I Love My Chachie
This is Sandy (not my real name) here from Chandigarh, India I am 20,
pure punjabi boy, average body. Let me start the story straightaway.
This incident happened when I was 15 years old. Mine pre-boards were
going on of class 10th. There was this marriage of my youngest chacha
in Delhi. My parents had to go there. And they left me with my chachi
(middle) . Her name is Sonia (identity changed).
She was also alone as my chacha also had to go. Let me describe her.
She is 36, fair complexion, round n shapely ass, and medium sized
boobs. She has two children- girl 11 and son 6. Her daughter went to
Delhi with our family as she was free in those days. I had never
thought of even looking at Sonia in an indecent way as she was my
chachi. Although I knew everything about sex as I had seen lots of xxx
movies. I had a girlfriend and we just did kisses n stuff, nothing
more. I still remember it was Friday and I had an Social Studies exam
on Tuesday. I went to there place with my stuff in the morning after
my family left. I just studied the whole day and I had no intention to
have sex with chachi. At night i just slept with her on the big bed
and sunny(her son) being on the small bed by her side. I have this
habit of placing my leg on the other person's leg while sleeping. She
didn't say anything to me after I put my leg on top of her leg. Well
as I told u I had no intentions. So we slept like that the whole
night. Next day when i woke up she was having bath. I was still in bed
when she came out. She was only wearing her pink bra n white panty
with pink flowers. I was shocked and she too was. She said sorry n
went back in to wear salwar-kamez. I was in a trance.
She had a little bit plump tummy, thighs as white as milk. I got a
huge hard-on straightaway. But when she came out she apologized n said
she thought i was still sleeping. I said it is fine. It was very
difficult for me to concentrate whole day. Those beautiful n smooth
thighs came in front of my eyes every minute. She was just kind of
normal all day ( no naughty smiles or body touches). At night i was
just studying in the other room and she was making sunny sleep. I was
not studying at all i was just dreaming of fucking her. After 11
o'clock she came to my room and asked me y " are u finished
studying?". I asked Y?. She said she had a pain in her back and was
unable to bear it. She said "can u plz massage my back?". I got so
much excited. I got the Johnson's baby oil from the next room n when I
came back she was lying on her tummy n had pulled her kammez up.
Wow!!!!!Wow!!What a site??? She had beautiful white back. I started
massaging her back. Her bra strap was visible. I would go up to her
bra strap n then to her salwar's upper end. She said it was nice.
After sometime I said I was having problem massaging her back coz her
straps kept interfering n without listening to her reply opened her
Bra. She didn't say anything. I kept on massaging her back for
sometime and she was praising my massage all the time. I thought of
making her a fool. I told her that I had learned body massage from my
friends Mom who owns a beauty parlor. And I give a very good body
massage. I asked her to have a body massage as I would do it to her
for free.
She started laughing and refused politely. I said give it a try. She
was hesitant but i forced her a bit n she agreed. I asked her to
remove her kameez which she did after much requests. I asked her to
lye on her back n close her eyes. She was a bit nervous. I started
massaging her hands n moving up to her shoulders. Then I would gently
move my hand beneath her bra strap. To make it short i just massaged
her whole upper body n seldomely massaged her boobs over the bra. She
would give out a low moan then. Then I slowly took of her bra
completely. She was shocked at this and said this is not fair and she
put her bra back in place. I forcefully started massaging her boobs
from under the bra. On one side she was refusing n scolding me and on
the other side she was giving low moans. I knew she was becoming hot
every minute. Suddenly after sometime I kissed her behind her
ear-lobes. She pushed me away but I started kissing her whole face n
then gave her a long French kiss. She was a bit hesitant but then she
started co-operating. I started going down while making a line with my
tongue-tip. I licked her whole upper body and then started sucking her
breasts. With one hand I would squeeze her nipple and the other hand
was working on her thighs while I was sucking the other tit. She
started giving heavy moans. She was pressing my head to her milky
breasts. Then I started moving down. I put my tongue in her navel. She
was giving sounds like "ohhhhhhh haaannn haaannnn". I then kissed her
pussy over the salwar, kissing her thighs and whole legs over the
salwar itself. After kissing her till toes i came back to her salwar
nara (tieing knot).
She said "Sandy!please don't do this as this is not right. I am ur
Chachi and furthermore i am married". I said "tell me truely? Don't u
enjoy it??" She said yes. Then I said "I won't tell anyone, neither
would u tell anyone. Then howcome anyone will come to know??" She
agreed to this and I opened her salwar. She was wearing the same white
panty with pink flowers. I took off her salwar. Then I kissed her
again over the cotton panty. She pressed my head into her legs. I
decided to tease her a little bit. I started licking her thighs and
then going down. She pulled me up but i kept going down. She started
requesting me to kiss her pussy over the panty. I said" Y over the
panty?" and saying so i pulled her panty down. And there it was the
love forest. She had not shaven her hair. I like hairy pussies. I
started muzzling with her hair. Then she said "Please..do it to
me...".I said "do what?". She said "u also know. Please aur mat
tarpao...jaldi se karo". Let me tell u gals out there I am a very
excellent pussy licker. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and
meanwhile I was sucking her clit by making an "O" shape of my lips.
She was enjoying it very much. Then i found her g-spot and started
playing around with it. After sometime she pressed my head very
powerfully to her pussy and closed her legs tightly around my head.
Suddenly her legs started trembling and she was yelling like"
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh bahut mazza a rahaa haiiiiii Sandy
please chat te raho......." She squirmed out a huge load of cum on my
finger. I licked the whole of it. Then I tongue fucked her for
sometime. She again orgasemed. She was begging me to have sex with
her. I took out my 8 inch cock (believe me gals, I am serious. Now I
am 10 inches) and asked her give me a head. She said she has never
done that before. I don't like forcing women so I asked her to give me
a hand job, which she did happily.
When I was about to cum, I asked her to lie down on her back and put a
pillow beneath her ass. Then I inserted my cock in her pussy. She
screamed a bit. I started giving small strokes. With each stroke my
cock slipped in more because of her cum. After about 15 minutes of
banging i took out my cock and discharged my cum on her tummy. We had
sex 3 times that night and more sex the following nights until my
parents came back. I can't forget my first sexual intercourse. She
also introduced me to one of her friends who was 42 and we have had
wonderful threesomes. I have had oral sex with my girlfriend but i
don't want to break her virginity.