Hi! I am sharukh back yet again.Remember,I told you that I will be
back to fuck you if you are a girl.You will see that I have kept my
promise.I hope you remember my wife Malvika from the story "The
fucking neighbour" in Desi baba's stories collection.You will be
glad to know that we are living together & going to have a girl of
our own quite soon.Isn't that great for Malvika.Meanwhile I will be
telling you something that is well unknown to Malavika even.This
had happened sometimes later I don't remember exactly when.Staying
with Malavika I had become a master in the art of love making to a
lady cause she had taught me everything that was there in "The
Kamasutra".Unknown to Malavika I had yet another desire in my heart
of hearts which was to have sex with my 2 years older than me
cousin sister & win over her body before she got married.Living in
a conservative family we that is me & my sister were not allowed to
mingle closely because it was believed that the age in which we
both were was not right for boys & girls to mingle together & it
was no exception for my elder sister & me.We were both very
sexually active & unlike in other cases my sister & me both had a
lust for each other.We admired each other's bodies she loved my
dick,my chest & I loved her bountiful teenage boobs,her ass,her
pussy & everything about her even though we had not seen each
other's private parts.We also told this to each other but we didn't
have the chance to mingle close in front of our parents.We waited
for the chance & when it came it came with all it's glory. My
parents were away for a week & me & my sister were alone in the
house.It was our summer holidays & we mostly stayed at home all the
time & talked about our most personal desires.It became known to
both of us that each of us wanted the other's body.My sister told
me that she was a virgin & wanted me to be the lucky one to tear
her hymen.I did not have any second thoughts about it. It was I
guess about 10 in the night when we prepared ourselves for bed.She
went to the bathroom couple of times.It was about half an hour
later that we both lay down on the bed to sleep.I had made up my
plans in advance unknown to my sister.About an hour later I felt
that my sister must be asleep but I had guessed it all wrong.She
was wearing a long t.shirt upto her knees & wearing panty & bra
underneath.I put my hands on her big "milk depot"(boobs)I started
massaging them so very lightly.I could feel her nipples harden in
my hands.Then My hand went to work at the bottom of the t.shirt.I
slowly caressed her silky thighs & I could feel her rising.My hand
then went more further up & I felt her panties.They were wet at a
spot & I knew instantly that it was her mound covered with her
juice.I moved the panty down & touched her at her most private
spot.I started finger fucking her & tickling her from inside at her
G.spot.She started moaning in pleasure.I then felt a hand on my
pyjamas & I felt instantly that it was my sis.She opened my pyjamas
upto my knees & then touched my member which arose In her grip.We
put on the bed switch & we both laughed at this wonderful sight.We
laughed & we masturbated each other.She held my dick with both her
hands.One at the base & the other moving all over my organ.She
clutched my balls & tugged at my pubic hair lightly.She started
massagaing the top of my dick with her palm.I was having a feel of
heaven once again being masturbated by my own sister.It was my turn
to give her masti.I tickled at her pussy.It was all covered with
her pubic hair which I guessed she must have shaved recently.I
tugged at her hairs there,inserted my hand deep into her pussy &
tickled her clit.We both could hold no longer & our first load came
out gushing & hot.We licked each other's cum from our hands my
sister licked mine & me my sister's.We then decided to strip each
other up & start having the real thing.We stood up.My sister first
opened my t shirt ,my pyjamas & then lastly my shorts.My dick was
all wet & ready & stood up straight & thick immediately.She laughed
at my organ.It was my turn now.I stripped her from her t shirt,her
black coloured transluscent bra came next which I unhooked from her
back,her panty was the last.When she turned to face me I could hold
no longer seeing her awesome boobs,her bare ass,her wet pussy,her
brown nipples & everything else about her nude before my eyes her
private part wet with her precum.I couldn't resist anymore & I
started kissing her deeply licking the inside of her mouth.She lied
down on the bed.I started licking her main parts.I sucked at her
boobs at her nipples at her ass & at her clit.She pissed in my
mouth & I drank her juice.She then did oral service & sucked at my
dick making an "O"with her mouth.She moved her head back 7 front to
give me the maximum pleasure that can be given.I came all over her
mouth.She licked my Juice with all pleasure.She rubbed my dick
against her nipples.Then she lied down.I opened her pussy lips &
started entering her rhythimically.I started riding her & dancing
in the pleasure.My dick went deeper & deeper inside her each time I
thrust myself in.I tore her hymen & she was not a virgin
anymore.She screamed in pain & pleasure.I started pumping her
breasts & sucking her nipples while I was entering her.She moaned
groan & screamed rhythimically.I told her that I could hold on
longer & shot my load inside her like a jet spray & cared nothing
for it's consequences.I then came out slowly from inside her & told
her to turn her back so that I could fuck her like a bitch on
heat.She obeyed like a bitch,my sister,She turned her back & I then
entered her from her back slowly & slowly & slowly.I could feel her
shaking with erotic pleasure.I came again all out inside her & this
time she came again in my hand which was under her body tickling at
her pussy.We lay down flat on our backs.I told her to ride me now
so that she could also get her share as malvika always did when we
had sex each time.She got up on me & guided my dick which she loved
very dearly as I loved her pussy inside her hole upto the hilt
little by little each time so that it was both of our time to
scream out.She told me to fuck her in this position as long as we
could as she had never felt this erotic peace ever before.I told
her that I could go on & on having sex with her all throughout my
life.We fucked & we sucked at each other's "places".Then she told
me that she could not resist anylonger & I could feel her coming
all over my dick & body.She quickly took my dick out of her hole &
placed it in her mouth while I screamed,she wanted me to empty all
my load all over her body her boobs & mostly her face.So when I
came she started jerking my dick so that the last part of it would
come out all over her body her eyes ,her nose,her boobs,her pussy &
every part of her body,I helped her to lick up all my cum that had
fallen on her body & she helped me do so to hers.We were totally
exhausted by this experience & slept later like logs & nude like
logs till late in the day. My sister has left for her house now
but anytime we meet alone we have that night again & we laugh at
each other remembering that ours was the deepest brother sister
bond one could ever imagine from humans.Isn't it so.Huh?????