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The first time we met was in the bar of a hotel that I had stayed in previously, As you walked in your gaze swept the room in search of me. Tempting though it is for me to write that you identified me from the carnation in my buttonhole and the neatly folded copy of the Financial Times under my left arm, the reality in the internet age is that I had sent you a photo via email! Over a drink we were both nervous but excited, we had spent a long time exchanging emails, stories and fantasies but despite each of us knowing many of the others deepest desires and sexual fantasies we both still had those first date butterflies. I have to say that having written stories about ravaging your body and fucking you senseless this was a peculiar and somewhat surprising sensation. As we finished our drinks you looked up, smiled at me and said clearly "shall we go up?" Whilst this was not quite the script that we had agreed; this had involved dinner and conversation etc etc, I gulped a somewhat strangled yes and we headed for my room. As we had discussed many times by email once you walked through the door of my room our fantasy started. As you heard the door shut behind you, you walked into the centre of the room and began to disrobe. In preparation for tonight's meeting I had purchased a vibrator, handcuffs and the riding crop that was to became my favourite implement of punishment in our future role playing together. Once naked you turned, knelt down and whispered "please be gentle with me." I kissed you passionately and then led you to the bed, "shall we begin with a spanking?" I asked. Sitting on the edge of the bed I placed you over my knees and began to gently swat your trembling ass. As I alternated from cheek to cheek I could sense your arousal - you were starting to grind your cunt against the tops of my thighs. I reached between your legs and pushed my finger into your wet pussy - God this was obviously turning you on. As my finger moved in and out of your pussy your rhythmic movements suddenly stopped - despite the sensory overload you had suddenly remembered that you were not to come without my permission. I knew then that it was time to progress to the next stage. Standing you up I cuffed your wrists (must have been two sets that I had bought) and then secured you face down on the bed. You heard me experimentally swish the crop and your body tensed in anticipation. I started by running the leather tip from the top of your neck, slowly and lasciviously down your spine and between the cheeks of your arse. As you felt the contact with your body break you knew the first blow was imminent. As we were both new to this physical actuality rather than the written, my first blow was in truth a rather feeble slap on your left buttock. We did though progress from there and within minutes I had rendered both cheeks a delicious and glowing red colour. The pool of dampness forming on the bedspread below your cunt gave lie to your cries for mercy. The sight of your arousal reminded me of the vibrator that I had bought; moving over to my case I brought it out and switched it on, as you heard its low volume buzz you knew what was to happen next and spread your legs in eager anticipation. A sharp crack of the crop and the cry that it drew reminded you forcefully that your wants and desires were in my hands. Settling onto the bed I gently eased the buzzing toy into your by now soaking wet pussy whilst reminding you that you were not to come. Although I started slowly moving the vibrating plastic dick in and out of your cunt I was quickly fucking you hard with it and recognising your difficulty in maintaining control. When I judged that you were on the brink of losing it I pulled the vibrator out picked up the crop and said "but darling I thought you preferred pain to pleasure??" After a couple of what were I have to say half hearted swats with the crop I realised that it was I who was losing control, throwing the crop to one side I quickly took off my jeans and T shirt (see no buttonhole for a carnation anyway), as I did so you turned your head and clearly saw my rock hard dick tenting my underwear. As I removed this last element of clothing and released you from the cuffs you reached up and took my cock in your hand. As you slowly wanked me up and down you reached between my legs with your other hand and gently stroked my balls. As my dick started to twitch under your ministrations you drew it gently into your mouth and began to slowly suck and tease at my head. As my tension increased you took my length into your mouth and sucked deeply. Adjusting into a 69 I am now positioned to start sucking at your wet gash. As my tongue touches your clit you climax with a shuddering cry that seems to continue for an age. As your tremors subside you begin again to suck on my by now rockhard dick I am unable to contain myself and quickly deliver a copious amount of come into your mouth. To be continued ??? Any ideas or suggestions please email me