Hi, This is Shery back with another fantasy. . in this fantasy there
is another character my friend Ali . .ok .. lets start it . . Me and
my friend Ali get into this great adventures of our lives.now I was
16 yrs old and my friend Ali was 18 yrs old, when one day I was
sitting in his room discussing bout girls sexy and beautiful girls
whom we can fuck. Now we were discussing bout girls when Ali ask
me "yaar agar tu mind na keray to mien tujhay aik mast larki ka naam
bataoun . .aik dam sexy larki hey . .dil kerta hey buss chodta rahay
uss ko aadmi", I said ya sure"he said "alia"
My elder sister 9 yrs elder then me.I gave a slap on his face and
said "O ya,I like your sister too . .salay . . haramzaday". On which
we both split up and never saw eachother face for a week.

When I went home I was in fire,I entered in my house
and saw alia.
I have four sisters,all elder then me.Let me explain u bout alia, she
is really sexy nice creamy body 5'7" long legs long brown hairs,small
breasts at that time infact 34d brown nipples hairy pussy,one thing
we all are natural blonde,so all hairs in our body r brown,and most
of all hairy pussy which is my weak point.
That night I went to sleep but all the time I was thinking bout her
and for the first time my 6 or 7" cock erect ,I cant believe my self
I am getting aroused on my sisters thought.Anyway when I woke up in
the morning I decided to see her body anyhow ,so I start taking my
chances by watching her when she was in her room that when she would
change her clothes.After two or three days I saw her.I and she was
alone in our four room apartment when she told me that she was going
to take a bath.I from the keyhole start watching her,when she
unbuttoned her kurta and removed it from her body I was like fuck
look at her ,she was not wearing bra I saw her breasts or (mummay)
ummm I was like ummm kia mummay hien . . aur kia nipple .. then she
removed her shalwar and I saw her phuddi full of hairs as if she
didn't ever cut them,I saw her long legs and then she went in the
bathroom.I went to another bathroom and masturbate on her and I had
the finest masturbation ever before.

At night I went to Ali's house and told him the whole
story and said"yaar too sahee keh raha that yaar ,who waqahee baree
chiknee hai",Ali asked me"who koon"
I said "alia yaar alia,main ajj ous per muth maar ker arha hoon "and
he smiled and said see I was teeling u that she is one of those
girls ,I said ok yaar ok.
After that we both took a bath masturbate on her and
went.Few weeks later I planned to do something with her.
She was a hot girl I saw her many times masturbating and
manytimes she used to get franked with me,she took bath three times a
day ,and everytime she masturbate,then she later start sleeping in a
c throw nitty and without bra but panty,I was very attached to her
and after this I start spending my time with her,I think she got the
idea cause she liked to tease me by giving me a pro look or randi
key turha dektee thee.
One day when we were alone she again told me was going to
take a bath, I said ok when she went I noticed she didn't locked the
door so first I saw her from keyhole and then when she went to
bathroom I decided to check her in,but it was a trap when I entered
in her room she was standing behind the door .I was dead and ran back
to my room,after half an hour she getout of the bathroom and came to
my room she called me,and when I saw her she was in her nitty without
bra I could see her erect nipples,I said I am sorry dont tell this to
mom or dad Ill not do it again and I started to cry,she came to me
and said standup I obeyed her she said look here when I saw her face
she slowly moving her lips to my face and then she kissed me first I
didnt opened my mouth but then when I realize that she wants it too I
let her slipped her tongue in me and we kissed for five minutes then
she ask me to relax she took me in her room and said tum mujhe chodna
chatey hoona,chodlayna magar yeh batao tum aisay too naheen thai phir
yeh kaisay,then I told her all the story bout ali but I didnt tell
her that we use to sex eachother.She said hummm ok then she called
Ali and ask him to come for a minute *please,and she told me to
remain inside and just watch quietly,Ali came ,she opened the door
and ask him to come in I was watching the whole seen.Ali ask her what
is it about she called him,she just jumped at him and start kissing
him, Ali without taking a minute grab her gand and kissed her then he
saidaaj tum ko chodoongaa buhot tarpaya hai tumnai meri jaanand she
just moaning ummm ummm shaeeeeeee hai and then she guided him to the
room where I was watching all that when he saw me he said see I told
u she need main nai kaha that isay lund chaheyai,buhot kharish thee
isayshe undressed him and start sucking his cock.i tell u bout Ali he
is just like a niger black guy 510 strong build enough to satisfy
her and I m 59 thin not much stronger and cant control myself ,and
she new that so her main priority was Ali she sucked her cock drink
his cum and then she told him to restreng then until she will take
care of me then she said haan too meray bhai,kiya chayee,and then she
start playing with my cock I was out in two minutes but I cum very
much then Ali in quantity she cant drunk all of mine but still she
was hungry she turned back and told us that abb main chatee hoon keh
tum doonoo aiksat mujhee choodoo,aik meri chot main aur dosra meri
gand mainthen she said ali I want u in my gand cause yours much
bigger and fatter then my brothers one,and we both fucked her she
came a dozen of times moaning loudly,I came first and Ali he came
after half an hour he really fucked her bad they both were moaning
and atlast we took a bath hurrily cause our parents and my sister
sadaf younger then alia but 9 yrs elder then me have to come.
We fucked alia almost everyday sometimes in my house
sometimes alis house and some times in car.We fucked her lot for 3
yrs then she got married and went to USA ,since marriage she came
just once to Pakistan (Karachi),and we both fucked her four times,she
got changed very much.Now her figure is 36c-32-38 or maybe 40 ,I luv
her gand infact we both luv her gand now.

One thing was really very special about her that after
the first time she always sleeps with me and literally her first
suhaag raat was with me.And I swear that what she did with me in
those nights I cant forget her way of getting fucked.She really was
and is a beauty,when after her marriage she came to Pakistan I mean
Karachi I cant believe she was totally changed her small 34 boobs
just looked to be around 36c. ok guys wait for more of my fantasies,
although i am busy now a days but i will try to contribute more and
more to this group. and i am bieng transferred to Islamabad so any
sexy girl want to have a secret relationship for sex do mail me.

Shery Behanchod