Chacha fucked my mother

my name is arun. I would like to tell you a story. actually it
happened with my own mother. So first let me tell you about my mother
first. She is around 38 years old. very fair lady. With 5' 3'' height
she is bit fattier her boobs are quit big. She wears a 34 size bra.
Her buttocks are dam good even I have heard on road boys commenting on
it. My father most of the time remain on tour.
As I got 17 years old my sexual feeling started growing. And the only
woman I was in tuch was my mother. Whenever I go to take bath I took
her clothes out of laundry basket.
She always wear beautiful undergarments. Most of the time she wear
black bra and panty. I took them In hand and smell them. It excites
me. But I never ever thought of having sex with my own mother.
But one day it happened some teacher of our school died so after two
classes holiday was declared. When I rushed home I knew that at this
time mom must be sleeping so I opened the door with my key and entered
inside her bed room was at upstairs, suddenly I felt like there is
some noise coming from her room I slowly moved and found that door was
partially opened. I peeped inside and was totally shoked to see what
was happening in side. My CHACHA and my mother was on bed chacha was
wearing only a short and he was lying on my mother. Both were
laughing. My mother was in red saree and blowse. chacha kissed her
lips and slowly his hand moved and he removed her pallu. He squeezed
her boobs over the blouse. She moned "oh my god kitne dino ke bad aaye
Chacha said "sorry darling sala aj kal time hi nahi milta warna
tumhari jaisi chij to koi chodta hai kya ". then he pushed the blouse
up without opening the hooks. My god I saw boobs of my own mother he
was chushing them like mad and my mother she was enjoying it like
hell. Then he moved his head slowly below kissed all over her
stomac.and then he snatched her saree till bottom at the same time my
mother undid her blowse. Her black bra was still on. Now chacha lift
her and in sitting position he opened her hook from back. Then he
started kissing and suking her lips while squeezing her boobs. Then he
left her and opened the nara (string ) of her red petticoat. And
slowly removed it.
My mother was lying nude in front of me. And a man was lying over her
kissing sucking her boobs. I was having hard on my penis was erect
like never befor. Suddenly my mother said please do it fast as arun
can come back at any time she spraded her lags and chacha removed his
short his penis was erect but it was quit big. He putted his hand
under her hips and in a short inserted his penis inside her pussy. My
mother almost screemed "oh god maar daloge kya" but he didn't listen
at all he started giving shots like bull it was clear that my mother
was paining but at the same time she was enjoying it too. It was
almost 3-4 mins and he was constantly giving jurks. Both of them were
sweating havily I thought its time I shuld leave. I came down stairs
and get out of home.
I spent some time wondering on road I was totally shoked with what I
have just seen. After half hour I return back home mother opened the
door she was wearing same saree. And chacha was also sitting on sofa
taking tea. He gave me a smile and asked how you came back early from
school and told me that he has just came to see if my father is there,
then he finished his tea and said ok chalta hun.
Both of them pretended like nothing happened. But I know everything.
Now I also know what type of a woman my mother is.
But I dident talked to her at all about this.