my first sex with my sister

Helo everybody, I am very much excited through the amazing stories and
immediately felt like sharing my unforgetable sexual memories with
you. when I
was in my 14 studying 9th class, we use to stay with all my uncles
and their
families. ours was a joint family. I have a cousin sister and her
name was
Bhagi. she was in her 10th class at that time - just a year senior to
me. We
are 6 brothers and 2 sisters. We use to sleep in one room during the
nights. As
I was a very young boy, I do not know what is sex and i never had
that feeling
also at that age. I daily use to sleep beside my sister Bhagi. She
was good
looking and might have matured a year ago. She has lot of sexual
desires. She
reads all sexual stories, sexual photos etc., One fine night, when we
all were
sleeping, Bhagi pulled my hand and put it on her chest. I was really
in deep
sleep. She again pulled my hand and rubbing to her chest time again.
I woke up and observed with one eye. what was going on ! I surprised -
opened her blouse and put my hand again on her boobs and massaging
herself with
my hand. I was observing and removed it. Again she put my hand on her
She pushed my hand on to her ass. I have pushed my hand towards her
knees. She
already pulled her petty coat till her thighs. her thighs were so
hot. I moved
my hand till her thighs and reached her asshole. It was bushy and in
that age
we do not know what to do with that. Suddenly I kept my hand on her
cunt. It
was very hot. I suddenly found some movement in my underwear. My
prick was
getting tempted and it stood like flag stick. It was my first
experience, that
My cock was standing is such a straight angle. I was rubbing her
count with
pubic hair. She slowly put her left hand on my underwear and was
shocked by
observing my man in a ready position. she opened the buttons of my
short pant
and removed it slowly. and On the other hand she put my middle finger
in to her
cunt and making me play in her. I found some hot juices were touching
my finger
which were very thrilling. She was opening my short pant and the
also. Suddenly, she asked me to come in to the other room where no
body was
sleeping. It was about 1.30 PM. She took me to the other room, lifted
panties and asked me to remove my underwear. my cock was in a ready
mood. she
touched it with her hand and said, it is very beauty and very big and
very very
hot. I asked her, now what to do. She told me to sit on the floor.
she lifted
her petty coat and asked me to kiss it first, i did it and she asked
me to put
my cock in her cunt. I asked innocently, why ? she told me first do
what I say,
then you will know the taste. So, I did as per her advise. My cock
was going in
to her hole like how a train goes in to a tunnel. It was very hard
for both of
us as it was first time for both of us. after two minutes, my man
went inside her and it was slightly bleeding. I asked her, I will
remove, but
she refused. I kept my man in side her and asked here now what to do.
she asked
me to move slowly front and back. I was doing the same way. She asked
me to
make it fast. I increased the speed. She was moaning like anything. I
too was
having a very beautiful feelings in side my man. I do not know what
is going to
happen. She was kissing me like any thing. She encouraging me to do
fast and
increase the speed. I did did did and all of a sudden I felt some
thing is
going out from my cock. she was asking me I am cuming cuming cuming
Oh what a
great taste it was, she hugged me kissed me like anything. I felt and
noticed a very big quantity of juice went out of my cock and falled
in her
cunt. It was very hot. She kissed me kissed me and finally I took out
my cock
from her cunt and she licked my cock and gave me a very big award
that you are
a great fucker. Iasked what is fucking. She told me what ever you
have done so
far in my is called fucking. So it was my first experience with a
lady that too
of my sister. After that we use to met many times and enjoy. Now she
is got
married to my brother-in-law and having 2 children. It was really
very thilling
story in my life as it was very first time for me.