Another foot beat down on the black machine. Aditi Ray held her head
high as she ran on her treadmill, sweat trickling down her brow as
she pumped calorie after calorie out of her system. As the years
passed and her age grew in number, it became important to her to keep
her figure trim and healthy. Not that there was anyone else around to
notice. Stewart, her ex-husband, had left her for a much younger
woman years ago. Now she was a 44-year-old divorcee, but a 44-year-
old divorcee with a killer figure.

Outside, the summer sun beat down on the neighborhood, seeming to
highlight the young boy mowing lawns. He had turned nineteen this
summer, an event that not many had remembered. Since Aditi had lived
next to Dean's family for the last twenty years, and had celebrated
the young man's birth with his parents, she had sent a card and
twenty dollars for him to spend. She had received no thank you.

Aditi had watched from inside her lonely home as Dean celebrated with
his family. There were no girls to celebrate with, no friends from
school. He was a loner, like Aditi, and as she watched him through
her window a plan to end her loneliness had formed in her mind.

Aditi had planned it with determination. Each day she watched Dean
mow lawns while she ran on her treadmill, earning extra money for his
schooling. She would find new excuses to go outside to be that much
closer to his glistening dark body, hoping every day that he would
take off his shirt and reveal his chest. There were no glistening
muscles, and in fact his limbs seemed a bit awkward and gawky. But
that just added to his charm.

Picking up the phone, Aditi took a long drink. It took a bit of
courage to reach out and ask for what she wanted and her heart beat
as she feared Dean's mother might discover what her game was.

"Brenda?" Aditi said into the phone, taking another sip of her Long
Island iced tea. "Do you think you could send your son over here this
afternoon? My yard could really use some attention, and my regular
boy canceled."

"Mrs. Ray, I'm sure Dean would be more than happy to. He could use
some more money for his books this term, too. I keep telling him
money doesn't grow on trees."

Aditi laughed merrily into the phone, all the while thinking of how
false her laugh sounded. "Thanks, Brenda. I'll be expecting him

Taking another long drink, Aditi closed her eyes and imagined Dean's
young body in front of her eyes. It was small, but strong, and just
the thought of him sent a shiver down her spine. It didn't matter to
her that the boy was nearly twenty-five years her junior, or that he
was undoubtedly a virgin. In fact, those two combined made her wet
just thinking about it. He would be over soon, and she would need to

The back yard was fenced in from all the neighbors, trees blocking
most other ways inside. The only real way to get there was through
the house, and as far as Aditi knew nothing could penetrate the
fence. It would be the perfect scene for her planned seduction.

When the doorbell rang Aditi walked calmly over, throwing the door
wide open and grinning at the young man.

"Hello, Dean," she smiled. "Won't you come inside?"

"Thank you, Mrs. Ray," the boy said. Even with such a simple
introduction he was embarrassed, an adorable blush rising to his
brown cheeks. He stepped inside, his eyes wandering straight to
Aditi, taking in her trim figure dressed in a tight sundress.
Blushing even hotter, he looked frantically around Aditi's large
living room. It was cute how he tried to hide where his attention had
first gone. Aditi thought he looked grubby in such clean
surroundings, but it was an attractive sort of dishevel that made her
hot inside.

"Well I guess you'd better get to work."

"Yes, ma'am."

Aditi led Dean to the yard, closing the sliding door behind them. She
took out her lawnmower and stood on her deck, preparing to watch him

"Uhm, Mrs. Ray, are you going to stand there the whole time?" Dean
asked, his voice quivering. It was Aditi's turn to blush and she
shook her head curtly.

"I'll be inside, Dean," she said. "Come in when you're finished,

Aditi went inside and struggled not to watch the young man through
her kitchen windows. She had watched him so many times next door, and
across the street; but now that he was so close, she felt ashamed and
almost unable to take a peek out of the window. Instead, Aditi tried
to psych herself out. She was going to go through with this, but she
needed to adopt the attitude first.

The sound of the lawnmower stopped, and the silence that filled the
empty house seemed overwhelming. Aditi took another breath, put on
her most confident smile, and opened the back door.

"Dean! Good job! It looks lovely. Won't you come in for a drink?"

"A…Drink?" The boy's forehead was dripping with perspiration. He
looked boyish and manly all at once, his innocent features looking at
Aditi with curiosity.

Aditi smiled. Maybe some of the energy she was throwing his way was
being noticed after all. The clothes she wore were the same she had
answered the door with, but her fear had been left in the house.

"It's getting a little late," Dean said, looking at the sky. The
afternoon was settling in, but the sun wasn't even ready to go down.

"Nonsense," Aditi said, gulping. She hoped her disappointment wasn't
showing in her eyes. "Come inside with me. I'll fix you something to

Dean nodded and Aditi smiled again, willing herself to look her best.
Her mature body was well endowed, and she knew from glances in the
mirror every day that she was far from unattractive. There should be
no problem luring Dean into the next stages of her plans.

Pulling out a chair, Aditi nodded her head. Dean took the offered
seat at the kitchen table as she went to the refrigerator, pulling
out a pitcher of orange juice.

"Want me to spice it up for you?" she asked. Before receiving any
answer she took down her vodka and poured a good amount into the
glass. "Ever had a screwdriver before, Dean?"

Dean shook his head, his eyes wide as she offered the cup to him.

"Go ahead," Aditi said throatily. "You'll like it. I promise."

Tentatively, Dean reached for the cup, taking it in his large hand
and bringing it to his lips. Aditi smiled as he grimaced with the
first sip, the unfamiliar taste of alcohol setting foot on his

Aditi poured herself a glass and added her own vodka, pulling out a
chair and sitting at the table, so close to Dean their legs almost
touched. The boy looked at her, startled, and struggled to take
another drink from his cup.

"I have to say, Dean, that you do quite a job out there. Makes me
wonder what other things you could do…with the right equipment."

"I'm not quite sure what you mean, Mrs. Ray," Dean said, his voice
shaking. Aditi smiled at him and rested her hand on his leg. The boy
practically jumped at the gesture.

"Don't worry," Aditi smiled, her eyes pleading with him. "It'll be

Dean settled down and warily watched as Aditi's hand stroked his leg
softly. She ran her finger over a tiny patch of his jeans repeatedly,
petting it as though it were the softest fur she had ever touched.

"Why don't you drink a little more?" Aditi suggested, pushing her own
glass in front of Dean. Dean's brown eyes met Aditi's black ones for
a moment, a wave of understanding passing between them. Aditi knew
that he understood her intentions, and when he reached for the glass
and took it to his lips without breaking eye contact, she knew he'd
made his decision. Tipping up the cup, he drank what was left of the
orange juice and vodka, squeezing his eyes as its effects began to
take hold of his body.

Smiling, Aditi squeezed Dean's leg, almost in a motherly way.
Motherly until she inched her finger closer to the crotch of his
pants, dragging her long nail along the rough fabric. Dean's body
shook as Aditi's finger lingered on his crotch, scratching the fabric
and feeling his hardening cock push against the jeans.

"Mrs. Ray," he said, his voice shaking. "I think you just touched my…

Aditi smiled and touched it again, this time running her finger up
its length to the metal zip of his fly.

Trembling, Dean closed his eyes and seemed to lay back in his chair.
Aditi saw that his body was relaxing and his fears draining away. Her
plans for him were only beginning. Deftly, she undid the button on
his pants, and then slowly pulled the zipper down.

"You touched my…cock," Dean mumbled, his eyes opening again and
looking at Aditi in an adorable, puzzled way.

"I did, young man. Did you like it?"

"Oh, yes," he said, practically in a whisper. "It was amazing. Could
you…do it again?"

"I could, but you're going to have to pay me for it."

Dean's brow wrinkled in confusion, his large brown eyes pleading with
her. Aditi laughed.

"Take off your shirt, Dean," she suggested.

Dean frowned, but reached for his shirt, pulling it over his head.
Aditi could not suppress the shiver that washed through her body, the
trembles that his bare chest caused her. It was dark, muscular, with
sparse hairs placed around the dark nipples and on the upper chest.
His skin moved with every breath he took, and Aditi had to force
herself to pull her eyes away from the flesh and concentrate on
Dean's innocent face

Through the open fly, Aditi brushed her finger against Dean's briefs.
It was Dean's turn to shudder with pleasure, and Aditi smiled again.

"What are you willing to pay for another touch?" she purred, her
finger lingering just above his underwear.

Dean's eyes closed and his head fell back, a long moan coming from
inside him. "A kiss?" he said, looking sideways at her. "I could kiss

His innocence amazed her, startled her, pleased her and excited her.
He didn't know what to offer, and no doubt he had no idea how to kiss
a woman. That was all right, because Aditi knew how to kiss a man.

"A kiss?" she asked condescendingly. "A kiss from a boy who doesn't
know how to use his mouth?" She was teasing him, smiling, but Dean
frowned in frustration. Aditi instantly felt bad about her teasing
ways, and rewarded the boy by wrapping her fingers around his now
fully erect cock.

"Will you…teach me?"

Aditi smiled. This was exactly what she'd been planning to do, and
warmth spread through her body at just hearing the words. Her legs
felt weak, but she stood up. The butterflies in her stomach were
migrating quickly between her legs, pleasant shivers filling her

"Certainly," Aditi said, moving her face closer to Dean's until they
were nose to nose, the young boy's large brown eyes wide and
innocent. He gulped, a shiver visibly spreading through his body,
making Aditi smile as she squeezed his cock again. "Let me lead you."

Her lips touched his softly, the heat from his mouth filling her
almost instantly. Aditi was unable to pull away and play the part of
the seductress, but found herself engulfed in the boy's heat.
Inexperienced though he was, his curiosity about her body was driving
her wild. His mouth seemed to pull her tongue inside, and instead of
leading him through the kiss she allowed his tongue to toy with hers,
stroking it gently, like nothing she had ever experienced before. She
groaned into him, and he pulled away abruptly.

"Did I do something wrong?" he whispered, his eyes filled with fear.

Aditi stared at him for a moment, and then chuckled, shaking her head
and getting back into character. Gently, she squeezed Dean's cock
through his pants.

"No, dear boy! You didn't do anything wrong! You were excellent.
Would you like to try again?"

The boy nodded, and Aditi took his head in her hands, leading his
mouth back to hers for another passionate kiss. This time she did not
forget herself, but put her tongue inside him and stroked him like a
lover, which they would soon be. She tasted every part of his warm
mouth, claiming it as her own, and she could feel his body melting in
her hands. He was hers.

Their mouths were locked together for some time, Aditi taking him
slowly through the paces of their new relationship. He was putty in
her hands, and she knew that wherever she chose to take him next, he
would follow willingly. Slowly, she pulled her lips away from his,
leaving him limp in her arms, his mouth still open, his eyes closed

He opened those large brown orbs and looked at her, wonder shining in
his eyes.

"We're going into my room, understand Dean?" she said, her voice
steady. She was fighting her urge to jump him in the kitchen, to
stand up and pull off his clothes and fuck him right there on the
linoleum floor. But that might scare him off. Better to move as
slowly as she could, take her time, and keep him with her forever.

"Yes, ma'am," Dean said, swallowing so hard it was audible. He looked
at Aditi like a little boy, but the hard cock her hand was wrapped
around was anything but little.

Aditi stood up, still holding tight to Dean's crotch and like a puppy
on a leash he was forced to follow to her room.

They came to Aditi's bed. As of yet, she hadn't done anything really
terribly wrong. Her emotions fought with her, telling her to get it
on with, push him onto the bed, and follow through with the plot
she'd concocted. Other parts of her screamed no, to let this innocent
boy go. He didn't need to go through with her, a woman more than
twice his age, a desperate old hag who couldn't snag a man. Aditi put
her chin in the air and ignored her feelings, turning to Dean and
speaking to him in a huffy air.

"Sit down on the bed, young man."

Dean obediently sat down, his large eyes following Aditi, as she
looked his bare chest up and down. With every breath he took it
heaved seductively, and Aditi wanted to feel the dark glistening
skin. With a shaking hand, she reached for his shoulder.

Moaning as her hand touched his flesh, Dean's eyes shut and his mouth
gasped open. Aditi clutched the shoulder in her hand, kneading the
tense muscles there lightly. They were strong shoulders, not too
large, but she could feel their strength. Her hand slid down to his
upper arm, stroking the soft skin, and then to his elbow where she
tenderly caressed the inside of his arm. How she longed to have those
arms wrapped tight around her.

Aditi's hands crept slowly down his arms, over his chest, and below
his stomach until they rested on the open crotch of his pants.
Gently, but with her goal in mind, she began to peel the jeans off
Dean's sweaty young body. Dean offered no resistance as his pants
were thrown to the side, and Aditi's hand moved back to his barely
covered privates.

The elastic was easily moved aside, and Dean's tender young flesh
exposed to Aditi's hand. She wrapped her fingers around his hard
member, pulling the skin tightly over the throbbing head. His
heartbeat could be felt through the cock, pulsing strongly in her
palm, and she stroked it faster as she felt the pulse quicken.

"You're a very good boy," she cooed, moving in to kiss him deeply.
Their lips locked as surely as her hand was locked around his flesh,
and she moved her tongue inside him. Penetrating him, she caressed
his cock, pulling and stroking it, as she knew men did to themselves,
giving him a taste of things yet to come. Her hand tightened even
more, so hard that the boy gasped against her mouth. Aditi forced
herself to relax, easing up on his cock, but not on his tender mouth.

His body putty in her hands, Dean responded to every touch of Aditi's
skilled hands. She moved forward with her body, her mouth pushing
into his, and he lay down on the bed obediently. Crawling on top of
him, her lips never leaving his, Aditi mounted him. It was awkward,
with her hand underneath her body gripping his flesh, but Aditi
managed to take a position of control on top of the boy. Back bent,
her crotch rubbing against her own arm, she breathed heavily into his
sweet mouth.

She moved away slowly, looking down at his closed eyes, his lips open
as he panted with desire. That broad chest of his moved up and down
with each ragged breath, the tiny nipples tight notches, a few hairs
surrounding them. Aditi moved her free hand towards them, taking one
sensitive nub between her fingers and pinching softly. She was
rewarded by a cry of pleasure and excitement from the young man
between her legs, and he pushed his hips up, grinding his cock in her

"What else can you do with that mouth, Dean?" Aditi asked, tweaking
his nipple again. The stroking of his cock never slowed, steady pulls
and squeezing of the hard flesh causing frequent moans of
pleasure. "Have you ever kissed a woman between her legs?"

Dean's eyes opened slightly, thick lashes covering the dark orbs.
Lips still apart invitingly he shook his head, thrusting his manhood
into her hand as she kept her grip.

"Would you like to try?"

He nodded.

Aditi took her hand off of his chest and shifted herself around, her
short skirt working up her thighs as she sat over Dean's face. She
wore no panties under the skirt, and the fragrant smell of her pussy
filled both of their nostrils.

"Open your mouth," she coaxed, "and lick it."

Tentatively Dean lifted his head, the first touch of his lips on hers
sending exciting flashes of light through Aditi's eyes. Her whole
body quivered as she breathed her next words.

"Stroke me with your tongue, Dean. That's it, up and down the slit."
Dean obeyed her commands, the tip of his tongue dragging slowly from
the wet peak of her pussy through the sweet center to the end where
it met her anus. She churned her hips, struggling to hold back, as
his tongue stroked the other way, flicking softly on the hard,
swollen clit. "Suck me," she moaned, pushing her clit towards his
mouth, and taking her between his lips, he did.

Aditi ground her hips into the boy's face, moaning with pleasure as
he sucked hard on her clitoris. Opening her mouth, she sucked his
cock through her lips, pulling the entire length into her throat
before pulling back over it. Now it was Dean's turn to groan into her
sex, his sucking becoming harder and more frantic as he thrust into
her throat. They licked each other, sucked each other, pleasured each
other, until Aditi was ready to have the whole of him.

Reluctantly, but seeping with pleasure and excitement of the next
pleasure to come, Aditi slipped off of his mouth, turning back around
on his body, lowering her lips to his to kiss her flavor off of his

She penetrated him with her tongue, the thick muscle lapping at the
inside of his mouth, dragging every bit of her juice out of him. His
arms grabbed her, pulling her, squeezing her tight, and with one hard
thrust his cock found her, slipping up into her, penetrating her as
she penetrated him.

Aditi gasped into his mouth and moved quickly with his thrusts, their
bodies entwined as their lust came to peaks, and it didn't take long
for both of them to reach their climaxes.

Muscles tightening, grips on each other squeezing, moans against each
mouth becoming frantic and loud, they orgasmed. Spasms of excitement
shot through Aditi's body, her cunt tightening around his cock as he
whimpered, his first orgasm with another woman. She had taken him.

They held each other for a few moments, bodies quivering in each
other's arms. Dean's lips caressed Aditi's neck, his teeth teasing
her ear as she let her weight relax against his soft skin.

"That was wonderful," he breathed, his voice shaky.

"Yes," Aditi agreed.

"You were wonderful."

"Thank you."

More silence, Aditi shut her eyes, relishing the feel of his pulsing
cock inside her body. He made to move and her eyes shot open, her
arms lifting her to where she could look into his dark eyes, her face
a furrow of frowns.

"Will you come back?" she asked, a touch of pleading in her quivering

"Of course."


Dean smiled wide. "I'd love to."

"And the day after that?"

"Whenever you want."

Aditi's body relaxed again. Dean made to move again, and reluctantly
Aditi let him slip out of her body and roll off the bed. Stretching,
he reached for his clothes, and slowly put them on. Aditi still wore
her sundress. Watching him as he put the clothes back on, she spoke

"I'd like you to come back tomorrow."

"I will."

"Promise?" her voice sounded like a child. He looked at her, his face
full of satisfaction.

"I promise."

She remained frowning as he came to the bed and bent down to kiss
her. She let him kiss her but didn't respond with the passion she had
given him before.

"Are you okay?" he asked.


"Okay. I'm gonna get home, then."

Aditi nodded, and Dean left. She was alone again, and instead of
feeling that she'd won a victory, she felt just as scared as she had
before. He promised he'd come back, but would he? Would he come back,
or would he leave her alone for the rest of her life? She was scared
and uncertain. But at least she had a wonderful memory to hold for
the rest of her days