"Sindhu," she choked, knowing further argument with Anil would be
useless. "Sindhu, please...please we have to go home!"
Anil thought that was funny. "Are you joking? Look at your hot
pussied girlfriend and tell me if she wants to leave here now."
The young teenage-girl gasped with agony as she saw what was taking
place on the couch now. Rajesh, having brought Sindhu to a whining
pitch of raw nerves, had removed her panties entirely, and they lay
along with her blouse and bra in a useless heap on the floor beneath
her feet. Rajesh was straddling the girl's erotically heaving chest
now, his greedily smiling face scarcely inches from her widespread
cunt, and Sindhu's mouth was open and her eyes were waxy nothings of
drugged lust. As Nisha watched, Rajesh pressed the flat plane of her
stomach and massaged the outer flanges of her vaginal lips with his
thumbs pressing outward to expose the moist pink slit of Sindhu's
pussy with its firm, erect little clitoris clearly in view just above
the shadowed mouth of her cunt...just as Nisha had seen a moment
before in the movie.
Beside Nisha, Anil pressed a freshly lit brown cigarette to the young
virginal girl's lips, and as she unhesitatingly drew the sweet, acrid
smoke down into her lungs, the shock she had first experienced upon
seeing Rajesh and Sindhu was swept away. Her head lightened and she
pulled on the joint thankfully, beginning at last to hazily enjoy the
movie and the lewd seduction of her girlfriend on the couch beside
her. Anil wormed one finger underneath the secretion band of her
and softly grazed the moist, demanding flesh of her gently pulsating
pussy...and Nisha lightened her inner cunt muscles against further
invasion, only making teasing little shocks that much more acute. She
held her breath for fear that some tell-tale sound would escape
through her lips, while her very being trembled as he wormed his hand
up under her flimsy panties...and now she felt more fingers searching
in her warm pink vaginal lips and moist pubic hair, but she still
couldn't pull her eyes from the couch, where Rajesh's head had
dropped and his tongue--like the dog's tongue--flicked teasingly at
the open little cunt before his face. Sindhu jerked at the hot fleshy
contact and her legs clamped tightly around the boy's head in a vice-
like grip as her hips began to slowly move up and down. Soft mewls of
delight rolled from her clenched lips, and she was caught in a
mindless, drugged fit of uncontrollable lust, nothing mattering
except the nerve-tingling licking on her pussy.
"No ... no," Nisha whimpered abjectly, and she somehow managed to
turn her head away, only to again see the screen, the woman, and the
dog. The woman was being nuzzled by the German Shepherd, and what it
wanted as it ground its snout into her salaciously open vagina was
all too clear...it wanted the woman to turn over on her stomach! And
the woman, after one wild-eyed shudder of terror, obediently rolled
over and knelt up, elevating her firm rounded buttocks before the
great beast in humiliated surrender. She cowered helplessly before
it, awaiting its lascivious attack...!
Nisha's nerves were shattered, her brain whirled, and her body
prickled with sexual heat. She knew deep in her mind that she had to
run...run right now if she were ever going to be free of the warping
influences on her mind, but she couldn't resist the insistent hand on
her helplessly throbbing cunt and the twin lewdnesses of that movie
and what her girlfriend Sindhu was allowing that boy to do to her
body. It was too much for her innocent mind to bear!
"What...what is she waiting for?" the young girl
asked. "She's...she's just hunched over like that. What's the dog
going to do?"
"Why?" Anil chuckled gutturally. "Because the dog's going to fuck
her." "Wh-what?" His obscene explanation burned her soul.
"Fuck her, Nisha," Anil repeated. "Fuck her just like Rajesh is going
to fuck Sindhu and I'm going to fuck you!"
Nisha West almost lost her mind at that moment, and a thin film of
drug-inspired passion glazed over her eyes. She nearly fainted.
Something had to give!
Mr.Varma, Anil's dad has just come back from his business meeting. He
was surprised to see his son Anil's car in the driveway, and there is
one more...even more surprised to notice that while it was there, no
lights were on in the house. He parked along the curb and got out,
scratching his hair in puzzlement. He was about to unlock the front
door and go in, when he reflected what he might be doing if he was a
teenager again and his parents were away...A smile of amusement
crossed his lips, a look of imperturbable amusement.

Varma walked around the side of the house to the garage entrance,
unlocked it, and went in. It was pitch dark, but he knew his way from
experience, and soon he was at the other side of the garage, the
private door which was part closet, part entranceway to the rumpus
room. He glanced around after flipping the light on. He'd been right:
his son was having at it with some local chick, probably fucking her
toes off right at the moment.

Varma crept to the door, listened intently for a moment more, and
then slyly moved a piece of wood away from a special peephole he'd
bored into the door, a large, almost face-sized hole which was
covered on the other side by a mirror--a two-way glass mirror which
had cost a small fortune but had been well worth it. He could see in,
and nobody could see him, and he pressed his face to the glass
eagerly, anticipating what he'd see...

Oh god! It was better than he'd hoped! The light from the TV glowed
around the four young kids on the two couches...and Varma's eyes
bulged at the lewd and perverted scene before him. There was Anil,
grabbing handfuls of tit and cunt, a lovely young girl no more than
sixteen squirming hotly in his clutches...and there, on the other
couch it looked like Anil's friend Rajesh...yes, it was, Rajesh
sucking that other girl's cunt like it was food for a hungry baby!
Varma felt a slight twinge of jealously as he watched their passion-
wrecked bodies, and groaned with desire to be there with them
himself. His own cock burgeoned onto hardness and blood-lust as the
four kids struggled, and beads of sweat broke out on the father's
face as he watched his son and the others being driven mad by their

He had to do something, or he'd cream in his pants right then and
there. Quickly, he dashed back into his study, opened a cupboard door
and took out an expensive German camera which he loaded with special
fast-action night film that he'd used in the past for shots when the
light was bad. He put on a zoom lens so he could catch all the action
and ran back to the two-way mirror. He held the camera up, sighting
through the viewfinder.

"Yes," he said to himself. "That's a good picture-" SNAP went the
shutter. "Now, come on, son...start fucking the crap out of her. All
of you start fucking. Hot damn! To be taking photographs of four
young high school kids fucking while they watch a fuck movie! Doesn't
that take the prize!" And then he laughed, but not loudly or harshly,
for he wanted nothing to spoil the pictures he was getting...

Nisha felt as if she wasn't real. She wasn't certain any longer if
the two writhing bodies on the other, the bodies on the screen, and
Anil's body were figments of her imagination or not, for they seemed
to swim so hazily around in her brain. Time and distance lost their
reality, and her own flesh swayed in tune to the soft pulsating
squeezings of Anil's hands. "No, No ..." she murmured
incoherently. "I want to go home, Anil. Please, I've had enough now."

But Anil continued to stroke and caress her breasts and thighs, teeth
bared over straining lips in lewd mockery of her increasing
helplessness. Nisha spasmed, gurgling deep in her throat as she felt
him slowly rolling her panties down over the whiteness of her
thighs...ever so slowly, inch by inch, and she moaned out her
humiliation as they fell to her knees, down her legs...and finally
off onto the floor. "This is it, baby," Anil whispered hotly into her
ear. "This is what it's all about. Right here, the four of us,
fucking side by side."

The lewd words strangely, and against her will, excited Nisha. She
groaned in drugged surrender as he moved his hands back to her softly
pulsating cunt, spreading her unresisting young thighs open to his
greedily working fingers. Her muscles felt like rubber and she almost
tumbled over, but the boy held her in an imprisoning grip and
caressed her desire-heated flesh and blood-swollen vagina, then
parted her thin pubic hair to open her tender young cunt-lips further
for his coming invasion. Her eyes couldn't leave the screen except to
look briefly at what Sindhu and Rajesh were doing...then she'd groan
and look back at the screen, transfixed by the overt obscenities
taking place on the film.

The woman, still kneeling on all fours, was being mounted from behind
by the huge beast. His hairy paws covered her ivory skin as he hugged
her waist in a lurid pose of bestiality, and the scarlet tube of its
penis slid from its furry sheath and danced in the soft crevice of
the woman's quiveringly up-raised buttocks as the eagerly panting dog
jerked and trembled in its attempt to find the human vagina and bury
its thickly tapered shaft into it. The woman tensed, evading the
alien intrusion, but the dog mindlessly thrust time and time again
until it bared its fangs and growled in frustration, saliva dripping
from its mouth onto the quivering satin back. Nisha held her breath
as she watched the woman desperately reach one slim arm back and
grasp the slippery animal cock, guiding it out of pure terror to the
pink, wet opening between her legs where her open vaginal mouth
flexed invitingly. And then the German Shepherd heaved its massive
loins forward and buried its scarlet penis into her cunt with a quick
wet rush, sinking it to the hilt so that its hairy sperm-filled balls
swung lewdly below her matted pubic hair. A moan of relief seemed to
come from the woman's lips as she began to move rhythmically
backwards to meet the thrust of the panting dog, and she abandoned
herself to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving. Her face
contorted in rapture from the pumping, battering tempo of the dog
cock in her cunt, and her large, taut breasts danced tightly beneath
her writhing torso in time to the skewering long hard rod of
glistening flesh buried fully into her belly.

Nisha's breath was coming in tight gasps and the burning sensation
bubbling in her own little pussy grew maddeningly intense with each
movement she watched and with each fingering Anil was ravishing her
with. Unconsciously, marijuana and alcohol having sapped what little
sanity she had left, she spread her legs wider and leaned back on the
couch so that Anil could have full access to her cunt. Anil was
mesmerized by the breathtaking loveliness of her young virginity so
obscenely displayed, the sleek nubile body of curls and soft
contours, the thin, pink slit running down from the whiteness of her
belly to the full length of her crotch below. He'd fucked a lot of
girls, but never anything so pure, so innocent, so proud. The
helpless, uncontrollable mewlings escaping from those barely touched
lips goaded his cock to rock hardness, and he could feel blood
pounding in its shaft and tiny droplets of seminal fluid oozing from
its sensitive head.

Nisha, transfixed by the woman and dog, heard a wild, wailing moan
from beside her and glanced again toward Sindhu and Rajesh. She
gasped as she saw Sindhu with her legs bent clear back to her
breasts, her whole vaginal area open to the warm night air, her pubic
hair and pink flesh wetly matted from Rajesh's tonguing ... and the
way Sindhu flung her arms out, pleading for more, more ... more. For
the first time in her life Nisha saw a male penis in full erection,
live and throbbing with need only a few feet away from her. It stood
out from his curly pubic hair, and she shuddered as it paused
momentarily above her girl-friend's widespread vagina. He leaned
forward, balancing on his elbows, and Sindhu reached between their
naked bodies to guide his penis between her eagerly quivering thighs.
As he slid it into her cunt, Sindhu moaned just as the woman on the
screen had when the dog began to fuck her. She locked her bare feet
around his buttocks and the two of them started a slow, rhythmic
rocking motion, his thick, lust-hardened shaft sliding out several
inches and then thrusting forward again into Sindhu's burning hole.
Nisha was spellbound by the lewd sight! This was her friend! She had
known that Sindhu wasn't a virgin--or at least had surmised it up
till now--but nothing like this open candidness had ever occurred to
her. Wild-eyed, she watched the tempo build, and the picture of the
locked bodies drumming the couch cushions caused her to groan and
rock on her own buttocks, spreading them open to the ever-increasing
demands of Anil's hands. Her cunt opened and closed tormentedly
around his fingers as they sawed into her virgin pussy, the cords of
her neck standing out as she pulled with all of her strength to
somehow control the enveloping flames of lust.

"Ohhhh, Ahhhh!" the wildly aroused teenager moaned, and she rolled
against Anil, and he moved around, forcing her to sprawl like a
helplessly gasping doe at bay on the leather cushions. She was unable
to stop the crazed course of his attentions, not knowing what she
should do or say, and not even knowing at this point if she wanted
them stopped! She couldn't believe what was happening to her, what
had broken through every one of the searing commandments her mother
and her own morality had engraved upon her! Who was she to have made
those silly vows about chastity only hours previously--and then to be
twisting and undulating her naked body like a little slut beneath a
boy she hardly knew, almost begging him to fuck her. She had to get
hold of herself. She had to--and then Anil unzipped his pants and let
her anguished eyes see his virile young penis and the last remnants
of Nisha's promises shattered into tiny unrecognizable pieces.

It was all Anil could do to keep from shoving his desire-bloated cock
into her right then, impaling her the way he might a more experienced
girl like Sindhu, but the desire to be able to fuck this sweet young
innocent anytime he wanted in the future made him slow his teasing
slightly, to work her into a state where she would always want cock,
more cock, all the time ...He rolled on top of her, his rigid penis
brushing against the dampness of her pubic hair, and planting his
hands on either side of her shoulders, he could look down between
their bodies and see her upturned little cuntal split completely
exposed to his throbbing shaft, and its narrow hair-fringed little
mouth throbbing in lewd invitation. Her smooth inner thighs were held
wide apart by the pressure of his thighs pressing tightly outward
against her helplessly splayed legs.

Nisha could see the boy hovering over her through her passion and
drug-filled eyes, and felt the hugeness of his fleshy hardness lying
the full length of her excitedly quivering pussy-lips, the jerking
head of his cock pulsing, insinuating itself in her in a maddening
tease that caused her to twist her hips up toward it automatically,
her starving young pussy searching desperately for fulfillment.

Anil pushed forward ...

furrow around her now hungrily throbbing vagina opened, and the
elastic tightness of her hymen resisted. Anil flexed again, driving a
little harder at the entrance to her virginity, and then gave a small
surge, the cock-head buried in the clasping grip of her cunt acting
like a battering ram against the thin defensively resisting hymen.
Suddenly, the flimsy membrane split, giving way before the cruel
pressure, and with a pain so harsh that Nisha emitted a high-pitched
scream; she felt the wound of her virginity gush blood. Anil liked
that, liked the whole damned idea that he was fucking a cherry, and
he shoved again, sinking his lust-inflated cock all the way up into
her until suddenly, with a low moaning grunt, he hit the tip of her
vainly cringing cervix at the back of her vaginal tunnel.

The girl screwed her firm rounded young buttocks down on the cushions
in a futile attempt to escape the sudden impalement, her legs jerking
wide, kicking hopelessly up in the air.

"Noooo! Eeeeee! Oh, God, noooo!"

She whined, not caring who heard her so long as the pain which was
burning deep up in her crowded entrails would stop, but Anil pinned
her down with his body and arms, his hard young penis burrowing
farther and farther up inside her belly with each further fucking
motion. Oh God, she thought hazily to herself, it was alive in her.
The smooth rubbery tip pressed hotly against the thinly grasping
folds of her womb and was a part of her, and as her beautifully
formed face contorted insanely with the agony of his tortuous
stabbings, her tongue licking wildly at her slightly swollen lips as
she defensively flexed her cuntal muscles to ease the cruelly searing
pain. But, her actions only incited the now triumphantly grinning boy
more, and he rotated his penis eagerly around inside the vainly
resisting passage while her cringing young pussy walls clasped it
like a warm, butter-filled glove.

Then...magically as he slowed his assault, and began a smooth, gentle
fucking motion between her thighs...the pain began oddly to recede,
giving way to an electric thrill which first started where the head
of his cock was, and then worked its way relentlessly, teasingly,
into every nerve fiber in her flesh, until it was sensuously, and
with unwanted pleasure, rippling her cunt and contracting her belly
and making the berry-like nipples of her breasts harden as never

"Ohhh," she whimpered through bared teeth, as frightened of the new
sensation as she was of the old pain. Anil jerked again and with a
thin, knowing smile on his lips, watched her mouth drop slackly open.

pumping cock expanded and stretched her newly devirginated young cunt
still more. "Ohhhh, Anil! Oh, Anil, ohhhhhh!"

The boy felt the involuntary answering throbs of her cunt walls begin
around the head of his penis, and her thinly bearded little pussy-
lips opening and closing now in a slow, pulsating manner as she
rotated her hips tentatively to his slowly grinding pelvis. Nisha
felt as if her heart was imbedded deep up inside her cunt, and she
and Anil were one fleshy mass of sensation, wickedly pleasurable,
merging magically with one another. "Ohhhhh," she sighed. "Ahhhhhh!"

The young boy initiated lengthy, hard strokes into her hotly steaming
channel now, the full hard shaft of his incited member sinking deeply
up into her ravaged vagina. His shoulders pushed against her and kept
her secured in a helpless doubled over position, but it was
unnecessary now for the suddenly wildly aroused young Nisha was
thrusting up against him, her heavings urgent and faster by the
second, her small white teeth biting hard together as she strained
desperately in response, the juices of her surrendered young vagina
flowing wildly and rivuleting down between the crevice of her
buttocks to pool with the tiny, already drying droplets of blood on
the cushions below.

Goddamn, my son's fucking that hot little pussy good. Varma grinned
proudly as he let the film click through his camera, catching Anil's
hard young cock disappearing between the voluptuously writhing
teenager's widespread thighs. An obscene thrill coursed through the
father, and a half-cruel smile crossed his face as he wondered if
there was some way that he could enter in and get a little of that
hot young pussy he was photographing. His mind spun with a hundred
different plans as he soaked in the lewd sight of the twin teenage
couples fucking almost side by side. He reached down and massaged his
bloated cock which was painfully hard and throbbing in the prison of
his pants, and he could tell that his underpants were wet with the
secretions of his excitement, the pain so excruciating that he was
forced to zip down his fly and allow the white cotton of his shorts
to bulge out to their full limit. And still he kept his eyes glued to
the viewfinder, capturing every erotic second of the lewdly inciting
spectacle on celluloid ...

Nisha's feet kicked out again, but this time in pleasure, not pain, a
whirlwind of delirious sensations tearing through the girl as half-
coherent cries of rising ecstasy tumbled ceaselessly from her open
lips and she locked her ankles to his legs and skewered her hot,
moist pussy up the full length of the boy's virile young cock. Sweat
poured from her, and her fingers raked the pounding cheeks of his
buttocks, trying to pull him still deeper. She rolled in heat, and
the hard young penis continued its powerful surging motions, her cunt
hole stretched wide and becoming accustomed to it now. She let him
fuck her as he willed, wanting to experience everything about sex now-
-especially what she'd heard about the climactic ejaculation when his
white hot sperm would shoot up in her and mingle with her own
orgasmic secretions.

"Ohhhh, yes, Anil," she chanted. "Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhh ..."

"Tell me better," he hissed. "Tell me exactly what you want!"

"Oh, Anil ... what are you doing to me? I never thought it could be
so wonderful! Do it! Do it to me!"

"Say it the right way!" he choked impatiently. "Tell me you like me
fucking you!"

"OOOOOh God, I ... I like you fucking me!" she whispered but then he
levered again and she screamed out passionately: "Ohhh yesss; Fuck me
like that! Fuck my hot little cunt!" She didn't care if her
girlfriend Sindhu and Rajesh heard her, not any more, not with the
crazy passion, desire, and lust which ran rampant through her
greedily writhing body. She didn't care about anything or anybody--
except for Anil's raging, surging young cock.

"I figured you'd like to get fucked all the time once you had your
first taste of it," he gloated over her.

"Oh, yes. You can fuck me, fuck me ... Anil you can fuck me any time
you want. Ohhh, this is so wonderful." She was willing to say
anything so that he wouldn't stop the magnificent strokings of his
hardened cock into her newly awakened vagina. She was shocked to hear
what her own traitorous lips were saying, but the only thing that
mattered for her desire-maddened mind and body was to be fucked...to
be fucked and cum, to reach that apex of ecstasy rising deep within
her belly and loins.

"That's my hot little bitch." Anil crowed, and he surged forward
still harder, enveloping her entire mind and body in pressing lusts
of the flesh. She turned her face to one side so she could suck in
the hot air her aching lungs required, panting with sexual frenzy,
catching in her fevered gaze the thick, pummeling cock of Rajesh as
it fused with her girlfriend Sindhu's hungrily nibbling cunt, sinking
far into her open vaginal lips as his balls bounced with a flat,
rhythmic sound off of her nakedly squirming buttocks. And the
lascivious sight only spurred Nisha on, for she felt a new kinship
with her girlfriend and knew now what had made the difference between
her and Sindhu before, and what a fool she'd been not to have allowed
the bridge of a boy's cock to cross the chasm between being a child
and a woman.

"Fuck ... fuck me ..." she moaned. "Cum ... Cum in me, Anil ..."

"I will. I will." Anil groaned in reply. "Fuck back harder, baby. I'm
almost there. Fuck harder."

Nisha obeyed mindlessly, for she was approaching orgasm as well, and
her sweat-drenched body was more animal than human, twisting and
contorting crazily under the boy's wildly driving penis as she spread
her legs and pulled them back, bending them at the knees so that she
could buck up against the battering force of his iron-like cock
harder and deeper. Her eyes whirled from Sindhu and Rajesh back to
the obscene movie, and she felt just as close to the unknown woman as
she was to her girlfriend, knowing as Anil fucked into her how that
woman must feel with the heaving cock of the German Shepherd sliding
into her from behind. The woman was a quivering mass of sweating,
deranged flesh that begged for more subjugation on the bed, reveling
in the ultimate humiliation of being screwed half to death by this
panting beast before a movie camera. Nisha watched in wicked
fascination, feeling Anil growing harder up inside her and nearing
her climax as the woman churned in her beginning throes of orgasm.
The animal humped eagerly into her desperately waving buttocks, and
then the woman rammed backwards, her mouth open in a soundless
scream, and the dog's cock started to spit its heated animal sperm in
hard thin jets deep into her clasping cunt. Nisha watched wide-eyed
as the woman's smoothly rounded buttocks contracted uncontrollably,
and thick white liquid seeped from the lips of her cunt squeezing the
animal's prick. Thin trails of the sticky cum ran down the ivory
columns of her legs, glistening on her backsides and thighs, and then
she pitched forward on her face, the rapidly deflating dog cock
slipping out from her pink, semen-drenched passage with slithering
liquid finality. The dog stood over the unconscious woman wagging its
tail in obvious appreciation, and in a last act of obscenity dropped
its head to her openly spread cunt and lapped up its own semen which
matted the curls of her pubic hair. It gulped greedily, its muzzle
gently cleaning her ravished vagina and anus ...

Jesus, look at them go, Varma thought in lascivious fascination as he
watched the lithely beautiful girls racing toward their own orgasms
beneath the wildly fucking young boys. Look at those hot little
teenage bitches go--especially that one my son is balling! His
fingers continued to caress the stiffened cock inside his shorts
until at last he yanked the material aside and, like a steel spring,
his cock shot free. He kept his eyes to the camera, but his fingers
continued to stroke the burning cock and he could feel the rising of
his cum in the base of his testicles. His whole fist wrapped around
the hard pole of flesh, and he furiously pumped the rigid skin in
time to the double fuckings his--and the camera's--all-recording
eyes ...

"Cum ... Cum ..." Nisha panted, her body ready to explode.

As if in answer, Rajesh on the other couch screamed out: "I'm there!
Ohhh, shit, Sindhu! Here it comes!" A low banshee wail erupted from
Sindhu's lips and echoed through the room as their two bodies slapped
fleshily together. Her nostrils flared as she pulled back her thighs
until the whole of her pink, cock-filled vaginal slit was presented
to Rajesh to batter and crush, while her stoach and breasts jerked
spasmodically against his belly and chest. She held her breath, only
to expel it a moment later as if she had been hit in the gut, and her
body collapsed limply onto the cushions, her hungrily quivering cunt
still locked tightly around Rajesh's surging cock. All of her fevered
climax had been caught by Varma's lewd camera, and he beat off still
harder at the carnal sight of the young boy's heated young cum
spurting from between the girl's hotly pulsing thighs. Shit ...
shit ... now for my son and that other bitch to cum ... Shit, this is
too much to take.

And then Nisha sensed the muscles of Anil's abdomen tighten against
her flesh and she braced herself. Her first male cum. The first time
a boy had emptied his balls into her belly. She knew in an illogical
flash of thought that it would not be her last time ... and then
Anil's penis expanded and she could feel that the whole tube which
ran beneath the underside of his penis was bulging with white hot
fluid. He moaned and hissed and then thick semen splashed deep inside
her belly, causing her cuntal walls to pulse in time to the
rhythmically throbbing spurts, and she shivered and blindly reacted.

"Oh, Anil ... oh, fill my belly ... Ohhhhhh." Then her cries were
abruptly cut off as she arched her back and clenched her greedy young
cunt-lips hungrily at his cock as it erupted deep up inside her
pussy, and her own orgasmic juices flowed with his sperm and
overflowed her eagerly milking channel, running down over her thighs
and buttocks. She felt completely void of all normal emotions as the
paralyzing orgasm covered her like a warm blanket, deadening her
nerves and bones until she couldn't feel anything but one huge
miraculous joy. Her legs unwound from around him and dropped lifeless
to his sides after her convulsive spasms had ceased, and Anil's cock
trickled out the remainder of his cum as she sighed dreamily, lost in
the newly discovered world of sensuality. She could never return to
her naive, virgin ways; but she had to admit that she didn't miss the
physical proof of innocence, not now, not after she'd traded it for a
better, more enriching life ...

Varma was entranced with every instant of his son's and the girl's
climaxes, with seeing Anil's thin white semen seep from between her
young, taut buttocks as they shuddered and jerked in tiny waves of
slowly dying excitement. He felt as if his own penis was buried in
that girl's tender young cunt, its bulbous head sliding to the back
of the warm throbbing tightness of her wet, hair-fringed ring of
flesh, and then his prick suddenly shot out thin, quick streams of
cum as his imagination and his hand combined to allow him to enjoy
the fiery sensations of climax. His pumping cock spewed heavy
droplets upon the door, splattering against it and then rolling down
in long, slow trails ... In his mind, Varma was shooting far into the
softly flesh of that tight-pussied teenager his son was enjoying. The
wild ache in his loins eased momentarily, as Varma choked back a
gasping sob and fell to the floor, hardly able to hold onto the

But not before he had thought of a devilish scheme to get his way!
Yes! And it would work well, if he knew his son as well as he thought
he did ...