Mrs.Sharma is a hot Spanish lady, with breasts weighing about 2kg.
each. She always wears short halter neck type dress so that her arms,
armpits, back and shoulders are visible. A look at her ripe shoulders
is bound to give a hard on to any male. When her hands are raised,
the sight of generous amount of armpit hair is arousing for any male
or female. The smell of perfume and salty sweat in her armpits is
very intoxicating. Once I got an opportunity to kiss her underarm
during a dance.

Kamala is also a very hot lady, always wears short blouses without
sleeve, and loves to show off her armpits with a stubble.

Padma is a heavily built lonely female, with large, wide and smelly
and hairy armpits, with a jungle of sweaty hair. She has a sexy waist
with a few folds, and two ripe, glistening shoulders which are ready
to be kissed. The folds in her armpits, when her hands are hanging on
her sides, are a treat to watch. A few strands of hair are always
peeping through the folds. She loves her own armpit smell, and loves
others, male or female, to devour her armpits. Sometimes she would
raise one arm and sniff her own pits. She is a sort of underarm
fanatic. She is always on the lookout for armpit lovemaking. Padma
mostly wears tank tops or sleeveless blouses or dresses. She always
craves for tight, body rubbing embraces and kisses. She is very much

Mrs.Sharma, Kamala and Padma are intimate friends, and I happen to be
close friends of all of them. Whenever we meet, we have tremendous
fun amongst ourselves. We usually meet in Padma's house.

One day I went to Padma's house when she was alone. When I entered,
she started showing me her hairy armpits by raising her hands to do
her hair. She was wearing a short sleeveless blouse. Her heavy boobs,
like ripe watermelons, were jutting out, with a generous view of the

The blue blouse on Padma's white skin was looking very sexy. My eyes
were taking in the beauty of her nicely rounded glistening shoulders,
fat muscles of her upper arm, and her sexy armpit folds. After the
door was closed, I put my arm around her, putting my fingers in her
armpit hair. She gave me a tight hug, put up her juicy mouth near my
lips, our noses touched, we rubbed our noses for a while, then I
lightly kissed her. She kissed me back. The embrace tightened and we
started deep kissing, with quite a bit of tounge-play. The deep
kissing went on and on.

After sometime, she raised one hand, showed her armpit and told -
'Please give me a kiss here, I love armpit-kiss very much, taste my
armpits, kiss & lick them'.

She brought her armpits in turn to my nose, and took it away seconds
later. Smell of her armpits made me instantly hard. She did it
several times, teasing me with her armpit smell. Then I could hold no
longer. I held her tightly and thrust my nose in her left armpit and
sniffed it for long followed by heavy kissing & licking, biting the
armpit hair & flesh, tasting and eating her armpits.

Padma clamped down her hand, caging my head in her huge armpit. She
too raised my left arm a little and started sniffing kissing,
licking, tasting & eating my armpit. Mutual armpit eating went on &
on. We were in a trance, hungrily kissing, licking, tasting & sucking
each other's armpits. We alternated between our left and right
armpits many times, and while shifting from one armpit to another our
lips would meet and get entwined in such tight and lusty kisses that
it seemed we would suck off the lips. Then kissing each other's nape
of the neck, back of the ear, muscles of the shoulder blades, soft
fleshy area around the armpits, our lips would nest in each other's
smelly armpits.

Padma told -'Oh! for a long time I have not sniffed a male armpit. I
love it very much'. I took-off her blouse, and then hugged her
tightly. Sometimes I licked her ripe smelly shoulders.

When this is going on, Mrs.Sharma entered wearing a sleeveless and
shoulder-less dress. The black dress on Mrs.Sharma's white skin
looked marvelous. Padma and Mrs.Sharma ran to each other with open
arms, showing off their armpits, clasped each other lustfully in a
tight embrace, and started armpit-kissing.

Seeing the ladies' tight kissing and fierce lusty embracing for
sometime, I could not hold myself any longer. I pulled Mrs.Sharma in
my tight embrace and started kissing & licking her shoulders and
armpits. Her armpit perfume made me mad. Mrs.Sharma locked my head in
her armpit by encircling her arm around my head.

Padma jumped and tightly hugged me from behind, kissing my back and
kissing Mrs.Sharma over my shoulders, and clasping my d**k. All of us
engaged in a mutual armpits-kissing and licking.

Now Padma, Mrs.Sharma and I are having an exclusively private fun
party of armpit kissing, sucking, licking, tight embracing.
Mrs.Sharma's armpits, ripe shoulders, sharp nose are very very
inviting. Padma and Mrs.Sharma are locked in a tight embrace and
kiss. Padma is exploring Mrs.Sharma's armpits with her hands, pulling
her armpit hair and Mrs.Sharma is caressing Kamala's armpit stubble.
Then they put their mouths in each other's armpits, tasting, smelling
and kissing the armpits.

Seeing all this, I pulled Mrs.Sharma from Padma's embrace, and hugged
her from behind, slid my hands through her armpits, clutched at her
boobs, kissing her smooth shoulders, and when she turned her head to
me, started kissing her nose. I was sucking her sharp and sexy nose,
when Padma embraced Mrs.Sharma from front. What a hot situation!
Mrs.Sharma getting a tight hug from front, by Padma, and from rear,
by me. Being very hot, Padma began to kiss Mrs.Sharma and me
alternately. She raised Mrs.Sharma's right hand and was sucking her
armpit. I also pushed my face in Mrs.Sharma's right armpit from
behind, kissed and sucked the same, and also was kissing Padma.

Just then entered Kamala. Her plump body and sexy sleeveless halter
neck blouse made me instantly hard. We stopped our hugging and
kissing to welcome her. She then engaged in tight hugging and kissing
with Padma and Mrs.Sharma.

Padma was hungry for armpit kisses. She raised both her hands, and
Mrs.Sharma and Kamala started smelling and licking Padma's armpits.
Often they changed the armpits.

Seeing the ladies' hot armpit-kissing and hugging I was very excited.
Kamala came to me, raised her arms, showed me her slightly hairy
armpits, sniffed them a little and said "do you like them?"

I said "they are fantastic".

"Then what are you waiting for? Come kiss and lick 'em, and sniff
their smell as hard as you can, taste them, you will fall in love
with my ripe and smelly armpits" was her reply.

Before I jumped, she brought her armpits near my nose, for me to
sniff. But it was hard to resist kissing those large, plump, smelly
armpits. But she moved away, again to bring them back for sniffing.
After several such sniffing sessions, she pressed her armpits on my
face & nose, asking me to sniff, lick and suck them. 'Smell, eat and
kiss my armpits. I want to have a nice 'n long armpit-kiss with you'
was what she said. 'For a long time I haven't got any male lips on my
armpits. So eat them out. I very much like mutual armpit-kissing and
armpits sucking. Give me your armpits, I want to taste your armpits'
and she took my armpit flesh in her mouth, tasting them with her long

I went into a terrific armpit-kissing session with Kamala. We stood
for a while, entwined in a tight clasping lusty embrace, our faces
buried in each other's armpits.

Padma put her tongue in my other armpit and licked away, holding me
from behind. I, then, turned around and caught hold of Padma and
inserted my d**k in her armpit, and she clamped down her heavy arm on
it, pressed hard. I pumped vigorously.

Kamala started kissing Mrs.Sharma from behind. Again I started
kissing Padma's armpits. Eating female armpits is so sexy. I opened
my mouth wide and sucked in and bit her armpit flesh.

Kamala then came to me with her arms raised and took my d**k in her
left armpit and clamped down her arm with the body, and moved the
armpit back and forth giving me immense pleasure. Then I tightly
embraced Kamala and engaged in mutual armpit eating with her. Both of
us bit into the other's armpits, licking and eating the flesh.

Mrs.Sharma and Padma also joined in with their inviting smelly
armpits, pressing them against our noses. After thoroughly armpit
f***ing Kamala, during which she became very passionate and cried
out 'ooooohhhhh', I took up the perfumed pits of Mrs.Sharma. She gave
me very solid pleasures pressing her hands tightly to her body, and
kissing & nibbling my d**k. when it peeped through her tight armpits.
My d**k got lost in Padma's huge meaty armpits. But I frantically
pumped away in both pits in turn with pleasure cries from Padma. This
went on and on.

Then Padma lifted up her hands, exposed her armpits, signaling us to
kiss, suck and smell her pits. Two of us smelled, kissed licked her
pits, licking away all the salty sweat and grime, while the other
kissed her lips, shoulders and waists. Her armpits became slippery
with saliva. At the end we did not know who was kissing and licking
whose armpits...

I stood at the kitchen window, a cool drink in my hand, gazing out at
the figure by the pool, and I knew I shouldn't be doing it! gazing on
the lush figure of my own daughter! but I couldn't seem to help
myself! from the time she first started developing breasts I'd found
myself attracted to her, turned on by her! of course, I'd hidden it
away, the horny thoughts and the fantasies, and just watched her from
a distance grow into one of the most gorgeous females you are ever
likely to see. She'd gone off to college, met the man of her dreams,
got married and had two children and lived in a different town for
quite some time, but now she was back! back in my house, back in my
thoughts and back in my fantasies! The marriage had recently broken
down, so she'd moved to an apartment close by with the two children,
so that I could help and give support where possible, my own wife -
her mother - had died some years ago and I was now living alone.

I'm not even sure how it started, but over the past week she'd taken
to dropping the kids at school each morning and walking around to the
house to take a swim in the pool and take the sun beside it, and each
day I'd find myself standing at the window gazing out at her,
admiring her gorgeous body covered only fleetingly by her almost
indecently small bikini! but this morning it was different although I
didn't immediately realise why, then it hit me! right between the
eyes!! and I very nearly dropped my glass!! she wasn't wearing her
bikini today! in fact she wasn't wearing anything at all!! she was
lying face down on the poolside lounger totally naked!! my cock just
about jumped through my trousers as I feasted my eyes on her back and
on that incredibly sexy ass!! I had never, ever seen this much of her
since she'd grown to full womanhood! and I drooled! my free hand
automatically reached down and rubbed against my swollen cock, all
the horny fantasies from years before poured back into my mind! and I
knew if I stayed there any longer I'd burst!! I quickly put my drink
down and turned to walk away, then froze! she had moved!, lifting up
onto her elbows and turning her head to look down at her ass! I guess
to check if she was starting to burn! well, she might not have been,
but I certainly was!! because I was finally feasting my eyes on her
glorious naked breasts!! and they were glorious!! quite large and
incredibly firm for someone that had been a breast feeding mother!!
and her nipples! oh god, they were like miniature volcanoes!! I was
mentally projecting myself out onto that lounger, my lips and my
tongue reaching up eagerly to suck on those exciting breasts! and
perhaps she felt my eyes on her, because her head suddenly jerked up
and she looked around! I quickly stepped back further into the
darkness of the kitchen, then stopped as she seemed to look directly
at me! then I saw the faint shrug of her shoulders as if she realised
that she'd been mistaken in thinking she was being watched, because
the back yard was totally private, and I took the opportunity to slip
quickly away into the other room.

It didn't help, of course, every time I closed my eyes I could see
her naked body, that tight, sexy ass and those firm, horny tits! and
my cock would start pulsing and thickening all over again! I guess it
was about ten minute later that she walked into the front room,
wrapped in a towel that barely covered her ass! and walked over to me
and handed me a drink, my drink!! "I think you forgot this!" she
said, a small grin coming to her face, I felt the color rush into my
face, and my hand shook as it took the glass from hers, her grin
seemed to widen, "I thought I sensed someone watching me, it was you
wasn't it, daddy?", I nodded, head down, too embarrassed to face her,
she chuckled, "and did you enjoy the fact that I wasn't wearing my
bikini?" she asked, I couldn't help the groan that seemed to come
from my very boots, but I still couldn't speak, or even look at her,
then she leaned forward and took my chin in her hand and lifted it up
so I had to look her straight in the eyes, "and did you get a hard on
looking at my naked body, daddy?" she whispered, "Oh, I know you've
been looking at me every day, so today I decided to please you a
little more by taking my bikini off! did I please you daddy?, did I
make your cock all stiff and hard?"

I think if she hadn't been holding my chin it would have fallen to
the floor, I was that shocked!! as it was my eyes were just about
bugging from my head and my throat was as dry as a desert! then her
grin turned to a totally horny smile, and letting go of my chin she
straightened up and immediately unhooked her towel and let it drop to
the floor!! and my chin did drop as I found myself staring at her
completely naked body from only a few feet away!! my eyes almost on a
level with her naked pussy!! a pussy she made no attempt to cover! in
fact, she shifted her stance to open her legs a little wider until
the pink of her inner pussy peeped through her blonde thatch!! my
eyes darted up to those incredibly succulent breasts and again I
marveled at their firmness and at the perky nipples that stood out a
good inch and a half from her breasts!! then came back down to feast
on her succulent pussy!! I don't know how long she stood like that,
allowing me to feast on her naked body, but I was totally on
fire!!, "well, daddy" she almost purred, "does it excite you as much
as you thought it would?", I jerked and gasped, my eyes flying up to
hers, "Oh yes, I've known for such a long time that you wanted me! I
saw it in your eyes, I saw it in the way you looked at me when you
thought I wasn't looking, I saw it in the bulge you always got in
your pants and tried to hide!! oh yes, I've always known! but I
didn't mind, because it always excited me to think that I was capable
of turning a man on, even when I was quite young!! it became
something of a game, to see how you would react if I wore certain
clothes or if I revealed a little more of my legs or my breasts than
usual, but then it wasn't a game any more, because I found that it
was turning me on too!!"

I gasped loudly this time, "It did?" I finally managed to
squawk, "Mmm, and it still does!!" she said, and I felt the heat
really start to pour through me, "but I don't want to play games any
more, daddy, I think we both have needs that can't be denied any
longer! so why don't you take your clothes off and join me!!" and she
turned and walked across the room and into the corridor - the
corridor leading to my bedroom!! she had actually disappeared from
sight before her words clicked through to my stunned brain and the
brain released them to my body!! and then I was leaping from the
chair and pulling at my clothes, struggling with buttons and zips
that seemed to have a mind of their own! then I was naked! and as
rampant as I could ever remember being!! and I moved hurriedly down
the corridor towards my bedroom! part of my brain was still
saying, "this isn't happening, it's all a cruel joke!!" but when I
stopped at the bedroom door, there she was, stretched out naked on
the bed, one knee drawn up and moved sideways to open up her exciting
pussy to my eyes and she was holding out her hands beckoningly to
me!! I stopped when I got to the bed and gazed down upon her, in awe
of her succulent beauty! feeling the desire rising in me even more
powerfully, and that hot smile came to her face again, "Oh yes,
daddy, you really do want me! and you're so big!! such a beautiful
hard cock!! I can't wait to touch it and taste it and feel it inside
me!! please daddy, don't make me wait any longer!!!!

I knelt beside her on the bed, and placing my hands each side of her
body leaned forward and lightly brushed my lips across hers, and she
moaned softly, I felt my throbbing cock touch and rub against her
stomach and almost moaned too! my whole body was vibrating with the
accumulation of 10 years of lustful thoughts and feelings, but I
realised that this might be my one and only opportunity, and I didn't
want to ruin it for either of us by acting like a total animal! so I
held myself in check, just lightly brushing my lips over her face and
eyes and lips and neck! her hands came up to grip my head and pull me
harder to her, but I resisted, continuing my feather like assault on
her body, and she moaned and writhed beneath me, her hands finally
dropping away as she gave herself over to my ministrations. Once that
initial almost overpowering urge to just leap on her and ravage her
had passed, I found myself enjoying my slow, languid exploration of
her body, I marveled afresh at her incredibly firm tits as I licked
and caressed them , and at her larger than life nipples as I gently
sucked them, and she crooned softly to me, "Yes daddy, that's so, so
nice! take my nipples in your mouth! suck them, suck them!! oh god,
that's good, Mmmm I've waited so long! lick me daddy, lick me, lick
me!!", as my lips left her breasts and moved downwards, my hands took
their place, caressing and fondling her incredible globes, and I was
in seventh heaven! so many times I'd dreamed of running my fingers
over her naked body and now I was doing it!!

She automatically moved her legs apart as my lips and tongue moved
ever closer, but she still jumped and jerked when my tongue reached
her succulent pussy, as if it was completely unexpected! god but she
was wet! incredibly wet! and I reveled in the taste and the aroma of
her! again I kept the touch of my tongue light and feathery! darting
here and there, teasing and arousing, and her body responded with a
sudden orgasm that took us both by surprise! but I used that to build
on , tonguing her slightly harder and slipping my tongue between her
pussy lips for the first time and lapping up some of her juices
before slowly circling her amazingly large and stiff clitoris! so
large, that I was able to wrap my lips around it and suck it the way
I had done to her nipples! and that sent her bouncing around the bed
as yet another orgasm ripped through her!! oh yes, my little baby was
really getting turned on now! and so was I! I left her juicy pussy
and ran my lips and tongue down over her gorgeous legs all the way to
her feet, and she jumped and jerked with a gasp as I sensuously
sucked on her toes!! then I moved back up, this time positioning
myself between her outstretched legs until I reached her writhing
pussy again and plunged my mouth down on it! the suddenness, and the
contrast with the previous feather touch sent her arching immediately
into another orgasm, and again my mouth was filled with her juices,
and she was moaning and crying out, encouraging and directing my
every move! she was totally lost now in the waves and waves of
pleasure racing through her body! I glanced up and saw that her own
hands were now playing with her momentarily neglected breasts!
squeezing them and tugging at the distended nipples! and the sight of
her playing with herself sent a shaft of white hot fire racing
through me, and I knew it was time for me to get in on the act, time
to fulfil that ultimate fantasy!

So I moved up her body, licking and lapping at her stomach on my way
to her breasts, and she sensed what was happening and her hands
dropped from her breasts, dropped to cup and caress my throbbing
prick for the first time! and it was my turn to groan and writhe as
she softly stroked its length!' Oh yes, Anjali!" I groaned, "Touch
daddy's cock! stroke daddy's cock! it feels so good! oh god I've
wanted this for so long!! guide me in sweetheart, guide your daddy to
your hot pussy!!" and she did! slowly, teasingly, rubbing my cock
head up and down her dripping wet pussy lips with one hand, while the
other gripped and fondled my heavy balls, "Mmmm daddy, your cock
feels so big!, so hard!, so hot! and you want to be inside me don't
you? you want to feel your cock sliding deep into my hot pussy don't
you? you want to fuck your horny daughter don't you?!!" she had taken
the initiative now, teasing and arousing me the way I'd been teasing
and arousing her, and I could almost hear the renewed power and
authority come into her voice, almost an air of triumph! "Now daddy!!
now!! fuck your hot cock into me! fuck me hard!! fuck me deep!! I
want you!! I want you!!" and I thrust forward hard!! burying my cock
with one stroke to the hilt in her steaming pussy! and she screamed,
long and loud, "Yes!! oh god Yes!! you're fucking me!! daddy's
fucking me!!" and her body exploded in another violent orgasm that
almost spat my cock right back out again! and bucked me from her
body! but I gripped her tight and thrust my cock deep again! and
again! and again!!

All thoughts of slow and gentle were gone now from both of us! the
tap had been turned on and the accumulated lust and desire of all
those years was pouring out, and I rammed my throbbing, pulsating
cock deeper and harder, "Yes! oh yes, Anjali! I'm fucking you, I'm
fucking my baby at last! I'm fucking my baby!!", and she was
screaming loudly too, urging me on with every thrusting stroke! and
it couldn't last! there was just too much heat! too much raw lust!
too much desperate need in both of us! and I felt the juice begin to
churn and boil inside my balls and I fucked her harder! "Oh god! oh
sweetie, I'm going to cum! I can't hold back! I'm going to cum!!",
her body was bouncing on the bed like it was a trampoline, and her
voice was hoarse as she screamed "Yes daddy! don't stop! shoot your
cum juice into my pussy!! fill me up! fill me up!! fuck me, fuck
meeee!!" and she wailed into an enormous explosion as my cock split
at the seams and belched its load of hot juices into her pussy!! we
were both howling and wailing as our juices churned inside her, and
my red hot cock rammed and thrust into her bucking heaving body!!
neither of us making sense, but both of us emptying out more than cum
juice! emptying out all those years of secret yearning, of secret
fantasizing! and it felt good! in fact it felt a hell of a lot better
than good!! it felt fantastic!! never in the wildest of my dreams had
I imagined it would be like this, that it would feel like this!
perhaps because I never realised that there was similar yearnings
inside Anjali! but I had no doubts now!! she was fucking me every bit
as hard and long as I was fucking her!! and she was loving it every
bit as much as I was! there was a huge, almost demented grin on her
face as she continued to urge me on , continued to milk my spurting
cock!! and I was only too happy to oblige! this was one fuck I never
wanted to end!!

But, of course, end it eventually had to, as the last of the juices
was sucked from my cock by her incredibly athletic pussy, and I began
to soften! but she didn't seem to mind, and just folded herself into
my arms as our lips came together in a deep, passionate post fuck
kiss! a kiss that threatened to ignite us all over again! but slowly
the energy seeped away and we fell apart, exhausted! just looking at
each other through half closed eyes, with silly grins on our faces!!
after a while of just lying, looking at each other, I asked if she'd
like a cool drink, "Mmmm, I'd like that, I think I really need one!"
she whispered, so I eased from the bed and padded into the kitchen to
make us both a tall, cool drink, then carried then back into the
bedroom. She had bunched the pillow up and was sitting half upright
on the bed, but I was pleased to see she'd made absolutely no attempt
to cover any of her gorgeous body. I handed her one of the drinks,
then slid onto the bed beside her and pushed the pillow against the
headboard and sat half upright too! for a moment we silently sipped
our drinks, as a perfectly natural wave of uncertainty and
embarrassment went through us, then we both started to speak at once!
that caused us to burst out laughing, and that in turn caused the
tension to evaporate! I deferred to her,

"You first" I said

She grinned, "I was about to say, I don't want you to feel bad about
what's happened, it was something I wanted very much! something I've
wanted for a long, long time - her grin widened - from the very first
time I saw you rushing from the bathroom to the bedroom with a
massive erection and subsequently heard mom's squeals of delight!!
right then and there I knew I wanted your cock inside me! but
although I often thought you wanted me too, I couldn't be absolutely
certain, and I couldn't risk making a complete fool of myself, so I
took the first opportunity to head off for college so I didn't have
to face that - then she blushed, and giggled - the first time I had
sex with Jeff ( her recent husband ) it was awful! until I started
imagining that it was you and not him! and then it was fantastic!
that shook me up even more!! so I tried to put you out of my head and
make a good wife and mother, but when it all started to unravel, all
I could think of was coming home, coming home to you!! but until
today, I still wasn't sure how you felt!!"

I took both our drinks and placed them on the side table, then took
her into my arms and kissed her deeply, cupping and running my hands
over her breasts at the same time, and I felt her body responding.
Then I pulled away and confessed that things had been much the same
for me! I could even pin point exactly when it had begun, the night
of her 14th birthday when she was getting ready to go out for a
party! I'd walked passed her room and the door had been partially
open, and I'd inadvertently glanced inside and stopped dead in shock!
my little girl wasn't a little girl any more! she was standing in
front of the mirror holding various tops up to her body, obviously
trying to choose which one to wear! but at that moment she was
wearing nothing at all!!

I found my eyes feasting on her incredible tight ass!! and I found
myself reacting!, my cock hardening! and as she discarded each top
and reached for another I could see in the mirror her gorgeous half
formed tits! and I just about exploded! I knew I should move, walk
away, that this wasn't right, but I was transfixed by her sexy body!!
until a sudden yell from her mother broke the spell and I dashed away
frantically trying to get rid of a decidedly unexpected and unwanted
erection!! after that, it just got worse and worse, although I never
saw her in an undressed state again!! - until today!! she laughed,
and reached down and started to stroke my rapidly hardening
cock!, "Oh, poor daddy, if I'd only known, I'd have flashed my
titty's at you every day!! " I laughed with her, "and if I'd known,
I'd have flashed my dick at you every day too!!" I said

Her expression became serious for a moment, "we can't do anything
about the past! but what happens from now on is definitely up to us!
and I don't want to waste any more years wondering and yearning! oh
sure! I'll be hoping to find another husband, because I thank the
kids need to have a father! but having really found my horny daddy at
last, I don't want to lose him again!!" I felt the glow of delight
flow through me at her words, and my cock swelled in her hands, and I
leaned over and lightly brushed my lips across hers once
again, "losing me isn't an option, Anjali!! the only options for us
will be when?, where?, and how? do we fuck!! because I intend to make
sure that you are never dissatisfied or hungry for sex again! ever!!
and that includes if you ever get married again!!" a huge grin filled
her face!

"oooo!!! goody!! daddy's going to fuck me forever!!" and she swiveled
around and plunged her mouth down on my now rampant cock! and I
howled!! "Yes Anjali!! suck daddy's cock!! fuck daddy's cock!!" and I
reached for her body and pulled it to me and my mouth descended on
her hot, juicy pussy once again!! and I began to carry out my
promise!! much to Anjali's delight!!!!