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Although sex had always been good between us, after fifteen years we had both realised that we were in a routine that needed breaking. We started with the internet and its endless supply of every variety of porn and whilst watching someone else (or lots of someone elses) fucking provided a frisson of excitement and variety it didn't really float our boat. From your perspective most of it was male oriented and missing the gentler elements that elevate porn to eroticism, for me it was probably too vivid a reminder of teenage wanking, albeit with a higher tech delivery system than a well thumbed porno mag. After much discussion we both concluded that what we really wanted was the involvement of other people in our sex life. This realisation awoke difficult feelings in both of us; not just the obvious jealousy, but also concerns as to whether it really would strengthen our relationship. Notwithstanding these misgivings we decided to dip a toe and see what options (people) were out there of a similar mind. Turning again to the internet we were overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and variety of people who had come to similar decisions to us. We were both clear from the outset that we wanted to do something together, neither of us was interested in playing solo with another person or people. We had originally assumed that we would find a third person; we disagreed (just a little) as to the gender of that person but concluded that we could both be flexible. However as we searched together we concluded that the right answer was to try and find a similar minded couple and this was how we had ended up meeting Dan and Jane for dinner and then who knows what.... We had exchanged emails and photographs then talked on the phone and finally agreed to meet and see how things went. Over dinner we talked inanely about the weather, how much traffic was on the roads etc etc. All four of us were acutely aware of the sexual tension that was starting to build, as I looked across at you, you smiled and nodded. Dan and Jane both saw our silent message and chorused together, "shall we go to the hotel." Words were not necessary our faces gave the answer, we paid the bill and set off for the first step on our swinging journey. As we walked in to the hotel room there was a moment of embarrassment as to how to start. Whilst the internet is stuffed full of all sorts of info, details of the etiquette for how to start to fuck with another couple were thin on the ground. Within seconds however we naturally split as Dan took you in his arms and started kissing you gently but passionately. This naturally led to Jane and I too starting to kiss and fondle each other. It seemed that in no time at all Dan had removed his and your clothing exposing your gorgeous naked body and shaven pussy to another man for the first time in the fifteen years that we have been together. At this point I had a green eyed monster moment - what the hell was my partner doing about to get fucked by another man? Fortunately this feeling quickly passed helped by the recognition that I was now holding an attractive blonde, that wasn't you, in my arms. Dan was obviously on a mission his erect cock speaking volumes as to his view of your body and attractiveness to him. Seeing the strength of his arousal you dropped down to your knees and started to tongue the extreme tip of his dick. As you rotated your tongue around his cock head you, agonizingly slowly, began to ease your mouth along his rampant shaft. After what seemed like an age, but probably wasn't, you had the whole of his length in your mouth and down your throat. In complete contradiction to my previous feelings the sight of another man's balls resting on your chin and the look of pleasure that you were putting on Dan's face was incredibly arousing and stimulating. Having hilted his cock you began to gently move your mouth backwards and forwards. I knew, from much previous experience, that your tongue would be simultaneously snaking around and along Dan's shaft as your head bobbed up and down. Although I can't pretend to have vast amounts of alternative experience you are, in my opinion, a world class cock sucker and you were obviously giving Dan your all. Your mouth was starting to wring groans from Dan who then reached down and grasped your face gently in his hands and drew you gently upwards - I was amazed that he had the self control to stop you mid blow job, I'm not sure I would have been able, or willing, to. Dan kissed you gently then laid you down on the bed, you protested gently with a breathy "no I want to go on top!" Given such an offer Dan could only lie back on the bed himself and hold his rigid cock up towards your dripping pussy. You crouched slowly over it and took just the tip inside your body. As you dipped up and down you slowly dropped further down his cock at each stroke until he was buried balls deep in your cunt. Stopping momentarily you then began to ride up and down and grind your pelvis and clit against Dan's cock. Dan reached up and took one of your breasts in each hand and began to lightly twist and stroke on your little bud like nipples, he then lifted his body up in order to suck on first the left then the right one. As I knew full well this additional stimulation was sufficient to push you over the edge and you came with a shuddering violence that brought a smile of delight followed by a groan and an obvious outpouring of come from Dan. Whilst you and Dan had been amusing yourselves Jane and I had not been idle. I started to kiss Jane and our tongues entwined sensuously, my hands explored her breasts through her blouse. Reaching up I popped the buttons and slid her top from her shoulders. As had been clear all night she was braless and her perfectly formed, pert tits were now exposed to my gaze. I could not contain myself and immediately took her left nipple softly between my lips and began to suck on it. Jane's arousal was immediately evident as it began to swell and expand under my tongue's ministrations. She in the meantime had undone my belt, opened my trousers and was now gently stroking my rock hard cock. Whilst the sensations were exquisite I was impatient to move things up a notch. Withdrawing my mouth I stood up and quickly removed Jane's skirt exposing her gorgeous stocking clad legs and the triangular slip of thong covering her pussy. The sight of her cunt juices glistening through the lacy front of her black thong was one I will never forget. Beautiful though this was the material was preventing access to where I wanted my mouth to be; I quickly removed the flimsy wisp of knicker sank to my knees and inhaled the smell of Jane's arousal. I licked gently at the drops of moisture that had gathered on her cunt lips and felt a responsive tremor shimmy through her body. Jane sat back on the other bed and opened her legs wide exposing her gaping cunt lips to my now eager mouth and tongue and said quietly, "eat me." Never one to refuse a lady I sank my head between her legs and began to lick and suck at her now dripping wet pussy. It's fair to say I do not have a massive cock, merely average, but you and previous girlfriends have commented favourably on my cunnilingual abilities. Judging by the spasms now running through Jane's body this praise was not totally misplaced. As I moved my tongue up and started to gently lick at her clit Jane was unable to hold back and she squealed and shook as an orgasm crashed through her. Looking up I saw you smile at me and say, "that was wonderful to see darling, but it's your turn to come now." As Jane heard these words she drew me up her body. My raging hard cock was now nudging gently at the entrance to Jane's cunt and I teased her by gently rocking my hips in and out. The sensation of my cock head easing in and out of her pussy entrance was exquisitely unbearable and I was unable to tease for long. With a sigh I pushed forward slowly and felt my cock bottom out in her pussy. As I eased back out the delicious friction of her wet cunt walls flexing around my cock clearly sent signals that neither of us would be able to hold on for long. Easing in and out I increased the speed of my fucking and very quickly felt the tingling expansion of my cock head that signals the onset of my orgasm. Looking deeply into Jane's eyes I could see that she too was close to cumming. As my orgasm hit I could feel my sperm gushing and pulsing into her fanny and this was sufficient to push Jane over the edge. When I had licked her to orgasm she had squealed; this time it was a definite scream that broke from her lips accompanied by a body shudder and some exquisite pulsing of her cunt walls that I could feel massaging against my still twitching cock. As my cock softened and I withdrew from Jane you again looked at me and said, "I know what you want to see next my darling!" At this you took my place between Jane's legs and began to suck and lick at her puffy blood engorged cunt lips. I could see my cum flowing out of her cunt and was surprised at how eagerly you were licking and swallowing it. As you continued to lick at Jane's cunt you eased a finger into her sopping wet gash and began to finger fuck her in sync with your tonguing. From her increased breathing rate it was clear that Jane was again heading towards orgasm, realizing this you moved round into a 69 with her so that she could reciprocate your ministrations. She eagerly reached up with her mouth and began to lave her lips across your cunt, her hand also came up and she lubricated her fingers with your cunt juices before moving around to your ass. I saw you tense and then relax as you felt Jane's finger push its way through your sphincter muscle and bury itself in your backside. As she then began to fuck your asshole I could see the flush on your face reflecting the pleasure that you were obviously feeling. All this attention meant that you had paused in eating Jane's cunt and as you realised this you resumed licking her cunt. Both Dan and I could only watch in aroused awe as our respective partners finger fucked and sucked each other to yet another orgasm. As the tremors running through your body subsided you looked me in the eye and, lasciviously, licked Jane's cunt juices off your sticky wet fingers. This, I have to say, was my fantasy fulfilled seeing you licking and sucking another women whilst she ate your cunt was not something I'd ever believed would happen. When we had first started talking about spicing up our sex life I had expressed my desire to see you go down on another women. Your initial response to this had been reserved to say the least, and I had let it slip. As we had continued to explore our fantasies and desires you surprised me when you returned to the subject to say that you had a thought about it and were prepared to consider a lesbian encounter but (and boy it was a big but) only if I would reciprocate and fulfill your fantasy to see me suck another man's dick. I have to say that this was not something that had ever crossed my mind but I guess my desire to see you with another woman was sufficient for me to agree to your condition. Now it was time to deliver! Like my own, Dan's dick was now standing hard at attention, his arousal from watching you and Jane in action being visibly self evident. With a mental "here goes nothing" I moved over, and somewhat hesitantly, took his dick into my mouth. The first few seconds were difficult, but then I realized this, as with all sex acts (supposedly), was about giving pleasure. This mental switch surprised me but allowed me to focus on doing a good job (or indeed blowjob) rather than thinking I shouldn't be doing this I know I'm not gay etc. As my tongue and lips slid up and down his shaft I reached up and began to lightly stroke Dan's ball sac, the twitching of his cock in my mouth seemed like a fairly good indication that I was pushing the right buttons. As I increased the pace of my sucking I could feel the velvet head of his cock starting to pulse and taste his pre-cum as it seeped onto my tongue. It was quite clear that Dan was now on the verge of cumming in my mouth, and I hastened his orgasm by using my hand to wank his shaft in tandem with my mouth. With a muted groan Dan came and I felt his outpouring flow into my mouth. Until this point I had not really thought about the old spit or swallow dilemma I needn't have worried though as you had seen Dan come and immediately moved across, kissed me firmly on the lips and sucked much of his come from my mouth to yours. After fifteen years and more blowjobs than I could begin to count, I had known full well that you had no problems swallowing my cum, however after eating my jism from Jane and then this maybe here was evidence that you were a bit of a cum slut too. It seemed at this point that I was running a definite last in the orgasm count and it was time to play catch up. This time all I wanted was to fuck you my darling, you moved onto all fours on the bed and wriggled your ass provocatively at me. You know full well that doggy is my favourite position and I could not resist. I knelt up behind you and thrust my cock deep into your pussy and for the first time experienced the sloppy seconds sensation. Whilst we regularly fucked more than once a night (or even day) and I was used to screwing with your pussy full of my cum this was the first time I had never before plunged my dick into a cunt full of someone else's come. I knew now that it was an experience I wanted to repeat in the future. As I began to drive in and out of your pussy I looked down and had the delicious sight of your cunt lips flexing and pulsing around my cock which was now glistening with a mix of your cunt juice and Dan's cum. As I continued to fuck you, Jane wriggled underneath your body and began to lick at both your pussy and my cock as we continued to screw. The combination of sensations was almost completely overpowering, but only almost. Through the waves of pleasure that I was experiencing I could also feel a nudging at my asshole. Turning back I saw Dan cock in hand and guiding its head inexorably towards my ass. Being butt fucked had certainly not been on my agenda but to be honest I was blissfully beyond caring, as I continued to fuck your cunt I felt Dan's cock start to force its way into my ass. Whilst the initial sensation was one of discomfort as Dan began to ease in and out and I felt his cock massaging my prostate the sensations of my dick in your cunt were multiplied beyond belief. I could hold on no longer and came with a shuddering groan as I sprayed your cunt with my cum. As I did so I felt a similar outpouring deep in my own ass as Dan too came. All this along with Jane's continued licking of your pussy was also way too much for you as yet another orgasm stiffened your body into rigid climax. As you collapsed with that post orgasmic glow I know so well on your face, Jane sat up and said "hey guys I'm feeling a bit left out!" Despite having come three times already Dan's cock was again hardening, hastened onwards as Jane took it into her mouth and licked slowly along its underside. I had assumed that Dan would now fuck Jane and was surprised when Jane said "I want you both inside me." Well who am I to refuse a beautiful women and the words themselves were sufficient to complete my erection. Without discussion I assumed that I would fuck Jane's cunt whilst Dan penetrated her anally to complete the double penetration, I was therefore, surprised when Jane pushed my back onto the bed crouched over me and guided my cock straight up her ass. This was obviously not her first anal fuck. As she was facing away from me with her legs outside mine this exposed her gaping cunt to Dan's gaze, and cock. He wasted no time in plunging in and, I was surprised that I could feel his dick gliding in and out through the thin body layers separating Jane's cunt and arse. This was my first experience of DP and I knew it was one I would want to repeat in the future especially with you my darling. The tightness of Jane's arse and the rapid rate at which she was bouncing it up and down on my dick meant that despite cumming twice already I was soon on the verge of a third orgasm. Judging by their moaning so were Dan and Jane, seconds later I felt Dan's body stiffen and could feel the his cock's flexing and twitching outpouring through my own rigid tool. This sensation was too much and I began to spray my own cum deep into Jane's bowels as she too screamed out in pleasure. At this point all four of us were something of a sticky cum soaked mess and agreed that it was time for showers and sleep. To be continued ??