Incest Stories


 1. Abandoned


Summary: a young man who goes out on a quest to find his biological mother.


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 2. Alex Loves Jasmine


Summary: A frustrated little sister runs away from home to fall in the arms of her sweet loving brother.


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 3. Banging Brandon


Summary: Her brother gets drunk one night and his sister gets her way with him.


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 4. Becoming My Brother's Girlfriend


Summary: Visiting her older brother in college, a girl learns he is still heartbroken over a girl who dumped him for his own roommate. Little sister pretends to be her brother's girlfriend in order to piss off the ex-girlfriend but instead discovers her own love for her brother.


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 5. Big Brother's Little Woman


Summary: A story about a Hispanic brother and sister. Adriana is ready to become a woman to her boyfriend but big brother isn't going to stand for that!


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 6. Big Bro Love


Summary: This is the very first erotic story I ever wrote. Jessy's big brother David comes home from college, and she realizes her true feelings for him.


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 7. Big Bro Love – The Sequel


Summary: Jessy and David meet again after she gets out of college.


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 8. Birthday Surprise


Summary: Two brothers give their little sister a beautiful birthday gift


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 9. Brother Of The Bride


Summary: About to marry, she's seduced by her brother.


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10. Corrupting The Golden Boy


Summary: Aidan is a parents dream child that is until his little sister discovers a secret about him. Now she will tell unless he becomes her sex toy. But soon the game turns into true love.


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11. Defending Little Sis


Summary: A young man stands up for his little sister when a guy at school starts spreading rumors about her. Little sister thanks her brother in the sweetest way.


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12. Father's Day


Summary: A brother and sister mourn over their father's death but find comfort in one another.


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13. Going Fishing


Summary: My first bro/bro story. Two brothers go fishing but end up catching more that what they bargained for.


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14. Good Twin, Bad Twin


Summary: Two rivalry twins realize the importance of family and love after a huge fight.


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15. Hope & Faith


Summary: My first sis/sis story. Two sisters impregnated by their brother who is now in jail, find love with one another.


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16. Jealous Girl


Summary: Desiree runs out all of her big brother's girlfriends because she has her own eyes set on him!


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17. Lost In The Woods


Summary: A brother and sister get lost and think they found shelter with a sweet old man who turns out to be their "master." An incest version of the fairytale Hansel and Gretel.


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18. Man Of My Dreams


Summary: After a car accident leaves a young man's face disfigured, he learns his sister loves him unconditionally.


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19. Man Of My Dreams – The Sequel


Summary: This is the follow up to the story Man Of My Dreams. I usually don't do sequels but a good friend of mine convinced me to. In this story Nicole's brother invites her to the prom. Who knows what the night will have in store for them.


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20. Memories Of Joseph



When a woman catches her son and daughter kissing, she begins to remember her own love for her brother.


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21. Mother's Day


Summary: A young lonely mommy gets help from her hot brother.


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22. My Brother, My Lover


Summary Callie needs a job and finds a place to stay with her older brother. Soon the two siblings slowly fall in love with each other.


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23. My Cousin, My Lover


Summary: The continuing story of David and Rebecca (the cousins from My Brother, My Lover) and their struggle to keep their relationship. (This story is still in progress)


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24. Peaches


Summary: A brother and sister discover young love on a warm summer's day.


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25. Second Chances


Summary: Alone with her handsome grandson, a grandmother discovers love can happen a second time. In honor of Grandparent's Day.


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26. Silent Night, Naughty Night


Summary: An Incest Christmas Story.


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27. Sleeping Cutie


Summary: An incest twist to the original fairytale "Sleeping Beauty."


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28. Teen Daddy


Summary: A college girl learns her little brother is a teen father and now is curious about how good of a lover he is.


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29. Three Wicked Brothers


Summary: A sexy incest twist to the original Cinderella Fairytale.


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30. You & Your Friend


Summary: A young girls friend makes her realize her crush for her own brother.


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Celebrity Stories


1.    Christina Aguilera's Awakening


Summary: What really happened between Christina Aguilera, Fred Durst, Eminem, and Carson Daly.


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2.    Come Away With me


Summary: A male fan meets Norah Jones


Codes: MF Fan Celeb Cons rom oral pett


3.    Cold Heat


Summary: This is a short story I wrote since I was inspired by a fan of mine. It's based on the Mortal Kombat character Sub Zero. Amy plays the game and soon enough gets trapped in the game with her fantasy man.


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4.    Full House: The Reunion


Summary: The famous John Stamos recieves an invitation to the Olsen Twin's 17th birthday party and gets more than he thought he would.


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5.    Jessica Simpson's Wedding Night


Summary: My version on what happened the night of the pop singer Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's wedding.


Codes: MF celeb rom 1st cons oral



6.    Justin Timberlake's Heartbreak


Summary: Only Joel Madden singer of the band Good Charlotte and Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, can heal Justin's broken heart.


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7.    Nsync's #1 Fan


Summary: A young college girl wins a radio contest to meet Nsync and gets more than what she thought she would.


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8.    The Kidnapping Of Justin Timberlake


Summary: Three sexy sirens kidnap the teen heartthrob.


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Teen Stories


 1. Beautiful Thing


Summary: Two best friends discover the joys of puberty.


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 2. Denny & I


Summary: A girl describes her first love.


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 3. Falling Stars


Summary: A teen girl fantasizes about her next door neighbor.


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 4. Take My Breath Away


Summary: A young man meets a beautiful stranger that changes his life.


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Supernatural Stories


1.    A Witch's Love


Summary: A witch will do anything to keep her true love.


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2.    Astrid's Choice


Summary: Where do we go when we die?


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3.    Extraterrestrial Love


Summary: A lonely woman gets a surprise of a lifetime when aliens pick her up and take her to their planet.


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4.    Genie In My Bottle


Summary: A lonely college girl meets a genie and soon learns the real meaning of true love.


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 5.  Ghost Boyfriend


Summary: Her deceased boyfriend comes back to straighten things out.


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6.    Haunting Women


Summary: A man meets two mysterious women.


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7.    Johnny Angel


Summary: Where do fallen angels go?


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8. Saturday Night


Summary: A selfish girl gets what she wishes for.


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8.    Send Me An Angel


Summary – We are always being watched.


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Miscellaneous Stories


1.    Freddy & Jason


Summary: In the spirit of Halloween. A college girl encounters two mysterious men dressed as Freddy Kruger and Jason from Friday The 13th.


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2.    Giselle


Summary: A non-erotic story. Sometimes money isn't everything.


Codes: MF no-sex


3.    Gerald's Infidelity


Summary: He learns the ugly truth of infidelity.


Codes: MF true cons het cheat oral pett


4.    Keeping Him


Summary: A woman goes to the extreme of keeping her womanizing husband


Codes: MF true dru het cheat oral anal


5.    Little Star


Summary: My first non-erotic story about a woman who must deal with the loss of her daughter. For the spirit of Christmas.


Codes: no-sex rom TimeTr



6.    My Bloody Valentine


Summary: This is a bit of a fetish story but more like a romance story. A woman learns to give up her inhibitions and gets a surprise from her lover at the end. In honor of Valentine's Day


Codes: MF rom cons het oral



7.    Not A Saint (co-written with Powerone)


Summary: Michael has to have her. Jessica, new to the company, becomes his friend, not knowing his plans to take her and make her submit to him and force her to love him.


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8.     Oh Dolly!


Summary: Blow up dolls aren’t just for geeks.


Codes: Solo toys


9.    Precious Things (co-written with Powerone)


Summary: A beautiful young college girl meets an older man. She decides to find out what it would be like to make love to him.


Codes: MF rom coll cons oral anal solo



10. Spoiled Rotten


Summary: A man turns the tables on his spoiled wife.


Codes: MF reluc D/S Mdom span rough lght anal







1.      First Time

2.      Forbidden Place

3.      Heaven

4.      Rain

5.      Still

6.      Taste

7.      Underneath You



  1. Bandit
  2. Boyfriend In A Coma
  3. Dream Guy
  4. Roses Fade
  5. My Breasts
  6. Stolen Car
  7. Thelma & Louis