? Pagal ho gaya hai
(Are you crazy?) How can you think of doing it with me? I am your
sister." I said "Tum meri behan ho isliye to tumse is tarah pooch raha
hoon (You are my sister, that's why I am asking you this way)." She
replied "No Way! Forget it and let's go." I suddenly realized that
everything was slipping from my hands. I thought if I didn't get her
right now, then I would never get her because may be she would tell
all this to Lucky later. I pleaded in front of her "Please sister, let
me do it, you yourself said that we are friends also, so please let me
do love to you." She said "It's enough Rahul. Let's leave it here
otherwise I'll tell all this to Lucky." I said "Your wish sister, par
ek baat to tay hai ki main tumhe chod kar rahoonga (but one thing is
sure that I am gonna fuck you right here right now)." And after saying
this I threw her on the ground. She shouted "Stop Rahul. Don't even
try to move a step forward." I knew that there was nobody there to
hear her scream, so that was the best opportunity for me to fuck her.
She was lying on the ground with a short top just sticking to her big
hooters and a mini skirt which was a bit upward now due to falling on
the ground. At that time she was looking like a delicious prey to hunt
for. I immediately jumped on her and tried to take over the control,
but she was struggling very hard and making all efforts to get rid of
me. But I got hold of her hands very soon and stopped the movements of
her legs by sitting on them. I took the belt from her skirt and tied
both her hands together. I held her hands just above her head on the
ground. Then I bent down and locked my lips with her. She was shouting
and screaming for help but it's of no use. I was kissing her very
hard. I forced her to open her mouth and let me enter my tongue. I
tasted her mouth and put my saliva into her mouth also. In the mean
time, my other hand went on to her boobs. I was fearless now, I was
exploring her fully. I started to rub her boobs from under her shirt
now. To my amaze she was not wearing a bra that day also, so it was
easy for me to reach for her boobs. I stopped kissing her and pressing
her boobs, just sit on her legs. She was crying now and saying "Please
Rahul, don't do it. I am your sister. Please leave me, still nothing
has happened. Please I beg you." When she begged me like that I became
more horny and in one go I torn apart her top exposing her upper body.
My mouth went wide open to see her boobs so close to me. I said
"saali, modeling mein aur apne boy friends ko yeh bade bade mommay
dikhane mein sharam nahin aati, par jab tera bhai dekh raha hai, to ro
rahi hai, kaisi randi hai tu? (You don't feel any shame in showing
these big boobs in modeling and to your boy friends. But when I, your
own brother is seeing them, then you are crying. What a slut you
are?)" And I just laughed. I cupped her both boobs with my hands. I
was kissing them and sucking them like a mad dog. She was trying to
hit me with her hands but I was getting heavier on her. She was
totally helpless that time. I sucked her boobs for sometimes then I
felt that her body was getting hot, I thought that it was right time
to attack her. I stand and came in the 69 position. I placed my legs
on her hands and started to open her skirt. I threw her skirt and
panties also and now she was lying totally naked with her while
sparking body in front of me. I saw her shaved pussy, and immediately
started to eat that delicious dish. I was furiously sucking her pussy.
Now she has stopped screaming, but suddenly she started to moan
heavily, and with one big shout, she came at my mouth.
My face was totally wet with her juices. By this time, my cock was in
full mood which she has also felt on her mouth. I stood up and removed
all my clothes. She saw my cock and got scared. She said "Please
Rahul, don't do this, please leave me, tumhara bahut bada hai, main
mar jaoongi (you are so big, I'll die.) Please leave me Rahul." I said
"tumhe kya lagta hai ki tumhari choot chatne ke baad main tumhe chhod
dunga? Tumhe tumhara maza mil gaya ab mujhe apna chahiye, isliye tyaar
ho jao (Do you think that I'll leave you after sucking your pussy? You
had your pleasure, now I want to have mine. So get ready to have it.)"
She said "Please itne bade lund se mat chodo mujhe, agar tum chahte ho
to main ise suck kar sakti hoon (Please don't fuck me with that big
cock, if you want then I can suck it for you), but please leave me
after that." I asked "Are you sure that you gonna suck it? Matlab
mujhe laga ki tum shayad ise choosna pasand nahin karogi isliye main
seedha chdne wala tha (I mean I thought that you would not like to
suck it that's why I was thinking of fucking you straightaway)." She
said "main itna bada lund choot mein nahin le paoongi, main mar
jaoongi, waise yeh itna bura bhi nahin hai, isliye tumhaare liye choos
sakti hoon (I will not be able to take that big cock inside my pussy.
I'll die. As it is not bad too, so I can suck it for you)." I said
"saali, to intezaar kis baat ka kar rahi hai? Mujhe pata tha tu mera
lund dekhne ke baad garam ho jayegi. Pakki randi hai tu (then what are
you waiting for bitch? Go ahead. I knew you would definitely get horny
after seeing my dick. You are a real slut)." I held her by her hair
and I was pushing my cock into her mouth, suddenly somebody shouted
and kicked my ass "teri himmat kaise hui? (How dare you?)" I turned
and was shocked to see the person in front of me. He was Lucky. I got
scared. On the other hand Kims started to cry to get sympathy from her
brother. I gathered some courage and asked "kya himmat? (dare what?)"
he slapped me and said "teri himmat kaise hui meri behan ke saath yeh
karne ki? (How dare you doing it with my sis?)" I said "she is my sis
also, not only yours. Pichhle 2 din se who apna badan mujhe dikha rahi
thi isliye control nahin hua, aur us dina iska badan dekh ke tera bhi
to khada ho gaya tha. (But she was showing her gorgeous body to me for
the last 2 days so I couldn't control myself and that day you also got
erected after seeing her semi naked body. Don't you?)" he said "mujhe
pata tha kit u aisa hi kuch karne wala hai isliye maine apne doston ke
saath jaane ka natak kiya taaki tujhe range hathon pakad sakoon. Par
phir bhi tu aisa kaise soch sakta hai? (I knew that you gonna do
something like this that's why I made a plan to go with my friends to
catch you red-handed. But how can u think of it?)" I said "ab phir kya
soch? Agar tera iski wajah se khada ho sakta hai to mera kyon nahin,
bas isliye ki who teri sagi behan hai aur main tera dost (Now think of
what? If you can get erected because of her, then why not me? Is it
only because that she's your real sister, and I am your friend?)" he
slapped me again and said "tu aisa kaise keh sakta hai? Usne hamesha
hum dono ko bhai mana hai, phir teri himmat kaise hui yeh kehne ki. Tu
ek bahut bada gaandu hai Rahul.
Main tere se gussa isliye hoon ki tu is rand ko akela chodne ki kaise
soch sakta hai? (how can you say that? She always treated both of us
as her brother, then how dare you say that? you are a big asshole
Rahul, I am angry because how can you think of fucking this slut
alone?)" and he smiled mischievously. I got amazed to hear that. Kims
got shocked to hear those words from her own brother. He started to
remove his clothes and within seconds he was totally naked with his
long throbbing cock saluting his sexy sister. Now we both were
laughing like hell and she was crying like hell. Then I turned towards
her and slapped her and said "saali abhi thodi der pehle to keh rahi
thi ki itna bura nahin hai, mere liye tu choosegi ise, ab kya hua? Ab
to 2 bade lund hain, ro kyon rahi hai? Tujhe to khush hona chahiye
(bitch, moments ago you were saying that it's not that bad so you can
suck it for me, now what? You have two giant cocks. Why are you
crying? You should be more happy)." She was crying and saying "please
Lucky, please Rahul, leave me, I'll die, please." Then Lucky said
"saali randi, jab modeling ke liye jaati hai to roz chudwati hai, aura
b ro rahi hai. Teri badi gaand aur bade mommay sab bata rahe hain ki
tu kitni randi hai. Arey Rahul, hum time kyon waste kar rahe hain?
Chal is rand ko chodein (you slutty bitch, you get fucked every day
when you go for modeling, and you are crying now. Your big ass and big
boobs tells the story that what a bitch you are. So don't act now. Hey
Rahul! Why are we wasting time yaar? Let's fuck this slut together)."
After this we both jumped on her. He entered in her pussy straightaway
making her shout like hell. I then stuffed my hot rod into her mouth
to stop her screaming. We continued this for sometime and we both came
at the same time, me in her mouth and Lucky in her pussy. Then we got
limp and she too didn't had enough power to shout now. Infact we
realized that she has started to enjoy it now. We than started to lick
her body, and in few moments she started to play with our limp cocks.
Within seconds of touching her hands, our cocks were again as hard as
rock. This time, I aimed for her ass and he went for her mouth. We
kept fucking her in that position for about 15 mins and then we came.
Although we had fucked her only 2 times till then but she had cummed
so many times that there were her juices all around us. Now she liked
our cocks so much that she again started to suck us. And by seeing the
motivation of our sister, we again got erected. As I was still to have
her pussy, so I went for her pussy this time and he went for her ass.
We were literally raping her but I am sure that by that time she has
started to enjoy 2 big fat cocks of her brothers. I don't know how
many times after that we fucked her, but when we got into conscious,
she was lying on ground with cum all over her body and inside her
mouth, pussy and ass as well. Even her hairs were drenched in cum. We
both were amazed to see that how much we fucked her. We somehow got
her into conscious and went to our destination. After that day we fuck
her regularly and we no more call her sister or didi, we call her
bitch, slut, or randi. Although it might sound odd to some of you, but
there's a truth that I have never seen such a beauty and bitch like
this. And there's nothing bad by calling her with these names, because
she gets more excited by these names and give us double result. So,
it's part of the game.