Geeta is a tease. She was a tease when she was a little girl. She
teased the boys at school. She teases Mr. Nair, who lives in the
house next door. She teases her boss, sometimes. She used to tease
her mother before she divorced her daddy and moved out west. Geeta
teased her brother until he almost hurt her once, but she loved him
more afterwards than before he made her stop teasing him.
Most of all Geeta loves teasing her handsome father. He was almost
fifty now, and she had just turned twenty-four. Geeta agreed to live
at home after college because her dad traveled extensively for his
business and was concerned about the house with only her younger
brother there. She teased him about it, but he loved her and put up
with her games.
What Darshan Salian didn't understand about Geeta was that she wasn't
teasing when she told him how handsome she thought he was and how
stupid her mother had been for leaving him. Geeta was very serious
about her father, and she craved his affections. Geeta melted inside
every time he kissed her on the cheek, or patted her on the back, or
held her hand for a brief moment. All Geeta ever wanted to do was
please her father.
Geeta could not understand why her daddy made her feel all tingly
inside and squishy between her legs, but he did. Every time she spent
time with him, her pussy would respond by soaking her sexy panties.
She would lie in bed afterwards, masturbating frantically,
remembering every word he had said.
Geeta had been dating since she was fourteen, and had been sexually
active since her eighteenth birthday. She didn't consider herself a
slut, exactly, but she knew how easy it was to get into her panties.
Geeta had fucked most of the boys or man she had dated, but she was
never satisfied. The hunger within was powerful and she ached for the
release she felt when she had a strong orgasm. She had decided that's
why she was such a tease; she wanted attention, sexual attention. But
all the attention she received only left her with the craving for
more. Geeta's brother, Narendra, had almost put the fire out in
Geeta. She
had been flaunting herself around Narendra for many months. She would
wear short skirts and skimpy blouses or just a bra and panties when
they were alone in the house together. One Saturday, Geeta went to
the kitchen early in the morning to get a glass of ice water. All she
was wearing was a transparent baby doll nightie. Narendra was sitting
at the table drinking coffee, and reading the paper.
Narendra didn't pay her any attention, at first, so Geeta made a
special effort to make sure he saw her. She slowly bent over at the
waist, looking into the lower shelves of refrigerator, displaying her
tantalizing rump. Her thick vaginal lips peeked through the burnt
copper pubic hair, covering her mound and creeping back between her
legs. Narendra stared at her and made a decision to either put an end
to her teasing or find out just what her game was.
Narendra's cock was a thick seven-inch model, heavily veined and hard
as blue steel as he rose from the table. He stepped over to his
sister and pulled her up and spun her around against the cabinet next
to the refrigerator. His hands found her soft tits as he covered her
mouth with his. Geeta pushed against him but Narendra had other
ideas. In one quick motion, he skinned the sheer nightie from her
body, leaving her standing naked before him. Geeta was shivering. She
was suddenly afraid of Narendra, but she could feel her pussy getting
hot. She looked down between their bodies and saw his rigid manhood
pointing straight at her belly button. Narendra leaned forward
pressing the purple head of his erection against her and leaned away.
A thin shiny thread of pre-cum joined the spot he had touched and the
slit on his cock head. Geeta shivered again, but remained motionless.
Narendra pulled her around and pressed her face down on the kitchen
table. Stepping up behind Geeta, holding his rampant member firmly in
his hand, he advanced until she felt him part her wet folds. He
leaned into her, pushing himself deep into her. Geeta had never had a
naked cock in her pussy before. The heat emanating from Narendra's
flesh scalded her insides. She had always been insistent that her
partners use a condom, even though she had been on birth control
pills since she turned sixteen.
Narendra's cock started to saw in and out of her hot hole. Geeta's
pussy began generating copious amounts of lubrication, soaking
Narendra's thick cock. As he slammed into her wet folds, Narendra
scolded his sister for teasing him for so many years.
"If you wanted me to fuck you, you little cunt," He raged, "Why
didn't you just ask me?"
"I didn't want you to fuck me," Geeta grunted, as Narendra pounded
into her. "I was just teasing you."
"Well, tease this," he said, thrusting his stiff meat savagely
against her cervix.
"Narendra," she screamed, "you're tearing me apart."
"When I get done with you," he wheezed, "you'll know better than to
ever tease me again."
Narendra continued his onslaught into her, making sure his slut
sister would remember this day. And remember she would, because Geeta
started to have one hard orgasm after the other. She had never been
so thoroughly consumed with passion before.
"Oh, fuck yes, Narendra," she wailed, "show me how bad I am!"
Narendra couldn't believe his ears. His sister was enjoying what he
was doing to her. But he would show her. Narendra pulled his cock out
of her oozing cunt and raised it up a couple of inches and leaned
forward, impaling her virgin ass hole.
Geeta's scream could be heard out in the yard. Narendra's cock
screwed deep into her tight dry sphincter. Geeta had never
experienced anal penetration. And she wasn't sure she ever wanted to
again at that moment. But Narendra, incensed with teaching his sister
a lesson, lunged into her with a fury. As he persisted in his
assault, Geeta relaxed and took more and more of Narendra's cock into
her bowels, until he was easily humping into her. And Geeta continued
to orgasm.
Geeta's pussy was flowing as Narendra fucked deep into her ass.
Strong climaxes crashed through her body. Her skin burned from being
rubbed against the tabletop, and her legs ached from the pummeling
they were receiving from the edge of the table.
Geeta's ecstatic moans of pleasure drifted out the open window to be
heard by Mrs. Nair, next door. She was sure Geeta was being killed by
a burglar, so she scurried into her house to find Mr. Nair to
investigate the cause for all the commotion coming from the Salian's
Narendra felt his balls tightening, signaling his eruption was near.
He jerked his cock from Geeta's clenching ass hole, grabbed a handful
of Geeta's hair, pulled her from the table and unceremoniously
deposited her flat ass on the floor. He pulled her face up, by the
hair and pumped his turgid cock with his other hand, splattering her
face with thick ropes of creamy white sperm. Then he shoved her down
on the floor. Standing over her crumpled form, Narendra sneered
clenched teeth, "Maybe that will teach you not to tease me."
Then he was gone, leaving Geeta sprawled on the floor, her face
painted with her brother's milky semen. She wiped the thick cream
from her eyes with her fingers, and stuck them in her mouth to savor
his pungent flavor. She repeated it again and again until she had
most of it off her face.
Suddenly the back door burst open and Mr. Nair rushed into the
kitchen. Seeing Geeta crumpled on the floor, he rushed to her side
and raised her up in his arms, cradling her head.
"What happened here?" he asked with great concern.
A puddle of Narendra's cum had leaked from her ravaged anal cavity
and pooled under her on the floor. Mr. Nair took the scene in and his
cock stirred in his pants.
"I'm all right, Mr. Nair," Geeta whispered. "I slipped on the
linoleum and fell."
He assessed the situation to be much more complicated, due to her
nakedness and the deepening color of the bruises on her thighs.
Helping her to her feet, his foot nearly went out from under him as
he stepped on the sexual fluids on the floor.
"Really, I'm going to be fine," Geeta said, softly.
Ganesh Nair had a huge erection tenting in his tennis shorts. Geeta
made a mental note of the extreme size of the bulge. She stretched up
on tiptoes, flattening her soft boobs against his arm and kissed him
on the cheek.
"Thanks for coming to the rescue, Mr. Nair," Geeta said.
"Put some clothes on, Geeta," he said, and closed the door as he
'What a love muscle!' Geeta thought to herself, as her neighbor
crossed the yard and went through the gate.
Geeta's body ached. Her elbows and chin were skinned from the ceramic
top on the table, and the bruises on her legs were very tender to the
touch. Her ass hole was aflame. She stood with the shower spray
flowing over her until the hot water gave out. She dried and went
into her room, closing the door.
It was only nine thirty in the morning. She had just been brutally
raped by her brother, but she was still horny. She recalled the
repeated orgasms she had experience as Narendra had pounded his cock
into her virgin ass hole. God, how it hurt when he first pushed his
prick up her butt. But then, it felt heavenly. If only he hadn't been
so rough.
Geeta slept until after two in the afternoon and then she got up and
put on a pair of jeans, to cover her bruised legs, and went back to
the kitchen. She made her self some lunch and looked out the window
into the Nair's yard. Janki and Ganesh Nair were lounging by the
pool. It was a warm spring day and one of the first sunny days worthy
of sitting outside in swimwear.
Geeta went outside and across the yard to the gate between the yards.
She pushed the gate open and walked over to sit next to Ganesh. He
was around fifty and quite well preserved. Janki was four years
younger, short and soft. Not really overweight, just well padded. She
had a large bosom, which filled her bikini top to overflowing. She
had ample hips and shapely legs.
Ganesh fidgeted as Geeta thanked him and Janki for coming over when
they heard her scream. Ganesh was obviously uncomfortable, recalling
Geeta's nudity. Janki asked Geeta if she wanted some tea and excused
herself to go and brew some for all of them.
"Do you want to explain what really happened this morning, Geeta?"
Ganesh asked.
"I'd really rather not," she said. "I'd have to tell on somebody and
I'd rather not do that."
"If you mean Narendra," Ganesh said. "I saw him crouching over you
and heard what he said about teasing him. Did he hurt you bad?"
"Nothing that won't go away in a few days," Geeta answered,
"Has he ever done anything like that to you before?" he asked.
"No. I'm no virgin, but he was so mean," she answered. "I guess he's
right, though. I have been kind of hard on him. I always tease him. I
guess I tease every body."
"Yes, you do," he said. "I've been watching you grow up for years.
And now look at you, all curvy and pretty. I'll bet the boys have
your dance card all filled up."
"I haven't found anyone I really get off with yet," she confided. "I
just don't ever seem to feel connect."
"It'll happen, don't give up," Ganesh said.
Geeta let her eyes drift down to his lap, where his semi-hard cock
twitched as it grew down his leg.
"Mr. Nair," Geeta asked, "Do you and Mrs. Nair still have good sex?"
"We have great sex, Honey," Janki Nair, as she returned with a tray
of iced tea. "This old man has still got a lot of fire in him. He
told what he saw this morning. I think Narendra should be horse
whipped for hurting you."
"He didn't really hurt me," Geeta said. "He was just a little rougher
than I like it."
"Sex should be exciting, not painful," Janki said.
Ganesh's erection had extended down his leg and a long thick bulge
was very evident in his trunks.
"You certainly seem to have an effect on men," Janki said, smiling at
her husband's state of arousal.
Ganesh groaned and shifted on his lounger. Geeta turned crimson.
"Maybe I should leave so you two can be alone?" Geeta asked.
"He's all right," Janki said. "He's still cranked up after watching
you and Narendra in the kitchen this morning."
"I am not," Ganesh fussed.
"Honey, you've had half a hard on ever since you saw Narendra shoot
his cum in Geeta's face," Janki said. "And you'll have it until
somebody takes pity on you and helps you with it."
"Jesus," Ganesh exclaimed. "Why do you have to be so blunt in front
of the neighbors?"
"Because you watched her getting fucked this morning and all you can
think about is her naked body," Janki snapped. "Right or wrong, Big
"Maybe I'd better go?" Geeta asked.
"Ganesh, go and get us some more tea," Janki said, and cocked her
head toward the house for Ganesh to vanish for a while.
After Ganesh had disappeared through the door, Janki moved over to
the lounger where he had been sitting.
"Do you find Ganesh attractive?" Janki asked.
"Sure," Geeta answered. "He's a hunk."
"If I wasn't here would you make love with him?" Janki asked.
"He's married," Geeta said.
"That wasn't the question," Janki said.
"Not today, I'm still wiped out from this morning," Geeta
stated. "But yes, probably."
"Have you ever had sex with a woman?" Janki asked.
"Sort of," Geeta answered. "In college. We kissed and rubbed each
other. Nothing serious."
"How about two men at once?"
"No." "Man and a woman at the same time?" Janki asked.
"Well, this guy fucked my girlfriend and me in the same room one
time, but not at the same time," Geeta said.
"Do you enjoy oral sex?" Janki was getting aroused as she questioned
the lissome girl about her sex life.
"I guess so," Geeta said. "I've never had any complaints."
"Well, Ganesh loves to have his weenie sucked," Janki stated. "So if
you want a thrill, get him to reel out his big pecker and let you
suck it for him. In fact, here he comes now, lets give him a blow job
"God, Janki. You're serious," Geeta breathed.
"Sure, he's more than any one woman can handle," Janki said, reaching
behind her back to untie her bikini top.
Janki's tits stood out on her chest like ripe melons. Geeta's pussy
was wet from all the sexy talk but she felt it trickle as she watched
Ganesh approach with a full hard on down the leg of his trunks. Janki
reached up under his trunks when he came close to her, causing him to
nearly dump the tray he was carrying.
"Wha'?" he stammered as he sat the tray on the low table.
Janki tugged at his trunks.
"Shuck 'em, Boy," Janki said. "Geeta wants to see that big dog in
your britches."
Ganesh wasted no time in freeing his surging member for the two women
to see. His ten-inch pole stood nearly straight out from his abdomen.
It was thick and smooth with a perfectly circumcised head. A large
droplet of clear pre-cum drooled from his slit. Geeta peeled her t-
shirt over her head and stood, pushing her jeans down, exposing the
cruel bruises on her legs.
"Table was a little tough on me," she stated, stepping out of her
Janki removed her bikini bottoms. Reaching for Geeta's hand she
pulled her over to where Ganesh stood admiring her supple form. Janki
sat on the lounger and took Ganesh's stiff prick in her hand and
pumped him a time or two. Geeta sat next to Janki and leaned forward,
extending her tongue to lick the clear liquid off his cock. Ganesh
moaned as Geeta moved her tongue over the end of his shaft.
Janki leaned in and both women laved him at the same time. Ganesh was
stoked. Janki knew just what he liked and she began instructing Geeta
in the ways to satisfy your man with your mouth. Soon Geeta was
mimicking Janki's every move, taking Ganesh deep into her mouth and
working his huge rod with her hand and mouth at the same time.
She and Janki switched back and forth, sucking and licking Ganesh's
cock until he blasted his load across their faces with tremendous
force. As he stumbled back and flopped down on a lounge chair, Janki
covered Geeta's mouth with a tender kiss and started to lick Ganeshs
cum off Geeta's face. Geeta returned the favor and within minutes,
the two women were passionately kissing and fondling each other.
Geeta had never been totally intimate with another woman and this
experience was new territory. Janki kissed and licked her way down to
Geeta's soft full titties and suckled her hard nipples.
When Janki's mouth found Geeta's drenched pussy, Geeta launched into
a series of quick, intense orgasms. Janki drilled her tongue deep
into Geeta, releasing the girl's juices to wash over her sticky face.
Geeta had no idea how intense sex with a woman could be and hungered
to taste Janki's sweet cunt.
Geeta pushed Janki away and rolled her over on her back on the pool
apron and swept into the older woman's hot bush. Completely
inexperienced, Geeta set to work to find out what buttons to push to
make Janki happy. She spread Janki's outer lips and stroked her
tongue through the furry bush. Janki stiffened at first contact.
Geeta searched with her tongue until she felt the thick nub of
Janki's clit. Janki obviously approved of what she was doing because
a long low moan escaped her lips as Geeta continued to lash her stiff
Suddenly, Janki tightened her thighs around Geeta's head. Janki
bucked against her face, releasing her own flow of thin lubricant
onto Geeta's probing tongue. Then she laid very still, breathing
through her mouth for a couple of long minutes.
Geeta pushed herself up and found her jeans. Fishing a cigarette from
the pack in her pocket, she reached for Ganeshs lighter. Ganesh beat
her to it and stood to light her smoke. After taking a deep drag,
Geeta looked up at Ganesh.
"Today has been a crazy day," she said, reaching her hand out to
softly run a finger up and down his thick cock. "I think some day,
when I'm in a little better shape, I'd like to feel that big sausage
sliding into my cunt."
"I think he'd probably like the same thing," Janki said, as she sat
up and took the cigarette from Geeta's fingers and took a deep drag.
They all laughed together.
Darshan Salian watched out the kitchen window as his daughter and his
neighbor's wife sucked Ganesh Nair's dick and then ate each other
out. Now they were taking turns smoking a cigarette. He could almost
smell the sex there in his own kitchen. Lord, how beautiful his
daughter was. But where had she gotten those ugly bruises on her
legs. He watched as she pulled her jeans and t-shirt on and started
through the gate into their yard. Darshan quickly ducked out of the
kitchen before his daughter could see the state of his burgeoning
Geeta wandered into the house. She found her dad, scrunched up to his
computer desk.
"Hi, Daddy," Geeta sang, as she danced over and wrapped her arms
around his neck.
She gave him little pecks across his neck and nuzzled his ear. His
erection threatened to tip the desk over.
"I love you, Sweetie," he said, turning his face for a peck on the
To his surprise, Geeta covered his mouth with hers and lingered just
a few seconds longer than normal. He also could swear he felt her
tongue dart across his lips.
"I'm gonna catch a shower," Geeta cooed in his ear. "What's for
dinner?" "You want to go out?" he asked.
"I think not tonight," Geeta answered. "How about we order in a
"Call now and it'll be here when you're finished with your shower,"
Darshan answered.
Geeta called for the pizza and went to her room to freshen up. She
felt fatigued after the wild day she had. Between her brother
attacking her in the kitchen and her tryst with Janki and Ganesh, she
was bushed. The shower revived her somewhat but her legs were still
tender and her butt hole still burned. She could feel the stirrings
in her pussy every time she let her thoughts drift back to her daddy.
The kiss had been electric. Had she really licked his lips?' God,
what am I thinking?' she wondered.
She brushed some makeup on her legs to hide the bruises and wore a
skirt long enough to reach to her knees, with a light blouse. They
ate pizza and talked about silly things. Darshan Salian was troubled
by the feelings he was experiencing toward his daughter. He loved her
dearly but the scene he witnessed this afternoon had started a fire
inside. She reminded him of her slut mother when she was much
Geeta's mother was a beautiful gold digger who had made a complete
fool of Darshan Salian. After twelve years of marriage, Darshan
discovered she had been having affairs with one after another of his
friends and business associates. She had been siphoning off his
savings and one day, she suddenly walked out without a word, leaving
him with two children to raise and virtually broke.
Darshan prayed that Geeta was not following in her mother's
footsteps. What with the way she had wantonly participated in sex
play with the neighbors, outside in plain sight, how could he think
anything different of her? But, Geeta had been turning his hormones
topsy-turvy lately.
Sitting with her after eating pizza, sipping on a cold beer and
giggling over silly jokes, Darshan was totally at ease with Geeta. He
tried not to stare at her soft breasts, but his eyes kept returning
to the cleft showing above the top button of her blouse. Her skirt
had ridden up on her legs and he saw the bruises showing on her
"How did you bruise your legs?" Darshan asked, as his fingers pushed
her skirt higher on her legs.
"I fell against the kitchen table," Geeta replied, softly.
"That must have been some fall," he stated.
"Mr. Nair helped me up. I guess he must have heard me," she said.
"Geeta, I don't know how to say this," Darshan started. "But I saw
you with the Nair's this afternoon."
Geeta was horrified, at first, but it quickly passed. She looked her
father directly in the eyes and saw both concern, and love. She let
her eyes drift to the bulge in his lap.
"I'm sorry, Daddy. But sometimes I just can't help myself," Geeta
"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.
"No! I mean, yes," Geeta stammered. "I don't know."
Darshan sat quietly, waiting for Geeta to speak. His pecker had
crawled down into his pants leg and was slightly uncomfortable, but
he didn't dare move.
"Daddy, did you love my mother?" Geeta asked.
"When we were married I did," he answered. "But not after I found out
that she was whoring around with all of my friends."
"What if she just couldn't help herself?" she asked.
"Then she should have fucked somebody other than my friends, and told
me about it," he fired back.
"Sometimes it's very hard to be truthful with people you love," Geeta
defended her mother.
"But if you stop loving someone, you should tell them," he said.
"True enough," she agreed.
"Have you ever been in love with someone?" he asked.
"Not like I'd want to give up everyone else for," she answered. "But
I could. Did mother satisfy you sexually?"
"Yes, until I found out about the others. Then I wanted nothing to do
with her," he stated.
"Didn't you ever want to have sex with anybody else when you were
married?" she asked.
"Not while I was married," he answered. "Tell me, Geeta, how often do
you have sex?"
"Truthfully?" she asked, softly.
"Yes," he answered.
"As often as I can," she whispered.
"Steady boyfriend?" Darshan asked.
"No," Geeta whispered, again.
"Who then?" he asked, not wanting to hear the answer.
"Guys that ask me out," she answered. "You know."
"And the Nair's?" he questioned
"Today was the first time," she said. "But I was still too sore after
"NARENDRA?" Darshan exploded.
"Oh, Jesus," Geeta cried. "I'm sorry daddy. I wasn't going to tell
you about that. I don't want you to be mad at Narendra. I was teasing
him and he got mad."
"Did he give you those bruises on your legs?" he raged.
"Yes," Geeta sobbed.
"How?" Darshan was really getting upset now.
"The edge of the table in the kitchen," she whimpered.
"Doing what?" he stormed.
"He was pushing me," she wailed. "He doesn't even know that he did
it." "What were you doing, wrestling?" Darshan asked.
"No," she sobbed.
"You had better level with me, Young Lady," he fumed.
"Oh, fuck, Daddy," Geeta shrieked. "He was fucking me. He pushed me
down over the table and he fucked me. He fucked me in the ass hole
and then he blew his stuff all over my face and Mrs. Nair heard me
screaming, and Mr. Nair came in and helped me. And I had it coming
because I've been messing with Narendra's head for so long. It's all
my fault." "Oh, Baby," Darshan soothed, collecting Geeta into his
arms and
cuddling her head on his shoulder and let her cry herself out.
Darshan comforted his daughter until they both fell asleep on the
sofa. The spring sky had barely begun to gray on the eastern horizon,
Darshan Salian awoke. Geeta was still snuggled in his embrace and
breathing heavily. Darshan had an urgent nature call to make and
carefully untangled himself from Geeta. Returning to the room, he
brought a blanket from the closet to cover the sleeping form of his
little girl. She had curled into a ball, facing the back of the sofa.
Her skirt had pulled up over her buns exposing a puffy red strip of
satin panty stretched tightly over her pubic mound and wedged into
the crack between her soft round cheeks. The fabric covering her
pussy was stained dark from her secretions during their conversation
the night before.
Darshan stood staring at the juncture of her legs, his prick
stiffening from the lustful thoughts he was having about Geeta. After
what seemed like an eternity, Darshan covered her and went quietly
into his bedroom and crawled onto his bed. He forced the vision of
Geeta out of his head as he fought to go back to sleep.
It was after nine in the morning when Darshan felt the movement on
his bed and opened his eyes. Geeta was sitting, cross-legged on the
bed watching him sleep. She had apparently taken a shower, because
her hair was wrapped in a big towel. She had a long t-shirt covering
her supple body. She smiled when he opened his eyes and saw her.
"Hi" he yawned.
"Thank you, Daddy," Geeta said.
"You're welcome," he said. "For what?"
"For loving me even if I am a slut," she whispered. "How do you know
when the right person comes along?"
"You'll know. Your heart will tell you," Darshan answered.
"I wish my heart would hurry up," Geeta sighed. "Can I ask you a
question without your getting upset?"
"Sure," he said.
"Do you think it's so awfully wrong that I had sex with Narendra, or
the Nair's?" she asked.
"First of all," he began. "Did you enjoy it with the Nair's? And did
you enjoy it with Narendra?"
"You saw everything I did with the Nair's," she answered. "I enjoyed
that, but I only got off when she ate me out. I loved helping Janki
suck Ganesh off. It made me so hot. With Narendra, it was different.
At first I was afraid of him. Then I started cumming like crazy. Even
when he fucked my butt, I was getting off. But when it was over, it
was just like all the other times, just fucking around. It was
intense but I didn't feel it inside."
"C'mere" Darshan said.
Geeta snuggled up close to him, laying her face on the pillow right
in front of his. Darshan's eyes were soft and clear. Geeta's eyes
smoldered. Darshan traced his finger down her cheek and across her
lips. Geeta's lips parted and she flicked at his finger with her
tongue. He retraced the line across her lips and she drew his finger
into her mouth and sucked gently on it. Geeta's heart began to pound.
Darshan suddenly found himself in a situation he didn't know how to
handle. His insides started to churn and he felt the stirrings in his
loins. He felt a great desire for his daughter's affections but in
his head he was about to panic. Geeta released his finger and closed
the inches between their faces and brushed her lips against his.
Barely touching, the sparks of passion ignited in both of them.
"Make love to me, Daddy," Geeta whispered.
Darshan pushed himself up on one arm and rolled Geeta onto her back.
With his free hand, he reached for the hem of her t-shirt. Geeta
helped him to pull it over her head. He pulled the covers back from
between them and Geeta got her first glimpse of her father's naked
body. He leaned over her and their lips met again. The kiss was one
between two lovers, not that of a father and his daughter.
The kiss became heated. Darshan's hand cupped her soft breast,
kneading her flesh. Geeta moved close to him, capturing his leg
between her own and humping her damp bush on his thigh. His erect
cock was plastered flat against her belly. She rubbed herself against
him. Geeta broke the kiss and pushed him back on the bed. She
herself and kneeled beside him, lowering her face to within inches of
his stiff cock. She pulled gently on him with her hands, stroking him
to even greater hardness. Then, she took his length into her mouth
and hungrily consumed him. Slowly she played her tongue up and down
his shaft, gently dragging her long crimson nails along the same
track as her lips. Darshan was in the throws of mental collapse when
she lifted her mouth from him and licked down below his cock over his
balls and touched his tight rosebud.
Geeta followed her lips with her fingers and tongue, driving her
father to distraction. Suddenly she was gone. Opening his eyes,
Darshan saw Geeta step across his belly and bend her knees as she
lowered her dripping pussy slowly down on his erect cock. She just
sat all the way down to the bottom and stayed there, looking into his
steel gray eyes.
She felt him pulse inside of her. His cock pressed against the most
sensitive spot in her entire body. He pulsed again, making her move
up and then back down. She felt him touch the spot again. Geeta was
electrified. Again she rose and fell on him. Then, again. Each time
she felt his cock rub over her clit and each time he hit that
exquisite place inside of her with his cock head.
Darshan's hands had found her soft tits and he squeezed them firmly
and excited her nipples with her thumbs. Geeta's hands rested on his
chest. Her pussy burned with desire for her father. Again, she rose
up and settled back down. The sensations built within her young body.
The repetitions increased in frequency until she was lunging rapidly
up and down. Darshan met her movements with forceful thrusts of his
own, hammering into her each time she descended.
His end was near. His balls ached for release. Geeta's movements
indicated that she too was reaching the point of no return. When
Darshan could no longer sustain himself, he unleashed a torrential
blast of hot jizz deep in her sucking womb. Geeta careened over the
edge of the world at the same instant, crushing herself down on her
father's torso and writhing to engulf him even further.
Darshan fired round after round inside his flailing daughter, filling
her to capacity and then overflowing her until he was bathed in their
mixed discharges. Geeta could feel the hot cum fill her and begin to
leak out. She squeezed her cunt as tightly as she could, trying to
keep every drop of her father's hot juice inside her deliciously warm
Something happened inside of Geeta. She felt differently, suddenly.
Her heart was beating like it never had before. She laid her body
flat on her daddy's chest and hugged him tightly.
"I love you, Daddy," Geeta whispered.
"I love you too, Geeta," Darshan returned.
"No, Daddy. I mean I love you!" Geeta insisted.
"I know, Baby," he reassured her.
Narendra stood just outside the bedroom door, slowly stroking his
gnarly cock, smiling to himself.