Chachi Ki Beti Ko Choda

I am raj. I am 21 yrs s. y. b. com students. My chacha live in goa,
and I am going for the visit to there when summer vacation will come.
My chacha is always visit to the business tour of one or two week out
of the station. In my chacha home live his wife and 19 yrs old young
doughter, good figur with round shap big boobs, and her drassing is
tight fitting shalwar kameez and she is my good friend more then two
yaers ago when we play the sex game to each other. Her name is nikita
but we all call her " nikki" .
One day my chachi going to the relatives for some function, and
coming late night. Nikki going to the computer class. And I alone at
home. After some time I think why do I see some xxx movies, because
in the house I was alone. And can't any body there. All the person
will come late. So, I thought some enjoying with xxx movie.
I going to the vedio shop and get one cd of xxx movie and come in the
house and shocked to see nikki. She already come in the house,
because her class teacher leave very soon to all students. Nikki told
me that " raj kya hoa tum ko. Tum aise kyoun ghabraye hoye ho batao"
. And I am asked to her very nervously " kuch nahin bas aise hi" .
Nikki see my hand and told me " raj tumhare haat mein kya hai batao"
and I am totally phoos. I told her, what? Nothing, nikki? But
she can't agree. And she told me " raj batao mujhe warna main mummy
ko bolongi" and I put up my hand and show the cd to her. She can't
told me. And quikly she going from cd player and insert the cd and
play movie, and movie shorts will runing. Nikki look my face and say
" raj tum yeh sab dekhte ho" I can't say her any word. After that
nikki look me some different style, because she see the movie shorts
and she has become a hourny for sex.
She smiling to me and told me, " raj kya hum bhi aysa karen jaisa is
movie mein ho raha hai" I am realy surprised, because I am already
in mood. I agree to it and we are going to her bedroom. First she
come near to me and give me french kisses. I become a hot position
and out of the control. I open her shalwar door her panty was light
pink panty. Then I put up her panty slowly and rubbing her clean shav
pussy lips. Her pussy was so hot & softy. She starting to moaning
oooooooohhh! Raj I love you. Please chato meri choot ko hummmmmm.
Oohhh. Ummmm! I starting to fuck with my toungh to her chunt. After
10 min. I remove her kameez her bra was light pink matching panty
color. I open her bra she has a big boobs, I pressed her both boobs
and sucking to both the boobs one by one. They are very testy and
hot. After 5 min sucking, I give my big & hot Lund to her. She
started to sucking my Lund like a lollypop or ice cream. I can't
control myself. 7 or 8 min she has sucking my lollypop. Then she tel
me " oh! Raj please apna yeh Lund meri choot mein daal kar zore zore
se meri coot maro. " Come one raj please. I take my Lund and slowly
touch her pussy and press some prassure she moaning loudly ooi maaa
mar gai main raj, please thoda aahista se dalo. " I can't listen
her. And I press my mizail some pressure and my  Lund inter her
choot. She can't control my big lung and she crying oooh god main mar
gai oh meri choot phat gai raj" . I cover her mouth for my right hand
and I started to fucking slowly position to her . And then she
enjoing with my big Lund. And tell me " raj aur zor se come on aur
zor lagao. Aaj meri saari pyaas bhuja do take kabhi main apni choot
main apni ungliyan na daloon aur na kabhi mooli ya gaajar. Oh oh oh
ah ah ah hummm hummm oh raj I love you" . And I am with fully
pressure fucking to her. And she have more enjoy with me. After 20
min. My Lund warn to me because my spumps will come out. And I
quickly pull my Lund her choot and my spumps will quick out like a
fountan. And nikki take my Lund under her mouth and sucking my Lund
and one more time. She sucking my Lund and my Lund again stand like
powerfull mizail. I told her " nikki ghoom jao main ab tumhari gand
maroonga" (dogi shot) but she can't agry to this style. And told me "
nahin raj bahot dard ho ga mujhe" but after she ready for dog shot
for my wish. And first I take a coco nut oil and leep oil in my Lund
and her seet whol. After that I push my Lund her seet whol, and
press some pressure she try to take my Lund under her whole but my
Lund is big and her whole small. But I desided to fuck her back site.
And after more pressure of my Lund going her whole and she crying
loudly " aaaaahhhhhh raj! Ohh, my god. Oooohhhhhhhh, hummmmmmm raj
main mar gai ohhhh. I fucking continue her back and she crying like
this. After some time I take out my Lund and pumping it. And my all
spumps give to nikki. She drink my all juice of my Lund.
She has satisfying after play this sex game and me too.