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You wanted to try a threesome with a second man, I had harboured the stereotypical male fantasy of seeing you in action with another women. Irrespective of their gender we were both keen to explore the possibilities of a sexual threesome. Whilst it would be gratifying to say that after an intelligent and well informed debate we reached a mutually consensual conclusion, the mundane truth is that you won best of three at scissors, paper, stone! Having reached a conclusion on the sex of the person that we wanted to play with, we then moved on to the more difficult issue, how exactly to find somebody suitable. Neither of us had friends, or god forbid, relatives with whom we wanted to indulge, so it was off to the good old interweb for our search. Whilst this sounds like a simple route to take we couldn't believe the number of nutters and weirdos out there. The search that we, naively, thought might take a few days ultimately took two months. After correspondence, phone calls and a meet for a drink we finally found ourselves in bed with Geoff (feel free to change name). We had started with a couple of glasses of champagne and then he and I had started to kiss and caress your body whilst starting to gently remove your clothing. Your dress slipped down your body revealing a sexy black bra, knickers, suspenders and stockings (yes I know it's another cliché but humour me). I unhooked your bra and began to suck gently on your right breast. As I drew the puckered nub of your nipple into my mouth and gently stroked it with my tongue I could feel it starting to stiffen and grow like a mini erection. As I heard you groan in pleasure I assumed that it was my ministrations causing your arousal. However as I looked down I realised that Geoff had not remained idle, he had drawn your lacy knickers to one side and was laving your cunt slowly but tantalisingly with his tongue, whilst gently stroking the inside of your thigh with his fingers. As your excitement began to mount you whispered to us, "this is a bit one sided, you two are overdressed for this." Both of us being able to take a hint we stopped, quickly removed our clothes and I carried you up to the bedroom. As I laid you gently on the bed, Geoff removed your knickers and recommenced his tonguing of your pussy. As I moved toward the head of the bed I looked back and experienced an unexpected surge of sexual pleasure at the site of another man edging you quickly towards orgasm - that sight alone almost made up for losing at scissors, paper, stone J. As Geoff saw the direction of my gaze he raised his head, smiled at both of us and then eased a finger into your now dripping wet cunt. As he continued to massage your pussy with his hand my cock came to a raging hard erection which you reached out and took gently into your warm mouth. As I knew from long and extremely pleasurable experience you are a world class cock sucker having learned the art (and it is an art) from a gay male friend. As you worked your mouth and tongue along my shaft you reached up and began to caress my balls, the combination of blowjob, testicular massage and the turn on of our first threesome was too much and I came far too quickly, filling your mouth with my creamy white cum. As I reached down to kiss you I saw your eyes glaze over and your body tense as a massive orgasm crashed through your body. Geoff had obviously not stopped sucking and fingering your cunt whilst you had been pleasuring me. As your orgasm subsided he climbed up and positioned his own rock hard cock at your entrance. Although I experienced a momentary pang of what could only be jealousy I felt you take my hand in yours and saw the smile on your face, this was all the reminder I needed of the solidity of our relationship. Geoff had obviously decided to take a slow teasing approach; he was rubbing the head of his swollen cock against your cunt lips whilst occasionally just inserting the tip of his prick into your pussy. His self control was not sustainable and with a groan he eased fully inside you and commenced a slow gentle in out rhythm. As he picked up speed I returned to your right tit and took it back into my mouth, as I did so I could feel your body quivering under Geoff's motions. We both heard his breathing quicken and knew that he too was on the verge of orgasm, as he stiffened and I realised he was pumping his sperm inside you, you too came for the second time that evening. By this time all three of us were something of a sticky mess and a move to the bathroom for a shower seemed appropriate. As we cleaned ourselves down you playfully began to alternately rub your hand up and down Geoff and my dicks and within seconds we were both hardening and you continued wanking us both to full erections. With a teasing "well boys it's a shame to waste what I've just achieved," you returned to the bedroom. As I followed you in I could see you positioning yourself on all fours on the bed - taking this as an invitation, you know full well that doggy is my favourite position, I came up behind you and slowly pushed my cock into your cunt. This was the first time that I had ever experienced the feel of fucking through somebody else's come and whilst it had never been a desire of mine it certainly added something to the situation. Although perhaps not as much as the sight of Geoff who was by know buried balls deep in your mouth - the look on his face showing that he was in full agreement with my opinion of your fellating capabilities. To be continued ...??