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This though is wholly my own work, maybe one day I'll be able to post the jointly written version - who knows. Your curvaceous body lies naked in our darkened bedroom and, as you hear my footsteps on the stairs, you slowly writhe against the handcuffs with which I secured you earlier. Your pussy starts to moisten in anticipation of the pleasure (and maybe pain) that you know is now to come. As I walk through the door you whisper gently - please be rough with me tonight. This whispered request is only just audible over the low buzzing of the vibrator that has been keeping you tormented and on the edge of orgasm for the achingly long hour that I have left you alone. The scent of your pussy juices alone is more than enough to show me how aroused you are - and as I turn the dimmer up gently on the lights I can see the red flush of impending orgasm across your breasts and the concentration on your face as you fight desperately to keep the vibrator inside you. You know for sure that to lose a toy betrays lack of control and would surely be punished. Sweet decisions on my part; should I continue to hold you in torment or allow you the release that your whole body screams you desire. We have all night to play so with malicious intent I reach across your writhing body, turn the vibrator to maximum and tell you that if you come in the next five minutes it'll be the worse for you. The look on your face as you hear these words is an intense turn on for me. Tonight though you control is superb and as the minutes tick by you manage to hold off until you hear me say "you may come." As I hold you in my arms your body twitches and writhes in ecstasy this is the first release I've allowed you in the last week and I know how that pent up need just builds and builds. As your shuddering subsides you suddenly realize that you had forgotten to thank me before letting go, as I smile at you and shake my head you know that this oversight will surely lead to an exquisite punishment As I see your eyelids drooping and your body relaxing into languorous post-orgasmic sleep I draw the duvet over your naked body and gently remove the handcuffs. Although discipline and punishment play a part in our relationship (sometimes a big one) this is balanced by tenderness and affection. Several hours later when I hear you stirring I return to the bedroom, you stretch your arms upward exposing your luscious breasts and smile at me. As you recover from your slumbers memories of the events earlier in the evening return and you start to wonder how we will continue. As these thoughts pass through your mind your gaze is drawn inexorably around the dimly lit bedroom first alighting on the leather covered chesterfield sofa (it's a big bedroom). The deeply rounded arms are at just the right height for you to bend over and expose your luscious backside for both chastisement and my pleasure. As you well know I deeply enjoy taking you from behind, the feeling of sliding into your warm and wet slit and nestling up against your buttocks as you bend over is out of this world. From the settee, and despite your efforts, your eyes move further around the room to the table (see I told you it was a big bedroom) on which are arrayed a number of items, as your eyes stop you mentally review some of them; The tawse is made of beautifully soft leather the heavyweight fingers wrap themselves caressingly around you buttocks and create a satisfying (to me) thwack whilst creating a deep and intense heat causing your cheeks to glow first pink and then, as the chastisement continues, a deep and intense red. The cane is a different and altogether more hurtful implement capable of raising visible marks even when used gently. Occasionally I will tease you with the swishing sound of a heavy stroke causing you to clench your buttocks in anticipation and then relax gratefully as you realise I have deliberately exaggerated the blow and then struck the bed or sofa instead! We also have a pair of riding crops (sorry I'm a traditionalist and can't get my head around new fangled materials like rubber floggers etc.) one is thin and vicious and only used as a threat, the other however is my favourite. It has a relatively large leather end flap perfect for chastising the inner thighs, and other areas. The soft suppleness of the end has raised many a moan of pleasure when brought into intimate contact with your clit. I see where you are looking and understand only too well the thoughts that are running through your mind, we talk regularly after play about what has aroused and stimulated as well as what has not. I smile evilly and walk across to the table; alongside the instruments of chastisement are other, darker items, some of which remain unused but threatening nonetheless. Your heart quails as you see me pick up the nipple clamps. These little metal crabs sit beautifully on you and add a heightened level of pain/pleasure during your discipline. As you know only too well the movements of your body as each blow lands cause your breasts and by connection your nipples and the clamps to rub exquisitely against the surface on which you are lying. I bend my head and take your right breast into my mouth; despite your trepidation your body betrays you and your nipple grows out sufficiently for me to snap on the clamp, I then repeat the process on the left. Our brass bed frame with a number of vertical uprights at head and base is perfect for restraining you, I turn you face down and with soft silk ropes stretch your left arm and tie it to the foot of the bed and your right to the head. The mattress is high so your bum is now perfectly positioned to receive whatever may be my pleasure. In this case I select the tawse and tell you that we will start with 10 strokes counted, as you are aware any miscount or failure to respond quickly to each blow will result in us starting again. I start gently with a soft blow aimed across both your cheeks, "one," you whisper and I can see you straining to hold your position and prevent your nipples (and the clamps) rubbing against the soft cotton sheets. As we progress I know that your self control will weaken and that the friction/pleasure/pain will become intense. Two and three follow on in quick succession one to each buttock, both of which are now starting to glow a faint pink. As we move from 4 through 8 the colour intensifies as does your upper body movement. Although the clamps must be hurting your heavy breathing and swollen damp sex tell the truth - the pleasure is intensifying. Strokes 9 and 10 I take at a leisurely pace as I enjoy your increasing arousal. On completion of the 10 strokes I release you from the ropes and stand you upright. I reach quickly for the left hand clamp and remove it whilst following through with my lips - I know from past experience that the combination of enhanced pain and oral stimulation is one that works. After repeating the exercise and freeing your right nipple you stand proud and naked before me As you look into my eyes I can see you quail as you realise that I have not forgotten your earlier transgression - you should have learned by now that I never forget. Whilst forgetting to say thank you before coming may seem like a minor transgression you know from bitter/sweet experience that the consequences can be severe. I stand in front of you and run my hands tenderly down you naked body across your trembling breasts and then fluttering gently against your still painfully abused nipples. As I move further down your body I reach the intersection of your thighs and begin to gently caress the outer lips of your cleanly shaven pussy (whilst the stimulation causes you to draw a sharp breath you are uncertain as to whether I will continue to provide pleasure or not. As my hands continue down to your inner thighs you realise that tonight's torment is not at an end, I gently spread your legs and you quickly realise that more is yet to come. The act of submission is always a difficult one; by combining discipline with bondage it is easier to reconcile the pain/pleasure equation as being enforced rather than actively sought. However in the position that I now place you - unbound and compliant, you know that your freedom to stop is apparently significantly enhanced (in reality the use of your safe word at any time would cause an immediate cessation anyway) but in an unrestrained position you are free to move away at any time if you so choose. The mind game is now about not being forced to submit but accepting readily and willingly. As I move back towards the table you do not need to turn and look to know that I have selected my favourite crop. With an element of predictability my exposure of your pussy and the sensitive inner edges of the tops of your thighs has signalled my intentions. I start by rubbing the leather end of the crop in slow lascivious strokes starting at the mid level of your outer thigh and moving slowly inwards and upwards. As I reach the apex of this travel for the third time I can see the visible evidence of your arousal as the first drop of pussy juice glints on your cunt. I then move more forcefully and start a rapid oscillation of light strokes between your inner thighs ensuring that at as I move from left to right and back again that at the point of transition from one side to the other the triangular flap of leather rises to the apex of your legs and stimulates the bottom edge of your pussy lips. As I continue this action the effect on your arousal is clearly identifiable from the increase in flow of lubrication. At this point my focus moves and I start to gently slap your clitoral hood, as I continue, the little bud that is the core of your pleasure can do no more than expose itself from behind its shielding layer of skin. As I continue to increase the force and rapidity of these strokes you realise that not only do you have another orgasm approaching but that my own arousal is now clearly evident from within the constraints of my trousers. At this point you know that he game has changed from play to something more close and intimate, as I realise the extent of my own arousal it is all I can do to quickly remove my own clothing as we both collapse naked on the bed. Although there are a number of rules and requirements during our role playing, when (if) we move towards this situation you know that these no longer apply. Our goal now is mutual pleasure from fucking and not game playing. Recognising my arousal your first thought is to take back control by taking my erect hardness into your mouth and performing slow and agonisingly exquisite deep throat fellatio on my erect cock. In order to equal out the stimulation I move around into a 69 position and start to lick and suck your cunt for all my worth and for several minutes sexual brinkmanship on both our parts prevails. As my dick continues to twitch spasmodically under your tongue lashing I fight to regain control and spinning round kiss you resoundingly on the lips (of your mouth!). My rock hard (thanks to your ministrations) cock is now nuzzling for entry to your warm, wet and swollen pussy. As I slide inside you we both breath deep sighs of ecstatic pleasure. As we move together it is clear that neither of us can contain our self control for very long, as my cum spurts inside you and I groan and quiver in ecstasy your orgasm rises up from your toes in a spasm that vibrates every part of your body.