A True Mother and Son Incest Story

Part 1

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to make love to my
mother. These thoughts probably started because of an incident that
took place when I was only twelve years old. I was in my bedroom doing
homework and my mother was in the next room taking a bath. She called
for me and asked if I would fetch her razor from the hall closet and
then bring it to her. I agreed. I figured that I would simply open up
the bathroom door, mom would cover herself, and I would hand the razor
to her. No big deal, right? Wrong! When I opened the door into the
bathroom, mom stood up in the tub (while completely naked) and took
the razor from my hand. What I saw made me stop in my tracks. At the
time, mom was thirty-five years old, 5'10, 125#, had firm medium sized
breasts with large nipples, and a VERY dark, thick bush. I believe mom
must have
thought that I was embarrassed by what I saw. I wasn't. I was simply
amazed. After what seemed like minutes, I turned, walked out of the
bathroom, and returned to my bedroom.

Just like any other young man, I masturbated quite frequently during my
teens. However, instead of thinking about the Playmate of the Month or
some porno star, the object of my masturbation sessions was always my
mom. Years later, when I was thirty years old, my wife and I were having
marital problems. We had been married for five years and our sex life
was simply a bore. I tried everything with my wife to make things more
interesting. I bought books on how to better satisfy your spouse,
tried to seduce her in other ways, bought her presents, and even
suggested seeing a marital counselor who
specializes in sexual issues. None of my attempts at spicing up our sex
life worked.
One Saturday afternoon while our toddler was napping, I lured my wife
into our
bedroom and tried to seduce her. She simply made some comment that she
had too
much housework to do and the last thing on her mind was "having sex."

Hearing that, I got in my car and left the house, totally pissed off. I
up driving around for over an hour thinking about what had just taken
Without planning to do so, I realized that I was near the exit to my
home so I decided to stop by and talk to my dad. When I knocked on the
door no
one answered. Just as I was about to get back into my car, mom opened
front door and yelled for me to come back. It was obvious that she had
been in
the shower because her hair was wet and she was wearing a robe. Upon
the house, mom said that it was a nice surprise I had stopped by. I
told her
that I had stopped to talk to dad and she told me that he was working.
that, I decided to go on home and let mom get back to getting dressed.
Mom then
asked if something was wrong. I told her yes, but said that I would
talk about the issue with dad. She asked why I couldn't talk to her
about what
was going on. I hesitantly told her it was a sexual issue. Mom then
said, "well
maybe I could help."

For the next half an hour I proceeded to tell mom about the problems
with my
sex life. Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, I soon loosened
up and
was telling her everything. I told her that everything else in my
was okay, but that our sex life just totally sucked. What mom said next
surprised me. Under her breath she said, "Join the club."

When I asked her to repeat what she had said, she told me that I had
her the first time. I admitted I had, but that I just wanted to hear
her say it
again to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Mom then went on to tell me
she had been unsatisfied sexually since her second year of marriage to
father (over thirty-four years prior). I then asked mom how she dealt
with the
problem. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed by my question.
with some further prodding, she answered me by saying that she took
care of the
problem by masturbating. This just totally blew me away! The thought of
mom masturbating turned me and within seconds I had the biggest hard-on
imaginable. I soon realized that mom had taken notice of the rise in my
shorts, so I
adjusted my cock (and my seating position) so my hard-on wouldn't be so
noticeable. I should have changed the subject, but I continued to ask
her questions
about what she liked in a man sexually. Mom told me that she loved
and was willing to experiment, but that dad wasn't.

In a low voice I muttered, "Dad doesn't know how good he has it."

She asked me what I meant, and I told her that dad is nuts if he
doesn't know
how lucky he is. I then went one step further and said that he is nuts
not wanting her because she is so beautiful and obviously liked to have
After saying that, mom got this look in her eyes and I thought for sure
I had
stepped over the line. Instead, mom looked down at the ground and asked
if I
would like to find out what dad was missing out on. Not taking her
serious, I
chuckled. Mom got up out of her chair and ran upstairs to the second
floor. It
took a minute for me to realize that she was NOT kidding. I immediately
got out
of my seat and followed her upstairs.

Once upstairs, I found mom in the master bedroom leaning against her
She was crying. I apologized and explained that I thought she was
When she didn't say anything, I got behind her and put my hands on her
waist. As
I looked in the mirror at her, she closed her eyes and laid her head
back on
my shoulders. I then proceeded to kiss moms neck. Minutes later, I
moved my
hands from her waist and proceeded to untie the front of her robe.
Looking in
the mirror again, I pulled the sides of her robe open. Underneath of
the robe,
mom was completely naked.

This was the first time in eighteen years that I had seen her like
While still looking at her body in the mirror, I began to touch her. I
began with
her belly, and then moved on to her nipples. Mom was moaning softly and
whispered that my touch felt good. When I started to move my hands down
towards her
pussy, she moved away and turned towards me. I then took her face in my
and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Feeling my mothers tongue in my
was truly the most erotic feeling that I had even experienced in my
Minutes later, mom broke our kiss and proceeded to undress me.

When I was completely naked, mom stood in front of me and let her robe
to the floor. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss again. After a
few more
minutes of some intense kissing, mom began kissing her way down my
chest. She
then got on her knees and began stroking my cock with her hand. As I
down at her, she lightly licked the head of my cock while rubbing my
balls with
her free hand. Within minutes, she was bobbing up and down on my dick
with a
fury that I had never experienced before. My wife would sometimes give
me a
blowjob, but I could always tell that she really wasn't in to it. Mom
truly was!

When I was on the brink of cumming, I pulled back and told mom that she
better stop. She looked up at me and asked why. When I told her that I
going to cum, she pushed me back onto the bed, got between my legs, and
to suck my cock and stroke the base with her hand. Within minutes, I
that I was cumming. Instead of taking it out of her mouth, she simply
harder and it seemed to turn her on. When I had finished cumming, I
looked down
at mom and she let my cock drop from her mouth. Unbelievable! I had
experienced the feeling of cumming in someone's mouth before and I knew
I was

I got up from the bed and motioned for mom to stand up. I put her hands
the edge of the bed, and leaned her over. I immediately got on my knees
her and began eating her pussy. I had eaten out quite a few women in my
but this was definitely the best tasting pussy I had ever had the
pleasure of
experiencing. I tongued and licked her pussy like there was no
tomorrow. To her
surprise, I then began to lightly lick her asshole. I could tell by her
reaction that it startled her at first, but within minutes she was
begging me not
to stop. Once her pussy and ass were completely soaking wet from the
combination of my saliva and her pussy juices, I took one finger and
inserted it into
her pussy and took another and put it into her ass. Mom began pushing
against my
hand in an effort to get deeper penetration. As she moaned loudly, I
tell that this was indeed a woman who truly enjoyed sex. Next, I stood
her and gently inserted my hard cock into her pussy.

Up until that moment, kissing mom was the most erotic feeling I had
experienced in my life. Feeling my cock inside of her completed the
picture. I
fucked her from behind until I felt my balls swell with cum. When I
moaning, she looked back at me and asked if I was going to cum. When I
said yes,
she immediately got on her knees again and started sucking my cock.
With a fury
I had never experienced before, I came in her mouth for a second time.
time when I had finished cumming, mom looked up at me and opened her
mouth. My
entire load was laying on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and
Wow! As we laid on the bed and I recovered from cumming a second time,
I asked
her why she had decided to have me cum in her mouth. She said that it
so good the first time she just had to have more. For the next two
hours we
continued our fuck and suck session. I even had anal sex for the first

This event took place three years ago. Since then, mom and I have
to meet at least once a week and have incredible sex. We both feel that
as long
as we can continue to have sex without it messing up our marriages, we
continue. To be honest, it has actually helped our marriages. Neither
of us
is no longer pissed off at our spouses for not being interested in sex
since we
are getting laid somewhere else.

Part 2

Since submitting my original story, "A True Mother and Son Incest
Story," to
your web-site, I have received hundreds of emails asking for more. As
in my original story, our relationship is NOT made up, but is
completely true.

For those of you who did not read my story, the first time mom and I
had sex
was three years ago. At that time, I was thirty and mom was
fifty-three. I am
now thirty-three, and mom is a very young looking fifty-six. Mom and I
continued our little get-togethers on a weekly basis, and words cannot
how intense our lovemaking sessions are.

Once my story had been posted to this web-site, I immediately sent mom
email that included a web-link to the story I had written. Since mom
wasn't aware
that I had written about us, I didn't know what type of reaction I
would get
from her. The day after I had sent mom the web-link, I received an
email back
from her asking me to stop by her house that evening. I returned her
email and
agreed to stop by. However, I questioned why she wanted to see me since
weekly get-together wasn't supposed to be for another two days. Her
reply was
simply, "You've been a bad boy."

The rest of my afternoon at work was a blur. My mind was too focused on
mom was going to react to my story for me to be thinking about work. I
ended up
leaving work early that afternoon, and quickly set out for my parent's
When I arrived, the house was dark and there was a note on the kitchen
that simply said, "I'm in the bedroom." When I entered my parent's
bedroom, I
found mom lying on her bed with a printed copy of the story I had
written. When
our eyes met, she asked why I had written about our affair. I explained
I simply had to tell someone what was going on and writing an anonymous
was the best way to get it out of my system. I asked if she was mad,
and her
reply was "No, not really. To be honest, it kind of turned me on." Mom
told me that we were going to try something new that evening. She made
promise to be open-minded, and that I was to write another story if I
enjoyed the
experience. After I had agreed to her terms, she invited me to sit next
to her
on the bed.

Once I was sitting on the bed, mom moved behind me and began kissing
sucking on my ears (she knows how much this turns me on). Next, she
moved to the
floor, got on her knees between my legs, and began undressing me. Once
I was
completely naked, mom proceeded to suck my cock. There is something
about the
way that mom sucks my cock that is completely different from anyone
else I have
been with. Not only does she really enjoy doing it, but she will not
give me
head simply as a form of foreplay. She is not satisfied until she has
made me
come. To date, I can think of only two or three times in the past three
that she has let me cum anywhere but in her mouth.

Anyway, back to my story. After a few minutes of sucking my cock, mom
surprised me by stopping when she realized that I was near orgasm. She
looked up at
me and told me to lay face down on the bed. I did as she asked and mom
disappeared to her walk-in closet. Moments later, she returned to the
room carrying a
jar of lubricant and wearing a strap-on dildo. Seeing the size of the
dildo I
immediately began to protest. Mom then threatened that I would never
fuck her in the ass unless I let her fuck me. It didn't take me long to
Mom then said that I should elevate my ass by putting a couple of
underneath me. I did as she asked. The next thing I knew, mom had lubed
up one of
her fingers and was beginning to probe the entrance to my ass. Feeling
finger being inserted into me, I immediately began to tighten my
asshole. She told
me to relax the muscles in my ass and to simply lay there and enjoy it.
I did
as she said and continued to let her work her finger in and out of my
When one finger began to slide in and out with no problem, she inserted
Before I knew it, mom had three fingers inside my ass and I was
beginning to enjoy it. When she removed her fingers, I knew what was
coming next.
As I looked back over my shoulder, I watched mom lubricate the dildo.
As I
watched her lubricate the dildo, I noticed how large it was. It had to
be at least
nine or ten inches long, and double the girth of my cock. I protested
told her that this wasn't fair.

"My cock is no where near as big as that thing," I said.

Once again, she told me to relax and trust her. The next thing I know
head of this rubber cock is penetrating my ass. I must admit, the pain
was pretty
intense at first. The head on this dildo was huge! But once mom had
this monster inside of me an inch or two, a different feeling came over
me as I
felt the tip begin to rub against my prostate. Instead of trying to
push away
from her, I found myself pushing my ass towards her in an effort to
deeper penetration. After a few minutes of mom fucking me, I pulled the
out from underneath of me and got on my knees. Sensing that I was
beginning to
enjoy what she was doing to me, mom reached around and started stroking
cock. Deeper and deeper mom penetrated my ass with this dildo until she
had at
least seven or eight inches inside of me. She fucked my asshole like
there was
no tomorrow! Without warning, I felt my balls tighten, and I released a
of cum all over her bedspread. When I finally stopped coming, mom
removed the
dildo from my ass and told me that she knew I would like it. She was
right, I
did. It is not even two days later and I am sitting here writing this